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    Heather S

    I have a 7 month half belgian malinois half something else puppy that is having major stomach issues. We were feeding her RoyalCanin German Shepherd puppy food for 4 months with no problems, but then a few weeks ago she got diarrhea that stopped when we switched her to the Vet prescribes wet food. After 10 days on that, I added 1/4 cup of the Blue Wilderness puppy food to the prescribed food, and the diarrhea returned! Any suggestions for dogs with sensitive stomachs? She was tested for parasites and came back clean. I would keep doing this prescribed food, but I can tell she is still hungry (eating our other dogs food, begging) so I want to be able to supplement it. We are feeding her 2 cans a day of the vet food.

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    A lot of people have been reporting diarrhea and even vomitting on BB products lately, so maybe it was just the BB. An easy to digest food that I often recommend for dogs that have difficulty switching foods is NutriSource. Consider adding probiotics and digestive enzymes while you are transitioning and for about 2 weeks afterward to help her body adjust. Another thing that many have success with is adding canned pure pumpkin while transitioning, it helps with stool quality.

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    I’ll second “thenut”. Royal Canin is one of the worst foods out there, and I’ve heard lots of people complain about BB. Most vet prescribed foods aren’t very good either. Try getting her on a high quality food like NutriSource and do a good transition, hopefully everything will be fine 🙂

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    Jack M

    If you feed factory made food and you notice issues with their stomach. I would suggest switching to homecooked food or these list of

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    Jack M

    Food discussions can get lengthy. :dschick:

    I’m not going to recommend any given brand. Your first decision is kibble or raw or barf or some combo.. I feed kibble and found the following to be the best for my dogs:
    – no grains
    – the first ingredients listed should be Meat. Not meat-parts, meat-by-product, meat-something-else.
    – high quality food doesn’t have to be the most expensive
    – I feed less high quality food as compared to low quality (aka filler)
    – feeding the dogs less means they poop less and they absorb a greater percentage (in my opinion) of that food

    Thankfully Abigail is not a picky eater so as soon as I found one that Cino liked, tolerated, and reduced his itching (the reason for no grain) we had our new food.

    Also, I do give the dogs human food but always mixed with their kibble. Not every meal. I mix in a little yoghurt from time to time, sometimes a raw egg, if I make anything in the crockpot the dogs always get some of the juices poured over the kibble.

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