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    I am feeding a raw diet and Only Natural Pet raw nibs was suggested. My dog likes it however, I wanted to mix it with other raw (Stella & Chewy) so I soaked the raw nibs to mix them up with the other. I’ve discovered very hard bits (non water-soluble) in the nibs. I’ve written twice to the mfg to ascertain what this is. My assumption is that it’s coarsely ground bone but I really don’t know. At any rate, I’m not feeding this food at present pending their response.

    Only Natural Pet suggested that I take pictures and send them but the pieces are quite small and just look like food product. I suggested whomever does their Q A soak 5 nibs in water for several hours and then attempt to flatten a nib. They will soon see for themselves what I’ve found. Sizes vary, some are sharp, at most the size of half a pea but when I have a 3 lb dog that size is significant to me. I can’t imagine anything that is not water-soluble that would be appropriate in my dog’s diet.

    Thought I would mention this as I’m working rather hard to feed a good quality diet to her and I assume you all might wish to make your own inquiries if you’re feeding this particular product.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)