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    Not official, but Champion is in talks to being bought out by Nestle, is pretty ironic and goes against their stance to pull their product from

    Maybe since Nestle owns Purina, that qualifies as principles and pet specialty…

    July 14, 2017

    Dear Pet Lover,

    Chewy recently sold their business to PetSmart, and, as a result, ORIJEN and ACANA foods will no longer be available through Chewy.

    Like many of you, we are disappointed in Chewy’s decision to sell their business. The ownership change means they no longer meet our definition of pet specialty.

    At Champion, our mission is simple: to be trusted by Pet Lovers and the people who serve them. We’ve always stood on principle, we base our decisions on our values, and we will continue to uphold our 25-year commitment to work with specialty shops.

    We choose to focus our investment in our foods, including our research, unparalleled ingredients, and world class kitchens.

    Our commitment to food is what sets us apart from multinational and marketing brands. We believe this is the reason Pet Lovers choose ORIJEN and ACANA.

    We partner exclusively with specialty shops because they:

    support innovative, research-driven foods;
    understand our Biologically Appropriate philosophy and the unique properties of our foods;
    value the research and innovation that goes into our kitchens and foods; and
    recommend foods based on performance rather than profits.
    We believe Pet Lovers’ peace of mind comes from knowing that the people making their pet’s food are willing to stand on principle over profit.

    While it’s too late to reverse the Chewy/PetSmart decision, we have a strong network of pet specialists across America where ORIJEN and ACANA are always on-shelf. Visit ORIJEN and ACANA for a list of brick and online retailers in your area.

    Feel free to contact us via email, [email protected], or by phone, 1-877-939-0006.


    Peter Muhlenfeld
    Chief Brand Officer
    Champion Petfoods LP

    Jason P

    I posted on March 28, 2018 Regarding our 2.5 year old American Bulldog, Neela passed away due to liver failure…well today, I announce her brother, who is a litter mate, has been diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma.

    We fed our babies from the start, Orijen. We only stopped feeding Orjien after we lost Neela. So, is this coincidence or just some pretty bad luck. Nonetheless, it makes me think of what we feed our babies, which is why I visited and joined Dogfoodadvisor.

    I’ve began reading The Dog Cancer survival guide, and it gives instructions to feed our dog cooked meals, thanks to the fact that ‘agencies that regulate pet food do not consider carcinogens created by by-products of the manufacturing processes (like extruding kibble) ingredients. And because these carcinogens are not present in the food before it is processed, they do not need be labeled on the product label…and that the high heat temperatures used in the process to uniformly shape dog foods (kibble and treats) create carcinogens which remain in the food.”

    I am not blaming Orijen, but the timing of this lawsuit is pretty ironic.

    Jason P

    Coincidence or not, we tragically lost our 2 and a half year old American Bulldog on March 6, 2018. She was admitted in the ER and blood tests revealed elevated liver enzymes and what was diagnosed as liver diesese.

    We fed her and her brother Orijen dog food since they were puppies, and although some claim the levels listed aren’t enough to poison your pet, but from my understanding, they build up overtime and feeding our babies this food twice a day for years, could it lead to problems?

    This is something I will not take a chance on and switched her brother to a different food.

    As far as her brother, he has some patches of fur missing, which also could be a sign of liver toxicity…we need to get him in to the vet, but that is part of the travesty of losing our baby.

    We currently have submitted a complaint due to what feel was malpractice…this whole ordeal has been a nightmare and each week has revealed something new.

    And this week, our premium dog food is being accused of possibly having heavy metals.

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