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    Greetings! Thank you so much! After some research I believe my dog hahas allergies as well as DLE. Due to the current situation my vet is not open and only emergent cases are being taken. So I am going to work on treating her naturally with organic food, vitamin e niacinamide and keep an eye on her flaking, runny sometimes inflamed nose. She coughs sometimes sneezes. I live in the Finger Lakes New York and just in the last week her nose has become terribly flaky and bled once. I softly ran a q-tip under the front to see if there was something in there and there was what seems to be a hardened scab that came out. Today I am going to try a 25 mg benydryl to see if she has relief. She has a bit of eye discharge. Nothing from the nose or eye indicates infection for example, no green or yellow or smelly stuff. Wishus luck and thankyou all.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)