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    Debbie D

    Been there, never doing vaccines again.
    Please get the exact name of the vaccine, dose, etc and research it for adverse reactions.
    Vaccinosis is the proper term for a vaccine reaction, which includes seizures.
    Also research vaccinosis and lyme vaccine
    Lyme is the worst vaccine out there for reactions.
    Lyme is treatable with antibiotics but even better with Colloidal Silver.
    Why risk this horrible vaccine when you can simply treat the disease if and when it ever occurs (very rare disease.)
    Read what Dr. Becker has to say about vaccine guidelines:
    “A rare new set of canine vaccine guidelines was just released, and they contain a stunning departure from their orthodox way of thinking”
    Read What Dr. Becker says about the apparently benign Lyme Disease:

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    Debbie D

    I went to gravatar, signed up with my gmail/wordpress account but Gravatar is not clear how you are to use the service, no instructions.
    What does one do once the gravatar is created?
    Note, DogFoodAdvisor also has no instructions for using this service.

    Debbie D

    Raw is critical for allergies/fungus. I used to be vegetarian so i understand (10 yrs but had health problems.) Primal Raw is freeze dried so there is no smell or mess. Just add it to the vegetables you are already feeding. I use the freeze dried cubes.
    My dogs won’t eat Primal cubes by itself, they are too spoiled, so I add it to what ever else I am feeding.
    Since I switched to raw 10 years ago, our dogs have had no deficiencies or medical issues. Absolutely ZERO! We don’t get fancy, just raw meat and veggies.

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    Debbie D

    To solve this problem and gain enough knowledge (and spend enough $$$$ at vet clinics) it took me 10 years. I am glad to say we have kicked this problem 100%. I am very sad though that my pets had to suffer for 10 years before we found the solution. Several of the answers here are on the mark, however, there are some missing pieces of information. Here are the components of the solution that results in the ear problems clearing up in addition to every other allergy issue a dog may have. You can’t do just one thing, you have to address all aspects of care:
    1. Diet
    2. Flea control poisons
    3. Heartworm and Parasite poisons
    4. Vaccinosis
    5. Chiropractic
    6. Vet type
    We solved this problem when we started going to alternative vets and Chiropractic vets. I spent thousands at the veterinary clinic, hundreds at the alternative clinics and next to nothing at the Chiropractic vets. The alternative vets (3 of them) were all indispensable. One used Chinese herbs, another acupuncture and another (the best) used a combination of modalities including cold laser, acupuncture, Chiropractic, nutrition, and herbs. The Chiropractic vets gave the most bang for the buck but it took to a visit to five different ones to settle on our favorites. Yes, hard to believe, but a spinal adjustment can be miraculous in calming down allergies. The older the dog the more likely they need this treatment. Some Chiropractors also have cold laser treatments. Go to to find a pet Chiropractor. Some states require Chiros to be vets (like Texas) and others (Oklahoma) allow human Chiros to treat pets. There are advantages both ways.

    So bottom line, we now feed NO commercial food but instead feed raw chicken plus a home cooked chicken and vegetable stew. We freeze it in daily portion size containers. This raw food supplemented diet eliminated all parasites (fleas, ticks, heart worms, intestinal worms, etc.) thereby eliminating our need for poisons. Raw diet also eliminated our need for vaccines (titer testing proved this.) Eliminating vaccines eliminated the need for steroid therapy that the vets kept pushing on our dogs. Eliminating flea control like Nextgard, Trifexis, Comfortis, Frontline, and Advantage was a major step forward. These chemicals/drugs were a major cause of itching in our Pugs and we tried them all. These chemicals also caused sores and weeping irritated skin.
    Once our dogs were already having out of control skin issues we had to use shampoos and aloe vera in addition to dietary changes. We switched to duck and fed only (USA) Merrick commercial dog food and this was a major improvement. However, the real change came with the raw. We eventually eliminated the Merrick except for traveling/hiking and emergencies. It took about 3 months to a year of proper feeding to stop the fleas dead in their tracks. We used flea combs and Ark Naturals Neem Shampoo to check for fleas.
    In one dog, we had to get a prescription of Apoquel (new drug only at select vets) to stop the itching (instead of dangerous steroids.) This was an emergency measure because itching causes scratching which leads to staph infections in ears and on the skin/belly.
    The ear itching and yeast infection eventually led to staph infection also from the dogs scratching their ears. To clear this up we used a combination of products over several months. I will list the products and their purpose.
    1. Zymox enzymatic ear solution (green bottle) for yeast/bacteria
    2. Olive Oil drops – extra virgin for yeast/bacteria
    3. Colloidal Silver (10ppm) dropped in ears for yeast/infection
    4. 7-Day feminine antifungal cream (yeast only, outside of ears and bumpy noses/folds)
    Zymox was best for yeast. Olive oil was the best for everything including swelling of the ear canal. Colloidal Silver kicked the secondary infections almost overnight.
    Moist ears is a side effect of yeast infection, not a cause. Swimmers ear is a result not of the water but of having a dietary systemic yeast infection before your dog ever goes swimming.
    Taking our dogs swimming in a creek or lake had no effect on the ears, however, swimming in a chlorinated pool did aggravate the ears and skin.
    The feminine yeast cream has been a real life saver. We use the weakest version and only apply it to ear flaps. If you want Miconazole ear drops, you’ll have to go to the vet for that. But honestly, the olive oil is just as good. The problem with prescription drugs is that they usually only treat one bug, unlike the first three items on my list.
    I hope someone finds this useful.
    Since this is a dog food website, i will give my two cents on dog food brands (never feed dry): Highest quality, readily available brands are Merrick, Nature’s Variety, Primal Freeze Dried Raw, and Orijen. No, I would never feed Blue. I’ve been in the pet business for most of my life and I know secrets about many brands that will make your skin crawl. I will not lookup or recommend any brands other than the ones I listed.
    I am chronicling my personal experiences on a blog so feel free to visit as you like. is one of the best resources a person can have for learning about brands. Please take the ratings seriously and only feed to top rated foods.

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