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    Rebecca B

    Hi there!

    I have a pup who is severely reactive to raw chicken.

    Would she most likely be allergic to chicken meal and chicken fat found in the dry foods?

    I know that the protein is what typically causes the reactions and that the raw would obviously have more of that protein, but I don’t want to subject my girl to another reaction.

    Looking at Earthborn Primative Natural.
    Farmina Lamb is my backup but my wallet cries whenever I look at it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    If she’s allergic to raw chicken then she’ll likely be allergic to chicken meal or deboned chicken. Typically from what I’ve seen in people that start in a kibble diet and the dog is allergic to chicken meal will often not be allergic to the raw chicken because it’s unprocessed. So I wouldn’t try with chicken meal just to be safe. Chicken fat though, is different. It isn’t a protein so she probably won’t react to that. Many hypoallergenic foods with say, salmon, as the ingredient will use chicken fat as the oil/fat in the food so I wouldnt be AS scared of that as the chicken meal. But if it makes you feel better and you wanna be extra safe I would avoid the fat as well.

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    Rebecca B

    That makes total sense!
    She has always eaten either a salmon or red meat based meal/food – never chicken. She’s turning 7 in July.

    We do partially raw and on a whim I put some raw chicken into her meal (always been bison, beef, veal or lamb before this) and we ended up at the emergency vet with her entire body covered in golf ball sized welts and her eyes swollen shut.

    She’s never had chicken so I now have to assume she has absolutely no tolerance to it.

    You definitely confirm this!

    Looks like Farmina will be our new go to for kibble.

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