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    Caitlin H

    Thanks so much for all the info! We didn’t stick with the pure balance because it was sold in Walmart and I don’t shop there. She did fine on it. My mother in law gave us a couple servings of signature brand, and she did well again. We figured she was a dog that could eat anything and the vet said she could have any of the major labels.. so we tried pedigree. No illness but larger stinky poops.. so then we went to weld harvest, simply because the first ingredients looked alight (but I admit I am not an expert!). We Fed her that for a bit and then when we ran out my husband grabbed trader Joe’s. That’s where the tummy issues started. She’s in obedience so she is getting lots of treats as well and this started on fourth of July weekend and she is scared of fireworks… so honestly It could have been anything to set off. I told my vet all this and that is why I am not too happy they jumped right to a life time of prescription dog food.

    Wild Harvest has a ton of ingredients, but the first few were deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, rice flour, and chicken fat… Which is why I picked it. Since the last bout, we have stopped all treats, got rid of the trader Joe’s food and only doing the wild harvest and she is doing good so far. I am going to look into these other suggestions though as like you said, I have heard from lots of people it is good to switch the protein from time to time. I really hope we just did a little too much and little fast… we are going to slow it down and be a little more thoughtful with what we feed her

    I have heard so much about TOTW, we might give that a go next. We don’t have a Costco membership unfortunately.

    Thanks again! Glad that your pup found a diet that worked

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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