Taste of the Wild Prey formula reviews?

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    Mike R

    I can’t find any reviews on PREY on Advisor

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    I’ll review it for you. They are made by Diamond. Who does not despite the fact that they are very large and own their own facilities, do not employ any type of nutritionist with a MS, PhD or DACVN. They do not do feeding trials. They have had multiple recalls in the past. In addition, there are dogs that have Nutritional Mediated Dilated Cardiomyopathy from eating it.

    I do not recommend it!

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    joanne l

    I agree I don’t recommend it either.

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    Josh H

    A lot of people do not really know what they are talking about.
    While Dianond foods is the parent company of Taste of the Wild, that product line is completely sepearte from Diamond. Taste of the Wild has only had one recall, which was in 2012 and they haven’t had one since.

    Nearly every dog food company has recalls, even the good ones i.e. Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Solid Gold, Fromm, etc. Just because you have a recall doesn’t mean you are a bad company. Dog Food Advisor and several dog food review sites have given various Taste of the Wild products top marks and they have done so for years. In addition, TotW has very favorable reviews on consumer affairs.

    Anyways, while DFA hasn’t reviewed it, I have heard good things about it.

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    Frenky C

    Haven’t heard bad stuff about prey, could anyone elaborate?

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