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    T P

    I need a dog food recommendation for my 9-year-old boxer mix in good health, but with a sensitive stomach. Quick history:

    1. Ate Canidae Pure Elements (dry, lamb, grain-free) for years until recently when she developed a sensitivity to it (think nuclear-level bowel movements).

    2. Bloodwork came back normal at that time.

    3. After putting her on a bland diet (cottage cheese, rice) and her refusing to eat the Canidae again (to the point of anorexia, which is when the sensitivity was determined), I started making her food. Chicken or turkey, rice and a vegetable, plus fish oil, probiotic, calcium and a multivitamin. It’s apparent she has a sensitivity to chicken.

    4. Now, a few months in she is getting bored with the food and the expense is getting enormous. I’d like to put her back on a high-quality dry/wet food combo, but don’t know which to choose.

    Any recommendations?

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    I would consider having more diagnostic testing done (in example x-rays/ultrasounds) as per your vet’s recommendations, poor appetite is often a symptom that something more serious is going on…..
    How long ago was that bloodwork done? Might be time to see the vet again.
    PS: How was the “sensitivity” determined?
    My 9 year old dog diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma would eat nothing but supermarket rotisserie chicken during the last month of her life.

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    T P

    I appreciate the advice, but her appetite is fine. It’s a matter of finding the right food for her to eat. The bloodwork was done just a few months ago and the vet noted the X-ray/ultrasound wasn’t necessary after her stool firmed on the bland diet.

    What we do know is that she has a sensitive stomach, can develop sensitivity to a long-term food and she has a sensitivity to chicken. I simply need a recommendation.

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    You used the term “anorexia” I responded to that.
    That condition does not suggest that her appetite is fine. I am hoping that you just used the word incorrectly.
    Peace out.

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    T P

    I said that she refused to eat the dry food again to the point of starving herself. Other than that, it wasn’t noted that she doesn’t eat. I say this not to argue, but to provide clarity to others who might also focus on that one term as the overall issue.

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    My dogs with sensitive stomachs do well on Whole Earth Farms, NutriSource and Victor brand foods. Whole Earth Farms Pork, Beef and Lamb formula does not contain chicken. I often feed the Nature’s Domain Turkey and Pea Stew (Costco) mixed in. It does not have chicken in it either. I add an egg and tripe to the kibble a few times per week instead as well. I hope this is helpful.

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    My dog with a sensitive stomach (defined by occasional vomiting within 1 hour after eating) does well on Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea kibble with water and a topper added. Two meals per day measured amounts.
    No poor appetite or loose stools noted, that might be indicative of something else.
    Hope this helps.

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    Hi sorry about your girl, I have a boy with IBD mainly stomach, make sure when you get a new kibble you test the kibble. Get about 3 kibbles & a cup or glass of very warm water add the 2-3 kibbles in the glass of warm water if the kibbles float that’s a good thing, look at the time see how long kibble take to go soft right thru. I keep topping up the cup of water with a bit of boiling water so the water isn’t boiling hot but it’s very warm, a good kibble should take about 20-50mins to go soft all the way thru..
    Have you try the Canidae Platinum ?? its low in fat & protein & has grains & is very easy to digest, Canidae also make “Under the Sun” kibbles they had a Pork kibble called Original Adult Chicken formula that was really good but have changed their kibbles formulas, Canidae has brought out their new Pure Wild Boar, I’m waiting to try it its coming to Australia Nov/Dec the fat & protein is a bit lower in Canidaes new pure formulas, Canidaes Pure formulas are too high in protein & fat & gave my boy bad stomach pain or pancreas pain vet keep saying its his IBD….
    Look at “Holistic Select” is real easy diet digest & Patch didn’t have his stomach pain when eating Holistic Select…. Have you try Taste Of The Wild” Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb no chicken, easy to digest & Patch doesn’t have any stomach pain, your girl might be getting the pain my boy gets & she is smart & stops eating her food, my boxer use to be the same , she’d stop eating when something didn’t agree with her but Patch keeps eating any foods that give him pain, I’m trying to teach him i’ll feed you something else if that gives you pain, there’s also “California Natural” Lamb & Brown Rice has just 3 ingredients a few dogs with IBD eat the Lamb & Brown rice & do real well. I stay away from grain free kibbles with Chickpeas, Lentils, Garbanzo beans etc as they are very hard to digest & give Patch pain.. I have found kibbles with rice, oats, sweet potatoes are the easiest to digest… I feed 4-5 smaller meals thru the day & feed baked lean pork rissoles with sweet potato for breakfast then his “Taste Of The Wild” Roasted Lamb for his other meals.. email TOTW & ask for some samples but some of their formulas have Garbanzo beans & lentils & are higher in fat then the Sierra Mountain Roasted Lamb…You might be better to rotate a few kibbles & wet & cooked foods.. Have you tried Vet Diet Hills I/D Digestive Care dry & wet Patch was put on it about 4 weeks ago after eating a fruit stick my grandson had given him he was vomiting & diarrhea for 2 days, I’m not one for vet diets but you start to run out of foods to try & Hills is money back guaranteed so I tried it he gained 1 kg….

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    Michael F

    Hi my dog with Stomach issues is doing well on a combination of Tuscan Natural Lamb and Rice and Honest Kitchen Brave Dehydrated Food, the protein in that is Fish, although the vets do say for sensitive stomach to keep it to a single protein, he does well on both proteins, the fiber in Tuscan Natural Lamb is really low so he did not do well on that by itself, poops were too hard to get out, with the mixture things are good. I also have him on Mercola Probiotics for Dogs, they have more strains in them then other probiotics you can buy and they seemed to help him the most of anything else I tried. Hope this helps! If you decide to try the dehydrated food like Honest Kitchen, I find that mixing it the night before and refrigerating over night makes it fully absorb the water and a better consistency than following the box directions and mixing and feeding in fifteen minutes. The Honest Kitchen must be good food, because it has made his coat beautiful and given him lots of energy. You might want to get your dog tested for Vitamin B deficiency, to rule out I.B.D., my dogs Vitamin B was low Normal and he is on a Vitamin B supplement for dogs called Wonder Labotratories B12 with Intrinsic Factor, the Vets say that a vitamin B pill won’t work for dogs but I read about this product on a website for dogs with SIBO and it works. I would also be careful with the multi vitamins because as with people some Vitamins that you take too much of pass through and other’s build up and can cause other health problems. There is also a website called where you can build a balanced home cooked meal for your dog and have the right amount of vitamins to add to it. Good Luck with everything I know it is not easy.

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    Deb Y

    I have an 11 month old Great Dane and we are just starting this journey. We are currently getting blood work done, but no signs of any health issues at the moment other than diarrhea, occasional vomiting & a few acne/hotspots. Our vet thinks it’s going to come down to an allergen, reflux or IBD – maybe a combo deal of the 3.

    My question: to help with the diarrhea, do I want food with high or low protein & high or low fiber? Any other nutritional values I should watch for? What protein types seem most successful?

    We’ve tried Solid Gold, Orijen, Health Extension and proteins that we know aren’t good for the potty are Bison & Duck – but those did help with the hot spots.

    I think these are what I intend to try next:
    Taste of the Wild
    Holistic Select

    Thanks for all the input!

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    Hi Deb-

    Precise Holistic Complete Large & Giant Breed Puppy is a food formulated with Great Danes in mind. My boyfriends brother used it for his Great Dane and he did very well on it. No bowel issues or growth issues. I think it would be worth looking into for your situation.

    Best of luck!

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