We did not really need to watch the Buccaneer madden 23

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    Then, that was great fun wasn’t it? “Super Wild Card Weekend was a much like Wild Card Weekend … but SUPER! Everything is more enjoyable when you add “Super” into it. Take a look at: Mario Bros., Nintendo, man, and bowl. Sorry, I’m unable to maintain this semblance of professionalism. This was an attempt to make money for Madden NFL 23 to make more money, so congratulations I guess.

    We did not really need to watch the Buccaneers blow out the Eagles or the Chiefs defeat the Steelers in a three-hour broadcasting tribute to Ben Roethlisberger — but we did, and it was easily the most boring part this weekend.

    In reality, there isn’t always enough. The four-game weekend structure was already perfectly arranged. The two NFC and two AFC symmetry was there and it was great. We’re now pushing this whole thing into Monday, with an unbalanced three game Sunday. I realize that raging at the machine isn’t a practical undertaking, but I’m just hoping the players see some benefit in the next CBA of being put on the line for an extra week of regular season play and an extra playoff game.

    We’ll not spend anymore time pondering the reasons why this weekend was a disaster instead, let’s focus on the incredible events that occurred.

    There were a lot of big winners at quarterback this week however none was more so than Josh Allen. Beyond the incredible stats it was more about the statement Allen announced on Sunday and nothing else.

    It’s not a bad thing, generally, I don’t like the idea of a “statement game.” It’s one of those buzz-word sports phrases that we create to tell stories, but they don’t actually reflect the reality of the athletes engaging in the contest. They don’t have any concern about “statements,” they operate in order to win. They move on continue.
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