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It has been a while since you posted, but nobody else has said anything! So I thought I’d chime in, because I’m on the hunt for the perfect dog food too! I come from a functional medicine perspective, given the amazing things that it has done for my and my family’s health. In my very picky yet non-professional opinion: I love the information about the ingredients that Open Farm provides, but they have some ingredients that I tend to shy away from: primarily potatoes and sunflower oil (Dr. Cate Shanahan is often quoted as saying that refined veggie/seed oils are, “literally no different than eating radiation”). Both of these foods have taurine (which I look for specifically), but, I like that the Stella and Chewy’s has probiotics. I personally look for specific bone ingredients and try to avoid meals, but when they’re talking about some level of “whole” and “humane” with the meats, I usually decide that’s good enough – you gotta draw the line somewhere or you’ll just go mad. So, out of these two, I like the Stella and Chewys! In fact, I’m adding it to my list of potentials because it’s hard to find good, legume-free food. Best Wishes!