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    David W

    Hello folks-

    I have a 3 year old lab mix that I rescued as a puppy. Ever since then, she has had a rough time with food. She had a bad mite infection as a puppy so we had to have her on a special skin support diet from Royal Canin for over a year. Once we got that issue taken care of, I was happy to come off of that very expensive food and went to what I have used for many years for my other dogs, and that was Nutro Max products, either Chicken and Rice, or Beef and Rice. However- after a few days on it, she would vomit and have stool issues. I had her looked at by the vet, and they put her on the Science Diet GI restore diet to calm things down a bit and tried several other brands of food, usually with the same reults, having to get her back on the Science Diet GI restore, and slowly migrating her over to something else.

    To date I have tried:
    Nutro Max Chicken & Rice as well as Beef and Rice, and Lamb and Rice,
    Authority Large Breed Chicken
    Costco Salmon & Potato, adult weight control formula
    and a few others that I can’t remember.

    While she seems to do fine on these special RX diets, they are quite pricey and my girl has a huge appetite, yet is able to keep the weight off nicely. (very active)

    I’m looking for suggestions on what type of dry kibble food I might try out before I give up and keep her on a permanent special diet type of food 🙁

    Thank you

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    Hi David-

    A food I have suggested to many that seems to work very well for dogs with GI upset is NutriSource. I do however think it is important to determine what is causing the GI upset with the other foods that is not happening with the prescription vet diets. Both vomitting and diaherra can be symptoms of many things including food intolerances/sensitivties and also IBS.

    The key is going to be the prescription formula and seeing if you can mirror it as close as possible in a commercial diet. A weight management formula might be a good start because they are low fat like the GI Restore prescription formula.

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    Hi, the Hills, I/d GI Restore Low Fat kibble is low in crude fiber-1.7% & low in fat, its hard to find a kibble in a pet shop that matches a vet diets Fat % Protein % & Fiber %… write down the vet diet fat % protein % & fiber % & try & find a kibble as close as the Vet diet that worked for your girl the best & look for a kibble with just Fish & Rice or Lamb & Rice, no peas, no Barley, no potatoes, no other ingredients, “California Natural” Lamb & Rice has only 4 ingredients & comes close to the vets diets, a few dogs with IBD & skin problems are doing really well on the Lamb & Rice or the Chicken & Rice kibble…..

    Have you ever tried cooking? feeding 1 cooked meal & the other meal feed a kibble…. The Honest Kitchen Zeal is suppose to be really good, low in fat, low in carbs & fish is the protein, you could feed the honest kitchen for 1 meal & a kibble for the other meal… zeal

    My boy has been battling IBD & skin problems for 3 years & finally 6 months ago I started cooking & freezing the cooked chicken, I bring to boil cut up chicken breast, then boil a potato, boil some broccoli & zucchini, then put 1 cup chicken, a few cut up pieces of potatoes, broccoli, & zucchini in a blender, I stopped his kibble for 2 months & he started to get better, beautiful firm poos, 1 maybe 2 poos a day…I was also adding DigestaVite Plus-100 powder it’s made in Australia, it’s a Prebiotic, Vitamins/Minerals for stomach, skin & coat, also I added a squirt of omega 3,6 & 9 oil….

    Have you tried Prebiotics & Probiotics?

    If looking for a low fat kibble just be careful with the weight control kibbles they are low in fat but high in crude fiber & high insoluble fiber to keep the dog feeling full, & low in calories….so make sure you read the fiber %… It sounds like your girl does well on low crude fiber kibbles….if she does well on the Hills I/d Restore kibble that has less crude fiber-1.7% & the Royal Canine Skin support vet diet has 15% fat & crude fiber was 3.4% & it’s high in fatty acids fish oil, soya oil & borage oil, so she may do well on a good omega 3, 6 & 9 oil you buy to add to food… try probiotics to strengthen her immune & heal the gut, 70% of our immune is in the stomach.

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