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    Hills SD Killed our pug Abigail.

    5 years old, history of bladder stones.
    Started with a UTI, vet x-rayed her, put her on antibiotics and Hills SD (to dissolve the struvite stones). I gradually weaned her on to the SD (took a week). In the mean time the vet got the urinalysis tests back and the stones turned out to be calcium oxylate (?sp). I had 2 cans of SD left so we decided to leave her on it for a couple more days.
    Next morning she is lethargic, vomiting and off her food.
    She died a horrible death 5 days later due to pancreatitis followed by other organ failure caused by the fat content in the SD. I pleaded with Hills to put a warning on their cans and send a strong warning to the vets – they refused. Search the web – Abigail is not the first victim of Hills SD Dog food.


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