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    Jime kalmiya

    Every year, the appreciation and fandom for Madden’s popular Also Known As (AKA) Program seems to reach new heights, particularly since the card art tends to be among the best in the game. Most of these players are all-time greats and are among the best in their positions. In addition, these cards possess custom X-Factors, which make them incredibly strong. After all, you don’t just get a nickname because people like you; you also need to be pretty good. So, who are the AKA players in Madden 24? Let’s check out.

    Here are all the players currently in the AKA set of Madden NFL 24:

    D. “Prime Time” Sanders – CB – 87 OVR
    L. “Big Cat” Williams – RE – 87 OVR
    B. “Bwagz” Wagner – MLB – 87 OVR
    J. “Famous Jameis” Winston – QB – 87 OVR
    J. “G.O.A.T.” Rice – WR – 87 OVR
    J. “The Bus” Bettis – HB – 87 OVR

    This is the first batch of AKA cards to hit the game and went live on 28 August; more will come soon. The Madden 24 AKA Program will be weekly. Every week, MUT will be releasing three new players on Monday at 1:30 pm EST.

    To acquire these new AKA players, fans can either complete their sets, which will require some of the lower overall versions each champion comes with, pursue them with Madden 24 Coins in the Auction House, or purchase them from packs in the store.

    When used in your lineup, all of these new player items will have their nicknames on the back of their jerseys rather than their actual last names. These players can be on offense and defense.

    By the way, just like some of the other programs in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, the AKA Program comes with its own Field Pass, which contains six levels. Along with various increments of MUT 24 Coins and AKA Tokens, the AKA Field Pass also has its own 80+ OVR AKA Player Pack.

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