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  • in reply to: Doggie summer treats #82156 Report Abuse

    You’re very welcome, David! I’ve made these for my doggies and they love them.
    I no longer use peanut butter as I’ve heard it’s not good for pets.

    Gosh I haven’t logged on since forever! I still pop in as this place is a wealth of info for keeping our furry friends healthy.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    in reply to: Maybe it's time for a diet change? #43917 Report Abuse

    I’ll follow your posts and see how the new food and shampoo helps. I may order the Malaseb. It has really good reviews everywhere it’s sold.

    in reply to: Maybe it's time for a diet change? #43832 Report Abuse

    Oh and he was also on Bravo raw, and Natures Variety raw and still no change in his red skin, and hair loss on his back.

    in reply to: Maybe it's time for a diet change? #43830 Report Abuse

    Hey Akari. You’ve decribed my Chi. to a T! I’m 99 percent sure Bentley is allergic to fleas.
    Honeybee also has a problem w/ pollen and grass – but his main problem is fleas. I put him on Darwins for months and no change in his hair loss, fleas and itching.

    I’ve put him on THK Thrive for months then Zeal for months, Merrick canned for a few wks, then Nature’s Logic kibble for a few wks, then NL canned for a few wks, home-cooked, Pure Balance canned for a few wks, Wellness canned for wks, 4 health canned…NO change w/ his red skin. And all the while he was on all of that diet change…he still had one thing…fleas.

    Every 2 days his belly gets sweaty and smells like an old wet dirty sock. Even 2 days after a bath. I bought Virbac Ecto-soothe for $20 from my vet that kills fleas, ticks and lice.
    But I think a bottle of $3 dish soap would do the same.

    I flea comb him probably 10 times a day and have a glass of water w/ dish soap in it to throw the fleas in.
    I have sheets over my furniture ( to catch flea eggs) that I take off and wash in hot water, dish soap and essential oils every 2 days.

    I have hardwood floors that I vacuum and mop everyday. I HATE to put the flea drops on them – so I was doing things naturally which was not working.
    I bought Advantage and put on all pets…and 2 wks later fleas are back.

    First thing I did this morning…was flea comb him – and he had a flea. I bet that one flea bit him 50 times all night. My life’s mission right now…is to kill every flea I see. lol
    I’ve even treated the yard w/ DE.

    Yesterday I pulverized some oatmeal in my magic bullet and mixed in some warm water and let that sit on him for a few minutes. Rinsed w/ cool water as that soothes his skin.

    He’s only 5 lbs..but keeping fleas off him is as hard as keeping them off an 80 lb dog.
    I also flea comb the other 2 dogs just as much. I’m in Louisiana and it’s hot & humid in the 80s and 90s now. And we always have problems w/ fleas here.
    Good luck w/ Bentley…I know it’s hard.

    in reply to: Dog Treats #34780 Report Abuse

    Two that come to mind would be The Honest Kitchen and Grandma Lucy’s. USA made and safe. I trust both of those companies. GL has some treats with wheat but their white fish and freeze-dried chicken treats don’t.

    in reply to: No chicken, no grains. #34777 Report Abuse

    Hi Akari, I don’t know why your sweet Bentley coughs. Maybe dry food on his throat?
    I give my other 2 dry food w/ a tiny bit of water – but Honeybee only eats canned & dehydrated. He inhales dry food and he just doesn’t do good on it. He coughs when his trachea is acting up or when he gets itchy skin. I didn’t even see the pollen when I had him outside yesterday…or he never would have been out! Keeping him inside is easy…it’s COLD out and he don’t like it. LOL He also gets this way in summer with the grass. Breaks out in hives and skin turns red.
    What do you think of Dr. Harvey’s Emune Boost supplement with bee pollen and other good herbs? Maybe that would do Bentley and Honeybee some good.
    I rinsed his feet with water and vinegar and no outside for awhile for him. They can keep us on our toes, huh? Lil stinkers!

    in reply to: No chicken, no grains. #34720 Report Abuse

    Hi Akari, my Chi. is doing the same thing. He also started his bad cough yesterday – and I asked my husband was pollen out…he said yeah on sidewalk and cars. I ran to see
    and pollen everywhere! He also has the red paws and itching.
    I’ve decided yesterday to lay down puppy pads because when he gets this way it’s so hard on him. He will be 11 Y/O next month…and 6 lbs. For a long time he’s been allergic to grass also.
    I think keeping him inside is the best thing I can do for him right now.

    in reply to: Lump on dogs bottom #23592 Report Abuse

    Thank you, Patty. We will so much appreciate your prayer.

    in reply to: Lump on dogs bottom #23566 Report Abuse

    Thoughts and prayers, please. Honey goes Tues. morning for his surgery. I’m just a wreck. Have to take him over an hour away…to strangers. That’s the hardest part. I did talk to the vet that will be doing his surgery…and is very nice and well seasoned. I’m still scared as I know the danger of it.

    Cost will be $700. Seems like a lot for such a small doggie. lol I asked about bringing his own
    food and she said ” We use Science Diet…but you’re welcome to bring his food.”
    I politely said…I’d bring his food. πŸ™‚

    Is there anything I will need to get for his aftercare that will help him heal?
    I heard yogurt is good…he eats that almost daily anyway.
    He will be in a confined area…lots of rest and such.

    in reply to: Lump on dogs bottom #22787 Report Abuse

    Thank you, Patty! You’re always a life saver. The photos I saw were shocking. I can’t imagine something that size on Honey…and I felt so bad for the ones that had it.
    Yeah, my vet is my age (44) and I’ve always trusted him – ten yrs. now.

    I hadn’t noticed anything wrong when he uses bathroom…but now I’ll watch more closely.
    And I’ll start a high fiber diet.
    I look him over through out the day…and I can tell when he’s in pain from it.
    Today seems to be a good day, though.

    in reply to: Lump on dogs bottom #22773 Report Abuse

    Thanks HDM, I have my list ready for order.
    Honey went to vet and he believes he has Perineal Hernia. It wasn’t swollen while there…and wants
    me to bring him back anytime that I see it swollen. He’s only seen this 4 times in 20 yrs.
    I’m to give Miralax as a stool softener.

    From what I’ve read – said most common in unneutered males ( Honey is fixed) and never mentioned Chihuahua’s, but Boston Terriers, Collies, Boxers & Pekingese.
    Said it could require surgery…but he doesn’t do it. Makes me nervous as I don’t trust anyone else.
    Any info. anyone can give…I appreciate.
    I’ll know more – when I take him back so he can better look while it’s swollen.

    in reply to: Dog food (Duplicate Topic #2) #22615 Report Abuse

    Hi weezerweeks, I was at Petco & Petsmart Sat. An hour drive for me. While walking to register in Petco I saw the discounted bin and they had the NV 13.2 oz can reg. 3.99 for $1.40! I grabbed the last 4 cans. I would never spend the reg. price for that. So keep checking your store…maybe they will have that on sale soon. And Petsmart had Castor & Pollux canned reg. 2.79 for 2.00. I bought 15 cans.

    in reply to: Lump on dogs bottom #22364 Report Abuse

    Okay, I just noticed something about Honey. I’ll try to explain w/out being confusing.
    It’s not his back. I noticed under his rectum – was swollen. Maybe half a inch long and was hard.
    As fast as I saw it…it’s gone. At times he’s acting like he can’t get comfortable.

    Does this new info. ring a bell? Hate that his appt. is days away.

    • This reply was modified 10 years, 10 months ago by Honeybeesmom1.
    in reply to: Lump on dogs bottom #22362 Report Abuse

    Hi Patty & HDM, Letting y’all know Honey’s appt. is Thurs. evening. They’re booked.
    Funny thing is…lump hasn’t came up not one time since I posted here!

    But he has something going on w/ him…like his back or bottom hurts. I just hope he doesn’t want
    to put him back on steroids if I can fix this naturally.

    I’m placing an order w/ Swanson’s. Which is best Turmeric or Mobility Essentials?
    I’ll let you know what vet finds.

    in reply to: Lump on dogs bottom #22213 Report Abuse

    Oh gosh, now I’m really worried. Will make appt. first thing in morning…and come back here w/ results. It’s in the same spot every time…and right now it’s completely gone.
    When it comes back – it’s a gumball size.

    in reply to: Lump on dogs bottom #22208 Report Abuse

    Thank you very much Patty & HDM! It’s at the 8 o’clock position. At first I thought insect bite…and I was ready to call vet as Mozart got stung or bit – and vet lanced it.
    But a few min. later it was gone. So I thought maybe I just thought I saw a lump.
    One min. it’s there…then a few min. later…gone.
    I’ll get him in to see vet.

    in reply to: See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix #19458 Report Abuse

    You’re very welcome, HDM!

    I hope your precious Gus is doing well. I know you must have been scared.
    I forgot my password to the review side months ago…so I don’t make comments there – and
    I don’t have the knowledge that you and others have on the forum side..so I don’t make many comments here. But I peek in everyday – and I’m always learning something new.

    in reply to: See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix #19364 Report Abuse

    Just wanted to give my experience on See Spot dinner mix.
    I emailed Mr. Steve w/ a question…and within minutes he mailed me back. We mailed each other a few times back and forth – and he always mailed me back within minutes.
    I placed my order on June 6th and received it today. Sticker on it is 5/07/13. Guess that’s when it was made?

    Also placed an order ( in case anyone is interested) same day to Better in the Raw premix. Complete, balanced, human- grade. Also received today.
    Emailed the company and Dana mailed me back within minutes.

    Went ahead and made the Better in the raw today…and the doggies loved it.
    See spot makes 26 lbs of food for $16.50 free S&H. and better in the raw makes 15lbs of food for $26.50 free S&H.

    in reply to: Doggie summer treats #18459 Report Abuse

    They start the first week of May. I was thinking grass – but now I know it’s the pollen. If it aint one thing with him…it’s always another. LOL I’ll get the local organic raw honey. Thank you much.

    in reply to: Doggie summer treats #18452 Report Abuse

    You’re very welcome Cyndi. I know making our own will be much cheaper and safer than store bought. Here’s a few more.

    Frozen Fruit Pupsickles

    4 cups water
    1TBS molasses ( dissolved in water)
    1 cup fresh fruit, chopped

    mix well pour into small cup or ice cube trays and freeze

    Cool Treat
    2 kiwi (peeled and chopped)
    1 cup low- fat yogurt
    mix and freeze

    Yogurt Pumpkin Freeze
    Blend 1 cup canned pure pumpkin and 1 cup plain yogurt.
    Pour into small cups and freeze.

    in reply to: Doggie summer treats #18449 Report Abuse

    Thanks, Patty & pugmom! Patty, now that you mention honey for allergies…I do remember reading something about – it has to be local honey from up to 50 miles from where you live. Did I read that correct? Honeybee is highly allergic to pollen. He broke out in hives like crazy! Would I give this yr. round or a few days or weeks before allergy season?

    in reply to: Doggie summer treats #18441 Report Abuse

    I’ve frozen it too…but TBS sizes…then put in freezer bags. I got these off of pet recipe sites…do you see anything wrong with the ingredients? I’m not too sure about the honey…but I know you and others will know if it’s okay to feed.

    in reply to: Detox and Raw feeding? #16834 Report Abuse

    Hi NectarMom, I’m new to raw feeding and get nervous at times. I too want to wish your sweet girls a speedy recovery.

    in reply to: Eating Raw Meaty Bones #16832 Report Abuse

    Thanks, Sandy! They eat NV raw which is 12% fat and Bravo! Chicken – but I can’t remember the fat % in it. Along with Fromms, Earthborn, Wellness and such.
    I did try a chic. wing one time and got scared that I never tried it again. I was just so nervous they would choke. I am getting the bigger raw bones at pet store next month when I go out of town.
    I will feel safer w/ those. But the feet – I will let them try this wk. end and see how that goes.

    in reply to: Eating Raw Meaty Bones #16830 Report Abuse

    I saw chicken feet at my grocery store this morning! I was grossed out and excited at the same time. LOL I know I’ve read here they are rich in glucosamine & chondroition, high in fat and perfect for smaller dogs.
    Mine are 5-13 lbs. Do I give a whole one or half? How often should I give and can I freeze them?
    The package had about 15 in it. Thanks.

    in reply to: See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix #16695 Report Abuse

    Hi HDM,
    Oh, okay I gotcha. ( wink)

    After knowing you & NectarMom recieved fresh bags and email responses from Mr. Brown – I’ve decited I WILL place an order. LOL
    I’ll let y’all know how things go. Thanks for the other info you gave on Urban Wolf. I’m thinking of that one in a few months.

    in reply to: See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix #16624 Report Abuse

    Hi HDM, I realized after reading your response to me…I figured I probally jumped the gun.
    I tend to do that when it comes to the doggies. lol. But then I read texsmom & smitty’s comments – and now I just don’t know what to do.
    I always read reviews on everything before I buy for my pets – but on see spot live longer…I couldn’t find any. I saw on Dogaware was just what it was about…not any reviews.
    I’m making another purchase of THK Preference – and wanted to also buy another food besides kibble
    as they still have that. What is another food that you would recommend? I did see one called U-Stew.
    Can you tall me anything about that one? And I believe I’ve read you like Dr. Harveys? I still have plenty of raw.

    in reply to: See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix #16533 Report Abuse

    Thank you for this, James! I came on to see what ppl thought of this – as I wanted to place an order.
    I’ll move on to something else instead.

    in reply to: Hurt back #16118 Report Abuse

    Thank you much- that site is a wealth of info!

    in reply to: pugmomsandy & Patty #16115 Report Abuse

    Of course today – I can reply to all of my posts. lol

    in reply to: Hurt back #16114 Report Abuse

    Thanks HDM! The knowledge and help that you and others have here are amazing!
    I will get the glucosamine & chondroitin w/ MSN in 250 mg.
    The tumeric…is that in the grocery isle? What doseage of that would I give?

    in reply to: Wellness Core kibble size #12758 Report Abuse

    Thanks! I’ll look into those.

    in reply to: Wellness Core kibble size #12755 Report Abuse

    Hi, Mom2Cavs & Pugmomsandy. Thanks for your replies! It’s the ocean and I could tell they were triangular and just huge pieces of kibble. I’ve never fed Wellness before – so had no idea on size of kibble they had.
    I’m going to exchange bag for the small breed. Mine range from 5-11 lbs.
    Mine also love Merrick and the Earthborn…which the kibble is even smaller than the Merrick.

    in reply to: Ozbo.com – Be warned!! #11575 Report Abuse

    Hi Research Hound, After thinking about it..it wasn’t Pepcid AC I saw at my vets office..it was Milk of Magnesia. I looked that up and said can be used in dogs as a laxative. Also looked up Pepcid AC and said helps vomiting in dogs.
    It’s hard when we don’t have an Holistic vet close by and we have to bite the bullet as you said..and use reg. vet. It’s Esp. hard to use one that doesn’t educate himself on more natural and healthier ways for our pets.
    I don’t even know if milk of magnesia is safe for pets? But I do know pure canned pumpkin is..so i would use that instead anyway.
    I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you any answers to help with Abby. Shawna is a God send. I’ve learned to ask questions on pet sites…than to ask my own vet. That’s pretty bad. lol
    Hope all is going good with you and Abby is feeling better.

    in reply to: Ozbo.com – Be warned!! #11536 Report Abuse

    Hi Toxed, I totally trust what you and Shawna say! I would never give mine anything with out researching….but I did see Pepcid AC at my vets office..and I will admit… I felt it must be a safe remedy for pets. I’ve never used it..and would have looked into it before giving. Thank you for all that info! πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Ozbo.com – Be warned!! #11531 Report Abuse

    Yeah it takes one person to say their pet got sick from a food…and my radar goes up. I asked my vet a yr. ago about the product The missing link…and he or his vet tech of 10 yrs. knew what I was talking about. But also think the 2 & 3 star foods are a good choice. I’ve been going there 9 yrs. and have drifted off to other vets – but aren’t any better. I do trust him on alot of things..because if I know it’s not natural or I know my pets don’t need…I tell him no. I’ve learned a lot from ppl here and other pet sites. I had to giggle when you said unhappy customers tell waaay more ppl about their crummy experience than they tell about the good ones…thats so true lol. But that’s their loss. Glad Abby is doing better.

    in reply to: Ozbo.com – Be warned!! #11527 Report Abuse

    Hi Research Hound, Thank you for letting me know…and I’m so glad it’s all worked out! My little Honeybee ( Chi.) isn’t as strong as my others either. And thanks for the Pepcid AC tip. I have to find out on my own about natural remedies for my pets…as my vet is pretty much old school. Labs made me feel a lot better with her post..and now your good news. So glad wag.com came through for you!
    Some company’s could care less about the customers. And again, thanks for the heads up about Ozbo.com. Like I said I don’t order online…but could one day and I sure don’t need that headache.

    in reply to: Ozbo.com – Be warned!! #11525 Report Abuse

    Hi Labs! Thank you for that. I did email the company and asked if they get ANY ingredients from China…and she mailed me back a lenthy (sp? lol) email that made me feel good about feeding EB.
    I was out of town and the feed store sells EB so I bought 3 bags of dog and one cat food.
    Come to find out 3 of the 4 bags expired in March!
    So I took those back…and all but the one was expired on shelves. I don’t order online…and come to find out a pet store 20 min. away from me now sells Earthborn. Goody!
    I’m gonna give it a try…I just get worried so easy when it comes to pet food…cause you never know who to trust. Glad it’s working out for your crew. πŸ™‚ Will be going tmrw and getting the bag for my cat and another flavor for the doggies. Thank you much πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Ozbo.com – Be warned!! #11520 Report Abuse

    Hi Research Hound, I’ve never used that company…and I thank you for the heads up. I don’t blame you one bit for never using them again.
    I’ve also read your other post about your doggie getting sick on the Earthborn food.
    How is she doing now? I just started slowly transtioning mine on the Primitive Natural just 2 days ago. I’ve never fed them this brand…and of course now I’m worried.
    Can you post back how things are going. I do wish all is better now.

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #11133 Report Abuse

    Thanks, Shawna πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #11056 Report Abuse

    Shawna, not meaning YOU use milk thistle that way..:)

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #11055 Report Abuse

    Hi Shawna!
    I do remember you saying you haven’t used heartworm in over 20 yrs. I wish I weren’t in such a high risk area…or I wouldn’t use. I don’t use chemmicals inside or outside…but use Diatomaceous.
    A quest. about the Milk Thistle. I read you use it 3 days before and 3 days after HW treament. Is that correct?

    in reply to: What canned food do you use? #11050 Report Abuse

    Hi Marie,
    Have you looked into “The Whole Pet Diet by Andi Brown?” She has a new line of canned dog and cat food…made in the USA with human grade ingedients. I’m thinking of placing an order.
    I did buy her Best in coat which is a blend of essential fatty acids. And I’m happy with it.

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #11049 Report Abuse

    Hi sophia,
    They were put back on HW yesterday. Haven’t had any side effects or heartwoms in years…so I figured its best I put them back on the prevention. And vets office was $5.00 less per box than before. πŸ™‚ Money was never an issue…but it was a nice surprise.

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #11048 Report Abuse

    Hi debra23,
    I don’t know how to answer your quest. Hopefully someone will let you know what to do. Can you call the company and ask? I think I would have done same as you, though, and just split the pill. Seems like he should have just kept the dose the same as before.

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #10991 Report Abuse

    Hi, Marie!
    I came back to log off and realized I didn’t greet you. I get forgetful sometimes. Sorry. πŸ™‚

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #10990 Report Abuse

    Iverhart Plus says – If pet is off Iverhart for 6 months or less, start the medication & test after 6 months since the microfilaria,that take 6 months to mature, will result in a positive test result.
    But of course I will talk to vet to see what he says do.

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #10986 Report Abuse

    But you know, having them on the prevention…none were sick or anything…and none tested postive.
    ( Mozart hasn’t since his treatment and w/ me)
    So I probally just answered my own question.
    I think it’s best and safest to put them back on it. I think I would also have more peace of mind.
    Had them all these yrs and none have HW…so I guess I’ll be safe than sorry.
    Still wish there was a safer and more natural remedy, though.

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #10985 Report Abuse

    Thanks, Labs! I wasn’t surprised at the cases in my area, South La. I’ve seen dogs come in to the Humane Society that I worked – tested positive for HW.
    These dogs were mosty outside dogs and throw aways. Mozart was picked up off the streets, a senior deerhead Chi. Poor thing had rotten teeth, dry skin, a broken shoulder that was healing and heavy heartworms.
    I treated him and he peed on all of our beds and pillows. I don’t think he had EVER been inside a home.
    Oh and badley abused and neglected. Had him 4 yrs. now.

    Sister our Boston mix…I grabbbed her off of a busy road as a puppy. Come to find out she was only fed bread and very neglected. But I got to her before she was able to get heartworms. She would have NEVER been able to been an inside dog…with the idiots that had her! She’s been w/ us 5 yrs. now.

    Have had Honeybee 9 yrs. Since 6 wks. old. And he’s HW free. Like I’ve said…I’m just torn on what to do. Figured I would put back oh HW prevention…but Honeybee has me scared. I think it would do him more harm than good. Mosquitoes are gone right now…so at least that’s giving me some time to think, research more and decide.
    I know first hand the horrors of heartworms in pets…it’s horrible! But then again, what about the side effects of the pill?
    It all has me worried and scared.

    in reply to: Heart worm prevention #10981 Report Abuse

    My comp. froze. Aimee, I totaly understand what you’re saying. Some say the best prevention is the pill. I use to think that…just somewhere in the back of my mind…I think there are other ways now to prevent.
    Patty, that is my understanding too! Like I said before…mine are house doggies and I’m very careful when I let them outside…fenced in yard…and i still stand out with them. If mosquitoes bad…I sprayed them with Dr. Bonners soap and torches were lit and out long enough to potty, then right back inside.
    I know…it only takes one mosquito.

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