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    Hi Ruth,

    the ingredients look good BUT for the price yes its a rip off, there’s cheaper supplements around that are just as good maybe better to fix a dogs gut/immune system.

    I would stick with Probiotics Supplements made by companies who specialize in this field..
    Nutra Thrive advertise Holistic Vet Dr. Gary Richter, he might be a really good holistic veterinarian but he would have been paid alot of money to advertise Nutra Thrive, this is probably why it’s so expensive, there’s nothing special with ingredients to cost $187.97 for 30 scoops for 1 month supply…

    If you’re looking for a GOOD probiotic “Purina Forti Floria Probiotic powder,
    When they did a study & tested 10 popular dog probiotic’s, out of the 10 dog probiotics only 3 probiotics came back with live microorganisms.
    Purina came top 3 probiotics.
    Can you get “Blackmores Paw” Dog & Cat range in the US?
    Look at
    “PAW DigestiCare 60™ Probiotic” it has great reviews & suppose to be very good, my vet likes Paw supplements & the owner of the vet practice only stocks healthy foods, supplements & healthy treats that he knows his customer said worked & helped their dogs health problems..

    If your dog has skin problems give a dog probiotic you think is good & have a look at “Paw Dermoscent® Essential 6® spot-on for Dogs” you put on skin, back of their necks, my boy can’t take fish/salmon oil capsules, so this Dermoscent Essential would be very good for him, I’ve been told Krill Oil Capsules are better for people/dogs who have sensitive stomachs.

    I’m going to also try “PAW Complete Calm” Chews so Patch has a better sleep now he’s getting older he’s been having restless sleeps some nights, someone wrote in reviews on the online pet store i use, she wrote, she gives her dog a 1 x Calm chew before bed her dog has Dementia & the Paw Calm chew settles her little dog down……

    I was at the vets yesterday cause Patch has been getting “Cartrophen Vet injection for 4 weeks & I seen “Paw Senior Vitality” powder
    Contains key antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients such as DHA, Lutein, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, L-Carnitine and Selenium to help support brain, eye and immune health.
    I’m going to try this Paw Senior Vitality Powder next, make it in a bowl with water & Patch can drink it, it says its chicken flavour.

    I like supplements that are either Chews or Powders, with Patches Probiotic powder I was adding 10ml water mixing in a small bowl & Patch was drinking his Probiotic from bowl as a treat…
    It’s best to take Probiotic when stomach acids are low, so give either first thing of a morning then wait 1 hour before feeding Breakfast or I gave probiotic inbetween meals I gave around 10am inbetween breakfast & lunch meals…

    I read all the reviews & Paws has some really good reviews, best to look on the online Pet Stores & read their reviews cause its not the retailer adding peoples reviews, it will be people just like you & me who have tried a product then we give a review & the Online store just posts the reviews the good & teh bad reviews..

    I know you mighten have an order dog who’d over 7yrs old but look what you can get for $99, a Senior Pack, it’s not bad everything they need for skin, joints, gut & brain.

    Nutra Thrive reviews look shonky?? I read thru a few & normally when you read reviews there’s always 1-3 bad reviews – “my dog didn’t like it”, “my dog got diarrhea” etc but this Nutra Thrive his all 5 stars reviews??
    I wouldnt pay all that money $188.97 that is very very expensive probiotic, Nutra Thrive are praying on pet owners who are vulnerable wanting to fix their dog health problems… Nutra Thrive wont fix dogs skin problems, might fix gut health (maybe) but if dog has a skin problems need to find out why what is causing the problem??

    * Food sensitivities? – change diet,
    * Environement allergies? – Bath twice a week to wash off allergens.
    * Diet is Low in Omega 3? – add 1-2 spoons of tin salmon/sardines in spring water to each meal or add 1 x Krill Oil Capsule helps inflammation
    * Strengthen immune/Gut give Probiotic.

    Kelly J

    I wonder what the complaints to the BBB were. I have ordered from them a few times so far, no hassle ordering, fast shipping(a few days…..I live in rural area). I can only speak for me and my dogs, though I mostly have it for my senior dog, I also give my young pitbull some…..I swear she is SUPER SHINY. Shes a chocolate black Pit.


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    Hi Margie,
    Did you try the Hills I/d Low Fat Rice, Vegetable, Chicken Stew, wet small can food?? the ingredients are OK & are easy digestable ingredients…. the dry Hills I/d Low Fat kibble wasnt the best…
    There’s also “Royal Canine Low Fat Intestinal” Wet Can no chicken, its pork & smells pretty good but the omega oils are very high, my boy gets acid reflux from vet diet wet can foods.

    I feed Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato to my boy who has IBD, Wellness is a pretty good brand, Patch normally reacts to dry foods after he eats same food for 2-3 months, he hasnt reacted to Wellness Core Large Breed or Wellness Simple Turkey,
    also “Canidae Pure Meadow Senior” is very good, has everything for aging dogs, its 10.80% max fat…
    There’s “Artemis Fresh Mix” Weight Management/Senior its 6%- fat, 3-4% fiber but it has grains, my boy was doing sloppy Mr whippy poos on Artemis, I’m pretty sure he cant eat barley, it causes sloppy yellow poos…
    There’s also “Annamaet Lean” kibble alot of dogs who have Pancreatitis do well on Annamaet Lean…
    Have you joined “Canine Pancreatitis Support group” look in their “Files” Pancreas Low Fat dog foods pdf.


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    is this the same Holistic Select Lamb formula you bought about 1-2 weeks ago & he didnt really want to eat it??
    I would take it back, or email Holistic Select & ask them why does it have a paint smell?? they might send you out a voucher or something??
    I’ve feed Patch “Holistic Select Salmon, Anchovy, Sardine Meal Puppy/Adult grain free” & “Holistic Select Chicken Meal & Rice Senior” old formula years ago they never smelt of paint, they smelt like a dry dog food, even their Salmon, Sardine & Anchovy Meal kibble didn’t smell of fish which I liked as some kibbles stick bad of fish, if he doesnt want to eat it listen to him..
    I know Holistic Select add alot of Pro & Pre -biotics but they don’t smell like paint..

    The other day 1pm I got Patches Wellness Simple Turkey Meal & Potato 11.8kg bag thru postage, Pet Barn shop doesnt have the Wellness Simple bigger bags you have to buy online, when the post van pulled up I went outside it was a very HOT day, when the mail man handed me the Wellness bag it was hot like it had been sitting in the sun, I said to the mail man isnt your van Air con, he said yes but Im opening the back door all the time, I thought this kibble oils will go rancid, so I rung up Pet barn & asked will this bag of Wellness Simple be off, it came in a very hot plastic bag, they put me on hold then came back the lady said I can take it to a Pet Barn store & get another 1, I said Pet Barn stores don’t sell the bigger Wellness Simple bags, she said it will be OK…I didnt open it till this morning, its smelt OK like the other Wellness 2kg bags I tried, Patch ate it but Patch eats everything the nut.. I gave the cat 2 kibbles she ate them & she is fussy so I thought OK its alright I hope its OK..
    Then we wonder why are our dogs are sick for no reason??..We dont know what happens to the bags of kibble or wet can foods after they leave the Pet Food company after they are made??


    Hi Christine,
    What symptoms does your dog suffer with?? IBS stomach/bowel symptoms or just has skin allergies??
    He might have Seasonal Environment Allergies, now he’s doing better cause it’s Winter & plant/trees in your yard or neighbouring yards aren’t flowering etc
    You will know when Spring & Summer come back around keep a diary..
    Or he was sensitive to ingredient in the grain free food, my boy can NOT eat a G/F kibble that has Tapioca, he starts to smell yeasty, scratches, itchy, scratches bum on carpet, Lentils cause bad gas, wind pain then has diarrhea, when he eats Barley he gets yeasty smelly skin, yeasty paws & sloppy yellow poos, rubs bum on ground, Corn Gluten causes yeasty smelly skin, paws, sloppy poos then diarrhea & rubs bum on ground, Oats = yeasty skin, paws & sloppy yellow poos, rubs bum on ground, Carrot cause itchy ears, shaking his head/ears..He doesn’t do well on any grain formula’s..

    When he eats a grain free dry kibble that has Potato, Sweet Potatoes, Chickpeas further down the ingredient list his IBD & skin goes really well thru the Winter months then when Summer comes around something in the environment causes bad skin allergies, I know grass & wet grass is 1 allergens he suffer from, he goes down hill with itchy skin, red paws, whinging & he’s eating 1 of the same G/F foods he did well on thru Winter months, I rotate his G/F foods, Wellness Core, Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato & Canidae Pure Meadow Senior & Canidae Pure Wild Boar all Grain Free formula’s.

    If a dogs diet has too much Omega-6 & is way too low in omega-3, the omegas need to be balanced properly then the dog will suffer with skin problems…
    eg-Omega-6 Fatty Acids-2.80% Omega-3 fatty Acids-1.00%,
    Omegs-3 should be nilly 1/2 of what the Omega-6% is…

    Pet foods that are AAFCO aproved means nothing as some are NOT balanced properly… this is 1 thing Susan Thrixon pointed out in her recent link
    “DCM Study Misses the Big Picture”
    By Susan Thixton – December 14, 2018

    If he’s doing well on Blue Buffalo feed it but I would also rotate & feed another brand that has similair ingredients as the Blue Buffalo he does well on has. This way if there is something wrong with a certain batch, or its not balance properly etc he isnt eating the same dry dog food 24/7 also if ever something happens you know of another brand you can fall back onto..


    Hi Heather,

    “Canidae Pure Meadow” senior but its grain free, its high protein 28-30%
    low fat-10.80%, Low Carbs…
    Why dont you want to feed grain free?? not all grain free foods are bad & involved in the Low taurine in some dogs??..

    Patch has a square left hip socket, vets have never seen anything like this, they said he would have been born with it & would of had Arthritis from a pup, he started running on 3 legs about 1 year ago age 9yrs old….
    Then I started to feed him
    “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult, its high in Protein-38%max, low/med-Fat-13% & high in Glucosamine/Chondroitin, low Carbs -30%, he stopped running on 3 legs..
    Then I rotate & feed “Canidae Pure Meadow” Senior,

    Canidae Senior is pretty good, it has 3 meat proteins 1st, 2nd & 3rd ingredients like the Wellness Core then a carb Sweet potatoes…

    Canidae ALS Platinum Senior has grains

    Wellness has their “Wellness Complete Health Senior” grain formula but Patch cant eat barley gets diarrhea also this Wellness formula is high in carbs over 50%… I want to keep off the weight off his joints..

    Look at “Farmina”

    His Vet said we can give “Cartrophen Vet” Injections, they are given weekly for 4 weeks
    this way no NSAID drugs are being taken & causing stomach problems/ulcers….
    Patch has IBD & suffers with Acid Reflux so he cant take no meds for Arthritis..


    What were the results of his latest annual vet exam? How long ago? Labs within normal limits? Does the dog have a diagnosis regarding gastrointestinal problems?
    What did the vet advise?

    “but I’m certainly not opposed to another medical check-up. We have a bag of Science Diet Gastro that the vet gave us when we have issues and he does well on it, but I doubt that’s a long-term food”

    Some dogs do stay on a prescription food for the rest of their lives.
    I would defer to your vet, after all, no one here has examined your dog.

    At age 5 a large breed is close to being a senior. Please go see your vet. Further diagnostic testing may be indicated.

    Heather B

    My 10yo pyrenees/retriever mix, has progressive arthritis in his hips. We give him supplements daily via GNC chewables and salmon oil (2450mg omega 3, 850mg EPA, 465mg DHA, 750mg Glucosamine, 600mg Chondroitin, and 500mg MSM). Our vet recommended Science Diet j/d in additional to the supplements, but Biscuit refuses to eat it, and after some research, I’m not convinced the quality is all that great outside of having more omega 3 and DHA than other foods. Can anyone recommend a high quality, senior-specific dry food that’s not grain free? I’ve read good things about Wellness but would love to know if there are other options we should consider. Thanks!


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    I tried Holistic Select Senior back 2014 then again 2016 I tried the Puppy/Adult Salmon & Sardine Grain Free formula Patches poos were good, skin was good but after 2 months he wasn’t really interested in it probably cause of the Fish causing acid reflux??…
    The Holistic Select Senior had grains a few years ago but Patches mouth licking & swollowing started again & poos were sloppy & yellow so I returned to pet shop probably cause of the Barley now Holistic Select Senior is Grain Free now & has Chickpeas, Peas, Lentils,…
    I prefer Canidae or Wellness Patch seemed to do better.
    I prefer meat 1st 2nd & 3rd ingredients less carbs, less reactions, less fiber, less problems for Patches IBD & skin…

    It will all depend on “your” dog, you have to take the plunge, I did the same after I found out Patch has IBD, I was stressing out what foods too feed him cause I didnt know 100% what he was sensitive too 🙁
    For 1 yr back 2013 Patch was on a Vet Diet Eukanuba Intestinal his poos were small & OK but he had bad yeasty itchy smelly skin, paws & itchy bum probably from the grains & beet pulp?? the vet said we’ll let his bowel heal first then deal with his skin problems, I was soooooo scared to try another dog food, then vet said do you want to try Vet diet Eukanuba Fish & Potato FP formula, a few of my IBD dog patients who have skin problems do really well on teh Eukanuba FP but Patch had bad diarhea & all I had introduced was about 20 kibbles to 1 cup of Eukanuba Intesinal kibble the first day he seemed OK, 2nd day OK, I was still only giving 20 new dry FP kibbles mixed with his Intestinal kibble, then on the 3rd day he had BAD diarhea water as soon as he ate he had to poo badly, Ive never seen him this bad, so took back the big bag of Eukanuba FP to vet practice he was put back on Metronidazole cause after going back on his Eukanuba Intestinal the diarrhea would stop, we had to fast him for 48hrs & was put on Royal Canine Intestinal wet can food, his vet said it was probably the potatoes so for 2 years I was SSSSSSOOOOOOO scared to try a grain free kibble that had Potatoes but now I’ve realised it was probably bad Fish meal in the Eukanuba FP formula not the potatoes unless they were green & rotten?…

    Look for a dry kibble that doesnt have tooo many ingredients has at least 2-3 meat proteins as 1st 2nd & 3rd ingredients as protein meat is easier to digest, a dogs digestive tract is short, made to digest meat diet..

    Have you looked at “Victor” Select range the Lamb Meal & Brown Rice formula or I like the Chicken Meal Brown Rice with Lamb Meal formula,
    it has Lamb Meal Patch would do really well on the Victor Select Formula’s they have no barley, the Victor formula also have Montmorillonite clay, Id find a store that sells Victor & give the Chicken Meal Brown Rice & Lamb meal a go or the Lamb Meal & Brown Rice these are the ingredients to the Select Chicken Meal formula

    Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Whole Grain Millet, Lamb Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Grain Sorghum, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Flax Seed (source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid), Feeding Oat Meal, Yeast Culture, Natural Chicken Flavor, Dried Kelp, Montmorillonite,


    Thank you both for the recommendations! I think I might try the Farmina first as it looks really good and seems to have a lot of positive reviews everywhere. I like the look of the Light formula, my dog tends to be on the chubby side so I don’t want a food too high in fat or kcals.

    I definitely like the idea of rotating, or at the very least having a back up brand that I know she does well on. So if she does well on it I will still try at least a second one. The senior Canidae looks good but for now I am just going to avoid too many peas/lentils/chickpeas ingredients. They make me a little too nervous. The Victor Senior/Healthy Weight looks pretty decent for a lower calorie option though. If the Farmina works I may still give that one a try as a back up. Glad I have not been able to find any negative history about these brands yet!


    Hi Sanne,
    I would give “Farmina Ancestral Grain” a try it’s made in Italy, it looks like a very good quality dog food, then I’d try “Victor Select” I think the Victor Select Chicken looked really good when I was looking.
    I also feed “Canidae Pure Meadow” Senior formula it has all the supplements for aging dogs joints/bones, skin & coat, it’s high Omega 3 fatty acids & Glucosamine..

    Rotate between a few different brands thats what I do, so if something is wrong with 1 brand then my dog isnt eating it for too long to have any bad side effects..
    Your English is good


    Hey hoping people can help me out with their experiences and personal opinions. I know I won’t know if a food will work for my dog until I try it myself but I would just like to see if other people have experiences with these brands or know anything about them that gives reason to avoid them.

    I am trying to find a food to switch my dog to. I have narrowed down my top picks to Farmina Ancestral Grain, Victor Select, and Purina Beyond/Purina Bright Mind Turkey&Rice. I am trying to switch my dog to a grain inclusive food because she is currently on a high lentil/chickpea food and I don’t want to chance it as she is a senior with a heart murmur. I am finding it too difficult to find grain free foods without all the legumes so just finding a grain inclusive food has been a bit easier.

    These are my top picks because they look decent, they are within my price range, and all are found at my local pet store. Would just like to hear which one people would pick out of these and if there is any real reason to avoid one over another.

    Thanks for any help and sorry if my English is not that great, not my first language and still working on it 🙂

    Ivy C

    Our senior dog has had a past history of liver issues. We bought this dog food to try it out. He’s about 70 lbs, and had maybe 6 cups of the food total. He immediately began exhibiting more than usual flatulence. After a day, he began drooling excessively, trembling, swollen abdomen, and exhibiting extreme lethargia. He could barely stand up. This food was the ONLY new thing in his life, so we immediately removed it from his diet and returned him to his old food. Once we took him off of it, he immediately regained his energy, the flatulence and drooling stopped, and the swelling decreased.

    This dog food was 100% poisoning our dog, and causing his liver to fail. We are now stuck with even more vet bills paying for extra tests and medication to make sure this food did not cause any permanent damage to his already vulnerable liver.

    Do NOT feed this food to your dog, especially if they have a history of liver problems. This caused immediate and almost fatal liver failure in ours.

    • This reply was modified 4 years ago by Ivy C.

    How many pounds should Minnie be when she is fully grown, what breed is she??
    My boy is an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier he is 18kgs = 40lbs, I only feed him around 2 & 1/2 cups when its his “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult formula – 346Kcals per cup kibble a day + cooked lunch + 1-2 Freeze dried Mussels or when he eats “Canidae Pure Wild” 454Kcals per cup I feed 1 & 1/2 cups kibble a day + cooked lunch or “Canidae Pure Meadow” – 409Kcals per cup, he gets around 1 & 1/2 – 2 cups kibble a day + something different for lunch + Green Lipped Mussels 1-2 a day.

    Read the Kcals per cupthe kibble formula you’re feeding it’s probably on bag of kibble or online on the 4Health site or email 4Health for any information & work out how many Kcals a day she should be eating & add cooked food on top, I know Patch should be eating around 1000Kcals a day but I feed a bit under now cause he’s a senior & yes add fresh ingredents to her kibble or separate as a meal, this will help put on weight..
    kibble swells up in the stomach makes you feel fuller so best to feed 3-4 smaller meals a day 7am, 12pm, 5pm 8pm so if you have a large breed dog best to feed a large breed kibble, they are formulated for large breed puppy or Adult large dog intestinal tract, (Bloat)
    My dog has IBD & does really well on a large breed kibble, the Kcals are lower 346kcals, the higher the Kcals the more dense is the kibble & they dont need to eat as much kibble…

    So maybe look for a higher Kcal per cup kibble? “Canidae” is higher in Kcals over 400Kcals so she only needs about 3-4 cups a day depending on formula?.

    The “Canidae All Life Stages Multi-protein” Formula is 468Kcals per cup your dog would only need 2-4 cups a day when a Puppy then when she’s a Adult she’s needs less around 2 cups per day depending on her breed??

    Cook – boiled potato or boil sweet potato pieces cool then freeze Sweet Potato freezes really well & thaws good & quickly or I put in micro wave 15sec to thaw, today for lunch I feed Patch 2 pieces of Sweet Potato mixed/mashed with cooked 2 scrambled eggs, I cooked egg in a non stick frying pan, I buy tin Salmon in spring water drain the water & add sweet potato, I feed 4-5 smaller meals a day you can buy a kibble machine that lets out the kibble amount you want thru the day, I give 1/2 a cup at certain times thru the day…
    Raw meaty bone would be excellent & gives her something to do all day chewing on a meaty bone from a butcher…
    Here’s 2 different Canine Calculator links it gives you a ruff idea how much dry kibble you should be feeding.. or


    Hi Jane,
    I feed “Wellness Core” Large Breed Adult to my English Staffy its very high in Glucosamine,
    he is 10yrs old & has a square left hip socket & was running on 3 legs & he’d lift his back left leg up while he ran, but after eating the Wellness Core L/B for 1 month he has stopped running on 3 legs, he isnt as stiff in the morning like he use to be, like a young pup again & the Wellness has helped with his IBD aswell, Wellness also make a Wellness Core Small Breed, Wellness Core Senior but I dont think the Glucosamine is as high as the Wellness Core Large Breed formula is – 750 mg/kg & Chondroitin Sulfate- 250 mg/kg.. Wellness have their PDF under “Nutrient Profiles” it tells you everything, percentage etc in their kibbles, if a formula doesn’t have the PDF just send email to Wellness & ask them your question, I think the Small Breed Formula doesnt have the PDF I’ve emailed Wellness & told them they said it was getting added…
    I know you can buy the human grade Glucosamine & Chonroitin & add to their meals, I use to give my boxer years ago, also give 1 x Krill Oil capsule daily with 1 of there meals or buy the tin sardines in spring water & add 1/4 of a can daily to 1 of their meals..
    Green Lipped Mussels, I buy the Freeze Dried, Green Lipped Mussels & give Patch 1-2 mussels a day as a treat, depends how big they’re, the cat loves them aswell

    When Patch had Xray last year the vet sugested he gets “Cartrohen Vet” weekly injection they get the injection for 4 weeks, its cheap $20-$25 per injection & the vet nurse does it cause Patch has IBD he cant take alot of medications cause of his stomach & NSAID drugs can cause stomach ulcers, my neighbour was getting the Cartrophen Vet injections for his 17yr old Jack Russel & gee what a differences it made..

    Cartrophen Vet is given by injection to treat degenerative joint disease or arthritis in dogs. It has been found that it provides relief from pain, stiffness and lameness as effectively as the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs commonly used in veterinary medicine.

    Follow “Steve Brown” & “Rodney Habib” on their facebook pages & “Planet Paws”
    Join this f/b group it’s new, run by Dr Karen Becker, Rodney Habib & Susan Garrett
    they have some really good healthy balance raw recipes, Golden Paste, frozen Coconut Oil treats etc, just becareful with Coconut Oil & Tumeric or Curcumin can cause upset stomach add small amounts at first.
    I like foods high in Omega 3, Salmon- add 1-2 spoons to meal, Sardines-1/4 tin daily, Almonds-3 a day, Green lipped mussels-2mussels.. Google foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids.
    Here’s their Group
    “Life with Dogs and Cats – Health, Training & Research”


    In reply to: best multivitamin?

    Judith B

    Niki R: The first thing that I became aware of is that the identifiers of each senior multi-vitamin were written in the worst English grammar possible. My alarms immediately went off as to the validity of the information for the products listed. I will definitely stay away from giving any of those medications to my loved and treasured senior dog.

    Julie S


    Hi. Louci has had her thyroid checked, but only through her Senior bloodwork (basic TSH). A full panel has not been done. That’s an interesting point and I will add that in my discussion with them tomorrow. Thank you for your additional suggestions, as well. I will check them out.


    Hi Ashley,

    I’d aviod all dry foods that have any type of fish, chances are your not getting the fish stated on your bag/formula.. also toxins, heavy metals & contaminates seem to be higher in fish formula’s.

    UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine’s latest study: Limited Ingredient/Allergy Diets🐶🐱 may not work for your pet because of this problem!
    Scroll dow to the results.

    Go onto Rodney Habibs f/b page –
    scroll down a bit & look for “The False Hope of Limited Ingredient & Allergy diets” video they tested Natural Balance LID Bison & Sweet Potato formula & it had Beef, Pork, Horse, Goat, Lamb in it & no Bison?

    I have a dog who has IBD, food sensitivities & environment allergies, I have found he does really well on “Wellness Core”, “Wellness Simple”- Turkey & Potato & “Canidae Pure”- Wild Pork & “Canidae” – Pure Meadow Senior, if you have a large breed look at Wellness Core Large breed adult or Wellness Core Small Breed formula’s are high protein, med -fat & low carbs..


    Some science based info over here that I hope you will find helpful. Gabapentin and other meds are mentioned in this article written by a veterinarian

    PS: Your dog is a senior, keeping him comfortable is a priority.

    Cathy B

    I need to know all I can about this. A few days ago my over 15 Y/O Chi that weighs 4 lbs fell out of my lap while I was in chair.

    Within minutes I was on road to vet office an hour drive. X-ray showed no break or fracture in arm that he was holding up.

    He did hurt shoulder because of server arthritis. Vet put him on 2 wks of Gabapention liquid.

    I get home and research it and says the liq. has Xylitol which is toxic to pets. I hurry and email vet office.

    Reply saying they don’t sale any product w/ Xylitol in it. That came from front desk, not vet.

    So I call 4 hrs before closing yesterday and ask the simple question does it contain it? NO call back!

    I email very upset last nite I need the simple yes or no quest answered. NO REPLY.
    I just left my vet of 15 yrs because of always wanting to just give meds instead of a more healthy way.
    Plus left my boy in kennel there 3 months ago for 9 hrs over blood work!

    This vet has about 5 vets always at office. And the one and only seasoned vet there is never there on the days I have to bring in my sweet boy.

    He had x-ray done in July cause his Arthritis. His arm is still hurting and not putting weight on it.

    He’s been on Galliprant since July w/ no side effects. I was gonna take him off cause some reviews here, but husband says he doing too good on it.

    I see petmeds sales only the capsules. I’m thinking of ordering them cause I’m not gonna drive an hour for the liquid esp if it has Xylitol.

    How safe is Gabapentin? I HATE giving meds that can cause such dangerous side effects.

    I’m at wits ends with vets ( I wish I lived close to Dr. Morgan) but my senior needs something for pain.

    Any info appreciated!

    I called two different places that manufacture Gabapention and left voice mail. No call back. Surprise surprise!


    Unfortunately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) unwittingly prompted these articles to be written when it recently gave a warning about a possible connection. Since then, the FDA has “elucidated its initial warning” and stated, “At this time, we are not advising dietary changes based solely on the information we have gathered so far. If you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or its diet, we suggest that you consult your veterinarian for individualized advice that takes into account your dog’s specific needs and medical history.”
    here’s the link-

    Atlas has sensitive stomach/bowel, I would first try & find a dry diet that agrees with Atlas & take it from there, I still feed Patch his “Wellness Core” large breed Adult dry g/f & I rotate with “NutraGold” Turkey & Sweet Potatoes g/f & next bag of Kibble I’m buying his Canidae Pure Meadow Senior g/f, I know he does well on these 3 dry formula’s…

    In Australia vets were not concerned when FDA released warning about Low Taurine grain free dry foods, when I asked Patches vet she said, until we get more research just leave Patch on his grain free potato formula’s that he’s doing well on, We dont want him having a IBD flare.. he doesnt do well on grain dry foods 🙁

    Check & google *** when they test products & screened over 130 toxins including heavy metals, BPA, … Out of 299 dry dog foods tested, the bottom five, on average, contain the highest …
    Purina Focus Sensitive Stomach and Skin formula gets only 1 star & has been on the 1 star high heavy metals & toxins list every 3 months when *** test these popular dog foods, if you look at 5 star foods
    Purina One Smart Blend True Instinct Turkey and Venison Dry Dog Food..
    Purina Beyond Salmon & Egg really well when tested & get 5 stars, so you might be better off trying a different Purina formula & willprobably be a little cheaper with cleaner ingredients.
    “Eagle Pack” Large/giant breed Natural Dry formula does very well when tested & is also a good price.
    But will grain formula’s agree with Atlas or does he do better on a grain free potato dry food?..


    @ Patricia A
    The rabies shot is hard to dodge due to the laws and such, but I have found that some vets will help.
    After all it says on the vaccine package not to give if the dog is not healthy.

    So, sometimes a vet will sign the rabies vaccine waiver especialy for a senior that has medical issues.

    Regarding the migraines, ask your primary for a referral to a good neurologist or headache clinic, they don’t all push meds. Stress is a big trigger, also there are genetic factors at play

    Patricia A

    Thank’s @anon101 for sympathizing with my migraine suffering. I try to go natural like you in keeping attacks at bay instead of the meds. I have the same philosophy with keeping my furbabies healthy. No meds unless proof of disease and then weighing side effects causing worse symptoms and suffering then the original problem. Sometimes I take it upon myself to know what’s best for my pet. As when many ears ago I took my 16 year old Doxie in for a growth on his leg . Diagnosed as a common benign growth especially in senior dogs. Vet was then insisting on giving him his yearly vaccinations. I declined. It would only do harm in a dog this age who cannot go for walks anymore and only goes out when it’s warm enough using a ramp. Very happy that my new vet no longer pushes yearly vaccinations to my 16 year old Chi, eight year old and four year old. They had all their vaccinations and then I stopped after their boosters at a year. I only get the rabies every three years . I think when they are do I’ll get a titer to see if even that is necessary.
    Glad to hear you found that food trigger. MSG is a very common one for migraines. Mine is change in weather and perfume. Can’t change the weather but my hubby makes sure he goes through the papers for any free perfume samples and throws them outside garbage and airs out the papers. lol.
    Hope my post isn’t forbidden for being so off topic. lol


    Hi El M,
    I’m sorry this is happening to your poor dog.. after contacting vet on Monday make sure you also contact the flea company to complain they will pay vet bills if its related to their flea product & contact FDA too complain, here’s the link

    Go on facebook “Dr John Robb – Protect the Pets” page
    send him a msg ASAP, see what he says to do? also post a post on his page, asking what can you do??

    I do NOT know WHY some vets do 2-4 procedures all at once, give worming tablets, vaccinations, flea/tick meds, injections?? especially when the dog is a senior the vet doesnt know if the dog has any under lying health problems??..
    I’ve talked too 2 people at the dog park, who have lost their dogs after being vaccinated then given a steriod injection for itchy skin & then given Bravecto chew…
    I’d say it was the Bravecto that killed them…
    Im always warning people to 1/2 the flea chew & give with food/breakfast meal, then if dog seems OK thru the day then give the other 1/2 chew or 1/2 the Comfortis tablet given with a meal breakfast then dinner..

    In rescue these poor stressed out rescue cats & dogs are desexed, vaccinated, wormed & flea all at once, these vets know what can happen & know some dogs react….

    Only do 1 thing at 1 time, then wait 2 weeks then do the next thing…
    I hope its all OK..


    In reply to: Sprout Grain Free??


    Hi Lyndsey,

    How did you work out your do is sensitive too wheat, barley, soy, corn, dried egg, venison, rabbit, salmon, dairy/milk?
    The only way to work out food sensitivities is to do a food elimination diet, blood, salvia & fur testing test can give false positives….Waste of money..

    Best Testing for Environment allergies is the “Intradermal Skin test” ask your Dermatologist about Intradermal Skin Testing & can you start Immunotherapy injections, is often the best treatment plan for environment allergies & baths weekly or twice a week baths to wash off allergens on skin & paws…
    * Probiotics to strengthen immune system & diet high in Omega 3 will also help, especially if you’re cooking meals start adding foods that are high in Omega 3, Flaxseed, Sunflower oil, Linseed Oil, Chia Seeds, Nuts- I was giving my boy 3 Almonds a day as a treat, i’d bite 1 almond in 1/2 & give Patch the other 1/2 of the Almond..he has a beautiful shiney coat…

    If you’re cooking then start doing a food trial, start with 1 meat protein & you know your boy can eat sweet potato so add sweet potato as the carb & now every 6 weeks add 1 new ingredient & see does your boy react…
    My boy reacts within 20mins of eating an ingredient (Chicken) his back paw goes red hot & swollen & he start licking & licking back paw, then as the days pass he gets yeasty smelly skin, paws & very itchy, but Chicken doesnt upset his Intestinal tract he has IBD, Carrots make his ears itchy & yeasty he starts shaking his head/ears…
    It can take up to 6 weeks for a dog to react to certain ingredients..
    Elimination diet is slow but you will know 100% what he can & cant eat..

    A really good food is
    * “Ziwi Peak” wet can or air dried

    also look at Aldis” new “Pure Being” formula’s, grain free & grain formula’s

    * “Wellness Core” formula’s –

    * “Canidae Pure Wild” & “Pure Meadow” if your boy is a senior –

    I’d stay away from Zignature, Zignature is one of the dry foods that is VERY high in legumes & dogs are not absorbing Taurine causing heart problems, DCM…..
    Make sure the dry food you’re feeding doesn’t have a heap of legumes in the first 6 ingredients & Zignature does…. there shouldnt be no more then 20% Legumes in a dogs diet..
    The dry dog foods list is in this group below, we are NOT allowed to post the Taurine list as it has peoples private info…
    Here’s the f/b group join “Taurine-Deficient Dilated Cardiomyopathy” group
    then look in their “Files” click on 2nd link
    “2018-10-05 COPY of Diet and Taurine TABLE”…. & you will see cases mark in Yellow & then Orange = DCM or CHF w/o low Taurine; diet related,
    Zignature Kangaroo formula has 3 cases & i’d say the first young GSH has passed away by now as he was diagnosed 2017 & given only 6-8months to live 🙁

    Join this facebook group for Skin allergies,
    “Dog Allergies, Issues and Other Information Support Group”
    a Dermatologist Karen Helton Rhodes, DVM, DACVD from Canine Skin Solutions “Healthyskin4dogs”
    frequents this group, there’s heaps of help & really good advice..

    Weekly baths are the best to do, baths wash off any allergens on skin & paws & relieve itchy red skin, I also use Huggie Cucumber & Aloe baby wipes, I wipe my boy down when he comes back inside & I use “Sudocrem” cream on his paws & around his mouth when skin is red & inbetween toes are red, Sudocrem is an anti-bacterial, ant-fungal healing cream, also works as a barrier & protects the skin & paws, excellent for skin problems… sold on Amazon


    Anon 101
    Omeprazole is NOT an over the counter medication..
    Omeprazole is the only PPI in Australia where you need a written script from vet or Dr…
    The other PPI brands that are over the counter only come in a 14 day packet & are only 20mg dose also expensive & not cheap, so you have to see a Dr in the end & get a written script from the Dr or Vet if the 14 day PPI brand is helping…
    My Vet even takes a PPI when he gets bad acid reflux, he said he takes it for about 3 days & then he stops & this is how we first started Patch on Omeprazole & Patch did so much better when he was takening 20mg Omeprazole & became a new dog full of life again, the days he wasnt on Omeprazole he became ill again….

    Im pretty sure Debi knows her dog better then anyone else & Im pretty sure she’ll do what is best for her senior girl & she doesnt want to be bombard with your post, to go see a vet, she is seeing a vet..

    No one really cares what you think, you always think you’re correct & never wrong & its your way or the Highway so you keep posting & harrassing the poor poster until their post is closed down by DFA…
    How many peoples post have you closed down now??


    In reply to: Massive ***** on Acana


    If you dont like the bigger poos then change the food, look for something that has healthy ingredients again but doesn’t have Lentils in the first 7 ingredients & look for fiber % around 3-4%…
    …. it wont hurt your dog doing bigger poos as long as the poos are firm, but if poos go sloppy & yuk then he mighten be absorbing all the nutrients..
    My boy poos are real big when he eats a grain dry food, 1 food he was doing 4-5 BIG poos a day, it was too much so I changed the food…

    Purina HA is 4%-fiber & very low in Protein- 18% & low fat 8%… maybe look for something 25-30%-Protein, 4%-fiber & around 13%-fat cause he’s a senior, as a dog ages their digestion slows down.


    In reply to: Massive ***** on Acana


    Are you feeding your senior dog Purina Pro Plan Focus Senstive Skin and Stomach??

    Explain to me HOW can 1 food fix a dog skin problem & at the same time fix a dog stomach problems??

    another Skeptvet Blog where’s your proof/research science????

    Spy Car

    @Chris, the thinking on weight loss for senior dogs is all backwards.

    By replacing calorie-rich fats with carbohydrates senior dogs (and all dogs) become increasingly deconditioned directly due to their diets.

    It has been well demonstrated in a dog food study that high-carb (vs high-fat/high-protein) dramatically reduces the stamina of dogs as measured by VO2 Max scores on a treadmill.

    By feeding reduced fats and higher cabs you are literally cutting a dog’s vitality and ability to produce and consume sustained energy.

    If you wish to promote weight loss and good health the best food forward is to feed a very energy dense high-protein/ high-fat diet in reduced portions. This sort of diet has several advantages. One, it will promote movement and energy consumption, which is an overall health benefit vs sleeping all day. Two, fats trigger the dog’s brains to feel satisfied. Three, it is not a benefit to canines to run around with full bellies, and–in fact–it is the worst thing for them.

    A dog with a belly full of high carbohydrate food will slug out. A dog that is not stuffed and has fat to burn (which canines can do endlessly vs the boom and bust of carb burning) will be much more active.

    Please consider a re-think.




    In reply to: Massive ***** on Acana


    Maybe it’s too rich for him. He is a senior and they don’t always do well with diet changes.

    I would go back to what you were using before if he was doing well on it.

    I have an active terrier that does well on Fromm Adult Classic as a base, we add a little water and a bit of boiled chicken neat or scrambled egg. Keep it simple.


    In reply to: Massive ***** on Acana



    Acana is full of “Legumes” & is higher in fiber then Purina HA is.
    Vet diets have ingredients to make poo smaller..

    Acana Duck & Pear Ingredients
    Deboned duck, duck meal, “whole lentils”, “whole peas” duck liver, duck fat, “lentil fiber” pears, pollock oil, “pea starch” natural duck flavor, duck cartilage, pumpkin, salt,

    My boy does 2-3 small poos a day when eating “Canidae Pure Wild” “Nutra Gold Turkey or “Wellness Core” Large Breed..
    When he was on a vet diet (IBD) he only did 1 maybe 2 small poos a day…

    I wouldn’t be feeding a high legume diet, they are doing research at the moment, Legumes seems to be blocking the dog from absorbing Taurine & causing heart problems DCM.. Golden Retrievers & other large breed dogs seem to be affected…
    Here’s the F/B group..look in “Files” click on “2018-10-05 COPY of Diet and Taurine TABLE”…. look at the Brands (Acana Duck & Pear) mark in light Orange that are Diet related for blocking Taurine.

    How’s he doing eating a high fat diet now? the Acana Duck & Pear is 17% min – Fat, so max fat can be around 19-20% -fat.
    Purina HA is 8%max – Fat, he’s a senior I wouldn’t go over 14-15%max for fat.


    In reply to: a dog needs a home

    Bobby dog

    Hi joanne l:
    Here is a link to Shepherd rescues by state and one in the Philly area that specializes in senior Shepherds. Good luck, it’s very kind of you to help!

    This rescue specializes in Sr. Shepherds:

    List of GSD rescues by state:


    I am not aware of any such thing. In fact, one of my dogs does best on fish based kibble as a base
    She is a senior with environmental allergies and has never had a uti.
    For best results discuss with a veterinarian that has examined your dog and knows the dogs history, not the internet.

    Per the search engine.

    Spy Car

    Linda, it is not super complex, but there is a ratio of minerals (calcium to phosphorus) that needs to be maintained.

    You can do that by making soft edible bone about 10% of the diet.

    Here are some bone percentages of common chicken parts:

    Chicken Breast (with ribs) 20%
    Thigh: 21%
    Leg Quarter 28%
    Drumstick 30%
    Chicken Wings 46%

    You can balance by eye. Say you are feeding a drumstick. They are 30% bone. If you figured in parts of 10, a drumstick would provide 2 parts of ten in meat and one part of 10 in bone.

    So if you fed two portions of boneless meat that are approximately the same size as the drumstick, you’d have 3 parts of meat from the first portion, 3 parts of meat from the second portion, plus 2 parts of meat from the chicken drumstick. So 8 parts of ten altogether, which hits the target of 80% “meat.”

    The drumstick would provide the 10% soft edible bone.

    No need to weigh this. You can estimate.

    The last 1/10 is organ. You can (despite what someone told you) feed liver every day. However, only half the organs should be liver. The “other” should be things like kidney, sweetbreads (thymus and pancreatic glands), melts (spleen), etc).

    To make my life easier I freeze organs in sizes that match 10% of the diet and then alternate days. The first day is a “lever day” and the next is an “other” day. If you can only get beef kidney, that’s OK.

    Don’t be dissuaded from beef heart because of one story on the internet. Beef heart is highly nutritious and tends to be inexpensive. Fatty pork like leg, shoulder, and butt are economical too.

    Do add new proteins slowly. Smaller to larger pieces.

    It is not super complicated to balance bone. If you take a little time to estimate (by eye and using the weight on meat packages as a guide) you will soon find portioning second nature. Meals can be a little over or under on any given day, the key is to be in the general ballpark over time.

    Overfeeding bone over the long-term can lead to very bad health consequences. It is one of the legitimate criticisms of raw diets if and when people don’t feed in reasonable approximation to 10% bone. 10% bone and 10% organs, combined with 80% meat, will give your dog the most optimal nutrition.

    Carbohydrates in a canine diet directly reduce stamina and energy. But cutting these out as much as possible you should see the renewed vigor you’ve already noticed maintain or increase. Unfortunately, many “senior” dog formulas start cutting protein and fat (and increasing carbs) at the life stage where older dogs are already losing energy. It is the worst possible approach and one that will advance lethargy.

    I hope this helps you.


    sharon l

    I’m still looking. I guess I’m going to stick with Canidae Grain Free Senior for now. it’s similar to the sport dog (sled or herding dog), but without the cassava / yucca root, which is goitrogenic, blocks iodine metabolism, and contains lots of saponins which contribute to leaky gut. I have a hard time paying a small fortune for dog food that has the potential to cause more harm than good.


    The vet thinks that the dog cannot tolerate surgery? Hello!
    I have had senior sick dogs glide through major surgeries, no issues.
    Ps: “thinks” does not = diagnosis. Obviously the vet would like to do some more testing, not sure any was done anyway.
    “Her vet believes the dog has either IBS or IBD”. Yeah, only additional testing will confirm or rule out.

    Ps: The longer the OP waits to get her dog diagnosed and treated, the lower the chance for a positive outcome.


    All dogs that are sick can be enticed to eat a meal or two, something new, especially if you cook for them.
    From the information provided (read the OP’s original post) this is not a senior dog, poor appetite is unusual in a dog this young…unless something is wrong. Plus the dog is underweight.
    So, instead of trying this or that, I would have whatever diagnostic tests that your vet advises, asap.
    Regarding the need for an endoscopy, I have never had one done on any dog I have owned, that would be an extreme measure. An invasive procedure.
    Usually a basic GI workup and labs will lead to an accurate diagnosis, then you can go from there.
    Best of luck
    Ps: A biopsy is usually done with a very thin needle, takes a second. Just wanted to correct some incorrect info I saw (I ignore as much as I can) plus your vet may not think it is indicated.

    Leslie R

    Does anyone know why Performatrin Ultra got 5 stars but the Senior Grain Free only got 3? I am looking for a food with lower phosphorus & calcium for an older dog with borderline kidney issues. The senior formula seems lower than anything else I’ve found, but, the low rating concerns me. Thanks for any help.


    Hi Dendad,
    What I noticed in the Taurine Test Result document that is in the Files of the “Taurine-Deficient Dilated Cardiomyopathy” f/b group, all the dogs ate the same dog food 6months, some 1yr, their owners NEVER rotated their diet & feed them different brands….some owners added toppers like sardines, raw meats, eggs can food etc these foods didn’t seem to help some dogs, where some dogs who had toppers added to their dry diet their test results came back normal ??….

    I recommend change your dog dry foods with the Seasons, so Spring has just sprung in Australia, if in American Autumn has begun, time to change your dogs food also your dog will love something new, something different, slowley introduce new food over 7-10 days with their old food…
    If your dog has just been eating Freshpet more them 3-6months then look for another food if you’re looking for a dry foods make sure they have has at least 3 meat proteins, meat meals (Chicken meal, Chicken, Turkey, Turkey Meal, Lamb, Lamb Meal etc) as 1st 2nd 3rd ingredient, no high protein starchy carbs like Legumes in the first 5 ingredients…

    It’s not only grain free foods that have caused heart problems, Lamb & Rice, Chicken Meal & Rice formula’s have come up in a study that was done when reversible taurine-deficient dilated cardiomyopathy occurred in five related golden retrievers, they ate
    Natural Choice Lamb Meal & Rice Formula;
    Eukanuba Natural Lamb & Rice Formula;
    Eukanuba Adult Maintenance Formula Chicken;
    Hill’s Science Diet Canine Senior Chicken;
    Eukanuba Natural Lamb & Rice Formula;

    When you rotate with a Grain free & grain formula’s make sure there’s more meat proteins then starchy plant proteins…these pet companies have gotten gready & have replace the meat proteins with more starchy plant proteins to up the protein % & more money for the pet food companies…

    Don’t feed a grain formula that has ingredients like this
    Chicken, Whole Grain Wheat, Cracked Pearled Barley, Whole Grain Sorghum, Whole Grain Corn, Corn Gluten Meal, then “Chicken Meal”.
    The Chicken meal is the 6th ingredient, this Hills dry formula has more starchy carbs, then meat proteins, I wonder if the Chicken meal was either 1st or 2nd ingredients followed by chicken ingredient, would this dry grain formula still have cause Left ventricular function at low end of normal, with a 2 yr old Golden Retriever & a 4yr old Golden Retriever?? again these 2 dogs were feed same food or 6-12mths owner never rotated their foods….

    This is everything I am observing..

    sharon l

    That’s wonderful Kathleen! You must be so glad that Loki is doing so well on that food. What a relief it must be for you to have a food that works.

    I am interested in that food, but I have a Great Pyrenees senior who doesn’t do much and it seems all of their formulas are based on working dogs so I wasn’t sure which one to try. My boy, Jack, does have itching, watery eyes, bad breath, and skin thickening around his mouth … I can’t get those symptoms to go away and I’ve tried so many things. Right now I feed him half Canidae Grain Free limited ingredient senior formula and half fresh meat. I have tried lots of different dry foods and the Canidae causes the least problems overall. I would prefer to just feed him all meat, but at a requirement of 1 1/2 lbs of meat a day I can’t process that much … or afford that much. Maybe I’ll email SportDogFood and ask for a suggestion.


    In reply to: GMO and Cancer?


    Some aggressive forms of cancer tend to strike between ages 8 and 10, age 7 and above is considered a senior.
    I lost a dog to hemangiosarcoma at age 9+
    It’s not the food (imo). There is a genetic link. Goldens are #1 on the cancer list.
    Here is some science based info:
    Sorry for your loss.


    “Since she didn’t have any teeth removed, I wouldn’t think it could be a root remnants concern, though that was an excellent question”.

    Without x-rays, no way to know for sure. Keep an eye open for inflammation, gum area.
    Also, the dog is a senior there is always the possibility something else is going on…..



    I would take her for a vet checkup, she’s a senior, medical concerns should be ruled out first.
    A veterinarian that has examined your dog, knows her history will diagnose and prescribe treatment as indicated and will discuss with you whether medication or supplements are advised or not.

    Also, I would not free feed, offer meals twice a day at the same times, pick up and store in the fridg if not consumed within 15 minutes. Always have fresh water available, I add a little water to kibble as some dogs, especially seniors don’t drink enough.

    Would she prefer to eat off of a flat mat? I had a dog that would not eat out of a food dish after she accidently flipped it and bumped her nose. It only happened once…..


    Thank you! I’m glad your dog is feeling better on the wet food! I talked to the vet about possible allergies and I still want to get him tested for them eventually. The other thing the vet mentioned was that the last time he had blood work done, his thyroid levels were low but they couldn’t tell if that was due to hypothyroidism or something else. (He’s also had some difficulty losing weight, even with a reduced amount of the Nulo senior food, but again it’s hard to tell if that’s his thyroid or he just hasn’t been active as much because of his hip dysplasia.) They took some blood for a thyroid panel so we’re waiting to hear back about that. I have heard that hypothyroidism can cause skin issues in dogs as well.

    I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to ask about the best time to give him the taurine supplement, but the vet did recommend 1000 mg twice a day and mentioned “adding taurine to his meals” so I’m guessing it’s OK to give with food. (As an aside, something I’ve learned working at Pet Valu is that they do test the nutrient levels in their private brand, Performatrin, and they add taurine to their dog food if it doesn’t already contain a certain amount. We’ve had a few customers come in worried about grain-free food and heart disease and that was the company’s answer, so I thought I’d share that too in case it’s useful to anyone.)

    The other thing the vet recommended was keeping him on a fish-based food because of the omega-3s. He’s crazy about anything with fish, so hopefully no problem there. 🙂

    Melissa T

    I adopted an abused, senior doxie 6 months ago. He has no teeth, he is deaf and in heart failure with an estimated life span of 6 months to 2 years. He is currently prescribed furosimide, vet medin and Benazepril.
    His tongue hangs out due to his lack of teeth and kibble, even wet, is not an option. I hand feed him twice a day as he cannot get food into his mouth without my help. 3 different vets have told me to feed him whatever canned food he will eat. The only canned food he will eat so far is Pedigree chopped. I have tried several prescription and non prescription canned foods. He refuses everything except pedigree, on occasion he refuses that. I would like to feed him a healthier chopped, canned food. if I could keep him here on earth for 2 years instead of 6 months and still make him feel happy, loved and healthy as possible I would love that. I’m even willing to cook his food every day, if I knew that what I was making was healthy for him. I would appreciate any suggestions or advice. I adore him and want to do everything I can for him. TIA

    Chloe B

    Hi, I have a very happy 10 year old corgi who has been diagnosed with colitis — she has gone through a lot of tests to rule out other things, but at this point we’re not sure what is causing it –she’s a rescue and has had it since she was rescued. We’ve had her 3 months. I’m wondering whether anyone else has their dog on a food that they’ve had good luck with? I don’t want to feed her raw diet. I’d love to hear about your experience and what has worked, thank you.


    Hi again
    if you’ve tried 25% new kibble & he became unsettled burping & is having bad gas, then something isn’t agreeing with him…. Does the Chicken & Rice have bran, wheat, soybean protein? bran can cause intestinal problems, bad gas, pain etc like chickpeas & lentils do, it may have more bran then the Lamb & rice formula has but we don’t see these percentages..
    The Pro Plan Derma Sensitive skin & coat Formula I’m introducing has No wheat, No Bran, No Soy this is why I’m trying it, I wanted to try the new Pro Plan Bright Minds Senior Medium Large Breed formula but it has Wheat in it, wheat makes Patch itch & smell yeasty…
    I’d take it back & say the kibble size is way to big & he will not eat it now, I dont know what to do can I please change for something else I don’t like seeing him like this….
    Then look for another chicken or turkey formula that is a different brand & it doesn’t have many ingredients in it so there’s less ingredients to react too…
    It is wierd maybe its not the chicken it’s the fiber% Protein% or fat % is more higher in the chicken formula……
    I know the perentage they write on kibble packet isnt 100 accurate %, it can vary from 00.1 to 5%, a Purina Vet Nutritionist will have the accurate % in fiber, protein & fat for the Chicken & Rice formula & the Lamb & Rice formula, the Chicken formula might be higher in Chicken & have less rice cause chicken is a cheaper meat & the Lamb & rice formula might have more rice cause Lamb is more expensive….Does it have Bran, wheat, soybean protein? it might be higher in bran & bran can cause intestinal problems, bad gas like chickpeas & lentils do, the Pro Plan Derma Sensitive skin & coat Formula I’m introducing at the moment has No wheat, No Bran, No Soy this is why I’m trying it, I wanted to try the
    Pro Plan Bright Minds Senior Medium Large Breed formula but it has Wheat as 5th ingredient, wheat makes Patch itch like mad & smell real yeasty…

    Have you looked at “Whole Earth Farms” formula’s, WEF is made by Purina, we just got WEF & its made here in Australia by Purina, but we haven’t got the new WEF recipes, we have the old grain free & grain recipes, I dont understand this, I was told by Purina first we see how well it sells then if it sell well, we will do the new grain free & grain formula’s..


    Hi Joanne,

    when you look at the Ingredients in the Lamb & Rice formula & then the ingredients in the new Pro Plan Chicken & rice formula are the ingredients all the same? or are some of the ingredients further up or down the ingredient list??…or is there’s a few different ingredients in this Chicken & Rice formula that arent in the Lamb & Rice formula?
    I’d say there’s another ingredient he is sensitive too cause he has eaten cooked chicken & is OK you can either take back teh Chicken & rice formula thats what I do lol so Patch can try another brand, I just say he wont eat it, Pet Shops have a Palability Guarantee money back.. then buy a new food & take maybe 2 weeks introducing the new formula…
    I stay feeding 1/2 old formula & 1/2 new formula for 5 days..

    It can take a 2-3 weeks for a dog to get use to a new kibble, my boy had bad farts for 2-3 weeks when I introduced Canidae Pure Wild dry kibble again, he had eaten this formula last year & the Canidae Pure Meadow Senior formula & same thing happened, bad farts for 2-3 weeks, he was clearing a room lol, it’s the Chickpeas they’re 5th Ingredient, he cant eat too many chickpeas & can NOT eat Lentils, as soon as I was introducing 1/2 Wellness Core & 1/2 Canidae Pure Wild the farts got worse, his poo’s were nice & firm still, it took about 2 weeks then farts were all gone & the small bag of Canidae was finished, so I bought a bag of Purina the new Pro Plan Opti Derma Adult 7+….
    I liked the OptiDerma formula cause the fat is 13%max & Kcals are 348 per Cup & its a senior formula for skin problems, the only problem is the kibble size, they are tiny, very small kibbles, good for digesting but not real good when the dog has big mouth Patch loves them…
    I’m up to 1/2 Wellness Core & 1/2 Pro Plan OptiDerma Senior & we have no farts, no bad gas so far, so this formula might be OK, fingers X Patch won’t get his acid reflux & his itchy skin subsides & I’ll see if its the Chicken in his Wellness Core formula thats made his skin allergies worse or its his Environment allergies from the trees in neigbours back yard, Patch normally does really well with his allergies thru Winter months but since moving here he’s been a mess this Winter, I also started him on Wellness Core in March cause I had run out of foods to feed him for his IBD & he was having a IBD flare so vet said look dont worry about his skin at the moment, we have to get his IBD under control & he does really well with Chicken & Turkey with his IBD/stomach but not with his paws & skin…

    He loves getting a new food & I enjoy going to pet shops with him & looking online for new dog foods.. We are getting alot of new dog foods in Australia at the moment, Im still waiting for CANIDAE’s new Grain Free PURE Ancestral, Red Meat Formula, Raw Coated Dry Dog Food, With Lamb, Goat & Wild Boar..
    BUT it has Lentils 6th ingredient 🙁 but I will still try it but VERY slowley over a 1 month period & I’ll see does he react..


    I dislike free feeding personally, unless you’re out of the home 8-10 hours a day.
    If you have two babes, this can make it hard to see if one is not eating as well as they should.
    If you’re away for hours, I’d say free feed but keep the puppies separate but close by one another so you can see whom is eating what, and how much, and if one goes off their food, you’ll catch it immediately vs. days later when it might be approaching the “too late” category.
    I have no problems feeding small dogs, kittens, young cats, young dogs 3-4 meals a day.
    Do not fast a puppy. Especially a toy breed.

    Fasting is a GOOD thing for grown, healthy dogs in their physical prime, but only if they’re ADULTS and in good shape (physically).
    NEVER fast puppies or seniors, and never fast cats longer than 12-14 hours.
    We fast ours twice monthly, but only health adults and never babies or seniors. This equals extending every other Sunday’s breakfast from 6:00AM to 9-10AM, and serving dinner a bit early if we can manage.
    Again, seniors and babies (large breeds. 9-12 months and toy breeds under 12 months) are exempt from this. Our large adult working dogs do seem to benefit from a fast, but the “fast” includes a lot of water, bone broth and goats milk and recreational bones.

    There’s nothing scientific about our method but when it come to feeding schedules and fasting, we err cautiously.
    For your adorable Yorkies…..forget fasting for now, feed your puppies like the growing machines they are and enjoy them! If you never fast them, odds are they’ll thrive and be happy. Yorkies are super long lived.
    Do the best you can, and enjoy them.


    Hi Ryan,
    is your boy on any medications for Arthritis pain, as these can cause stomach problems, ulcers etc?
    You have to be careful you do “not” want to confuse your vet….
    When a dog has a seizure they don’t respond while having a seizure, their body/muscles are all tense & tight, there’s no mouth licking or gulping they do not respond….
    This is awful to watch but this is a dog having a seizure
    the dog does not lick or swollow like when a dog has bad acid that has come up into the dogs mouth…

    Yes, all vet diets are very high in omega oils, the Hills Z/D & Royal Canine Hypoallergenic skin wet & dry vet diet formula’s are VERY high in Omega oils for skin & can upset their stomach, Patch can NOT eat any vet diets or normal premium kibbles for his skin problems, most of the vet diets give him bad acid reflux especially when he eats a fish kibble, even the Intestinal Health vet diets wet & dry give him bad acid reflux 🙁 ….
    After trying nilly all the vet diets, I finally worked it out, his acid reflux was from all the omega oils & I saw Dr Judy Morgan “Pacreactitis Again” video, Judy talks about her 16-17yr old dog who suffers with Pancreatitis & other health problems, she worked out her dog can NOT have any fish oils, the same thing happens acid reflux or a Pancreas flare…
    I stick with dry foods that have Canola oil, Sunflower/vegetable oil or Flaxseed, Patch ends up licking & swollowing like you said around 1hr after eating these high omega oil foods & high carb foods, especially when you see a fish oil, flaxseed, corn oil, within the first 5 ingredients….
    I feed tin pink salmon in spring water drain water add 1/2 boiled sweet potatoes, salmon isn’t as oily like Sardines are..your dog would like that as a small meal, see how he goes…

    When I see Patch starting to do his swolling, licking mouth, or doing his weird mouth thing, this is when I give him 1/2 a ant acid quick eze berry chew & tell him chew chew & he chews the quick eze chew, then 20mins later he seems heaps better, they’re not that expensive at supermarket you can get the plain white quick eze lollie, there’s another ant acid chew/lollie a few people in the Pancreatis support f/b group use for their dogs when they’re having a licking swolling attack from bad acid reflux, they use Rennie tabs, I’d give one of these a try next time you see him starting to have an attack, probably will work better then the Sucarafate, the Sucarafate didn’t really help Patch, he wanted to eat grass after I gave him his Sucarafate slurry…
    Something better then the Sucarafate tablets is Slippery Elm Powder, it stops nausea, acid reflux helps with stomach problems..
    Get 1 teaspoon of the Slipery elm powder put in cup, boil the jug & slowley add boiling water to the slipery elm powder in a cup & stir till you have a thick slurry, put 1 teaspoon of the Slippery Elm Slurry on a plate to cool then see if your dog will lick it up, Patch licked it up once then didn’t again, so I had to get a 20ml syringe & pull up 5ml & give 20mins before he eats, then cover the cup with foil & put in fridge, it turns into a jelly slurry & need to be heated, takeout about 1 spoon put in the microwave or I just add some boiling water to about 1 spoon that you’ve taken out of the cup then when its can be pulled up into a syringe just use 5mls…

    You still have to make sure what they’re eating isn’t too high in fat or omega oils & ingredients agree with your dog… Have you looked at the Rice dry formula’s?
    It has taken me 5yrs to work out Patch..

    His Sphincter flap from stomach to esophagus mighten be closing properly & the acid is washing back up into throat & mouth, you’ll need something stronger to settle this, if the Sucarafate isnt helping him… so he doesn’t end up with a sore throat & burnt wind pipe like Patch ended up with, he may have an Ulcer?? Ulcers happen cause of too much acid, you need ant acid blocker meds to stop the acid burning the ulcer & it can heal…

    Sometimes no matter what Patch eats he just has a few bad days, sometimes it all starts again when I feed a wet can/sachet or the low fat vet diet for lunch, so I avoid the wet foods for a 3-5 days & just feed 4-5 small kibble meals…

    With a dry food look for 10%-15%max-fat, sometimes a food will be 14.5% fat, that why I say 15% max fat, the lower the fat & protein & the higher the carbs, so you have to find a dry kibble that works for your dog..
    Wet foods arent low enough that are sold at Pet Shops, you ned under 3%max fat in a wet foods, best to email the pet food companies ask what the fat when converted to dry matter fat & the MAX fat % you’ll have shock, some wet foods are high…

    I have found the Large Breed formula’s work best for Patch, as they arent too high in carbs or fat, the protein is over 26% & seems to help reduce his acid reflux…. I stay around-13%-fat & 34%-protein.

    Have you tried any of the Purina One formula’s a few people say their dog does well on Purina One formula’s here’s, but I looked & some are 16%, 17%, 18 % in fat, so way too high in fat for your boy, this Purina One formula large breed formula looks good, the fat is 13%, protein-26%, fiber is 4.5% the fiber is not too high & the carbs are about 40% carbs-
    these ingredients are like the Intestinal Health vet diets minus the high Omega Oils….
    or if you find a good brand you like just have a look at their large breed formula ingredients & fat protein %..

    Most small breed dog foods are higher in fat & higher in Kcals per cup, so avoid all small dog foods.. Have you looked at Senior foods? they normally are lower in fat around 10-12% fat & higher protein…
    With his skin, I know Patches skin would itch with some of those ingredients in Purina One BUT Patches vet always tells me, we fix his stomach problems first then we’ll deal with his skin problems, in the mean time continue his weekly baths to relieve his itch & use baby creams to relieve any itchy red skin….

    Have you looked at the Nulo Grain Free Style Weight management formula.
    Just becareful with fish dog foods the Nulo Cod & Lentil formula didn’t do well & came back High in Metals & Process Contaminates in this last testings…
    Most of the Nulo fish formula’s the Puppy & Small breed also came back high in metals & contaminates but they have good ingredient quality….just got a bad fish supplier 🙁

    This will not go away over night, it takes time to find the right dry food, the right ant acid meds, the right routine & feed more smaller meals a day instead of just the 2 bigger meals a day..
    I know your head is probably spinning with all the info, but there might be something I do for Patch that might also help your boy, all the things that have helped Patch & alot of other dogs…
    By the way what is his name??

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