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    I use the grain free lines protein inclusive and I ALWAYS ADD extra protein to the food

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    Hi Caroline,
    I like to do yrly blood work just to have a gauge on the health esp. if they are on meds, my does metacam also as needed, and has other health issues, it is a way to be proactive if things look amiss. In an otherwise healthy pup maybe once every 2 yrs.

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    Kevin C
    The brand I have been using (and so far w good results by that I mean no bad stomach reactions) is ” I and Love And You” brand from Colorado, I but the odor free bully sticks, they are made from free range cattle from brazil. They are expensive ,the cheapest price is at Now because of the calories 1 a week . you might look at their cow ears,more bang for your buck -they give days of chewing pleasure.
    Hope this helps a bit.
    They only other treats I buy are from Cocotherapy-dried fruit and drier veggies ,they are very expensive most of the bag is empty ,I called the company to complain and they jabbered on about weight.

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    they are all so adorable all princesses
    They are all good girls for playing dress-up
    What a group. Did they all have a tea party?
    Ok what is photo bucket ?? Something else i have to join?? Urghh You all are killling me.
    My anonymity is gone-totally gone

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    Can’t you let the oil stay out a bit & drizzle it over the kibble? Is their a reason you give coconut oil every day? That’s how i gave it when i fed kibble.

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    Why the correlation between what you cooked and the vomiting? Could have been a virus the poodle got from walking and sniffing something, maybe because of the age his/her system is changing,and possibly something in your home cooked meal doesn’t agree with him/her anymore. Is the poodle off the meds? You say he still feels bad,all day only after meals?
    If after meals you mast have to go bland very bland boiled beef with a cooked sweet potato or plain canned pumpkin NOT THE PIE FILLING. If inflammation is brewing stay away from boiled rice. Please don’t get me started on vets and nutrition, if your daughter goes back i guarantee it will be suggested a veterinary diet be purchased.
    I know my older fur-kid went through the same thing in Dec started throwing up every day after eating she can’t tolerate kibble anymore started her on the honest kitchen dehydrated food and commercial raw -big difference so far.
    It’s all a process of elimination and that sad to say means no treats either until you can get to the bottom of the problem,BLAND BLAND for a few weeks then slowly very slowly introduce 1 thing at a time. Kibble may be to hard on the puppy’s system.

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    my 2 do the same, i rotate cooked squash, zucchini ,carrots ,broccoli, & green beans for their noonday snack my puppy Millie jumps on the cabinets she gets so excited.
    I guess if they go crazy better they go crazy for veggies than junk.

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    another suggestion is the PUPPIA harnesses they have many varieties

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    I will chime in also, the ones I adore are by MIMI GREEN they have a lot of different kinds and colors. go to I don’t use the matching leashes I like the flexi “TAPE” 16ft the cord is horrible and dangerous -amazon sells them as well as at good prices.
    Hope this helps -I know you will be overwhelmed with all the suggestions.

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    Well Dori,
    Miss Pepper does indeed have her period .
    I have been reading and the pyometra comes weeks after the heat cycle. I will have to call LSU at speak to Pepper’s dr.
    I know that it is too late in her life to be spayed. Believe me Dori if she was say 8 and in better health it would be done.
    Can you believe this? I am shocked.

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    Thanks so much Dori,
    I am going to call the vet, I did see a bit of blood and i think Millie being in her cycle may have made pepper have the start of a cycle. But you are correct it could be vaginitis, and pep does touch the ground. Will post back. Many many thanks as always.
    I am so worried ,I do not want her to get pyometria if it is indeed a cycle she is having .

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    HI Dori,
    So glad to hear from you and overjoyed all is well with your husband. Couldn’t ask for better news.
    Well here at schnauzerville we are dealing with something that worries me and I am reaching out to all.
    My pepper the almost 12 y.o. is going into a semi-heat if that is possible -no bleeding but (excuse me all for being so descriptive) her vagina looks swollen I am so fearful of pyometra, what are the signs ,how do i know, should I take her to the vet?? Eating, drinking ,walking aok.
    Millie has stopped her bleeding after 3 weeks ,she is still swollen . My first foray with females -Pepper was never spayed her horrible original guardians treated her badly, never took her to a vet, at her advanced age spaying is not an option with her other health issues.
    Any advice Dori
    i am so worried about my angel Pepper
    as for THK yes we are keeping it in and even with the grain free protein inclusive line I still notice pieces of undigested veggies, emailed them they never replied.
    We are about to finish the natures variety instinct raw duck a bit hit with pepper and Millie,
    Next I think I will try either the primal turkey and sardine or the OCraw-we really are becoming the adventurous schnauzers here at schnauzerville.
    Take care & Dori so happy again to hear the good news!! Celebrate

    We are on diets here lunch is various cooked veggies Millies face is a riot but she is way too heavy at 16 lbs

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    I agree with Dori it sounds like a bad cold.
    My Pepper got a bad cold about 2 yrs ago nose running sneezing etc, couldn’t breathe and since she is completely blind, I had to hand feed her and force fluids down, she didn’t want to eat ,the vet didn’t want to give her anything, but I was afraid because of her age it would get worse. After a few days, I did insist she get an antibiotic (I am against giving them ,but felt in her case she needed to get on some. Is Ginger weezing?
    Best to call the vet. Watch her, possibly give her some warm broth to drink, I did that with Pepper and also gave her pedilite unflavored (sorry if I didn’t spell that correctly) .
    Good luck

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    I just want to say you are an amazing person, i just read through your post and had to lift my jaw off my keyboard.
    YOU are the most organized person. Maybe in my next life or if my fur-kids learn to talk & read & start requesting their meals!!

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    Hi Dori,
    I was thinking about you ,saw you were posting.
    Hope all is going well with you and your husband.
    Just wanted to let you know the girls are now trying the natures variety instinct duck , they seem to like it. We are going for it !! Pepper is doing well on it. She is still eating the honest kitchen , but I will not be feeding her the base mixes, too much of the same going in & out.

    Millie is still in heat-going on week 3 had to cut out her lunch she weighs almost 16lbs. -too much she is not happy with me at all-i feel bad ,but I am not sure if she will continue to grow or this is about it,if that is the case she weighs too much,all she want sot do is eat, I say she has bad PMS.
    You take care

    in reply to: Honest Kitchen – Where's the meat? #66567 Report Abuse

    Kate, Maybe you can help me and others that are concerned about the grain free- base mixes having too many of the veggies not being digested by the pups. In my particular case when feeding either the Kindly or Preference what went in came out EXACTLY the same way, I did a test and it happened each and every time. Big pieces of undigested veggies were very visible in Pepper’s stool.
    It is not AS BAD with the protein inclusive line,but I do see tiny pieces of undigested veggies in Pepper’s stool.
    I have e-mailed the company about doing a digestibility study on various breeds ages etc. and post the findings on your website. I still have not gotten an answer to this.
    I cannot feed my older schnauzer kibble any longer and so far she is tolerating the grain free protein inclusive line. I just do not like the fact that i still see bits of undigested material in her stool.
    I want to insure she is getting a nutritious meal so I always use a topper of boiled poultry or beef or commercial raw.
    I will continue to feed my angels this food ,because all that matters is that the like it and especially with Pepper who suffers with bad gastric problems she is doing well on it.
    I just feel it is important as a consumer and a pet guardian that your company who prides themselves on using human grade ingredients be made aware of this important issue.
    Their is another Honest Kitchen thread that many of us have voiced are concerns about this.
    Please read these so you see i am not the only one concerned about this digestibility problem.
    Thank you Katie

    in reply to: Best way to switch dog to raw? #66489 Report Abuse

    I would add 25% of the commercial raw to his diet for say 1-2 weeks, transitioning is a personal thing, some can do it rt away, some not.
    But in my opinion with raw I would do it slowly, say after 1 week cut back on the blue buffalo by say another 25%,add more raw, see how his tummy takes to the new food. Also monitor his stool for any change, if you see a change cut back on raw & wait until his stomach settles down.
    You might want to add a probiotic or digestive enzyme during the transition -the honest kitchen makes a so called transition enabler called “Perfect Form” which worked for me.
    I will check back later to see if you have more questions, 1 of my angels needs her walk ,so i must go.
    Good luck

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    I ,too agree one wonders where’s the meat.
    That’s why like Melissa I ALWAYS top it off with either meat ,poultry or commercial raw.
    My older gal can’t eat kibble, and she is doing well on THK ,there is ALOT i do not like about this food, but, it is working so far for Pepper and that’s what counts.
    I wouldn’t feed this alone.

    I have emailed the company about my concerns esp. their base mixes which i will not feed any longer!! I am still waiting to hear back from them.

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    Millie would be in HEAVEN -more stuff to eat-that she shouldn’t.
    My Millie is going through her 1st heat, so for all our sakes we might have to wait on this momentous meeting!!!
    Hope the goat gets better-bring him/her to the gathering!!

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    If Smokey likes plants no problem, at least he would keep Millie from eating them!!!!

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    Who would lead who? We certainly can’t rely on Millie -she would lead them both into big trouble-so is BAAAAD

    in reply to: Something entirely unrelated to dog food. #66072 Report Abuse

    Sorry I did mean Snowy-brain freeze
    My great niece has one that looks exactly like that -that’s why I asked.
    Isn’t it funny how bathing and a few added activities wipe them out!!!

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    I guess it would add to the chaos why not the more the merrier,Pepper being blind would bump into Smokey ,Millie would ride him-what a pic

    in reply to: Something entirely unrelated to dog food. #66030 Report Abuse

    I want Smokey he is just precious-i can’t make out the breed-he looks so cute
    what a great photo so peaceful!!

    I am chiming in here with a couple of thoughts-with kibble once it’s opened i put them in my refrigerator. I have pyrex bowls that I use to put kibble in say for 2-3 days-the bags are quickly taken out and put rt. back in.

    As for the probiotics I used the perfect Form when I was transitioning Pepper on the HK food, once I saw she was ok with it -i stopped, like everyone else said I want it to work when i need it. I also purchased the Pro-Bloom can’t tell you how that 1 works haven’t used it yet.
    The only probiotics i used were the Mercola and honestly I just am not pleased with them.
    I think just like for us a good probiotic MUST be under refrigeration and never quite understood why once they were opened (I did anyway) it was not recommended to be refrigerated.
    Also, I just feel probiotics should not have to be used every day. But, again, that is a personal choice. If and when i need a probiotic, I am going to try what C4C uses-I think the mercola for the price is a thumbs down.

    You might consider butting the food in airtight containers-I use the kind for bird food-I keep their unopened food in them in my laundry room.

    Again is so right , Pepper and Millie are researched much more than I would ever go through the trouble for myself-I need a TENS unit for my tennis elbow-I swear every time I go on Amazon to look for a unit- I wind up buying more stuff for my babies -sad but so-so true

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    Hi everyone,
    Well my Millie who turned 7 months yesterday is now a YOUNG LADY-if everyone gets my meaning,poor thing doesn’t know why she is wearing a diaper, trying to tear it off!!

    I thought they go in to heat in the spring, but the breeder said and from what I have read 7-8 months they can go into heat. Now I guess I have to start looking for a proper husband!!

    Happy Birthday Brian I have shoes older than you!!! Enjoy!!!

    BC-Smokey may be almost totally blind & deaf-but he has you and a quality of Life-that’s all that matters.
    I know what you mean about him feeling a little better you want to scream with joy and do and give them whatever they want.When Pepper has a good day she rules-but honestly she RULES everyday -I love her so very much

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    Thank you for your advice.
    Believe it or not i did go to “the holistic” vet in my area and I think she needs to look up what the word “Holistic” means. I don’t mean to sound nasty or smarty pants, but it was a joke. I was asking her opinion on an unconventional treatment for Pepper,there has been so many issues with Pepper, my mind is drawing a blank now as to why I went to this so-called holistic vet.
    She really leans to conventional medicine more than a true holistic way of practicing.
    I tried to supply the link to the article at the WDJ, now i understand why I couldn’t.
    I know that Pepper wasn’t spayed probably because it cost those horrible people money.
    Is she suffering from not being spayed? Laura , I don’t know.Are all her health issues related to her not being spayed? Honestly in my gut, I say no, she has an inflammatory condition in her entire body from 8 years of horrendous care.
    I know Millie is different, Oh well I guess I will have to obsess about this for some time.
    Thanks you again for taking the time to post & not thinking there is something wrong with me for not going to a doggie park
    Thanks to you also aquariangt for your doggie park input!

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    Thank you for your reply.
    I guess what struck me when reading both the article by dr. Becker & the article in Whole Dog Journal, keeping the ovaries intact prevents the hormonal issues that may and I say may occur such as Cushings.
    Yes she still would be going into a heat cycle without the bleeding, but a heat cycle and all that brings.
    I don’t go to dog parks (I know this sounds terrible ) but since Pepper is blind I don’t want her to be scared and with Millie I don’t want her exposed to other dogs that might get her sick.
    We always walk on a leash-a challenge with Millie as she is learning.
    This is a very important issue I must face & there is always the option not to spay.
    Unfortunately, I have no vet that I trust to give me then NON-MONEY IN THEIR POCKET ANSWER.
    I consider myself a responsible pet parent/guardian, I always want to do what is in Millie’s best interest and this is an overwhelming decision to make.
    Pepper was never spayed, yes I do worry about pyometra.
    I am very very concerned and I do trust the opinions of people on this site.
    I wish I knew how to send the link to the Whole Dog Journal article ,but I don’t sorry,it too explained in great detail the pros and cons.
    I have time since I was not going to spay until she went in at least 2-3 heat cycles
    I wish I had more definitive information on this procedure,I don’t know if they even do this procedure at LSU Veterinary school

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    Yes ,that was the article I was referring to also found the article in Whole Dog Journal. Thank you very much.

    If anyone has done this type of spay, please let me know.

    A very important decision 1st female I have had so I am very concerned I make the best possible decision for Millie’s long term health and well being

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    I noticed if you check out they have 2 kinds of hoses 1 for bath 1 for shower. I use the shower kind, i don’t have to remove my shower head it clips on to the attachment which i leave on my shower head.
    Since Pepper & Millie sleep with me well you understand,they must be clean.
    I clean them (not as good as a shower) each time they come in from their walks feet face, booty.
    I am embarrassed to say I used to use a watering can to get the shampoo off Pepper, that wasn’t fun. When i found this at petco, it made bath time so easy.
    The 1 you posted from chewy looks nice.
    let me know how it goes when you do it.
    I couldn’t tell by your photo but I kinda thought she was a bichon-white fluff-so so pretty

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    I bathe Pepper & now Millie every 10 days or so,now that it’s cooler here I have gone 2 weeks but in the summer every 10 days.
    I think they feel better
    What breed is Lily?
    Make sure she is good & wet then a small amount of shampoo.
    I use various kinds of Virbac on Pepper, on Millie since she is a puppy a very mild organic shampoo.
    I bought a shower spray at Petco that attaches to shower nozzle, best money I have spent.It takes no time to do Pepper, Millie is another story.

    IMHO, I don’t think there is anything wrong with bathing weekly, just keep an eye on her skin,that its not drying out.

    in reply to: dinner mixes #65235 Report Abuse


    I am glad your turbo is doing well.
    I hope you don’t mind but I printed out copies of your quote to pass along to friends who feel the way we do here on this site.
    I am also going to give them to Pepper’s vets at LSU Veterinary Clinic-they saved my dear precious angel from a most certain death, they need to really understand what & how much she means to me. This quote says it in a way I cannot.
    Thank you so much again for posting it.

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    I was going to suggest Champion but after reading Naturella’s post realized I did pay for the samples at do sell a great deal of samples from many different companies.

    in reply to: dinner mixes #65005 Report Abuse

    Jakes Mom

    Oh yes I remember now, I went to the site after you asked about it, I am sorry, my mind forgets who posts what where, mostly i am referring to myself 🙁
    Wow, what a guy you have, helping his mom out anyway he can-that’s why I am a d-o-g lover!!!

    in reply to: Beef Tripe #64970 Report Abuse

    BC & Marie

    Thank you both again, will ask for her when I call Hare Today.

    in reply to: Commercial Raw #64968 Report Abuse

    Please know you are not alone,if you want to email me off DFA just to vent, my email is [email protected]
    Anytime really, I have been where you are now so many, many times.

    I understand that getting your mind off the current situation is good, I just felt awful asking my questions after knowing what is going on right now with you.

    Please keep in touch.

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    Jakes Mom,
    I do not have cats, but if you wouldn’t mind telling me what mix are you referring to?
    I know that the Honest kitchen mixes that i have used just have a veggie soup mix kind of smell-really want to add it to soup i make for myself

    in reply to: Best Food – Sensitive stomach female 2yo #64961 Report Abuse

    Dina H,
    Did you add the Acana to the Fromm? Or did you just start the Acana solo?
    The fat & protein content in the Acana may be higher than she is used to with the Fromm.
    Maybe just give her some boiled chicken & canned pumpkin or sweet potato for a few days to allow her tummy to rest .Then slowly add the Acana to the Fromm it could take weeks until she is ready to go on the Acana solo.
    Durapet makes a stainless slow-feed bowl -my 2 have them -it does make them slow down a bit. Drs Foster & Smith sell them.

    With the help of Dori, I realized that the Editor’s Choice postings to not let you transfer the Emoji, it’s Discus that allows you to go wild with Emoji

    in reply to: Commercial Raw #64909 Report Abuse

    Dori Dear,
    I am so sorry to hear this about your Husband, I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers that his tests all come out with good results.
    Dori, this is the weirdest thing, we have so much in common, my 1st husband lost his battle with cancer, this Sept. it will be 20 yrs that he is gone he was 54, I was 39. I do know what you are going through, believe me- it was a 10 year battle that we both fought. After the last diagnosis he just gave up.
    I had a STRONG FEELING when I hadn’t seen you post that something was amiss.
    Please stay strong and I am sending you both all my positive energy for a VERY POSITIVE OUTCOME!!
    Forget my stupid questions and just let me know please how you are!!
    Hugs to you both!

    in reply to: No Chicken dog food? #64896 Report Abuse

    Hi Peggy,
    I too, am trying hard to figure out how to introduce the various commercial raw proteins to my girls, I think we just have to do it!!! Slowly, but, I do truly believe it is their best interests long term.
    My new puppy Millie is on orijen & horizon kibble both excellent, but I do think as many have advised if she can handle all raw I am going to go for it. Today will be the 1st for the Vital Essentials Fish, I am keeping my fingers & toes crossed she & my older gal Pepper will do ok.
    Pepper has been doing ok on the Honest Kitchen, which i plan to introduce to Millie soon.
    Good luck to you –

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    Thank you so much you Dori and a few others have been invaluable.
    If Pepper & Millie could talk they would say thank you too-I know they talk just not in a language we understand 🙁 .

    I checked out Hare Today wow they sell everything -it scares me since I am not ready yet to go “REAL REAL RAW” -I will have to see about the tripe that both sell.
    I did get my local feed store to get the Vital Essentials tripe-so maybe I will try that first –
    could you check out my post on “Commercial Raw” and if and when you have time please give me your opinion-this all so new to me
    Thank you so very very much again

    It is a mini schnauzer female 7 months old.
    My older gal pepper also a mini schnauzer used to get a fish oil gel cap nordic naturals -Ultimate Omega 1 soft gel had 325 EPA /425 DHA -640 Total Omega 3’s every day but had to stop it in dec. when she had a bad episode of gastritis -havent given them until I make sure her total diet change is working then I will add them back in a few times a week.
    This may be too much of a dose for millie so i may give her sardines a few times a week
    BC said the same thing that a good diet is paramount and supplements aren’t necessary if the diet is good

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    That is the most beautiful honest quote I have heard!
    How true I am going to remember that forever,it says exactly how i feel about my girls.
    Thank you for sharing that

    in reply to: Beef Tripe #64767 Report Abuse

    BC, Haven’t looked at Hare Today but will, I agree I wouldn’t need more than 1 lb containers, I noticed on MPC they have different kinds of Tripe which 1 would you suggest I try 1st? Is 1 better than the other in your opinion??

    Naturella & BC,
    Menudo really isn’t hard to make & the bleached tripe as I remember didn’t smell as posters here have said the green tripe does-
    If it’s good for my girls to eat I will have to get a close-pin for my nose.
    I know people with larger dogs feed it quite frequently I guess 2 mini schnauzers could benefit from getting it from time to time.

    in reply to: Beef Tripe #64714 Report Abuse

    Unfortunately where I live, I can’t find anything & believe me I tried, only thing left is go to slaughter houses which I am not going to do. That’s why I was asking about
    I get my dog food from the various online stores. We don’t have boutique stores that carry the different lines-only thing here is petsmart & petco

    in reply to: Beef Tripe #64711 Report Abuse

    My late husband ADORED TRIPE their is a dish called Menudo (no not the group), that he ate like it was candy!!!

    On another note has anyone ordered the tripe from “
    If so can a recommendation be made as to which kind to get. Is the food offered on this site of good quality. And excuse if this next question sounds off the wall, this is giving real raw correct? Or is it the same as say giving Primal. I am a newbie to commercial raw but slowly trying to get my 2 girls on it full time.
    I also wanted to try the ABC diet and see this website has the hearts I cannot seem to find anywhere else.
    Thanks in advance for the feedback

    in reply to: Seacure for pets? #64639 Report Abuse

    I may completely incorrect but I think it helps IBD/IBS gastritis.
    I remember looking at it when my older gal had 1 of her bad bouts of gastritis.

    in reply to: Something entirely unrelated to dog food. #64638 Report Abuse

    The “Bath ” pic is hilarious -they are all precious.
    I salute you for fostering!
    You are the PUG-Meister.
    I confuse 2 names ,i can’t fathom remembering all the fosters names

    in reply to: Beef Tripe #64637 Report Abuse

    Thanks Sandy,
    After I posted it dawned on my the tripe i saw at walmart wasn’t the tripe for the pups.
    It was too late to erase the post.
    Thanks for responding

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