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    Let me rephrase that. Several of the dog foods by natural balance fit what you’re looking for. Apologize for the technicality.

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    All the natural balance line dog foods have 20% protein and is good to alternate with other foods that match your needs as it’s grain free lines are fairly inexpensive. It’s considered a 2.5 star food on here however

    Thank you for the response. I kee seeing in the responses about proctor and gamble is there something wrong with that company?

    I know a lot of customers steer away from our taste of the wild just cause its the same company as diamond but personally id always recommend totw as a cheaper alternative to a grainfree diet.

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    sorry for pulling up an old post!
    What i have noticed as far as Blue is it is very popular
    as far as ingredients it is a good brand
    I feel however with blue you are paying more for there name than anything
    I have tried blue when i had three dogs a mastiff, doberman, and pitbull cause it was the highest quality that petsmart sold, however after doing research i found for the same price i could get a higher quality product that was more appropriate for my dogs.
    however all dogs are different and i have personally nothing bad to say about the company besides that it always gave my dogs gas and loose stools

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    Hello a little late I know.
    Both foods you feed are good grain free foods however what formulas were you feeding?
    Paw licking can be a sign of an allergy however it can be an OCD trait as well where was the licking? And chewing on the nails? Etc
    Also most dogs with floppy ears will be probe to infection especially dogs that like water. There is a couple of great products out there to keep the ears clean and dry
    Sounds like a lucky pup to have such a caring parent

    I appreciate your time to respond and will look into what others prefer. Unfortunately we are limited to certain brands and most people come in here looking for natures variety or natural balance or for our opinion which I try to make educated and personalized options for each pet parent but that’s why I’m here to get some more info as you can never know everything!

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    In my opinion anything with by products you shouldn’t feed. Tht is all the bad stuff. The beaks feathers tails what ever isn’t the clean skin of the animal.
    I understand how tryin to save money is a huge issue for everyone when it comes to dog food but if you feed the right food it can help later on in life as well as now by preventing the needs of adding extra supplements as well as your dog would be able to get the items she needs, preventing her from eating her own poop. I would recommend going to a feed store as there prices seems to be way lower than pet stores. Find a dog food as party said. Where the first 1-3 ingredients are a clean meat source whether it the full protein or in a meal state.
    Following by a full starch. I prefer sweet potatoes but it’s really not all that important. Grain free foods in my opinion are very beneficial for dogs
    That’s just my two cents
    Hope all is well

    Great thanks!
    I just didn’t want to sell the food cause it benefitted me. I wanted to hear others opinions.

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    Thanks for the response!
    Ok so he continually coughs in the morning and gags my vet says it’s the kibble expanding in the esophagus. If that was true I’d think my vet should be a little more concerned.
    My puppies currently get acana ranch lands which has pretty large kibble peices I’m just worried he will choke when I’m not home from not being able to swallow it properly.

    Can we have some more information?
    I’m a huge raw advocate so Id love to help.
    Have you changed anything else?
    How old is your dog? What kind of treats do you give?
    Was the hills canned or dry?

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    Hello there are several great USA made and sourced jerkins out there!
    They are very similar in price to the ones sold at Walmart and have awesome ingredients.
    For example
    No grainers have a jerky line with in my opinion acceptable ingredients, also I like the like of duck jerky by yumzies

    There’s another jerky treat made by the company fruitables that has few ingredients that my dogs love!
    Hope these will help!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)