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    Carmen H

    Well I cant understand whats going on.
    I had my dogs on this for a few years and things seemed fine. They started having problems by having accidents in the house so I blamed it on my long hours. Well my boy dog stopped eating this brand so naturally I wasn’t going back to Purina so I started making all their food. Things were fine.

    Well recently I just had to put my boy to sleep so since his sister was not picky like him I figured I put her back on it and just add to what I already make for her. My plan was to slowly ween her off of me making her food.
    Serves me right huh?

    Well now she cant stop pooping and throwing up. That dogs all screwed up. I don’t know what to do.
    I’m going back to just making brown grain rice, carrots, string beans, carrots and Salmon or chicken. I guess that’s what shes getting from now on. but its something about that rice that doesn’t settle with me. I wonder is giving her grain rice good for her on a daily basis?

    I cant figure it out, She use to eat this stuff no problem and now she cant and loves to eat it.
    You already know whats in my head…. Shes trying to catch up to her brother thats only been gone for 3 wks this Friday.

    I told her she cant check out just yet I needed her. I know Im selfish….. But I love my pups their like my babies..

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