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    Tabitha K

    I’ve got a 3 year old husky golden retriever mix and since he was a puppy, he’s been on the denali and Rocky mountain blends from blue buffalo. He’s about 60 lbs so the 22lb bags didn’t last too long but was right at the cusp of what we could afford.
    We ended up finding and rescuing a golden retriever lab mix around the same age as the goberian and found out he’s allergic to chicken. He’s 75lbs. Now we have switched jobs and moved onto feeding taste of the wild lamb and rice formula (after swapping from authority bc the lamb and rice formula is too hard to find) and my goberian is only eating half of his food if that much. We have tried everything from letting him skip meals to adding broth and slowly taking out to try to adjust him to it but there’s no use. He would rather starve than to eat anything less than the good stuff.

    Any ideas on a food VERY similar to blue buffalo in taste and quality that offers big bags without breaking the wallet? -MUST OFFER OTHER VARIETIES BESIDES CHICKEN-

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    Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea has no chicken. Check chewy dot com for more info.

    PS: You may want to look at Natural Balance Vegetarian, as a base.
    BTW: why do you think he is allergic to chicken? Have environmental allergies been ruled out?
    Intrademal skin testing by a veterinary dermatologist is the only accurate way to rule out environmental allergies.

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    Hi Tabitha K-
    I believe all of TOTW formulas are grain free, so I don’t think there is a lamb and RICE one? I feed my dogs Whole Earth Farms pork, beef and lamb with great results. It is poultry free. We also feed NutriSource and Victor brands that have chicken free recipes as well. Hope you find something that works and is affordable. It’s Not always easy!

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    Tabitha K

    Hey anon. He’s allergic to fleas and chicken. Everything else has been ruled out.
    Noticed he would get hives after giving raw chicken and every time he would eat his food (which is chicken based). He also has a sensitivity to corn and soy. Causes horrible gas. I’ve heard that’s very common with lab and lab mixes.
    Also, with chicken being a very common dog allergy, we started off with taking the corn and soy out and then feeding him beef based foods. No reaction with beef. Back to a bowl of chicken based, hives.

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    Tabitha K

    Hey crazy 4 cats,
    Youre correct
    I’m confusing the bags. We got him the diamond lamb meal and rice. My apologies

    Which of those that you’ve listed are cost efficient and do they come in big bags?

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    A lot of the foods mentioned have chicken fat listed as an ingredient.
    The ones I mentioned do not. Some also have dried egg (shouldn’t be an issue)
    The Natural Balance Vegetarian has neither and works well as a base.
    I used to avoid chicken dog foods too.
    Chewy dot com has the ingredient lists
    Ps: Diamond Lamb and Rice has chicken fat in it too.

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    Hi have you looked at “4Health” Whitefish & Potato from Tractor Supply Co a 30lb bag of cost $38, it’s chicken meat, fat FREE…
    *Costco sell their “Kirkland Signature” Salmon & Sweet Potatoes- 35lbs-$45…
    *”Whole Earth Farms” Pork, Beef Lamb 25lb cost $40 from Chewy
    *Pro Pac Ultimates Bayside Select Whitefish 28lb cost $35 from Chewy

    Just make sure you rotate your kibbles & do not feed a fish kibble for too long, when the big kibble bag is nearing the end buy a different brand & protein kibble so your dogs are not eating the same fish kibble 24/7…. all these formulas are grain free & chicken free..

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