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    Well,since my last post, a lot happened. It turns out that Carly had two issues – a clostridium infection (Metronizadole for 10 gays fixed that)…and also our dear dog was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency…which caused the severe weight loss. With this illness the dog eats ravenously and has big big poops but that’s because the food is not being absorbed. Google EPI and you will find an excellent forum on the topic.
    While we were trying to stabilize her we fed only ground turkey and pure pumpkin. Now we are back to Merrick and pumpkin and Evangers Beef/Bacon and she has started to gain weight back. To deal with EPI we hafta add powdered enzymes to her food and let it sit for 20-30 mins so the food is ‘broken down’ before she consumes it; the rest of digestion happens in her stomach and intestines. Hope this helps others!

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    No obvious blood, but if it were there I would think that the fecal test would have shown it. I made another vet appt for next Tuesday. I am hoping the vet will look at a list of ingredients of the Merrick formula and guess what might be the culprit to avoid in the next kibble selection (such as the two you recommended)…

    Meanwhile we are back on the ground turkey and pumpkin diet…which, happily enough, she gobbles down.

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    Thanks, Jane! Yesterday we decided to try reintroducing the Merrick, very little (~1/3 cup total all day). Well, the poor thing had terrible gas all night, and gushed her poop early this morning. So, we’ll be trying something else. Thanks for the suggestions. We are worried that she is not getting a balanced complete diet on the ground turkey and canned pumpkin diet (with a pinch of slippery elm powder). She has lost a lot of weight (nearly 25%). Vet did a fecal test but no trouble found. Says it is a diet issue.

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    Gee whiz, good to read this forum; we are new to dogadvisor and after reading up, we switched from a Purina One SmartBlend (which our 40 lb 3 yr old but wonderful mutt) didnt seem to like…to a Merrick Turkey/sweet potato dry food, supplemented with Evangers beef & bacon. Holy moly – big poops is right. A case of vomiting (one). Sounds familiar. Switched to cooked ground turkey with generous pumpkin added, and that seems to have stabilized things. Smaller (much!) poops, But now what? More than half a big bag of Merricks left. Try to introduce it again slowly …or try…what?

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