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    I am saddened by this lawsuit, however I read the letter sent out by Champion in regards to this lawsuit. I think everyone should at least consider both sides. I had already read the white paper (re: heavy metals in their food) info on Champion’s website (its in their library). I don’t know how long it has been available but it was a while back when I reviewed it. I have fed several different foods over the years. And when I got my latest GSD I did a lot of research and DFA became my favorite follow up site. When I reviewed the ingredients in Orijen I was so glad to see a food that was made with real meats with no meals, no by-products, etc. It even went beyond by using real fruits, veggies and herbs. It was refreshing and as for a kibble I could not find another that matched it. I researched heavy metals and the heavy metals in human foods as well and found the unfortunate truth that we and our pets our exposed to these heavy metals everywhere in our environment. The soil, air, and water which allows it to get into our foods. After all my hard research there was a negative for every positive. So I decided that a variety would probably be the best diet and why not that makes the most sense. I have to apologize to my past dogs for this, as they did not have this luxury. So I feed a mixture of Orijen Tundra, Primal Raw, Pumpkin, Pre-Probiotics, other raw meats, fruits and veggies. I hope that we will be able to remove more or all heavy metals from human and pet foods one day.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)