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    Kathy H

    I cannot recommend Vitahound probiotics! I started my dog on these and increased it gradually. In fact I never got past one scoop. She had pancreatitis and recovered but wasn’t really wanting to eat. She finally started eating and I added the Vitahound back into her diet gradually. She began throwing up again. I took her back to the debt and she was tested and he did not have pancreatitis. She was put on prescription canned food. The next three weeks every time she had but a hound in her food she threw up. I hate to say it took me that long to figure it out it took me that long to figure it out but it did. She has been off Vitahound for four days and has not thrown up once. I do believe this is been the cause of her vomiting and as a result, very expensive vet that bills

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)