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    Hi everyone,

    I’m loving this resource. I combated my pugs skin for over 2yrs with buffalo Taste of the Wild but noticed a decline since last summer with her itching. There’s nothing visible on her skin (no redness, rash etc) but she will suddenly burst into scratching like she has been stung.She’d always scratch a little over summer but flea doses and mite sprays controlled that.

    Her ears have been an issue for a year and a half too and both came to a head before Christmas. Also she couldn’t eat her new bag of Taste of the Wild so had to change. They replaced the bag no problem. Because I this I bought a bag locally and highly recommended for sensitive dogs (Wafcol) no real change so went back to Taste of the Wild after 2 months (because I had a new bag sitting there). Oh dear, things exploded. Itch went insane, brown junk pouring from her ears, eyes gummy. Poor thing but I was definite then it was food. Retried homeopathy with a cooked mix of sweet potato, carrots, peas and coconut oil. Within 4 days ears had dried, still some itching but wonder is that habit as urgency is gone.

    My problem is…… I can’t give her a protein source 🙁 Lamb set of the itching, chicken was thrown back up, salmon does seem to increase itching too. Have tried some egg but don’t think too many would be a good idea. I’m a bit lost where to go long term 🙁 But for now, even my vet agrees to just stick to the veg. Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated.

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    Emer C

    Hi Laura,

    Loved to see it wasn’t just me with your post. I’ve a 4 yr old female pug. I had her on Taste of the Wild for over 2yrs and her itch had really settled. Since last summer is was starting to worsen again. She had yeast infections in her nose crease and ears. Colloidal silver cleared the nose brilliantly but ears became a nightmare before Christmas.

    Also before Christmas she wouldn’t eat the bag of Taste of the Wild (Buffalo) She would try but kept spitting it out. I tried a new feed (Wafcol) which was supposed to be great for dogs with sensitives as I reallysuspected her ear problem and itching were linked to her food again.

    Nothing was working, not even the new food so I switched back to a new bag of Taste of the Wild. Within 2 weeks brown gunk was filling her ears big time and poor dog was scratching like crazy (can’t see anything, no redness).

    I treated her with homeopathy and switched her to veg only (sweet potato, carrots, peas and coconut oil). Ears dried up within a few days. Itching is minimal but not gone. Initially the poor dog was drooling for food so I tried lamb and later chicken. She can’t have either. Salmon not as bad and eggs seem ok. But I’m really worried continuing like this long term and not getting the nutrients she needs. My vet said stick with it, she’ll be grand but I’m worried. Would love to hear if anyone else has had similar problems with pugs and their food long term. Thanks

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)