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    I had a miniature poodle who loved Xxxxx treats. She got blood in her stools, vet found very high liver enzymes (couldn’t figure out why). Suspicious me, I then took her off of Xxxxx treats. While she was disappointed, her appetite did improve. About about a year later wasn’t looking too lively, took to vet for standard testing. She died when her liver fell apart & she bled out at the vet’s office.

    Don’t care to get sued so I leave it to you all to figure out who is Xxxxx.

    No idea which ingredients destroyed her liver or where Xxxxx is made.

    I do know that most of us European-type humans have eaten grain for the last 5000 or so years. Don’t believe Dogs participated in the agricultural revolution. I only get dog food or treats with no grain, made in USA and ingredients I can pronounce. No guarantees, but if you buy grain Dog may not digest it well. Even many humans can’t handle the gluten in grain varieties developed over the last four or so centuries. Wolves/Dogs eat meat, and some vegetables.

    If you buy Chinese food for your own use, you get what you deserve. Your pet does not deserve anything from China.

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    My experience with two toy poodles, weight about 8-9#, & one 11# cockapoo is if you think they might have food problems, or at least some mysterious undiagnosed troubles, change them to something that at least claims to be all-natural, made in USA only. Read the ingredients, then find out what the producer description really means.

    Poodle #1 about 20 years ago. Started feeding her some dyed red soft food pellets in a clear package, disremember brand, haven’t seen it in years. She of course loved it. She was getting old, lost control of her bladder. Took her to vet & he gave us the nice speech preparating us to have our aging dog put down. Then he was so amazed by how healthy she seemed, when he examined her. I, an engineer not a vet, would attribute this to her living with a young Springer Spaniel & two Siamese cats, all of whom kept her quite active. I thought about it, then took her off of the pretty soft red food. She regained bladder control.
    Coincidence, of course.

    Poodle #2 maybe 10 years ago. Loved to lie down in my lap, but it was a real good idea to put a towel or blanket underneath her to catch the Leakage from this aging female. She ate some presumably good vet-approved canned dog food. Remembered Poodle #1 and switched her to something that claimed to be all natural, I believe Paul Newman’s stuff. No more leaking, safe to have her in my lap.
    In my opinion, not shared by my wife (& unsure of vet), I killed her with Nutro treat sticks some years later.

    Cockapoo 3 years old, weight 11#. Occasionally throws up bile, then one scrambled egg breakfast last week. Had been giving her Milkbones. Wife of course thinks I am an over-reacting know-it-all. True enough, but dog’s morning appetite better & no more bile spots on rug. Read the amazing ingredients in Milkbones. Yes, I am an arrogant fellow, and yes, Dog is now Off of those treats. No more wheat, sodium metabisulfite and BHA (whether or not they are responsible).

    Wish this site would do a review of Milkbone (Dog loves them) & perhaps suggest some healthier dry biscuits that still taste good to Dog.

    I really would like to hear from some experienced, educated person who knows about dog foods, rather than try to apply engineering methods to care for Dog.

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    I have had, in my opinion, extremely bad results from giving my LATE poodle Nutro treat sticks. She had blood in her stools, bad appetite. High liver enzymes. Loved the treats. Took her off of treats, she was most disappointed but her appetite came back. For a while. About 10 mo later she died of liver hemorrhage in vet’s office.

    Have recently ceased to give my 3 yr old Cockapoo Milkbones because seems to me they affected her appetite & associated them with finding her (1 scrambled egg) breakfast on the rug last week.

    Wife disagrees.

    You should know that I an arrogant engineer with a high degree of faith in my own observations.

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    I might suggest simply taking your dog off of these treats.
    The producer and the vet may or may not be helpful.

    I gave my #9 toy Poodle Nutro treats. She loved them. Appetite decreased, one time had blood in stools. Vet was concerned about her high liver enzymes, neither of us could figure out what she might have gotten into. Unlike many dogs, she never (in my observation) ate or chewed on odd objects about the yard or street. Took her off of snacks, she was most disappointed. Then her appetite came back. Left her off of Nutro, but, about a year later she was quiet one morning before a vet appointment, died of liver hemorrage in his office.
    Of course it could have been age-related, other problems. But she surely did pick up after a week or so without Nutro sticks.

    Now we have given our 3 year old 11# Cockapoo Milkbones. She loves them. In recent months her appetite has a little off in the morning, occasionally threw up bile. Last week threw up her breakfast egg (we share breakfast). I took her off of Milkbones & looked about the internet for information. Wife thinks I am nuts, but I will never feed a dog of mine Milkbone, Nutro or any other pet food store treat again. Think her appetite is back. Asked Vet today to humor me & check her liver enzymes.

    Have faith in my own observations, at least in this instance.
    Read the ingredients, then fine out what they really are. You would not eat those chemicals & amazing animal parts, why feed them to Dog?.

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