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    Stefanie F

    Ann thank you so much. That is a big hep for the Dr Martys NATURE’S BLEND

    Now let me ask do you think I am doing right or wrong and should make a change or stick with what I am doing with the kibble I am feeding.

    Patrica thank you and to answer your question no weight is no problem at all. He is right where he should be for weight. He tends to put on a pound more in the winter but it comes right off once spring comes and we can get out more. But even with the 1 pound weight gain he is still in the normal weight for his size.

    What I am concerned with is if I am feeding him good food or I should be making a change.

    It is so hard because you give what you think is good food next thing you no they tell you grain free is bad or this brand is bad and i just do not know what to do or think any more.

    I do not want to poison my dog and I want to give him a good food.

    Sorry all I am just so overwhelmed and with everything in life I am looking to you all for some you are feeding ok or no give him this food instead.

    Thank you all for listening and the help.

    I wish I had the time and money to go raw of just cook for him myself but I do not.

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    Stefanie F


    I live in a city so no goats milks or raw around. Is there a yogurt or soft type food so I can mix his probiotic powder he needs in it that I can get at a walmart type market?

    We do not even have a wholefood around and all the smaller mom and pop markets that carried more specialized stuff walmart has drove out of business . So we are at the mercy of chain markets like walmart and price chopper.

    I just need something I can give him in the morning I can mix his probiotic in. A yogurt or canned pumpkin, or something.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Stefanie F

    fruit is not good for dogs????

    I have given him plain yogurt but he turns his nose up at it.

    Also I should have said he only gets 1.5 oz a day of the chobani fruit yogurt.

    Any time I eat fruit I always give him a bite, unless it is grapes I know they are not good for a dog but I thought apples, and melons, and peaches, and berries where ok.

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    Stefanie F

    Joanna l and PR Lover
    Thank you for answering but oatmeal has the same GLYPHOSATE that cheerios has and the Non-GMO are just as high. They use it to dry the oats with so anything with OAT is bad right now even the non-GMO or organic (unless you grow it yourself) Anything with whole grains especially oats has the GLYPHOSATE in it. Cheerios seems to have one of the highest amounts but oatmeal is right behind it.

    Thank you for answering.
    First my dog dose not have a tendency to have pancreatitis. He had it the one time due to the turkey skin and ANY dog will get pancreatitis if they eat turkey skin that is just a fact of life. Turkey skin is deadly and kills dogs. I am lucky I caught him and got him treatment in time. Also Orijen is not a grain free boutique food. It is grain free and a top food. Most dog food are 90% grain and fillers and I learned my lesson well with feeding a cheap grain filled food and lost a dog very young to it who had problem after problem. That is why I chose a good quality grain free food for this dog.

    One last thing you need to know about Tuffs they are funded by Colaget who owns Hill Science Diet so they recommend it and say everything else is junk. My cousin went to Vet school there before she switch field and they spend very little time on nutrition.

    Oh and if you read more from the FDA they state.
    “It’s Not Just Grain-Free Diet-Associated With Dilated Cardiomyopathy”

    After addressing the most common misconceptions, Dr. Freeman concludes, “for the vast majority of dogs, we do not yet know what is causing this disease.”

    So until they do I am not going to not go with a good grain free diet.

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    Stefanie F


    I am not saying you are lying or anything but I do not find comfort in the company that is selling the product restating what the website says.

    Lets face it if you were selling pro plan, or wellness they would have the best ingredients and would be high quality foods.

    I still want to know if there is an advisory rating on it and the quality of it?

    Also where the food is obtained. Is it all local source or dose it come from other countries.

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    Stefanie F

    Ok I have read how over priced the food is, how bad it is to return, how some will not eat it and it is like cardboard to re-hydrate.

    BUT has anyone done any kind of research on the ingredients and quality of the food itself???

    I watched the video read the website statements, see the posts the rep KatieJ keep re-posting every now and again that says why it is expensive and it is good (I would to if I sold it and wanted people to buy)

    I want to know if the food is truly any good? Or is it just an other dog food.

    Is there a advisory rating on it and the quality of it?

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    Stefanie F

    Well I am not sure what to do now. I have a 7 year old Bichon as healthy as can be. No vomiting, no loose stool healthy skin and a coat that is thick and lush. Blood work all comes back normal.

    He has been on Acana Wild Atlantic and MEADOWLAND his whole life. Loves then both.

    I just came across the info on the law suite and also info on possible buy out of company.

    I just do not know what to do.

    Should I keep feeding where my 7 year old is doing well or should I switch. If I switch what do I switch to?

    My bichons comes from a chimpoin line his Mom took number 2 at westminster a few years back and the bichon that took this past years first place is from the same line. His breeder told me to stay away from Pro plan (he is one) get pushed with Pro plan by purina for advertising reasons. He only feed omas pride

    Do not know if true or not and frankly do not care. I just want to do right by my dog and feed him a good healthy food.

    I asked my vet what to do and she kind of Fluffed me off and pushed the dog food she sells as the best.

    I just do not know what to do any more.

    Should I switch or stay with acana?

    If I switch to what omas pride woof any good or am I going to find that is rotten as well?

    I really need some sound advice.

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