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    Ashley D

    So I took my Magnus (almost 2 year old boxer) to the vet today. He had been perfectly fine until about 1pm after our groomer left. He burped up this brown, awe full smelling liquid and had been trying to lick and eat everything he could get his paws on. He was sitting there, swallowing, lapping, licking for about an hour when the whining started. The vet didn’t necessarily diagnose him with anything…she just told me it wasn’t bloat and didn’t seem like an obstruction. She gave him a cerenia injection and sent me home with instructions to feed him a bland diet for a few days. We got home and he was better, for about four hours. Now, more than 12 hours later, he is sleeping. But he has been waking up all night to these episode of frantic licking/swallowing/lapping/gulping.

    My vet seems to think his food might be too rich for him, and suggested I look for a grain inclusive, low fat, lower protein food. Switching my dogs’ food is always so overwhelming and stressful, because I want to make a good responsible choice for their wellbeing, and not just pick whatever popular food is out there.

    Any suggestions on a good quality, grain inclusive, low fat, low protein dry kibble? It has to be dry for a couple reasons. 1) he is 70 lbs and I think I would go broke feeding him raw, freeze dried, or wet fooods. 2) he has a tendency to scarf his food down. I’ve tried slow feeders, but he outsmarts them every time…so I hand feed him, like a bird to ensure that he chews and takes his time eating.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ashley (a concerned, sleep deprived dog mom)


    Ryan K

    Hi Laura!
    My dog has been off and on with his hacking Since that initial posting. My vet and I are both inclined to think the cause of his discomfort and hacking is reflux. I actually had a few months Problem free after my cousin mentioned I had way too many plug in air fresheners (the bath and body works wallflowers) in my outlets. I didn’t realize I had one in every room. She said that caused her coworkers cat to be violently ill. When I removed them my dog was literally problem free for three months before “relapsing” about two two months ago. I did test out the wallflowers again though when he had had a few days of no symptoms and it almost instantly flared him up so I believe there is an element of respiratory distress from those fragrances but I also believe it’s a lot to do with what he eats. I have had him on Science Diet Low fat ID and that seems to help. When he gets a flare up of his ravenous licking I give him a half of a Pepcid and omeprozole (at different times during the day). I notice when he gets into a licking fit the most relief he seems to get is honestly letting him go bonkers eating grass outside until he feels better. This usually takes about 25 minutes of him ravenously gulping them down but then he calms down. Sometimes feeding him toast helps too. It’s something in his stomach and keeping it full seems to help. I think he gets reflux from his grazing habits. He doesn’t fill his stomach up with big meals so the acid builds up and overflows. That is my guess and my vet’s too. I should note that I haven’t had any extensive testing done on him…simply bloodwork and physicals. Sadly, he slipped a disc again a month ago and has been on confined bed rest which has been so hard. He hates it. But, he is walking which is great. It’s very scary to see him in pain like that from his back. The pain meds are also an insane trigger for his stomach being upset. I hope this update gives you some insight. Thanks for the link! I am bookmarking it now to read when I get back home! 😀


    amy r

    Hi ALL!

    It is so wonderful (albeit somewhat sad) to hear others talk about the gulping! I have talked to Boone’s vets for many years about this to no avail. He has also been scoped, x-rayed, etc. Nothing found out of the ordinary. But these gulping episodes continue. It can be once or twice a year, or every few months. Stress and excitement to be the main cause, although Boone has always had a touchy GI. Once he starts it can get so bad I have to leash him to me or he’ll lick the floors in the entire house, or worse. It’s happened where I have come home and he has eaten dangerous things like a 1.5″ thick rubber mat. Bedding, clothing, leashes, anything he can get his mouth on is ingested. Now if I leave him he in gated in the laundry room with no bed or blankets or anything he could eat (unless he chews the walls… which would not totally surprise me). Once he ate so much blanket, that a week later he threw up a ball of blanket that was the size of a small game hen. Scary. I have had to use hydrogen peroxide on him on several occasion because he grabbed something and ate it before I realized what was happening. It can happen in an instant and impossible to keep my eyes on him every minute, though I do try.

    This has radically changed our life as the episodes have become more intense with age. I can’t leave him with anyone unless they watch him every moment, I can only leave him unattended in a room set up specifically for this issue, and I even hesitate to take him in the truck anymore, since he can (and has) eat the seats in the few moments that I might be in the store. Or… he might be fun. But it’s risky.

    We could go months and no episodes, but when it does it’s dangerous for him. It sounds like many of you know exactly what this is like… they are frantic, incessantly licking and gulping and coughing. It’s so terrible. Boone gulps air of course and then I can hear his stomach making noise from it.

    Sometimes I am able to distract him, taking him for a walk, feeding him something soft like rice, playing a game, gently stroking his neck and talking to him about good things until he relaxes. But other times none of this works at all and we’re in it for the long haul, just making sure he doesn’t hurt himself.

    Boone has always been a bit high stress, has separation anxiety, and needs a lot of exercise. Exercise and being tired helps but only to a point. He is also a bit OCD, in that once he locks in on something it is very difficult to change his mind. For this reason, I believe that mostly the episodes are triggered by anxiety, but again, he has had some stomach issues and I am thinking about what I can have on hand that some of you have mentioned that might help. For sure once he’s begun this behavior it would help to be able to give him something to calm his stomach, if not his brain.

    It just feels comforting to be able to read your stories and know that we’re not alone with this complex and bewildering behavior. It so upsetting to not be able to know how to help. If only love could fix everything! 🙂



    Hi Rose,
    I have a Staffy who suffers with IBD, Helicobacter, bad acid reflux, vomiting nausea, have you asked vet to do Endoscope + Biopsies to see if she has Helicobacter or Ulcers??
    Vet needs the biopsies results then he’ll have answers or ask vet can he prescribe you the Triple Therapy meds that kills Helicobacter its – Metronidazole, Amoxicillin taken every 12 hours with a meal & 20mg- Omeprazole (Prilosec) taken in morning once a day or I give Patch Pantoprazole-20mg now, Dog takes the Triple Therapy meds for 21 days & when the Metronidazole & Amoxicillin is finished you continue giving the PPI – Omeprazole or Pantoprazole 20mg…
    research shows the Helicobacter cant live in the stomach when taking a PPI…

    after 1 year Patch on 20mg-Omeprazole Patch started gulping grass, vomiting, feeling sick he got really bad the Omeprazole wasn’t helping him anymore so we did another Endoscope + Biopsies & Patches Wind Pipe & Esophagus was red & inflammed & his back teeth had Gingivitis from the acid coming up his esophagus, then I asked the vet can we change his PPI (Omeprazole) to Pantoprazole what I take for my GORDS when I tried the Omeprazole it didn’t help me either, when we did another Endoscope + Biopsies in January 2018 vet said Patches Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) flap isn’t closing properly & the acid is washing back up his esophagus & the Pantoprazole seems to work best for LES….

    I wouldn’t be feeding the vet diets they made Patches Acid reflux worse as they are high in, carbs, Omega oils this can make the acid reflux worse + the high carbs & grains are no good for acid reflux…
    Look at “Wellness Simple” Turkey & Potato kibble or a Limited ingredient single protein kibble that has potato or sweet potato & not high in carbs-30% fat-13% max, fiber-5% & under, & feed 4-5 smaller meals a day 7am, 9am, 12pm, 5pm & 7.30pm & if you can feed some cooked meals say for Lunch lean white meat -Turkey breast + 1/2 boil sweet potato pieces & freeze the sweet potato pieces, they freeze & thaw really well, then I thaw 1 pieces & mash on a plate & warm 7sec in Micro wave when Patch seems unwell the Sweet Potato soothes the esophagus & stomach….

    Go Health food store & buy “Slippery Elm Powder,” add 1/2 a teaspoon to a cup, boil the jug & slowly add boiling water & quickly stir & make a slurry paste thick but thin enough so you can pull up into a 20ml syringe pull up 4ml of the slippery elm paste/slurry& put syringe in side mouth towards dog back teeth & push she will swallow it, give 20mins before meals or after she has vomited up all the acid the slippery Elm will line & protect her esophagus & wind pipe + stomach..
    I give Patch those Quick Eze Rapid Chews Forest flavour, I cut 1 in 1/2 & wrap the other 1/2 up for next time & Patch chews & chews the Quick Eze, years ago I was giving him Liqiud Mylanta 4mls in syringe keep the Mylanta in the fridge so it soothes the throat, esophagus & stomach.. I’m wondering when she coughing is she naturally coughing up the acid from wind pipe this is what Patch was doing..
    Maybe find a better vet that will help, my vet said they get in at least 4-5 dogs in a week who are suffering from bad acid reflux, vomiting etc, a diet change to home cook would be best or like I do I feed 3 meals a potato or sweet potato kibble & the other 2 meals cooked lean meal with boiled sweet potato & a lean white meat, just till she is stable then start looking into balancing her diet, my vet said they can go 2 months without balancing the diet…

    She definitely needs an acid blocker & some Metronidazole, the Metronidazole will kill the helicobacter, its sound like Helicobacter, need a gluten free diet, no sugar carbs as the Helicobacter thrives on sugar..



    Hi Jane,
    I rescued a English Staffy 6yrs ago who suffers with IBD, Patch was gulping his dry food, at first I was told add warm water & soften Patches kibble, but once kibbles are soft YOU MUST drain all the water out, so your left with the soft kibble, I was cuffing my hand in the bowl around the wet kibbles & pushing out excess water so there was no water & the kibbles weren’t really wet, but when Patch ate the wet kibble he started getting bad acid reflux + swallowing & swallowing about 20mins after he ate the wet kibble, then his new vet said stop soaking his kibble in water, feed 3-4 smaller meals thru the day instead of feeding him 2 large meals of kibble.. he eats between 2 or 3 cups kibble a day depending on the brand, instead of giving him 1 cup kibble at 7am, I give 1/2 a cup 7am & the other 1/2 the cup at 9am I put his bowl on a small stool, level with the dog mouth, when he’s standing, his mouth needs to be inline with stomach when eating, you can buy those raised stainless steel bowls & they go into a wooden thing or there’s stainless legs holding the bowl.. or buy those slow feeding bowls & I put his bowl on his little kids potty plastic stool….
    I feed his wet food in a slow feeder bowl & his kibble goes in his stainless steel raised bowl, I noticed he was gulping heaps of air when the kibble was in those slow feeding bowls, he was licking & licking up the kibbles, then he couldn’t get the kibble, then after eating he was burping very loud burps, so no more slow feeder bowls for his kibble meal, I like small kibbles they are easier to digest if he doesn’t chew them….
    I feed Patch 7am-1/2 a cup kibble, 9am -1/2 a cup, 12pm – 1/3 cup wet meal, 5pm – 1/2 a heap cup kibble & 7.30pm-1/4 a cup kibble, at lunch he eats either Freeze Dried Raw I add a little bit of water so the freeze dried comes to life & reconstitutes or Sweet potato & tin Salmon, he gets something healthy for lunch…
    I try & reduce the amount of kibble I feed & replace with healthy foods, tin Salmon, Egg, Green Veggies, Sweet Potato, Blueberries, Mussels, Yogurt, Almonds as Kibble isn’t the healthiest thing to fed our pets..

    Follow “Rodney Habib” on face Book, he’s always testing something, you’ll be surprise what he found when they did blind testing on Purina Pro Plan Healthy Minds, it tested positive to Glyphosate (Round Up)

    After soaking his kibble I noticed some kibbles went soft within 20mins then there were kibbles (Vet Diets, Science Diet, Royal Canine, Purina) that would take hours to go soft, Patch never did well on these harder kibbles that took forever to go soft in warm water, so I started looking for kibbles that digested quickly & move thru stomach small bowel quicker instead of sitting in his stomach causing pain, he’d whinge & cry after eating, something was wrong…
    when I did my kibble test the small kibbles went soft quickest within 20mins were – , Canidae, Wellness, Eagle Pack, Earthborn Holistic, Pro Pac Ultimates these brand kibble soften very quickly…

    Get a cup of warm water drop 2 kibbles in cup of water, a good kibble will float to the top of the water not sink, a good easy to digest kibble goes soft within 20-30mins, also feed large breed kibbles, they are made for large breed dogs bowel to prevent bloat, Large breed kibbles are lower in Kcals so they’re not a dense kibble, dense kibbles are harder to digest more work on stomach & pancreas, Patch does best when the kibble is under 360Kcals per cup also the fat isn’t as high in large breed kibbles, the man at Pet Shop told me to feed Patch a large Breed kibble it will help with his IBD, so last year I tried Wellness Core Large Breed Adult kibble & it helped Patch with his IBD, I think the low Kcals -330per cup, lower fat-13%max & the potato in the Wellness Core L/B Adult helped with his IBD also Potato firms up poos..
    I nilly put him to sleep last year he went down hill after Summer, everything he ate he was reacting too.

    I’ll try & find a link I have, its a study that was done on small breed dogs bowel & a large breed dog bowel… it explains how small breeds don’t seem to suffer from bowel problems like large breed dogs do..


    Hi Jamie,
    My boy suffers with IBD, I feed kibbles that have Potato & Sweet Potato works best for him, as soon as he eats Hills, Purina or Royal Canine we end up at the vets needing a course of Metronidazole, he doesn’t do well on grains..
    Your best off doing an elimination diet to work out if she has food sensitivities??…
    Get a kibble that has just 1 meat protein & 1-2 carbs like “Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato” kibble then once your dog is stable & doing really well start adding 1 new ingredient over a 4-6 week period & see do the poos get sloppy & keep a diary.. Does she mouth lick & swallow, gulp (Acid Reflux) when she vomits is it yellow??
    I’m wondering does she have the Helicobacter?? It’s a bad bacteria that lives in the stomach walls, does she act like she is starving all the time?? this is 1 of the symptoms you have when you suffer with Helicobacter + vomiting & acid reflux this is what Patch suffers with, Best to do Endoscope + Biopsies if it vomiting continues..
    or ask vet can prescribe the Triple Therapy meds to kill the Helicobacter, meds are – Metronidazole, Amoxicillin & Omeprazole taken for 21 days given every 12 hours with a meal the 20mg x Omeprazole is just given of a morning once a day…

    When Patch was eating a kibble that was Lamb or Fish he was vomiting, so I don’t know were these kibbles higher in contaminates, heavy metals & toxins?? cause since he’s been eating Wellness, Canidae the vomiting has all stopped now he does take an Acid blocker called “Pantoprazole” 20mg of a morning now Vets normally prescribe 20mg- Omeprazole.. when they have acid reflux – gulping, mouth licking, swallowing, grinding teeth, vomiting early hours of the morning yellow acid vomits..
    also are you feeding 4 smaller meals a day, don’t feed 2 large meals a day, its too much work on the pancreas & stomach.
    I feed at 7am-1 cup, 12pm-1/3 a cup, 5pm-1cup & 7.30pm-1/4 a cup some lunch days Patch doesn’t eat kibble he eats cooked meal boiled sweet potato, no rice as rice ferments in the gut or freeze dried “Frontier Pets” has human grade ingredients.

    These foods Patch does really well on

    Wellness Core Large Breed Adult Chicken & Turkey
    Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato
    Wellness Complete Health Grain Free Chicken
    Canidae Pure Wild Boar
    Canidae Pure Meadow Senior Chicken & Turkey
    Nutragold Turkey & Sweet Potato

    I rotate his Grain Free kibbles as soon as the kibble bag is running out, I buy another brand that has Sweet Potato or Potato lean white meats are best to stay away from fish as main protein as fish is higher in toxins & contaminates.
    Then I rotate old kibble & mix in the new brand kibble over 1 week, then do the same as the new kibble starts ending make sure you have enough kibble for 10days to introduce a kibble she was doing well on or another brand you want to try.. best to have at least 3 different brands you know she does OK on..
    My boy starts to react if he eats the same dry kibble month after month also rotating foods strengthen their gut & immune system, you should start her on a good probiotic so her gut gets healthy… Wellness & Canidae have the Probiotics sprayed on the kibbles to strengthen gut.

    A really good product called “Adored Breast Healthy Gut”
    If you want to try something natural Adored Beast is getting great reviews from people who have a dogs suffering with IBD & IBD..
    Have a look at “Adored Beast Gut Soothe” & “Adored Beast Love Bugs”

    “Adored Breast Healthy Gut”

    Julie Anne Lee – “Adored Beast Love Bugs” – Probiotics & Prebiotics

    Have you joined the “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disorder IBD” on facebook
    it’s a really good group when you need help…

    Also after she vomits or 20mins before she eats have you tried Slippery Elm powder made into a Slurry it soothes the esophagus, stomach & bowel..

    I use the Slippery Elm Powder made into a slurry, go to health food store buy slippery elm powder not the capsules. Health food store sell the Slippery Elm powder..
    add 1/2 a teaspoon into a cup, boil the jug & slowly add the boiling water & stir quickly till you get a thin paste/slurry you pull up into a syringe 4ml & give 20mins before a meal.. I cover the cup with foil put in fridge & take out when needed again, it turns into a jelly then boil the jug & slowly add boiling water & stir till you have a slurry again & use then I throw out & make a new batch the next day..
    Slippery Elm powder soothe the esophagus, stomach & bowel, good for nausea, acid reflux, rumbling grumbling gasses going thru the bowel – loud noises.. also helps firm poos..

    Lacey L

    I have a 7 year old golden retriever, Tucker, who is picky and has acid reflux. He’s always been very sensitive to foods ever since he was a puppy. I tried literally 20 different foods, all of which gave him very loose stools, until he finally did well on Kirklands signature and he has been on that ever since. I tried switching proteins within the brand because I read that is healthier for them but he didn’t like it.

    I work at a Pet store and decided to try him on Activa because it is a customizable food I could had probiotics and glucosamine to as well as salmon oil for his coat. It was then I discovered he is Very allergic to salmon. So I put him back on Kirkland. Throughout the years his regurgitating food at night happened pretty frequently at times. Then he started the gulping, freaking out, drinking tons of water, pacing and wanting to eat grass. So I started giving him tums until it wasn’t enough and the vet suggested prilosec which helps 70% of the time but the other 30% it doesn’t help at all. He never gets table scraps and rarely gets treats but when I started him on the prilosec I would give him a tiny bit of peanut butter to put the pill in. My fiancé said the peanut butter might do it so I’ve switched to cheese instead and I’ve switched him to Pepcid AC complete. It’s only his second day on that but it seems to be helping.

    His latest bout of acid reflux was pretty severe so I put him on small meals of chicken and rice throughout the day which helped but as soon as I put him back on his kibble he got the acid reflux back so he’s back on the chicken and rice.

    I work and can’t cook for him forever and he’s a 90 lb dog (not overweight.. He’s actually thin) so I can’t afford raw or canned so I want to find a dry kibble for him to try that would prevent acid reflux. I’ve researched alot and was excited to try the nature’s Select lamb but I gave him a few kibble but he didn’t like it!! So I’m thinking of trying taste of the wild lamb next and if he won’t eat that then try the chicken flavors. I also read soaking in bone broth is good?

    Any other food suggestions in case he doesn’t like the totw? Also as I said I work, so would having him grave all day be a bad thing? He is not an over eater at all. When I feed him breakfast alot of times he’ll just snack on it here or there anyways.


    Christie B

    Yeah, I put the majority of the recipe topper in the freezer. Maybe I’ll be able to use it for my other dog in the future. As for my big guy, he was mopey this morning and gulping, coughing and shaking his head and rubbing his face and sure enough when I checked his ears…yeast infection.

    It doesn’t seem to matter what food I put him on. I try different proteins, grains, grain free, limited ingredients….it makes my head spin. I try a new food…seems great. A few weeks later back to the drawing board. It seems to get worse with age.

    Do I really go back and try the low quality brand he ate years ago with no issues? Do some dogs just not do well on good quality food?

    These are the ingredients for the vet recommended food:

    Chicken, brewers rice, poultry by-product meal (source of glucosamine), corn gluten meal, whole grain wheat, whole grain corn, oat meal, medium-chain triglyceride vegetable oil, pea fiber, dried egg product, natural flavor, fish oil, barley, fish meal (source of glucosamine), L-Arginine, mono and dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, salt, Vitamin E supplement, potassium citrate, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (source of Vitamin C), zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, niacin, Vitamin A supplement, manganese sulfate, thiamine mononitrate, calcium pantothenate, Vitamin B-12 supplement, copper sulfate, riboflavin supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, garlic oil, folic acid, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of Vitamin K activity), Vitamin D-3 supplement, calcium iodate, biotin, choline chloride, and sodium selenite

    I hate to try it, but I hate how the Benedryl my vet recommends for the symptoms knocks him out. He sleeps during the day while I’m at work, I don’t want him conked out when I’m home to play with him. And he absolutely hates when I have to clean out his ears. The more I try to make the healthier choice, the more it backfires.

    Is it bad to try and see?


    Christie B

    Eh, I don’t know if the current topper that I made is going to work. Dogs love it, yeaterday after dinner, my dog started to lick his chops and drool. I gave him a Pepcid and thankfully he didn’t go full blown miserable drool machine. He slept fine, and ate his food this morning. Then right before I left for work, I notice that he was doing that gulping/I’m about to vomit motions. So I let him out and he made a beeline for dead grass to eat. I felt bad needing to leave, but have him Pepcid and crosses my fingers that I wouldn’t have to clean up vomit when I got back home. I checked on him periodically through the day with the pet cam. He was excited to see me when I got home. Fed him, but used a bit of canned salmon instead of the homemade food. And a short time ago he made the vomit gagging routine but no vomit.

    Maybe the toppers are too rich for him to stomach.

    Back to the drawing board.



    Hi Pat,
    It sounds like acid reflux, what was he eating?? its either too high in fat, high carbs or high in oils or tooo high in Kcals per cup??
    Take it back to pet shop & say he wont eat it, get refund or change for something else..
    Is it dry or wet can food when the licking gulping happens ??
    If it’s dry have a look at “Wellness Simple”
    I feed the Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato formula, Patch get bad acid reflux when he eats a fish kibble, Id say the omega oils are too high.

    Boil Sweet Potato pieces instead of the boiled rice, sweet potato is excellent for stomach & bowel problems, boil rice ferments in stomach..Sweet potato freezes & thaws really good..
    Start adding 1-2 spoons of tin Salmon in spring water to his cook meals, so he’s getting his omega 3 for skin, coat, brain, heart & joints..
    Salmon isnt as greezy as sardines..
    Baths twice a week to wash off Allergens off skin & paws..
    When this happens give an acid reducer – Zantac or Pepcid google dose
    or make some Slippery Elm Slurry..
    Buy Slippery Elm Powder add 1/2 a teaspoon power to a cup, boil the jug, slowly add the boiling water & stir quickly till you have a thick slurry but not too thick it needs to be able to be pulled up into a syringe when cool give 4ml put syringe side of his back teeth so he swollows it, this will soothe his esophagus & stomach helps with nausea & acid reflux & sloppy poo diarrhea..


    Pat B

    My 6 year old doxy/beagle mix started having episodes at night. He wakes up gulping/licking the air and swallowing. We recently moved to San Antonio and that’s when it started. I have changed his food has well. I spoke to a vet and she had me put him on a bland diet. Boiled chicken and rice. I did that and it helped so with her advice started the dog food back and it happened again. So I put him back on cooked human food and it has stopped. I feel it may be allergies.



    Hi Jenifer,
    Join this group on facebook
    “Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD – Raw Feeding & Holistic Support”

    What are her medications?
    Listen to her, as Meds & Food must be making her feel worse specially if its a steriod, Predisone made my boy worse, Metronidazole made him better & the Royal Canin Hypoallergenic wet & dry gave him BAD ACID REFLUX then Pancreatitis, I had an idiot vet wouldnt listen to me, when I told him the vet diet is making Patch worse, he’s up at 11pm swollowing gulping & growled at me, Patch has never growled at me, he was in pain. It kills your heart watching them suffer you feel soooo helpless..
    Is she on a ant acid reducer Zantac or Pepcid or an ant acid Blocker Omeprazole??

    Go to shop get a lean white meat, one she hasnt eaten before, Pork, Turkey, Whitefish also grab a few sweet potatoes, peel & cut up the Sweet Potato into about 1 spoon size pieces boil the sweet potatoes & cool then put pieces in those Zip lock sandwich bags, try & not let the cooked sweet potato touch each other but if a few pieces still touch its OK once frozen just hit the sanwich bag on the sink & the frozen sweet potatoes will separate..

    If you get Whitefish put in water & slowely cook, it will be ready before it boils so remove out of the water or steam fish, dont over cook the meat, with the lean pork my vet said buy pork meat & mince it yourself or cut the pork steak up small pieces & the same put in water & before the water boils the pieces of pork should be cooked, if you have a blender add the pork pieces & also add some sweet potato pieces blend all together.
    I give Patch 1-2 pieces of the cooked Sweet Potatoe all mashed up…
    or egg can she eat egg whisk a egg put in a non stick pan & make scramble egg or boil an egg & mash & add 1/2 sweet Potatoes, cause the sweet potato is sweet she will lick the sweet potato…
    Start with te Boiled Sweet Potato
    Did vet does Biospsies when they did Endoscope some vets are idiots & dont bother doing the Biopsies they think that they will see whats wrong & sometimes everything looks great but it isnt..

    Goats Milk get some & see will she drink Goats Milk, also Bone Broth is also very good to give her when she isnt eating & will help make her strong again, if she has stopped her meds then no point giving them with NO food this will make her feel worse..
    Join the F/B group heaps of people who have very sick dogs & 1 yr later have healthy dogs now..
    Did you ever see a Holistic Vet??
    Another thing is she having a weekly Vitamin B-12 injection?? this really helps increase appetite..



    Hi Bernice.

    “Bilious Vomiting Syndrome in Dogs, aka “Hunger Pukes”

    How did your Dr. Hans Gelens diagnose Freddy with bilious vomiting syndrome?
    Did Freedy have Biopsies thru a Endoscope?

    You wrote
    “lip-smacking, drooling, yawning, licking are classic signs of nausea in dogs”

    Lip Smacking, licking paws, blankets, floors, grinding teeth, yarning-(stress), swollowing gulping are classic signs of “acid reflux”, my vet said she see’s at least 1-2 dogs a week who are suffering with acid reflux, it’s more common then we think with dogs,
    this is why Freddy has been put on Omeprazole (Prilosec) an acid blocker, it’s a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor)… Why didn’t the vet put him on a lower class of acid reducer drugs histamine-2 (H2) blockers either Zantac (Rantidine) or Pepcid (Famotidine) instead of a PPI??

    A diet change would be good idea once Freddy is doing well again & is stable.
    He was eating Royal Canin Gastro Low-Fat which seemed to keep his symptoms to a once or twice a year event. “Until this year”. Diet may have contributed to his Bilious Vomiting Syndrome??
    Look at eating fresh whole foods, a lean balanced diet, not over processed dry kibble/wet can dog food. Look at feeding diet that’s low in carbs, low fiber especially with Pancreatitis NO sugar in diet, stay away from foods that bring on acid reflux..

    You can NOT just stop taken a PPI once you have been taken it more then 14-20 days, a PPI must be slowly reduced & a lower class of drugs called histamine-2 (H2) blockers either Zantac (Rantidine) or Pepcid (Famotidine) are given for 2-3 weeks after the PPI has been stopped but first reduced & give PPI every 2nd day then when you’ve stopped then you give either Zantac or Pepcid 30mins before a meal…
    Zantac & Pepcid work differently they dont work like a PPI works (Omeprazole or Pantoprazole)… A PPI is better but you have to work out do you want Freddy on a PPI now for the rest of his life??. if you have tried Zantac & Pepcid & they didn’t work then yes give PPI & diet change, vet diets are very high in Omega oils which is a good thing BUT some dogs who have Pancreactitis, IBD can’t handle high fish Oil, Coconut Oil etc & can get acid reflux my boy is one of those dogs, when eats a vet diet he get his bad acid reflux & yeasty itchy skin due to food sensitivities, I didnt know Fish/Salmon Oils & Coconut Oils could cause acid reflux until I seen Dr Judy Morgan talking about her 18yr old Cavalier charles, he has Pancreatitis & every month he kept having a Pancreas flare so she stoped adding all his supplements & slowly added them back weekly 1 at a time & it was the fish oil causing his monthly pancreas flare….
    Follow Dr Judy Morgan DVM on her f/b page also look at her “Videos” she has a really good “Pancreatitis Diet” you make in a Crock pot & add The Honest Kitchen Base

    My Patch has been on Omeprazole 2 yrs then he went down hill again this time last year he’s 10yrs old, he had another Endoscope & Biospy done in January 2018 to see why he’s got really his bad acid reflux again & he was already taken a PPI so he shouldnt be getting really bad acid reflux but he was, I did diet change but he didnt get better, so we did Endoscope + Biopsies the vet said as he was looking thru camera his wind pipe was inflammed & red, so was his Esophagus, he has lower esophageal sphincter (LES) his flap doesnt close properly & his acid wash back up his esophagus into throat mouth then went down into his wind pipe, por thing this would be very painful… He also suffers with Helicobacter living in his stomach walls, staying on a PPI like Omeprazole or Pantopazole is suppose to help stop the Helicobacter living & thriving in the stomach wall, I wonder if this is what Freedy has?? if after 6months -12months & Freedy goes down hill again try a diet change a lean cooked diet & ask vet can he please do an Endoscope + Biopsies, the Biopsies are a must as they will give vet some answers & the only way to know if the Helicobacter has taken over his stomach, all dogs have Helicobacter but when their immune system is compromised the Helicobacter takes too much bad bacteria, making you feel very unwell, stomach pain, nausea, bad acid reflux & feeling hungry all the time & weight loss..
    I asked Patches vet can I PLEASE change his PPI from 20mg Omeprazole to 20mg Pantoprazole, I also take Pantoprazole it seems to work better for people who have GERDS & suffer with bad reflux…
    PPI are best given of a morning not night unless he’s taking a PPI twice a day, I wouldnt recommend taking a PPI twice a day for a dog, best to start off on a lower dose, 1 x 20mg tablet take of a morning as soon as he gets up I give Patch his 20mg Pantoprazole tablet & I have a 20ml syringe water so I know the tablet has gone down his throat, you can NOT chew PPI tablets, they are specially coated tablets so they digest past the stomach so dont let Freddy chew his Omeprazole if you can this is why best not to give with food as they chew food, just open his mouth & put tablet on back of his tongue & put down throat, then put the syringe side of his mouth back teeth & slowley squirt water so he swollows tablet & make sure he doesnt spit tablet back out, my Patch was sptting back out after I walked away & I was finding his tablet, cheecky bugger…

    My boy has IBD he eats 5 smaller meals a day he eats –
    First meal after he has taken his PPI around 6.30-7am then another small meal around 9am, Lunch- 12pm a cooked meal or freezed dried raw dehydrated meal about 1/3 a cup, 5pm-Dinner meal is bigger under 1 cup & 7.30pm small 1/4 a cup & last meal for the night wee & then he goes to bed & I wake him for 2 wee breaks & he gets a Quick-Eze 1/2 a Rapid Chew after his last wee around 10.30-11pm & I always offer him water when Patch wakes up on my bed, he is very weird about drinking water when he has his acid reflux, so Im always offering him fresh water to wash down any acid…
    I’ve been freezing Bone Broth in ice cube trays & take out 1-2 ice cubes to thaw & Patch drinks it & loves the Bone Broth, I think The Honest kitchen has a Bone Broth you can buy, there’d be a few places taht have teh Bone Broth.

    I hope Freedy recovery continues, but if he has a set back then look into diet change, there’s healthier alternatives for these sick dogs & cats, after seeing sooo many dogs get better on a healthier diet, I really think once dog is stable & has been doing really well start looking into changing dogs diet, fresh lean meats, fresh veggies & fruits, Kefir given or a probiotic best to give on empty stomach or inbetween meals when Hydrochloric acids in stomach are low, make sure diet is balanced properly, there’s a few good foods that are dehydrated & aren’t over processed & over cooked till all ingredients are all brown or black.




    Susan is right on this one. The dog in your video is gulping and licking not reverse sneezing. These attacks often also involve the dog licking anything and everything in sight. Mine will lick the floor uncontrollably. I do not know what is causing it, but he reverse sneezes as well sometimes and the two are completely different.



    @ Patrica
    Have you watched your utube video?
    the dog in your utube post is NOT having reverse sneezing attack, he is having a gulping attack caused by acid reflux, the acid has come up his esophagus up into the throat causing alot of discomfort, so the dog keeps swollowing, some dogs lick their paws or lick their beds to swollow the bad taste…..
    this discomfort can all be stop with a liquid ant acid or eating dry biscuit or eating grass, sometimes the dog will vomit up the grass mix with yellow acid & feel better..

    I video Patch doing the same thing as the dog in your utube video when I first rescued him & showed vet & he said, Patch has acid reflux, we see this alot, about 2 cases a week..

    This is a dog having a “Reverse sneezing attack”, alot of small breeds have reverse sneezing attacks….

    By the way Patricia Anon 101 despises anything holistic & natural….



    Hi Debi-

    Was there ever any discussion that there could have been damage to her trachea when they extubated her after the pyo surgery? If the cuff is not deflated properly when they attempt to extubate or they do not wait for a swallow reflex before they remove the trach tube it can cause some damage/inflammation to the trachea.

    Also you said this was a Pom. Have radiographs been done to rule out collapsing trachea? It is very common in small breeds and will cause a cough like what you are talking about.

    If none of these things have been visited at the vet I would bring them up.

    As far as the frantic swallowing and gulping goes, one of my dogs started doing this maybe around a year ago. I tried a lot of suggested remedies, but so far I haven’t found anything that eliminates it completely. He will go for quite a few months before he has an episode, but its random and doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything specific. I’ve talked to a couple of doctors I work with about it and they were stumped as well.



    Hi Debi,

    Yes if you think she has acid reflux start her ASAP before she gets stomach ulcers or inflammed esophagus, we did Endoscope & Biospsies January 2018 my poor boy ended up with a red inflammed esophagus & his wind pipe was red where the acid went back down into his wind pipe from bad acid reflux… 🙁

    My boy was taking Omeprazole 20mg, best to take of a morning before or after food it doesn’t matter cause Omeprazole is an PPI an acid blocker, not a acid reducer like pepcid or Zantac is, you will see a BIG difference, it takes about 12-24hours to starting working in beginning, also liquid Mylanta 4-5ml will help stop the gulping & swollowing, put in a syringe, I use Quickeze 1/2 a chew aswell some days for Patch when I see he’s swolling hard or he grinds his teeth some the taste, I worry his esophagus will become inflammed again, you girl will start to improve as weeks pass if her throat/esophagus is sore..

    After Patch took Omeprazole for 2 yrs Patch he went down hill again he has IBD, mainly stomach & small bowel & he gets bad Helicobacter spirals, I think this is why the Omeprazole didnt work aswell anymore + his Sphincter flap from stomach to esophagus doesn’t close properly now, I suffer with GORDS & have Barrets Esophagus & my sphincter flap doesn’t close either & my Gastrologist put me on Pantoprazole he said Pantoprazole works better for some people, when they have GORD & some people do better on Omeprazole, so Dr changed my PPI to Pantoprazole & yes a big improvement with my burping & acid, so I did the same with Patch, Patches IBD vet wanted him to stay on 20mg Omperazole & he said all PPI are all the same, then I explained to him what my Gastrologist Dr had told me how different brand PPI’s can work differently for some people & then Patches vet said OK then, we’ll try 20mg Pantoprazole (Somac), we can buy Pantoprazole from chemist but its cheaper getting a script from a Dr take to chemist..

    Patches specialist vet said we’ll give Patch 1 month & see if there’s any improvement & I also changed his dry food from “Nutro Natural”, Choice Lamb & Rice it was very high in Carbs & Patch wasnt real keen to eat it somedays, I changed his food too “Wellness Core” Large Breed dry kibble, Patch isnt a large breed dog but the “Wellness Core” has all the ingredients that agree with Patch & it’s low in Kcals-340Kcals, you need under 360Kcals if she’s eating a dry kibble, low fat around 13%max & Patch does well on high protein 30-34% & carbs around 30% & under..
    When the protein & fat is low in a dry kibble the carbs are high & high carbs can make acid reflux worse, if your girl can eat a cooked meal, then make her boiled sweet potato & cook a lean white meat like turkey breast or chicken breast or lean pork, & green veggies, my boy can NOT eat wet can foods, this is when he went down hill, the fat in wet can food is higher then in a dry kibble 5%min fat in a wet can food when converted to dry matter (kibble) is around 20%min fat to 26%max fat, so be careful if she is eating a wet can food…as dogs ages their digestion slows down like us..
    I also fed 4 smaller meals a day.

    What is your girl eating.


    Debi S

    I have a 10 yr old Pom who had pyometra surgery 2 yrs ago – almost immediately she developed this nasty sounding cough followed by frantic gulping and swallowing – 3 return trips to the vet who did the surgery nd $3000 later they can’t help us. They gave her 2 different antiobiotics and then thyroid medication – no help. I found this site and impressed with all the help people are getting. We are heartbroken and I have been looking at acid reflux and want to try Omeprazole – it is devastating to hear her and she looks at me with pleading eyes – I just don’t know what to do. Would it be ok to try the Omeprazole to see if it would help? The vet has no clue and we are just heart broken. Thank you for reading my post



    @ Joanne, vet diets are great, but when a dog has acid reflux these vet diets are VERY high in omega oils, especially the R/C intestinal Low Fat wet can food…these oils can make acid reflux worse, I have to get paper towels & dab the R/C loaf dry before feeding it & remove all the oil first or Patch has a gulping swollowing attack, same as a few other dogs who are in Pancreatitis & IBD groups same happens with them….. Hills doesn’t seem to add as much omega oils in their I/d Digestive Care range…
    Better to feed fresh lean ingredients when dog has stomach problems, home made meals are better as you are adding your own ingredients….

    @ Ruth
    for 2-3 days feed lean home cooked meals no vet diet, then next 2-3 days just fed vet diet, see what days she doesnt want to vomit or feels nausous…With 20mg Omeprazole given once a day you will see result in 1-2 weeks as long as diet is agreeing with her??


    In reply to: How to handle bone

    Thanks for the tips. I didn’t think of freezing the RMB out of fear it would crack her teeth.

    Could this gulping be because she doesn’t have enough teeth to chew yet? I watched her swallow a steak tip strip with minimal chewing. Only after reading your responses did I start putting two and two together. Gotta slow my girl down! LOL!

    Thanks again



    Hi Ryan,

    gee Zonisamide can cause bad side effects, I hope your vet knows what she is doing?
    I’d rather try a ant acid medication like Pepcid or Zantac first as it will have less side effects & rememeber he’s a small dog, so 1/2 what ever dose the vet prescribes “if” she does prescribe Zonisamide….Vets normally prescribe Gabapentin, it’s also a cheap drug, 100 x 100mg capsules for $12-$15 with a script from chemist… Gabapentin is from the same family as Zonisamide, my vet tried Patch on the Gabapentain for his IBD stomach pain & said it will also help his lower back pain, he has a square left hip socket, it isn’t round like it should be, my vet said a few of her IBD cat & dog patients are taking Gabapentin for stomach, pancreas & nerve pain, stress & anxieties, & nervous dogs. Gabapentin seems to treat a heap of different health problems…..
    I took Gabapentin for nerve pain beginning of the year & it made me feel very light headed, I had to stop taken it & I think the same thing must of happened with Patch when he took 100mg x Gabapentin, he didn’t feel too well & just stayed in his bed 1/2 the next day, he normally comes up to me & whinges lets go for a walk but not when he was on Gabapentin, at first the vet prescibe him 100mg for Patch to be taken twice a day but I just gave it to him once a day before bed when he had his IBD pain in stomach, he didn’t move all night, he stayed in the same position, he normally sits up & stretches & turns around thru the night, so the vet said 1/2 the 100mg capsule & only give it to him when he has his stomach pain or his lower back, again he slept like a log & the next day he wasnt himself, so I dont give it to him no more especially after I’ve taken it in January & I felt like crap…

    I hope it was just from the higher fat 18%+ dry Nulo food & the wet sachet food & he just needs a diet change & maybe something like the sucarafate to line his stomach, also don’t feed any of the real sloppy wet stew sachet/tin wet foods, when they burp it comes back up repeating on them causing acid reflux, maybe between the two foods he was eating they have caused his problems… but if it does happen again, if you do have any heartburn lollies give him one or 4-5ml Liquid Mylanta is best, the white chalky stuff to calm everything down & line his esophagus & see is he heaps better after taken heartburn stuff…Mylanta is like the Sucarafate tablet when its made into a slurry but Mylanta is cheaper & I think better. I keep a small bottle in the fridge just incase Patch wakes up swollowing & gulping at 3am they act frantic & don’t know what to do, its like a panic attack, I give Mylanta then I rub Patches throat downwards towards his chest & stomach so the acid goes back down & try to get him back to sleep. I have his head higher then his back/bottom, he sleeps with one of my L- Shaped pillows so his head is always higher then his bum so if any acid does come up while sleeping it stays down….



    Hi Ryan,
    is your boy on any medications for Arthritis pain, as these can cause stomach problems, ulcers etc?
    You have to be careful you do “not” want to confuse your vet….
    When a dog has a seizure they don’t respond while having a seizure, their body/muscles are all tense & tight, there’s no mouth licking or gulping they do not respond….
    This is awful to watch but this is a dog having a seizure
    the dog does not lick or swollow like when a dog has bad acid that has come up into the dogs mouth…

    Yes, all vet diets are very high in omega oils, the Hills Z/D & Royal Canine Hypoallergenic skin wet & dry vet diet formula’s are VERY high in Omega oils for skin & can upset their stomach, Patch can NOT eat any vet diets or normal premium kibbles for his skin problems, most of the vet diets give him bad acid reflux especially when he eats a fish kibble, even the Intestinal Health vet diets wet & dry give him bad acid reflux 🙁 ….
    After trying nilly all the vet diets, I finally worked it out, his acid reflux was from all the omega oils & I saw Dr Judy Morgan “Pacreactitis Again” video, Judy talks about her 16-17yr old dog who suffers with Pancreatitis & other health problems, she worked out her dog can NOT have any fish oils, the same thing happens acid reflux or a Pancreas flare…
    I stick with dry foods that have Canola oil, Sunflower/vegetable oil or Flaxseed, Patch ends up licking & swollowing like you said around 1hr after eating these high omega oil foods & high carb foods, especially when you see a fish oil, flaxseed, corn oil, within the first 5 ingredients….
    I feed tin pink salmon in spring water drain water add 1/2 boiled sweet potatoes, salmon isn’t as oily like Sardines are..your dog would like that as a small meal, see how he goes…

    When I see Patch starting to do his swolling, licking mouth, or doing his weird mouth thing, this is when I give him 1/2 a ant acid quick eze berry chew & tell him chew chew & he chews the quick eze chew, then 20mins later he seems heaps better, they’re not that expensive at supermarket you can get the plain white quick eze lollie, there’s another ant acid chew/lollie a few people in the Pancreatis support f/b group use for their dogs when they’re having a licking swolling attack from bad acid reflux, they use Rennie tabs, I’d give one of these a try next time you see him starting to have an attack, probably will work better then the Sucarafate, the Sucarafate didn’t really help Patch, he wanted to eat grass after I gave him his Sucarafate slurry…
    Something better then the Sucarafate tablets is Slippery Elm Powder, it stops nausea, acid reflux helps with stomach problems..
    Get 1 teaspoon of the Slipery elm powder put in cup, boil the jug & slowley add boiling water to the slipery elm powder in a cup & stir till you have a thick slurry, put 1 teaspoon of the Slippery Elm Slurry on a plate to cool then see if your dog will lick it up, Patch licked it up once then didn’t again, so I had to get a 20ml syringe & pull up 5ml & give 20mins before he eats, then cover the cup with foil & put in fridge, it turns into a jelly slurry & need to be heated, takeout about 1 spoon put in the microwave or I just add some boiling water to about 1 spoon that you’ve taken out of the cup then when its can be pulled up into a syringe just use 5mls…

    You still have to make sure what they’re eating isn’t too high in fat or omega oils & ingredients agree with your dog… Have you looked at the Rice dry formula’s?
    It has taken me 5yrs to work out Patch..

    His Sphincter flap from stomach to esophagus mighten be closing properly & the acid is washing back up into throat & mouth, you’ll need something stronger to settle this, if the Sucarafate isnt helping him… so he doesn’t end up with a sore throat & burnt wind pipe like Patch ended up with, he may have an Ulcer?? Ulcers happen cause of too much acid, you need ant acid blocker meds to stop the acid burning the ulcer & it can heal…

    Sometimes no matter what Patch eats he just has a few bad days, sometimes it all starts again when I feed a wet can/sachet or the low fat vet diet for lunch, so I avoid the wet foods for a 3-5 days & just feed 4-5 small kibble meals…

    With a dry food look for 10%-15%max-fat, sometimes a food will be 14.5% fat, that why I say 15% max fat, the lower the fat & protein & the higher the carbs, so you have to find a dry kibble that works for your dog..
    Wet foods arent low enough that are sold at Pet Shops, you ned under 3%max fat in a wet foods, best to email the pet food companies ask what the fat when converted to dry matter fat & the MAX fat % you’ll have shock, some wet foods are high…

    I have found the Large Breed formula’s work best for Patch, as they arent too high in carbs or fat, the protein is over 26% & seems to help reduce his acid reflux…. I stay around-13%-fat & 34%-protein.

    Have you tried any of the Purina One formula’s a few people say their dog does well on Purina One formula’s here’s, but I looked & some are 16%, 17%, 18 % in fat, so way too high in fat for your boy, this Purina One formula large breed formula looks good, the fat is 13%, protein-26%, fiber is 4.5% the fiber is not too high & the carbs are about 40% carbs-
    these ingredients are like the Intestinal Health vet diets minus the high Omega Oils….
    or if you find a good brand you like just have a look at their large breed formula ingredients & fat protein %..

    Most small breed dog foods are higher in fat & higher in Kcals per cup, so avoid all small dog foods.. Have you looked at Senior foods? they normally are lower in fat around 10-12% fat & higher protein…
    With his skin, I know Patches skin would itch with some of those ingredients in Purina One BUT Patches vet always tells me, we fix his stomach problems first then we’ll deal with his skin problems, in the mean time continue his weekly baths to relieve his itch & use baby creams to relieve any itchy red skin….

    Have you looked at the Nulo Grain Free Style Weight management formula.
    Just becareful with fish dog foods the Nulo Cod & Lentil formula didn’t do well & came back High in Metals & Process Contaminates in this last testings…
    Most of the Nulo fish formula’s the Puppy & Small breed also came back high in metals & contaminates but they have good ingredient quality….just got a bad fish supplier 🙁

    This will not go away over night, it takes time to find the right dry food, the right ant acid meds, the right routine & feed more smaller meals a day instead of just the 2 bigger meals a day..
    I know your head is probably spinning with all the info, but there might be something I do for Patch that might also help your boy, all the things that have helped Patch & alot of other dogs…
    By the way what is his name??


    Ryan K

    That is a great idea and you read my mind. I was just looking at videos of seizures online when your response came through. I will do that the next time he has one of his attacks. The seizures do look pretty close to what he does. Lots of gulping, licking air and then going crazy on the floors trying to ingest anything in his path. Very very similar. I just left a message to my vet asking if she would happen to be ok with doing a trial on an anticonvulsant if he has another episode in the next few days. I hope she ok’s that. I don’t think she will. But, we will see! 🙂




    Hi Ryan.
    Yes see vet & ask for Omeprazole (Prilosec) ant acid blocker & trial him for 14 dyas & see if he gets better, also Diet change, it’s making his acid reflux worse..
    My Patchy was doing the same eating grass & anything in the yard to get the acid out of mouth & throat.. You could try an ant acid medication that isnt as strong as Omeprazole like Famotidine (Pepcid) take 30mins before meals twice a day or Ranitidine (Zantac) worked better with Patch, the Pepcid is an older ant acid drug…
    I also was giving Patch Liquid Mylanta when he was waking up 3-4am having a licking attack then wanting to go outside & eat everything in the back yard, another thing that helps is a piece of white bread made into toast & give the dry toast cut in pieces, toast helps stop the gulping & licking…
    I have found when Patch is eating a High Kcals kibbles over 370Kcals per cup the acid starts, also when he eats a high Carb kibble & high fat over 15% fat, he has to stay around 10-14%-fat & protein around 28-35% Look at the Large Breed diets as they are made to reduce digestive problems in large breed dogs….
    I know you have a small dog same as Patch he’s an English Staffy but the large breed formula’s have the lower Kcals, lower fat & higher protein & are high in Glucosamine & Chondroitin, for their joints, Patch is doing well on Wellness Core Large Breed formula I buy the 6kg bag or look a Senior formula, they have lower fat, higher protein but I dont know if the Kcals are under 360per cup? you have a better range in America the higher the Kcals the more dense the dry kibble so harder to digest…..

    STOP the wet can food ASAP this happened with my Patch at Xmas he got that bad the acid went into his wind pipe & burnt his esophagus & wind pipe I had endoscope + biopsies done the vet also said his Sphincter flap isnt closing properly from stomach to espohagus & the stomach acid is washing back up the wet can food made everything worse… now he only gets a little bit of wet food but its a low fat vet diet the fat is 1.7% & no gravy wet can foods the vet food has to be loaf style, the Hills I/d Digestive Care Low Fat Loaf or boil some chicken breast & bpil some sweet potatoes & you can freeze is small meals
    Poor Bugger he’s the same age as Patch, its awful watching them suffer & you feel helpless the Omeprazole is excellent everything stopped & he got better until I moved last December & I started buying wet can foods that were 4% fat,
    When convert 4-5% fat in a wet food to dry matter (Kibble fat) 4-5% fat is around 20 25% fat, Patch was already on Omeprazole 20mg had been on Omeprazole nilly 2 yrs but it wasn’t working as well no more or the wet can food I was feeding made everything worse, now Patch takes another PPI, Pantoprazole 20mg & the Pantoprazole seems to help the reflux & works better then the Omeprazole, vets in Australia only give Ompraozole 20mg so Patches vet writes me scripts & I buy from the cheap chemist $5.99 for 30 tablets, I also take Pantoprazole for my GORD but a higher dose….

    I do not think he need to see a Neurologist like Anon ALWAYS recommends, first try the and acid blocker Omeprazole or Pantoprazole 10-20mg once a day in morning around the same time & stop feeding ant wet can/sachet food & look for another dry food that agrees with him better, avoid small breed formula’s as some are higher in Kcals & fat%..



    Did you check the search engine?

    As you can see, some ridiculous responses. Please have a talk with your vet, ask him to call you back when he has a minute. Don’t be foolish, food won’t fix this.

    Your dog needs the expertise of a veterinary healthcare professional and real medication (not supplements)
    I know how frustrating it is, I have the credit card bills to prove it. :-/

    PS: Ask your vet if you can just treat the symptoms? Anticonvulsants? If your priority is care and comfort rather than diagnosis and treatment, tell your vet..


    Ryan K

    I have a 9 year old terrier dachshund mix that goes through these weird days where he just suddenly starts gulping and licking his mouth and then proceeds to lick furiously at the floors and the carpet and then wants to go outside to eat weeds and grass. He winds up throwing it up eventually but not instantly. He has been doing this for about a year or so now. His first incident was scary with him eating several socks and throwing them up all night. I was lucky he didn’t have a blockage! I have had x-rays done and bloodwork with nothing really showing anything I would think is causing this. He did have high triglycerides but we retested and his levels came back normal. He had an elevated albumin in his urine so we have to retest that soon. Why does he keep doing this??? He is on Nulo Turkey and sweet potato as well as the packets of wet food that they have. Is this acid reflux? I can’t afford any expensive diagnostic testing at this time. I want to bring him to the vet again but are they even going to be able to do anything without wanting him to get scoped at this point? I can’t afford a 1k endoscopy at the time as I just lost my job and have no additional credit to even use for that. Has anyone else had this happen? Any ideas on what to do for this? I’m so frustrated!


    Keenie W

    You may have to do this for an hour or so, but it beats a trip to the ER. Just keep soothing and distracting him until the gulping has stopped, and then keep at it for a little while longer to make sure they don’t come back. Good luck!

    Keenie W

    I’ve found a way to stop my dog’s gulping attacks and wanted to share what I do, in the hope that it might also work with other dogs. My dog has been having these gulping episodes a few times a year, where he also frantically starts licking the floor. I used to race him to the ER, but since they’ve yet to figure out a cause/treatment, I started trying different things to see if I could find a way to stop them myself, and by golly, it looks like I have! I recently discovered that when I distract my dog, he momentarily stops gulping/licking, and when I keep him distracted and calm for 10-20 min, I find the episode has resolved. It’s worked three times now!

    The first thing I do is place a small amount of water in his food bowl, with two cooked peas (his favorite), which forces him to lap up most of the water in order to get to them. My reason for doing this is in case he’s got a hair irritating his esophagus, causing him to gulp, it’ll wash it down. I honestly don’t think this is the case, but I start with this anyway, as I’ve yet to figure out what causes these episodes. Then I lay down next to him and get/keep his attention by using a soothing low voice to weave all the words he knows, like – go for a ride in the car, squirrels, doggy, ball, good boy, sleepy … into one long nonsensical monologue or lullaby, and as he’s cocking his head back and forth listening, I slowly run one hand gently down the length of his throat repeatedly (to relax it), while using my other hand to pet his favorite spot. I don’t know if what I’m doing to his throat actually does anything, or if it’s just the act of getting him to relax that does, but this combo works for us! He had another attack that I was able to stop last night, and since I know so many others also have dogs with these gulping attacks, I wanted to share this.

    I hope this works for someone else, as well!


    David M

    Hi All,
    Our 3 year old mutt named pepper has been dealing with the gulping episodes for several years now. We are fairly certain its psychological/anxiety issues. The episodes almost always happen at night around 1-2 am and are random every few months or so. However today she had one at 5pm before dinner and another just now at 2am. I haven’t tried anything in terms of antacids, i honestly didn’t know dogs could eat them. often she just eats grass for 45 mins and settles down. We have her annual check-up tommorow and ill be sure to mention many of the things listed in this thread, big thanks in advance, glad to know we aren’t alone!


    Mike S

    Hi Deb. Thanks for the info. We’re just outside Boston and have visited a neurologist at MassVet since i last posted. Currently, Mozzie is on 20MG Prilosec, 20MG Fluoxetine, and 500MG Levetiracetam (x2) each day so basically treating many of the possibile causes though not knowing which is causing the gulpies at this time. Since the last major gulping incident his primary care vet also had us transition him to Hills Z/D canned. During the transition, he had some occasional minor gulps that didn’t turn manic. We used distraction techniques during these recent minor episodes and he usually stops in a minute or so, which is interesting. Thankfully, no gulps for the past few days. We have a follow-up appointment this week to discuss next steps.



    Hi Holly,
    what has Rooney been eating when these gulping episode started?
    With Omeprazole (Prilosec) it needs to be taken daily same time is best given in the morning before breakfast, I give Patch 1 x 20mg Losec as soon as he wakes up, by the time I make my cuppa, feed the cat & prepare Patches breakfast he has waited 20mins so the Losec has had time to dissolve in stomach & send msg to brain, do not release hydrochloric acid into stomach, just make sure when you do give any tablets you use a syringe filled with water & put the Losec tablet on back of tongue down his throat then put syringe in the side of his mouth & push water out of syringe into moouth so the tablet goes into the stomach & doesnt sit in his throat & dissolve….
    When Rooney seems to be having bad acid reflux give the Prilosec for 3-4 days then if you want to stop giving the Losec stop but once he takes the Prilosec more then 15-20 days you need to reduce slowly 2 days give then 1 day none etc, in the beginning I use to give Patch Losec for 3-4 days on, then 3 days off the Prilosec depending if he started his gulping, then I realised he was heaps better while taking his Losec so he’s been on Losec 2yrs now but last week I changed him over to 20mg-Somac (Pantropazole) another Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) as Patches lower esohageal Sphincter flap isnt closing properly now & the acid is washing back up into his throat & wind pipe, certain foods make it worse he can NOT eat wet can foods or cooked food now only kibble seems to sstay down…

    I havent read your post properly but if your dog is taking Apoquel (a drug I wouldnt give Patch after reading the bad side effects), Apoquel can cause bad side effects with some dogs, I’ve read alot of dogs vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, sleeping all day etc the company that makes Apoquel has brought out Cytopoint Injection now, Cytopoint Injection has less side effects, the injection is given every 4-8 weeks depending on the dog.
    I would also start your dog on a limited ingredient diet, 1 carb & 1 lean meat protein, just in case he has food sensitivities & is reacting to a few ingredients & getting itchy skin, smelly yeasty ears/paws or intestinal problems, keep the fat around 10 to 14% for a dry kibble, with wet can foods around 3% & under for fat when you convert 3%min fat in wet/raw can foods it’s around 8%min to 12%max fat…
    The vet diet Hills I/d may have ingredients he’s sensititive too & he’s reacting also vet diets are very high in omega oils that can cause bad acid reflux, Patch & a few other dogs that have IBD, IBS etc don’t do too well on vet diets….
    Do you belong to any face book groups for Canine IBD or “Canine Pancreatitis support group” has a few dogs with IBD, IBS, Food sensitivities, or “Dog Issues, Allergies & other Information Support group” has dogs with food senitivities, allergies, itchy skin, paws, ears etc dogs with most health problems…
    Have you tried the “Natural Balance” LTD dry -Sweet Potato & Bison or Potato & Duck or Sweet Potato & Fish formula’s? I dont know which wet Natural Balance LTD can food has 3% & under for fat here’s the conversion calculator so you can save & convert the fat protein fiber in wet can foods raw foods if you buy them the etc


    Holly D

    Further on above post… Rooney got up and was heading into that full blown gulping panic to get out and eat grass. I read that Omeprazole can take a while to act but Pepcid can give relief in minutes so I gave him a Pepcid, a couple of pieces of kibble and a couple of spoonfuls of the gravy from the ID food. I let him eat a little grass but he did not vomit this time.
    Thinking how when I have my migraines, I massage the acupressure points that associate for headaches I thought maybe there could be something similar for dogs…and, yes, there are charts for dogs. Figured it was worth a shot.
    I started to massage where they said – on the outside hind leg, just below the knee, in a clear depression in the middle of the muscle toward the front of the leg – and the minute I started, Rooney let out a big burp! Maybe it helped a little?
    He’s still having little gulping spurts but I’ll see how he is this morning and probably still take him to the vet later today.



    Holly D

    I am so glad to have found this post! So much helpful information.
    Rooney had an episode of the gulping, frantic grass eating and vomiting about a year ago. I noticed for about the last week he would gulp every so often then Monday night (it is now Weds morning) he had a full blown episode! I gave him Omeprazole right when it started and another yesterday and this morning but the vomiting and some slight gulping has been going on since. I gave him a little rice with a bit of sensitive stomach ID canned food last night but he threw it up around 4am this morning. Not sure if I should feed him or not this morning. Fortunately, he is not frantically eating grass and seems calm now but he has not been able to keep anything down since and still has the gulping every so often. He still wants to eat, is drinking water and pooping normal. Figured I’d take him to the vet today just to be on the safe side.
    He is a basset hound and tends to eat anything he can find! I thought maybe it was prompted by something he ate…but, he was also on a round of antibiotics a couple of weeks ago for an ear infection so I though maybe his stomach flora is messed up.
    Also – he is on Apoquel – is anyone else’s dog taking this for allergies? I was wondering if that could be causing a problem??
    It is so horrible to watch them go through this and I hate to see Rooney so uncomfortable! It’s a been a rough couple of nights up and down and out at all hours. I’ve been up since 4 this morning and guess who is back curled up and sleeping soundly in my spot in the bed? 🙂


    Mike S

    Thank you so much for your response, Susan. You’ve provided so much useful info and I’ll be sharing it with our vet later this week. I’ll be sure to discuss the Protein Pump Inhibitor points you raised. Mozzie is back home from the emergency vet. Exhausted, but not gulping at the moment. I’m so sorry for what you and Patch are dealing with but also thankful for forums like these where people reach out to help others in need. The gulpies are such a terrible condition. I hope to report back with good news at some point.



    Hi Mike S,
    My Patch went down hill real quickly after we had moved 2 months ago so he had an Endoscope + Biopsies last Tuesday, his biopsies results said he has Spiral Helicobactor-Pylori back but mild this time, he has Gingitivis back molars so he had his teeth cleaned while he was under to have the Endoscope done, he has Gastritis, he has red inflammation down his wind pipe, the lower esophageal spincter flap that closes to the esophagus & wind pipe isnt closing, I’d say this is what might be happening with your boy & there’s nothing that can be done my vet said except keep Patch on a Protein Pump Inhibitor like Omeprazole or Pantoprazole, I asked my Dr when I seen him the day after Patch had his Endoscope & my Dr said you can not do anything except take Somac or Losec one of the Protein Pump Inhibitors that have long-lasting reduction of stomach acid being made & coming up the esophagus into the mouth, this taste awful when te acid comes into the mouth, the Holistic Vet came into the Vets room I was in to tell me have I tried Carafate made into a slury you break half the tablet & add about 15ml water dissolve carafate in bowl then pull back up into syringe & give to the dog this didn’t seem to help Patch when I woke him up 6am to give to him before he eats breakfast, he got up went outside did his wee then he started gulping grass this was before he had the Endoscope done I tried Carafate dissolved in water, the Holistic vet has a pug who has similar problems to Patch gulping etc her dog was finally put on Losec & is getting better with her gulping episodes & she gives her the Garafate made into a slurry to soothe the throat & esophagus…

    Patch has been on the losec 2 years this April 20mg every morning same time, are you still giving your boy the Prolosec every day in morning?? it can be giving with food its not like pepcid, Losec (Omeprazole) works differently & is heaps better then the Pepicid (Famotidine) we dont have the Famotidine in Australia no more, Pepcid is an old ant acid drug & needs to be given before food, Im changing Patch from his Losec to Pantoprazole (Somac) thats what I take I have Non Ulcer Dispepsia where the flap doesn’t close when the brain sends the msg for flap to close, I have tried a few different Protein Pump Inhibitor medication then I got a new Gastro Dr when I moved back in 2001 & he said start taken Pantoprazole (Somac) it’s the best drug for Esophagaeal problems, I have C.R.E.S.T & C.O.R.D I get heartburn/acid reflux coming back up into throat/mouth & got better after being put on te Pantopazole (Somac) even stopped my Nuasea, now I really want to try the Pantoprazole with Patch but the vet thet did Patch Endoscope & Biopsies rung me last night & he said he has been looking at all the research & there’s not much scientific research on Pantoprazole with dogs & he said the Paantoprazole is very similair to the Omeprazole (Losec)… Patch is taken the Triple Therapy again Metronidazole, Amoxicilian & Losec again for 3 weeks to get rid of his Spiral Helicobacter & the vet is hoping this will stop the acid coming up into Patch mouth he said we may never fix all Patches health problems just control them, need to find a diet that agrees with him & stick with it but the problem is I do that & then Patch starts reacting to the food he’s been eating 24/7 sometimes I think vets do not have enough research & studies on certain health problems & they dont know what to do, its best to join facebook groups & ask people what did you do with your dog, what worked? what did he eat??
    I feed baked beef rump, sliced potato, sliced sweet potato, carrots not much put it all in a baking dish added water till it was everything was covered put in oven for 3hrs then I put thru the blender & Patch seems so much better then I gave him some kibble later on for his next meal he eats 4-5 meals a day & he started with his mouth licking & swolling, I really think 100% that kibble is the problem…
    Have you tried Royal Canine Gastro Intestinal Low Fat wet can food? in Australia we have been having problems getting any Royal Canin into Australia, apparantly R/C didn’t fill out the importation/custom forms out properly so our Royal Canine cant come into the country, the R/C Intestinal Gastro Low Fat wet tin food has different ingredient now theres no rice or corn just meat & animal derivitives, cereals derivitives of vegetables orgins, mineral, oils & fats, yeast etc Patch did real well the first can I feed him then I went back to the vets 3 days later & bought 2 more R/C Gastro low fat canned food opened 1 can gave Patch 1/2 the can then he has gulping swolloing I thought whats has happened he ate it the other day & did well then I reliesed Ive gotten cans from another batch of R/C Gastro Low fat & it had orange oil 1-2cm bottom of the can so this batch had heaps of oils, Patch cant have fish/salmon oils so this is when I bought the Rump beef steaks & started baking it with the Potato & sweet potato trying to do what teh R/C gastro canned food has but as for the Cereal I dont know what they use this R/C food comes from Europe..

    I hope something in this long post helps your boy, something I’m doing or what Im trying you try helps your boy, but if your boy isnt on a Protein Pump Inhibitor please ask your vet can your boy try either the Omeprazole or the Pantopazole & see how does he go & start an elimintaion cooked diet this way you can control the ingredients if you can stay away from high fat, high carbs, high fiber kibbles… Good-Luck if you do try something & your boy gets better please post a really good group I joined years ago I dont even know if its still going it was a Yahoo group called “IBDOGS” there was a lady that knew alot about IBD & told me to do Endoscope & Biopsies on Patch like Patch vet told me lst night he said we will never fix Patches health problems but we can control them & try & make him comfortable & find foods that agree with him….Metronidazole seem to help when all this happens the Metronidazole kills the bad bacteria in the stomach & small bowel & the Losec seems to keep the stomach acids down as long as he doesnt eat anything that doesnt agree with his but like you your been feding a food that agreed with him then all of a sudden its back??? I find when I rotate with a few foods Patch does ghis best this time I tried a kibble with Beet Pulp I dont know if thats what made Patch go down hill or was it STRESS??…


    Mike S

    Thank you for the info Deb S. My wife and I are desperate. Out wheaten terrier has been battling gulpies for over 1.5 years including emergency surgery for a blockage and a near miss that needed an endoscopy. He actually was symptom free for seven months on a new food and Pepcid but the gulping episodes came back out of the blue. Vet tried hydrolized protein food, switching from Pepcid to Prylosec, and giving him Prozac thinking anxiety may be a trigger. They’ve also tried reglan/cerenia/sucralfate, and other meds listed in this forum when he’s having the episodes and even a valium suppository the last time the gulpies started. Recent biopsy came back normal. Some irritation in the upper GI but nothing significant. Tonight he’s having another episode and is inconsolable. Trying ot eat anything he can. His local vet, his emergency vet, and his neurologist are stumped. Is there any way you can share the name of the vet at Tufts who was able to help you? We’re outside of Boston but I was hoping they could share their testing, results, and suggestions with our vet(s). He’s the greatest pup and so happy when he’s healthy. We’re desperate to get him help and a cure. Thanks. Mike


    Patty R

    I have been dog sitting my sons’ family’s adopted cattle dog mix. She is 9 months old and very well behaved…everything was fine since Christmas. Last night she started licking frantically all surfaces in the house, gulping air like she was trying burp, threw up 4 times, the contents included carpet finge from throw rugs, etc. She wouldn’t settle down. I had never seen this behavior before in any pet that we have had. Startled, my husband and I took her to the nearest vet. $634 later, after an examination, three X rays, anti nausea injection, a tox screen and fluid injection, we brought her home. She settled down quite and bit and was fine all day today until right before feeding time this evening, which is five p.m.(she gets fed twice a day). I figured she was hungry so I fed her the chicken and rice mixture the vet had recommended. She continued with the licking and I offered her water, which she drank, then she continued this frantic behavior. I finally put her in the crate her owners left for her to sleep in and she is fine now. A few burps but settled down and quiet.


    deb s

    Hi everyone! I have a dog who has been suffering from this disorder for years. After many visits to Tufts Veterinary Hospital in Grafton, MA, the neurologists there determined these episodes to be Complex Partial Seizures. It has nothing to do with their diet. Although stress and high anxiety are related to the occurrence of these gulping, licking, swallowing, panicking episodes. We are treating with Paroxetine 40 mg daily for the anxiety and Zonisamide for the seizure. She’s been 8 months without one episode! She almost died after ripping up the wall to wall carpeting and eating as much of as it as she could during an unsupervised episode. Please consider seeing a neurologist. Even Tufts was not completely familiar with these episodes but did help us tremendously!



    Hi Dana,
    what is he eating?? how high is the fiber % ?
    Look for low fiber under 4%, lower carb under 38% diets, oils can make acid reflux/nausea worse just be careful, I’d try & cook one of his meals, use easy to digest meats like turkey & chicken, get some chicken breast cut up into small pieces, just bring to the boil do not over cook as the chicken pieces. they will be like hard leather pieces & boiled some sweet potatoes or plain white potatoes, mix 1/2 chicken & 1/2 potato & some boil pumkin about 1 spoon of pumkin, I freeze boiled pumkin pieces in the freezer in those ice cube trays & take out as I need some pumkin, the pumkin thaws very quickly, pumkin soothes the stomach, you watch he’ll be better after eating a lean low fat, low fiber cooked meal then when he eats the dry kibble….
    Sometimes the dog ends up needing an acid reducer, i’d be trying an acid reducer like liquid “Mylanta” its a white powdery liquid that relieves nausea & acid reflux, I keep a small bottle in the fridge, when its cold it soothe the throat, esophagus & stomach, you give 1 teaspoon, 5mls when needed, when he’s gulping grass, my boy use to wait near the fridge for his Mylanta when he felt real sick, Mylanta was the only medication he let me give him so it must of done something to help also Slippery Elm made into a sloppy paste & kept in the fridge helps, go to health food store & get some slippery elm powder, you boil the jug & add boiled water to about under 1 teaspoon slippery elm powder & make a sloppy paste so you can pull up into a those big 20ml syringes or put on 1 teaspoon or open his mouth & put on his tongue….
    I wouldnt be giving any oils, you need to work out what is causing the problem, why is he’s getting nausea??
    the only test that will give vet some answers is to have an Endoscope & Biopies done the biopies will tell the vet whats going on, my boy had Helicobacter-Pylori this makes them feel real sick & have bad acid reflux, I’ve had Helicobacter its awful & takes a while to get rid off, but first try changing his diet, then you watch him after he eats, does he seem uncomfortable when he kibble is he better after he eats his cooked meals……..

    Have you tried “4Health” Special Care Sensitive Stomach dry formula?? its Egg & Potato very easy to digest ingreients, is low in fiber-3%, low in fat-13% & carbs-40%, also has probiotics & prebiotics in it…. give it a go & see if there’s an improvement with his stomach… I’ve heard alot of really good results with the “4health” Sensitive Stomach & Sensitive Skin formula’s..


    Dana N

    I have a Bernese Mountain Dog with this issue. Gulping, swallowing, drooling with eyes that say “please help me” and a desperate need to eat grass. After reading lots of blogs, I have come to the conclusion that it is nausea and I am going to try 1) Digize Essential Oils when he has his next episode, a probiotic in his food and wetting his food…. wish us luck.



    Below is an excerpt from
    Click on link for full article. Hope this helps.

    Fractured pet teeth are one of the more common dental problems encountered by veterinary dentists. Broken teeth, more often than not, have exposed pulp tissues that subsequently become infected.  Just like for humans, apical infection (apical periodontitis, dental “abscesses”) will occur in a matter of time. They are painful and cause exposure of the body to chronic bacteria infusion and inflammation. In most cases, the problem is caused by dogs being allowed to chew on objects that are just too hard for their teeth. These objects may actually be harder than the teeth.  It is important to remember the evolutionary function of carnivores…they are meat eaters. The function of carnivore oral behavior is to grasp, pull and hold prey. This is followed by cutting and tearing meat before crushing and gulping. Carnivore teeth are not designed to chew bones or other objects harder than the teeth.  Starving wild animals often have only bones to eat, however, they also break their teeth, which places them at a survival disadvantage (survival of the fittest). Wild carnivores that do eat bones are usually doing so from freshly killed prey.  Fresh bones are softer, however, they still can lead to traumatized and fracture teeth. Dental treats and chew objects should be considered as only part of preventative dental health care (please refer to information on dental diets, chews and antiseptics).  In conjunction with daily tooth brushing, dental diets and regular professional cleanings, toys and treats can play an important part of oral health care maintenance.
    Strictly avoid bones (cooked or uncooked), cow hoofs, pig ears, hard & thick rawhides, plastic or nylon bones, and large ice cubes. Tennis balls and other objects with abrasive surfaces should also be avoided as these have a sandpaper-like effect on tooth structure that damages and may expose the pulp. The flatter, softer rawhide chews have been shown to be safe and effective in reducing the rate of plaque accumulation. C.E.T. Hextra rawhide chews contain Chlorhexidine which enhances their effectiveness.
    When trying to select safe chew objects for your pet, there are two good approaches:
    General rules of thumb.
    Use products approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC)
    A. Rules of Thumb
    You want to be able to indent the surface with your finger nail.  Surface has some “give” to it.
    “Knee Cap Rule”: If you hit your self in the knee with the object and it hurts, it’s probably too hard/heavy for your dog.
    “Hammer Rule”: If you can drive a nail with the product, don’t allow your dog to chew on it.
    Also avoid objects with abrasive surfaces like Tennis Balls and Frisbees.
    If you cannot flex or break the product with your bare hands, it’s probably best to avoid it.
    Please take note: you should always monitor your pet when they are chewing on anything.  Verify they’re not gagging, trying to ingest too much at one time or attempting to eat an inedible product.
    B. VOHC approved products
    Although not all safe products have VOHC approval, using products with the VOHC seal of acceptance is recommended as these products have successfully met pre-set requirements for veterinary dental efficacy and safety.  A complete list of VOHC approved products can be accessed at



    Hi Shari,
    I would be stopping the Carafate (Sulcrate) it lines the stomach so you can only give it when the stomach is completely empty so if there’s any food in his stomach the Carafate lines the food instead of his stomach & can make things worse, why has the vet got him on 3 a day? the food may not be completely digested, if he already has very low stomach acid the Carafate could be making things worse… Has he had any more gulping attacks since starting the Sulcrate or is he the same?

    If you have the money have an Endoscope & Biopsies done to see what is happening in the stomach, the Biopsies will give your vet some answers, your vet must think his mouth licking & swollowing has something to do with the stomach for him to prescribe these types of drugs..
    Ask your vet about “Gabapentin”?? it is used for seizures, pancreatitis, IBD, stomach problems, nerve pain, Gabapentin capsules covers a few health problems maybe see if he settles after taking the Gabapentin…

    Even though you have change his food to a low fat food, how high is the fiber & carbs?? Is he on a vet dry diet kibble?? the carbs will be high & so will the fiber if its a vet diet, alot of vets prescribe the Hills W/D for dogs with Pancreatitis why I’ll never know the Insoluble fiber is 28%… Dry kibble is no good when dogs have Pancreatitis, the dry kibble could be causing acid reflux in the first place, have you tried feeding a lean meat like chicken or turkey low fiber, low carb, cooked meal, chicken breast & sweet potato & just give him the Losec 20mg every morning for 1-2 weeks & see how he goes?…. that’s what my Boxer was put on a home cooked diet by the new vet but it was too late by then, her old vet had her on the Hills vet diet it made her worse but vets never blame it’s the vet diet that’s causing the gulping swllowing drolling…..

    Maybe best to have the Endoscope + Biospies done so the vet can see the stomach &
    see is there’s any stomach ulcers or anything else, the biospsies will give some answers to whats happening…could be Helicobacter-Pylori, they eat & eat like they are starving, droll, swollow gulp as well..


    Taylor R

    Understanding that everyone is well-meaning on this site and just trying to find a solution to help their dog be at ease. While some of your dogs may be experiencing digestive/acid reflux issues, I CAN TELL YOU, beyond any doubt, and pursuant to our dog’s NEUROLOGIST, that my dog’s episodes are in fact seizures, and they DO last for hours. They are not at all related to any digestive/acid reflux issue but we had several run-of-the-mill vets diagnose it this way before the neurologist got involved. Omeprazole/prilosec, changing her diet, and other organic homeopathic meds did no good.

    The official diagnosis from the neurologist is complex partial seizures or focal seizures. They are a series of small seizures and mis-fires in the synapses in the brain. One common way they manifest is through gulping or repetitive swallowing.

    Potassium bromide worked miracles for Scarlet who has been seizure-free on the meds for 1 1/2 years and needs occasional increases in doses when she has minor breakthrough episodes.

    Another popular anti-seizure medication is zonisamide – read Hines’ story and watch video here:

    Phenobarbitol is another option.

    Wish you all the best of luck in finding solutions for your pups.

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    Madison V

    My Wheaton was doing exactly this type of gulping. She would vomit white foam and swallow anything in her path. As a result, she injested part of a rug and some of her bedding. The vet ruled everything out and assumed they were seizure related. I noted that these episodes would occur after applying the tick and flea med, frontline. It can cause seizures in dogs. I put her on pheno and it did help for a few years. She was laid to rest in 2013. I’ll pray for your dog. This is such a stressful and strange health issue. Vets don’t seem to know what it is.


    Shari G

    He actually goes to the vet and specialists quite often. He also has cardiomyopathy which he goes to a cardiologist every 6 months. I took him to the vet today and showed my vet the video I recorded.
    She ran a full blood panel since he was due anyways for his yearly. She said pending results we could start him on potassium bromide tomorrow. I’m just extremely nervous because from all the videos I seen of licking, gulping, seizures in dogs none appear to be excessively drooling. Everything I read says a dog excessively drools when nauseous and I’m worried giving him something he doesn’t need especially seizure meds. My vet and I already discussed if he had a brain tumor we wouldn’t operate just for the fact it would be too risky with his cardiomyopathy. This is the video from today

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    Shari G

    I currently have a dog going thru the same exact thing. He’s a 9 and 1/2 year old boxer and he’s had these episodes for months now. He just had one a few hours ago and rushed him to the vet and u was also able to record it. My vet is leaning towards seizures but does anyone else’s dog drool excessively while they are gulping? For the longest time we thought he just had an upset stomach but even the anti nausea med doesn’t help.



    Hi Rita,
    yes just recently Patch has had a 3 swollowing episodes after eating his breakfast in the last 3-4 months but I noticed it only happens around 8am when he hasn’t drank any water after eating his breakfast & gone for his morning walk, he just comes home & goes straight to bed & has a sleep then wakes up 20-30mins later & comes to me swollowing & gulping & wants to go outside & eat grass also I haven’t giving him his Losec yet, I give him his Losec around 8.30-9am, he has been taking 20mg Losec 20mg every day now for about 18mths now, I’d say Patches swollowing gulping is from the kibble swelling in his stomach & there’s no water & te dry kibble comes back up into throat into his mouth or his Losec dose needs to be increased & 1/2 a 20mg Losec tablet needs to be given at night 12 hours after his morning dose was given, I’ll have to talk with his Vet but first I’m making sure its not cause he doesn’t drink water after eating his breakfast & morning walk …. but I think it’s from not drinking any water after eating breakfast cause this is the only times it seems to happen around 8am, I make sure after he eats breakfast & when we comes home from his
    7.15am walk, he has a little drink of his water, I take over a bowl of water if he’s gone straight to his bed when we come home, I’m noticing he is becoming lazy or his lower back might be hurting him we have just found a weird bone growth out of the top of his back leg into his spine, we thought it’s not bothering him but after watching him closely thise last 2 months thru Winter I think this bone growth might be bothering him, Staffys are so hard to read, they don’t show when they have pain…

    I would give the Prilosec & Metronidazole twice a day for how long vet has prescribe it. How long has your vet prescribe the Metronidazole & Prilosec for?? 21 days is best, so the Metronidazole can kill the bad bacteria living in the stomach walls, then when the Metronidazole course is finished continue giving the Prilosec but only give 1 x 20mg Prilosec a day in the morning, it’s best to give Losec of a morning, works better my Gastro Dr said & so did Patches IBD vet, Prilosec doesn’t have to be taking before food like other ant acid meds need to be taken… At the moment you’d be giving the Metronidazole with food & giving them together…
    This is awful to watch but go on Google & google “My Dog having Seizure” they don’t gulp or swollow & if 1 dog licks mouth in video its cause he’s feeling sick from the seizure, he’s not gulping & swollowing like my boy does….
    When the acid comes up their throat into their mouth, they don’t know what to do so they try & swollow & swollow the acid, they need either a dry biscuit or some liquid Mylanta to soothe the acid reflux back into the stomach or grass to vomit up all the acid… I really think once your dog takes his Prilosec daily he’ll be better & more comfortable..& watch everything he does & when does he have his swollowing & gulping attack is it after eating is it when he hasnt eaten all night etc…


    Rita M

    Susan , hi just a question …. Has your Patches had anymore episodes of gulping and swallowing? When was the last time ? My dog Ace just had another episode a week and a half ago so now the vet has him on Prilosec twice a day and metronidazole twice a day. I am considering seeing a neurologist if he has anymore episodes.

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