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    We have had 3 Great Pyres, 2 of which had sensitive tummies.
    With one I had success with Natures Variety, not a large breed puppy food, but it helped.
    My second one had an even more sensitive tummy but he did well on Duck and sweet potato, Venison and potato, Bison, etc. It could actually be the rice that’s bothering her. I think that was the culprit with ours.
    I haven’t read all the grain free info out there, but I was thinking it was mostly the legumes (lentils, peas etc) that was more the issue. Try it with sweet potatoes, and other grains besides rice.

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    Sorry for the misunderstanding, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a pup. 4 months old.
    I agree when the first ingredient is corn!! I do keep his weight down. He is only 94-95 lbs.
    They are so stoic, I can never really tell if he is having trouble. When we took him in to the vets in August, they thought he was a bit stiff, so we started him on the injectable adequin
    Again, so hard to tell if its helping. I just took him off the rimadyl a couple days ago, I don’t really notice any difference. So I guess thats a good thing.
    As far as the food JD is suppose to have a good amount of glucosamine for his joints. But for now I think I will keep him on his current foods and just the supplements. I don’t like the corn as the first ingredient. thanks

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    Hi, my great pry has been on Welactin, Dasequin, Rimadyl and probiotics since he was a puppy (4-5months old) He has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. He is now almost 4 years old.
    I have just recently started him on the adequin injections. I would love to get him off the Rimadyl. Our vet is also recommending Hills RX JD Diet. I have never been thrilled with the Hills brand. Does anyone have any thoughts on it???
    He is currently on Lotus, Duck Dry and My Perfect Pet, frozen/wet.

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    cindy L

    Oh boy, my vet assured me the probiotic was good for him, I give him Proviable – DC made by Nutramax. It does have Enterococcus Faecium in it. I will have to check with the vet again on this. My boy may not even need it anymore. I just thought I was doing a good thing.
    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Our Marty was tested for EPI and it too was negative, but he was positive for SIBO.
    He has been on B12 shots once a month, it helps with their digestion. I have not re tested him, we moved last year and our new vet says it won’t hurt him, and if and when I am ready just take him off and see how he does. (a lot cheaper than the test) But like I said he will get diarrhea still if he is stressed.
    I too like DFA and try to feed him the good stuff. I wish I could be so disciplined with myself!

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    Hi Neezerfan
    I have since taken my dog off the Royal Canin Venison and Potato.
    He did do well on it as far as his stools, but he really didn’t like it, and pretty much wouldn’t eat.
    I have tried several foods for him. For him I don’t think it is the type of protein as was once thought.
    As I had said in an earlier post, if he has something that has too much protein, or too rich he will get loose stools.
    I keep him on a grain free diet but I think it has to have some form of potato, preferably sweet potato. I don’t know why or if this is really true, but it seems to work.
    I tried Pure Vida Bison and Sweet Potato which he did well on. I would also top it with can food, I think it was Merrick Venison, or Buffalo. He did well on it, no loose stools,
    but he seemed to get tired of that as well, and became very fussy.
    I am currently feeding him Lotus Duck, which is a baked kibble and supposedly retains more nutrients because it is baked. I have found this frozen food My Perfect Pet, which he loves. This is cooked then frozen, so it is really fresh. This is why I don’t think my guy has any issues with the type of protein, because, these are made with beef, chicken, lamb. He loves them, and does very good on it, again no loose stools. He is a 95 lb pyrenees and I feed him twice a day, 1 cup of dry and 1 brick of my perfect pet. He has been on this for at 4-6 months and doing very well. And he still likes it! 🙂
    As I said earlier, my guy was a stray, we found him at 3-4 months old. (he is now 3-1/2) Who knows what he ate. I personally think it did a number on his GI. He had SIBO, malnutrition, malabsorption etc. He was a sick little guy. We had him on the RC and antibiotics for quite some time. It took well over a year before we had his GI controlled, and I started to experiment with different foods. He still gets his B12 every month, takes probiotics every day, mostly as a precaution. He will still get stress diarrhea and probably always will.
    I don’t know what your dogs symptoms are, hope this helps.

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    When my dog was a puppy he did the same thing. It took a while but we found out he was not absorbing his nutrients. So they would just pass right through. check him for low levels of B-12 and SIBO.

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