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    Hi Im sorry for using this forum but I don’t know how to start a new topic on my own.
    I’ve got this amazing 11 years old dog
    His a mixed dog- Canaanite and Golden Retriever.
    We had him since he was 2 moths old, and he was always healthy, extremely energetic dog.
    A few years ago he got very sick, mainly expressed in losing weight really fast ang being numb and down. He’s a large dog that by the vet should weight 30 kg when he’s healthy, and by this time he wieghtened 15 kg in his most severe condition.
    After several exams we found out he had Addisons’ disease, and he starded to recive a hormonalic treatment , so thank god now he’s stable, back being really energetic and happy dog, and he got he’s appetite back.
    But since the drastic slimming he’s not gaining enough weight and currently is 23 kg which is still very skinny for he’s size. He get a lot of meat and dry food.
    I want to change he’s food but i realy need advice for wich tipe of food is the best for his condition and for how long to give him a different food?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)