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    Hello! I know this thread is super old, but hoping I can get some feedback on my menu for my dog. This is our current menu, and I want to make sure it is balanced pretty well! I didn’t really pay attention to balance the first few months, just switching from commercial raw to real raw, and introducing all of the proteins. I was aiming for 19oz/day split between two meals (except Sunday). Our dog is a 5yr old 54b Rhodesian Ridgeback female (runt, hence size). She should hover between 50-52lb for her frame, but vet isn’t concerned at all (as in doesn’t even mention weight) unless she gets over 55b, which she never has. She has low-moderate (average) exercise. We are looking at a few other Ridgebacks to add a second family member soon, so I would like to make sure I have the correct balancing ideas/meal plans down before then. Thanks for any advice/input! Be nice 🙂

    Sunday AM:
    – whole green-tripe stuffed quail (1-2lb) OR 1lb whole rabbit pieces with 4oz green tripe
    Sunday PM:
    – 1/2 c animal broth (our dog will NOT tolerate fasting, so this is what we are down to as a “fasting” day meal)

    Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM:
    – beef mince (tongue, heart, liver) 7oz
    – beef kidney 2oz
    – fruit/veggie mix (I puree and freeze into ice cube trays) 1oz
    – kefir 1/4 c
    – 1-2 tsp “green superfood” mix (based off of what HDM makes)

    Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday AM:
    – chicken mince (whole chicken, organs and backs and everything, ground up) 8oz
    – whole chicken egg 1oz
    – fruit/veggie mix 1oz
    – kefir 1/4 c
    – 1-2 tsp “green superfood” mix

    Monday PM:
    – turkey necks 3oz
    – turkey liver 3oz
    – turkey hearts 3oz

    Tuesday PM:
    – sardines 7oz
    – salmon trim 2oz

    Wednesday PM:
    – whole chunked lamb 5oz
    – lamb hearts 4oz

    Thursday PM:
    – wild game (bison/buffalo, venison, elk – one protein source) 6oz
    – wild game liver/organs 3oz

    Friday PM:
    – whole chunked duck 5oz
    – duck gizzards 4oz

    Saturday PM:
    – herring 7oz
    – salmon trim 2oz

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