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    Donna G B

    HI Lazaro,
    My name is Donna, I have 3 Yorkie’s and they all
    have allergies to one degree or another. My 13 year old boy has had them the longest. I will say, I am not a DVM
    Dogtor but I have been learning everyday. You see I won”t have another can or package of dogfood in my house.
    I bought them the high price foods and then had to put my older on precription diet. He had blood work to find
    Out about his allergies. Some people start off
    With ground beef (boiled), white rice (because it’s easier to digest and some ground peas. They feed it for a month or
    so, if he hasn’t gotten a reaction then add something else. When you grind vegetables and fruit they digest it better.
    If it was in chunks he would’t get much nutrition. During that time get on Facebook and join the site Homemade Food for dogs. Look for Emily and she will help you. You can then begin to stay like you are OR continue to add & eliminate. If you get on that site and don’t see Emily’s name then go to the other site. It will cost you less to home cook your babies meals than to buy dog foods. Especially if you are not sure what the allergie/allergies are.
    ANYWAY my older kid was on this precription dog food for
    gray and look awful. and during that time he got heart murmer, then startedgoing blind, he has a leaky heart valve, he gets yeast Infection at the drop of a hat. He has High blood pressure, a growth on his Kidney etc., etc. I took a can of this GOOD FOOD to the computer room and typed in to words I didn’t know what was, 1 was a ingredient found in CARDBOARD, yes sir ree, the 2nd was SAWDUST, I Almost fell off my chair. NO CANNED OR KIBBLE IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN.
    Good luck you and your little fur kid. Cooking for them is fun. OH YES, when you cook your food you need to add 800-1000 mg. of Calcium Citrate OR 1/2 tsp. egg shells all ground up. Measure out 1-lb of food add it and mix it up until you are finished with the food you made. You can double or triple your food and put it into containers and freeze it. Works GREAT!!!!

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    Donna G B

    Be sure and check those ingredients on the label. If you don’t know what a ingredient is LOOK IT UP on your computer. You may be surprised.

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    Donna G B

    Thank you very much, I appreciate your response.

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