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    Dale F

    Hello Everyone

    I have a small dog. I want to buy some training toys for them. Please advise if this is good –

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    John M

    This clicker looks okay to me, but, IF it is TOO LOUD? Then do take a bit of tape, or some candle wax, to soften the sound a bit.
    Do not leave the clickers lying out where people will mess them, as that sound should become very powerful cue to the dog.
    USE TINY TREATS for rewards, a full dog is not as good of student, lol.
    KEEP LESSONS super short for beginner dogs, like 5 minutes is plenty long. End session with play time.
    You can repeat the lesson many times a day, but keep all lessons super short.
    Clicker training is ALL positive, do not scold, do not correct, just reward what you DO like, and ignore anything else. Most tricks and cues are taught in INCREMENTS, a bit at a time.
    DO GOOGLE “how to clicker train a dog” before you begin. IT IS SO GOOD For dogs to get a chance to figure something out.

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    Ala Z

    This clicker looks okay to me too

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    Thaddeus A

    I think this is a great idea.

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    I admit I didn’t click on the link to see the exact clicker you are referring to. But want to add I agree with John M that clickers vary in the intensity of the sound and some may be too loud for some dogs. “Poster tak” also can be used to dampen the intensity.

    Additionally when working indoors the clicker I use is fairly soft but in a challenging environment like outdoors I use a louder “box” style clicker

    Some great IMO clicker trainers on you tube are “kikopup” and Chirag Patel

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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