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    Ashley M

    Hi Mike,

    I recently switched my dog to Zignature Salmon Recipe. He has a really sensitive stomach and Ive been trying to find a good fit for him for months. He is a 2 year old lab. I also have a 1 year old lab who can eat practically anything and be fine. I am worried because I don’t see zignature listed under your editors choice. I wanted to try Acana but its really expensive and I am afraid that its too high protein for my dogs (they sometimes can be in the crate for up to 6 hours/day about 2 days a week)

    I also noticed you seem to list a lot of pet foods with duck or chicken or turkey. I have heard its best to stay away from anything with feathers. I also heard its good to avoid potato. I am just curious to hear what you or anyone else has to say about this topic.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)