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    A year since I heard your piggy-snorts,
    Since I felt your cold slimy piggy-nose
    Since you put your muddy paws on my best dress
    Since you kissed my face after gobbling up the manure

    A year since you held the lead rope, leading the cow around
    Since you used your kennel-mate’s feet as chew toys
    Since you chased us down the driveway, not understanding what “go back” meant
    Since you sat your (uninvited) 90lb self on my lap

    A year since I’ve looked into your golden eyes, and truly meaning “good boy” when I said it
    Since I’ve showed you off, changing people’s minds about the “evil pit bulls”
    Since I’ve scratched your rump while you nibble on my arm
    Since you’ve done a perfect “sit pretty” to earn that biscuit

    A year since I’ve laughed at you, running away from a Chihuahua
    Since I threw your favorite squeaky-ball across the golden fields
    Since I’ve slapped your thighs, those thick muscular solid thunder-thighs
    Since I laughed while you helped mom in the kitchen by testing the food

    One year since I held your head as you gave that final breath.

    My sweetheart, Otto, has passed one year ago. He was born February 4th, 2011. He passed April 2nd, 2013.

    Otto was my favorite four-legged friend. He was a 90lb APBT/Lab/Rottweiler. He was tragically killed at the age of 2, and I was lucky enough to be with him for his last 5 minutes of life. His body was swollen from internal bleeding, he was barely able to breathe, but I knew I needed to be there for my sweet sweet baby boy.

    I cannot believe it’s already been a whole year. He is my very first dog I’ve lost, and I still miss him as though it happened yesterday. He’s running freely and happily now, with all the cows to cuddle, all the bones to chew on, all the squeaky toys to shred, and all the buscuits to eat. I love you, Otto. Forever and always.
     photo 0c64a51e-1e39-40c0-8f6a-e1b0faa4d2de_zps3ed2b1f8.jpg
     photo 051.jpg
     photo a12d5917c526f69ed850b3954ddf2d02_zpsdbac73b2.jpg
     photo 3d22d926bd6891931fbefa0e4737f3cd_zps8c2fa2a4.jpg
     photo 555b8771af3e4b962fd517619af3579b_zpsed02429a.jpg

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    He’s a beautiful boy and I can tell how he is missed.

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    Thank you, Patty. Today is a very hard day, for sure. A somewhat silent sufferance goes on as people around me don’t understand that he’s more than “just a dog” or an “untrustworthy pit bull”.

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    Hi Shasta-
    I can’t write much because I don’t want to cry (again) at work. He was obviously a very special dog. My condolences. 🙁

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    Aww thank you very much <3

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    Zanes Mom

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful boy. The eyes tell of even a deeper beauty and only when we know great love can we suffer a great loss. What a blessing for him that you were with him at the end. I wish you peace.

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    OH MY GOSH Shasta!! He was such a beautiful and powerful boy!! What a wonderful example of the breed/s… Thank you for sharing!! The poem brought tears to my eyes!!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

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    Thank you all so much for support. He was actually just a giveaway boy. He was born in a little trailer by accident (breeding was unintentional, we’re not sure who the father was). A friend told me to pick out my favorite. I really really liked the brindle pup, but Otto was the biggest and calmest – the only one that didn’t whine when I held him. I knew he was the one.

    My two years with him were two of the best years I could ever ask for!

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    Shasta, he was a beautiful dog, inside and out it seems. I am sure he is happy and free now!

    If you need to talk more about him, feel free – we are all here for you. Also, I don’t want to intrude on your pain, but if you want to tell us what happened that caused his passing, you are welcome to. If not, you can totally tell me off and I will understand.

    But I hope you find comfort in that you were able to spend about 2 beautiful years with this boy! I am sure you have plenty of wonderful memories, as your beautiful poem shows! 🙂

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    He was hit by a car…..I wasn’t there at the incident, otherwise it might have been prevented.

    Kind of a long story, but we’re out on an little country road and have a long driveway. Ottos favorite thing was to chase dad while he rode the 3 wheeler up and down it (it became regular exercise + kept his nails trimmed). Dad had gone out into the street w it and stopped to talk with a friend. Otto stayed near by as usual. A car came /flying/ around the corner (speed limit is 25 on that winding road, the car went about 40), and Otto was oblivious. Dad said he just ignored the car….

    Dad brought him back up the driveway, called me, and I held his head in my arms, in complete disbelief of what was really happening. I remember when I said “will he be okay????” And dad said “no”, I fell on the ground and cried so hard that literally no tears came out. That has /never/ happened before or since.

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    So now I’m keeping awareness going of keeping pets on leashes, no matter how good they are. I know it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but a leash may have prevented that….

    And I will never let another dog chase an ATV again as exercise. Possibly if it’s /only/ on the property, but I’d rather not take the risk.

    (No, Otto wasn’t ever harmed by any ATVs he chased. He’d only chase them if we were on. He didn’t want to chase the ATV, he wanted to follow us, and he loved it. He’d have done it until his heart stopped.)

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    Carlyn, thank you for sharing, I really appreciate it! I am glad it was an “accident” and not a malicious murder of a sweet, sweet dog, like Otto seems he was.

    As for leashing, I am ALL for it myself; my man’s cousin’s dog (a small Yorkie) was being walked by her dad, off-leash (although the dad was always scolded for it and told to only walk him on the leash), when he decided to cut/chase this one car that, yes, ran him over in their neighborhood. He suffered some broken ribs and ruptured bladder, and surely a huge vet bill, but thankfully he is alive and recovering.

    I hope leash awareness truly helps. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see your baby like this, but hold on to the positive memories, and to helping others not make similar mistakes.

    Stay strong! Otto is all good now, happy and awaiting a reunion one day! 🙂

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    Thanks so much, Aleksandra <3 it’s so dang tough with it, because most people look at it and say “oh, well, you’re a lousy unresponsible owner!” But like I say, it was on a little country road that hardly ever gets cars, and right by our driveway…

    I used to walk Shasta without a leash, since he heels so well. (It’s legal in some places, don’t worry) I figured he can be just as well behaved with a little leash hanging down…keeps any of those accidents from happening.

    Then Loki? I would /never/ trust him off leash anywhere near a street. He loves to stay with me, and will turn on a dime to respond to “come”, but he’s very very very nervous/instinctual around cars. He freaks and then lunges. He’s way better than when we first adopted him, but I’d still neeeever walk him w/o a leash, no matter how good he gets.

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    Girl, you’re welcome, and I completely understand. Today, one of my good friends who always becomes squeamish at the sight of a single one of Bruno’s hairs on me and would somewhat disgustedly point out that I have “dog” all over me, told me today that I am surprisingly “clean” of the “dog” on me. She then proceed to ask me why and if he died or something. If she wasn’t an otherwise great friend, I may have really taken her words to heart. But I do understand – not everyone shares the view that our furry friends are LIKE our babies, children, friends (clearly they aren’t REALLY biologically our family members, but if I adopted it, feed it, play with it, talk to it, train its body and brain, snuggle with it, and pick its poop up, it is MY KID). In many countries and cultures, the dog is a protection and simply an animal. So yeah…

    But yes, for the leash, I actually wish I could walk Bruno without it, but he needs to learn to walk properly with it, plus, it is kind of not safe and illegal to walk him with no leash in an apartment complex, so he will get his freedom at the dog park only (for now, until I have a house with a fenced in yard – then he can roam). 🙂

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    It’s great you are responsible enougn to keep the leash though. I know several people on here would probably be chewing me out, hearing that Otto died b/c he wasn’t on a leash. If you were in the situation though, you’d more than understand…

    The only time now that I walk w/o a leash is when were on the property. Almost all of it’s fenced in….only part that isn’t is the driveway (it’s long and winding, so the boys don’t go down it unless someone else does), and then some really steep brush. Shasta runs up into the brush to do his business, but that’s it. Other than that, they’re allowed to roam our 5 acres supervised.

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    Awwwwww! Found his very first picture <3
    Sleeping Otto photo 183.jpg

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    Awwww! Why can’t they stay like that. So unbelievably cute!

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    Look at the precious babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! <3 <3 <3

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    He was, too. Funny story of how I got him (I know I’ll regret it…prob by the time I’m done typing, I’ll have my tablet screen covered in tears lol)

    I had two dogs, Shasta and Cassy, and initially I didn’t want a third. I used to /despise/ pit bulls (aka anything with a square head or muscular build….what I thought at that time, at least), because my dad absolutely hates them as well. I started warming up to them after having some friends talk about how great they are. One lady told me that their pit bull just had puppies, and she wanted me to come see them.

    Duh! Who would say no to seeing puppies!!!! There were some tan ones w black masks, a black one, a brindle one, and two little tan ones w white marks. I wanted the only female, but she was spoken for, so I ended up deciding the “un-runt” was my favorite. He was about 1/3 larger than the other pups.

    Dad still had a firm no on it, and mom was neutral. A couple weeks later (when the pups were weaned), they drove for 35min just to bring the pup to me. I obviously couldn’t resist, and mom finally said “I don’t want to know this thing exists! You will keep it out of my way, and purchase everything…”

    I’ll admit, dad never really got over it and always somewhat disliked Otto (even though he was about the nicest dog out there!), but mom did the opposite of “…I don’t want to know it exists.” and Otto bonded with her. When he was a pup, he’d sleep on her feet, and follow her around just to stay by her feet…

    She never really liked Cassy or Shasta (as a child, she never owned a dog. Cassy and Shasta are the first for her), and never would go spend time with them. They were my responsibility solely. But Otto? She would always go outside to mess around w him, and absolutely adored that giant, lunk-headed, dopey, silly, sometimes-annoying-and-jerkish pooch!

    Sadly, ottos sweet and extremely loyal personality still didn’t change Dads thoughts on pit bulls. He still thinks that all pit bulls will turn and “snap”. :/

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    Awwh! This is such an adorable story, thank you for sharing with us! 🙂 Hope your tablet is still dry!

    As for your Dad, well, he may or may not change his opinion one day, and either way is ok. At least they both let you spend 2 awesome years with little Otto! 🙂

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    Yep. Otto sure was a lifechanger. If I didn’t have him, I prob wouldn’t have researched out dog breeds, or gotten started in a dog class! Definitely opened a lot of doors.

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