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    Thank you all so much for your excellent replies! This is great information.

    Aimee – it looks like you are right about what food was used in the study. I would never have figured that out, so thanks again. Looking at the ingredients though … Well, I’d have to be pretty desperate to feed that to my dogs. First ingredient is corn(?!) and all those veggie extras don’t show up until the 13th ingredient.. Yikes.

    GizmoMom – thank you for the list of things to check out. The only one I’ve already tried is The Honest Kitchen and sadly (because it looks like wonderful stuff) my dogs really hated it. If I could manage to get them to eat any of it, it gave them diarrhea. Oh well. I tried several of their products with no success, and wound up throwing it out.

    Mountainhound – looks like another excellent resource, thank you.

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