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    We tested out dinovite with our chocolate lab. She has bad allergies, and it shows with paw chewing, skin spots and hair loss.

    We used dinovite for a 90 day period and she had more energy was less irritable and stopped all scratching. And her ear infections went away.

    Then stopped using it and they all came back over the last year. We are starting her again on dinovite.

    Dinovite saved our dog and we will continue to use it from now on.

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    Hello Grover,

    I have used DINOVITE to boost my labs/spaniel mix’s immune system and it work great.

    Our Coco had severe ear infections for four years before she came to us. I mean they were elephant skin in the entire ear.

    so what we did was two things. we found dinovite and i can tell you what we used their 90day supply and the fish oils. coco’s immune system came up and her coat looked great.

    but we noticed that the ear infections were greatly reduced they were still there. Then we found a product called Zymox (got it on amazon). the zymox we used had 1% hydrocortozone in it. we did a 14 day treatment and then used the zymox maintenance cleaner.

    The vet jumped for joy, after a year of antibiotics and ointments that did not work her ears were clear!!!! I highly recommend both products.

    her immune system counts went from 2.8 to 7.5 ( i want to say that it was the white blood cell count, but i dont remember now. the numbers i do because it was such an improvement)

    YES! dinovite works! so does zymox.

    with zymox there will be dead skin shedding in the ear, have a groomer trim all the hair out the ears and then you can wipe away the dead as it peals.

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