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    GSDsForever I was seeking an answer on dogs having the gene mutation and taking Interceptor Plus. Thank you for easing my mind a bit. My pup is an English Shepherd mix and got violently ill as a puppy when given Heartgard. It would hit him within minutes of taking it…and it wasn’t vomiting. Lethargy/explosive stool…just a very sick pup.
    I’ve given him Trifexis but stopped giving him anything and gave him a vaccination break for two years. I monitored him and he stayed very very healthy. I’ve since vaccinated for three things I know he can handle. Now I’m given Interceptor Plus. We are battling bloody stool currently and the vet administered metronidazole for loose stool. I’m feeding him chicken/rice for a bit…of course he’s loving that.
    They believe it is caused by whatever is on the ground after snow melt here in Northern Michigan. I do see lots of mold spores and others things on the ground…and he rolls in everything.
    I’m a “natural is better” type momma so I guess I’ll monitor this dosage. If it works I will be very happy!
    I appreciate these online forums!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)