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    I don’t believe there is any flax or pea proteins in any of their kibbles. I know there is no pp. That can cause long term permanent intestinal damage. This company is family owned since 1969. Never been recalled. All U.S.A. sourced. Made in NY. Warehouse not even open weekends, so order beginning of the week. Free shipping over $99.00 & the original formula is chicken based @ $60 per 40 lbs bag.
    They have small bites, & several other formulas.

    Anyway check it out. If you order there use promo code emf and you will get 20% your first order. I raise boxers & they do pretty well on this. I prefer raw, however I lost my sources when I moved… sigh.

    Flax decreases fertility. Our average litter is about 8-9… our smallest ever is 6. Fertility is going to be strongly connected to diet & overall health.

    Good luck!!

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