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    Theotime A

    Hello to all dog lovers!

    I come to get your advices on the use of a [url=https://www.ferberpainting.com/collections/pest-control/products/flea-killer]anti- chip treatment[/url] for my beautiful and faithful dog. Recently, I applied a specific product, since I use it My papou seems to be doing well after the first application, but I want to make sure to do things correctly. I’ll back off if some of you have already used it How did it go for your dogs?

    In addition, I am interested in all your valuable advice on flea treatment. Are there any tips you could share or things I should pay attention to when applying or afterwards?

    I am grateful for any shared or consseil experience you might have.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


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    Ava N

    it is nice.

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