Brothers Complete Advanced Allergy Care (Dry)


Rating: ★★★★★

Brothers Complete Advanced Allergy Care Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.

The Brothers Complete Advanced Allergy Care product line includes three dry dog foods.

Each recipe below includes its related AAFCO nutrient profile when available on the product’s official webpage: Growth, Maintenance, All Life Stages, Supplemental or Unspecified.

  • Brothers Complete Lamb Meal and Egg Formula [A]
  • Brothers Complete Turkey Meal and Egg Formula [A]
  • Brothers Complete Venison Meal and Egg Formula [A]

Brothers Complete Venison Meal and Egg Formula was selected to represent the other products in the line for this review.

Brothers Complete Venison Meal and Egg Formula

Dry Dog Food

Estimated Dry Matter Nutrient Content

Protein = 33% | Fat = 16% | Carbs = 43%

Ingredients: Venison meal, whole eggs dried, turkey meal, cassava/tapioca, peas, pea starch, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), chicken liver dried, pumpkin, ground flaxseed, alfalfa, carrots, potassium chloride, sea salt, choline chloride, dried whole cell algae (pure source of omega 3 DHA), mixed tocopherols (a source of vitamin E), rosemary extract, green tea extract, encapsulated probiotics (dried Enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, dried Lactobacillus casei fermentation product), digestive enzymes [amylase (Aspergillus oryzae), protease (Aspergillus oryzae), cellulase (Trichoderma reesei), lactase (Aspergillus oryzae), hemicellulase (Trichoderma reesei), lipase (Aspergillus oryzae), selective prebiotics (organic, long chain, highly branched inulin), vegetable pomace (carrots, celery, beets, parsley, lettuce, watercress, spinach), cranberry pomace, lysine HCL, dl-methionine, lecithin, taurine, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D3, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, niacin, folic acid, biotin, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, l-ascorbyl 2-polyphosphate (source of vitamin C activity), zinc proteinate, manganese proteinate, copper proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite, cobalt carbonate, vitamin B12 supplement, l-carnitine

Fiber (estimated dry matter content) = 4.4%

Red items indicate controversial ingredients

Estimated Nutrient Content
Guaranteed Analysis30%15%NA
Dry Matter Basis33%16%43%
Calorie Weighted Basis29%34%37%
Protein = 29% | Fat = 34% | Carbs = 37%

The first ingredient in this dog food is venison meal. Venison meal is considered a meat concentrate and contains nearly 300% more protein than fresh venison.

The second ingredient includes whole dried eggs, a dehydrated powder made from shell-free eggs. Eggs are easy to digest and have an exceptionally high biological value.

The third ingredient is turkey meal, another protein-rich meat concentrate.

The fourth ingredient is tapioca, a gluten-free, starchy carbohydrate extract made from the root of the cassava plant.

The fifth ingredient includes peas. Peas are a quality source of carbohydrates. And like all legumes, they’re rich in natural fiber.

However, peas contain about 25% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the meat content of this dog food.

The sixth ingredient is pea starch, a paste-like, gluten-free carbohydrate extract probably used here as a binder for making kibble. Aside from its energy content (calories), pea starch is of only modest nutritional value to a dog.

The seventh ingredient is chicken fat. Chicken fat is obtained from rendering chicken, a process similar to making soup in which the fat itself is skimmed from the surface of the liquid.

Chicken fat is high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid essential for life. Although it doesn’t sound very appetizing, chicken fat is actually a quality ingredient.

The eighth ingredient is dried chicken liver, a dehydrated product made from whole chicken livers. Because it contains about 62% protein and 20% fat, this item makes a favorable addition to this dog food.

The ninth ingredient is pumpkin. Pumpkin is a nutritious addition high in complex carbohydrates, beta-carotene and dietary fiber.

From here, the list goes on to include a number of other items.

But to be realistic, ingredients located this far down the list (other than nutritional supplements) are not likely to affect the overall rating of this product.

With five notable exceptions

First, flaxseed is one of the best plant sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Provided they’ve first been ground into a meal, flax seeds are also rich in soluble fiber.

However, flaxseed contains about 19% protein, a factor that must be considered when judging the actual meat content of this dog food.

Next, we find alfalfa, a flowering member of the pea family. Although alfalfa is high in protein (18%) and fiber, it’s uncommon to see it used in a dog food. This hay-family ingredient is more commonly associated with horse feeds.

In addition, we note the inclusion of inulin, a starch-like compound made up of repeating units of carbohydrates and typically sourced from chicory root.

Not only is inulin a natural source of soluble dietary fiber, it’s also a prebiotic used to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog’s digestive tract.

Next, vegetable pomace is the solid by-product of vegetables after pressing for juice or oil. This item contains the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems of the fruit.

Vegetable pomace can be a controversial ingredient. Some praise pomace for its high fiber, while others scorn it as an inexpensive pet food filler.

Just the same, there’s probably not enough vegetable pomace here to make much of a difference.

And lastly, this food contains chelated minerals, minerals that have been chemically attached to protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals are usually found in better dog foods.

Brothers Complete
Advanced Allergy Care
The Bottom Line

Judging by its ingredients alone, Brothers Complete Advanced Allergy Care looks like an above-average dry dog food.

But ingredient quality by itself cannot tell the whole story. We still need to estimate the product’s meat content before determining a final rating.

The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 33%, a fat level of 17% and estimated carbohydrates of about 42%.

As a group, the brand features an average protein content of 36% and a mean fat level of 17%. Together, these figures suggest a carbohydrate content of 39% for the overall product line.

And a fat-to-protein ratio of about 48%.

Above-average protein. Near-average fat. And below-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

Even when you consider the protein-boosting effect of the peas, flaxseed and alfalfa, this looks like the profile of a dry product containing a significant amount of meat.

Bottom line?

Brothers Complete Advanced Allergy Care is a grain free plant-based dry dog food using a significant amount of named meats and egg as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning the brand 5 stars.

Enthusiastically recommended.

Please note certain recipes are sometimes given a higher or lower rating based upon our estimate of their total meat content and (when appropriate) their fat-to-protein ratios.

Brothers Complete Dog Food
Recall History

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    I think your new moniker is an elegant way to help people develop their ability to visualize the apostrophe between the a and the s. As for the rest of the folks here whose natural tendency is to interpret it another way (like your truly) we can only hope they use that self knowledge to try to better themselves going forward.

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     Hey Melissa, I definitely like Melissascrew better. ROTFLMAO!  🙂

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     Hey Richard, thanks, he looks a lot like me. His Dad is so jealous lol. Love the new pic of you in the blue shirt-my favorite color. Every inch of my fridge is covered in pictures, and I also have a bunch of framed  8×10’s hanging on the walls. I love looking at other people’s pics too.  🙂

  • Pattyvaughn


    I’m fortunate to have tons of family around and they all watch for old wood frames at garage sales and so forth. I have a preference for simple and not over done, but they still find an amazing variety for me, in all different styles, shapes, and sizes. My wall has 4 soon to be 5 generations of family and some beautiful scenes from family trips. I love the times when I have to add something new, but I think my picture wall is so full that it’s starting to spread to other walls. Oh well!

  • Melissaandcrew

     Lol Richard-

    Worst part is that I actually started replying to John as Melissascrew and only when I was about to hit “post as” did I realize how it looked : )

    The ferals are named after the woodpile-Logger, Timber, Woody, Oakie and Squirrel-feral mom is “Maple”. The kittens have come around nicely and are looking for real homes-my neighbor has committed to taking two mid week or so, so 3 will remain. I have no intents on keeping any one, however, no one will be “kicked to the curb” : )

  • My dear melissascrew

    I’ve been laughing continuously since I read your post. My 9 year old keeps looking at me with a quizzical look and asks “what’s so funny?”

    I’m afraid I will never be able to think of you as melissaandcrew. Even if I do write it that way you can be certain I shall forever think of you now as melissascrew and enjoy a delightful moment each time I see your new name and remember today – the day you shared your wonderful sense of humor and kept me laughing all evening. 

    Love the picture of your crew. Are you planning on keeping all of them? With your quirky sense of humor and instinct for sniffing out the inconsistencies in certain posters I think the crew at DFA will certainly plan on keeping you. 

  • Patyvaughn

    I started making my own walnut picture frames back when I was too poor to afford store bought frames. I took the only few hundred dollars I had to my name and bought a cheap Sears table saw and would collect free Walnut wood scraps from a local furniture shop and spend my nights in the cellar making picture frames. The cellar had a ceiling so low I had to position my head between the floor joists in the ceiling to be able to stand up. Eventually, I could afford better machinery and just kept on making them so my whole house matched.

    However, I do think the mix and match thing with all kinds of frames is really cool too. There’s no one great way – lots of ideas work. I think the main thing is that the walls are full of pictures of the people in your life that you love looking back at you no matter where you go in your house. No one can come into our home and mistake it for anybody else’s home – the walls are full of pictures that are a reflection of what our hearts hold dear. Whenever I visit someone’s house I’ve never been in before I always go for their photo collection.

  • Johnandchristo

    Good news, hope you do.

  • Melissaandcrew

    Lol. Yeah, I figured after a year plus or so, I would stay a while : )

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    Horay!!! You did it. Melissaandcrew, welcome and be proud! 

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    Without adopter’s rescue would be a mute point : )

    Oh, and I am now Melissaandcrew-Since you can’t use apostrophes, Melissascrew was a bit well, inappropriate : )

  • Johnandchristo

    He is cute!!  I must say how much I admire what you do. hard work? I’m sure. But the meaningful kind. I wish I could save them all, my little freya was on death row, and now hopefully she will be with us, her new family for a really long long time.  

  • melissa

    That is Woody-he missed out on the xtra toes : )

  • Pattyvaughn

    Oh and Richard, I have picture envy. Homemade walnut frames! You’re killing me. I have over 60 mix and match wood frames on my picture wall. It works, but…

  • Pattyvaughn

    I can’t tell you how much it pains me that I come here on my Ithingy. I can’t view all these pictures, and I’m as bad as Richard. I think it’s a super day when people pull out the photo album. :-p

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Melissa……

    They are beautiful. The one in the middle has a mustache.   

  • melissa

    Not my best photo, lol. Very difficult to get 5 kittens to sit still, especially when they just got back from the vet-all boys, 4 of the 5 have extra toes(back and front!) Little guy in the front with the white face missed out in the toes department-he just has normal feet : )

  • melissa

    Alright-trying again

  • InkedMarie

    Richard, like you, I have mostly photos on my walls: my human family, the dogs (past and present) and my parrots!

  • InkedMarie

    Great pictures!

  • Johnandchristo

    When you make as many typo’s as me, you need a million dollar sense of humor. Oh well I’m all paws.

  • John

    You have a million dollar sense of humor. 

  • Labs

    Here’s a bigger photo taken while I was setting up the camera that shows some of the pictures I have framed on the wall behind me. I made the Walnut frames and filled 22 of them with old pictures I found in Marisa’s photo albums of her life before we met, as well as a few current ones. If I had my way I think I’d cover the walls with photos. I used to hang art but I finally decided to hang pictures of my family and friends on the walls of this old Stone Barn I converted into a home back in Pa and it was great. I must have had over 150 framed pictures all over the place in matching walnut frames I made in my wood shop.

  • Johnandchristo

    LOL! what difference does it make to me?  Iris, sclera
    I’m a dog for goodness sake. You got me patty! 🙂

  • Pattyvaughn

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

  • Pattyvaughn

    I hope your iris’s aren’t white. That might be very bad, and would certainly make you extremely sensitive to light. But I’d be glad to hear that Brand X was having the same effect on Christo’s sclera as it is on Gideon’s, who always looked somewhat hungover but is now bright eyed and bushy tailed.

  • Dave’s Hounds

     I rotate through the 5 lb bags of each. The dogs love them all (I have not tried allergy yet)

  • Labs

    What a beautiful little boy you have there. I hadn’t seen these pictures yet so thanks for sharing them. I can never get enough pictures – I absolutely love looking through albums of peoples lives.

    My new avatar is the result of me setting up the camera and taking some “test” pictures with the remote control to make sure I had the exposure right and the remote was working. Marisa wanted some pictures of the two of us for the Brothers web site. So I was thinking of her while I snapped a few photos of me and adjusted the camera until it was where I wanted it.

    Later I went to delete the pictures of me and actually found one I like – because I wasn’t posing I guess. 

  • Johnandchristo

    My iris’s are pure white since eating brand X. and I have boundless energy to type away.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’ve tried Red Meat, White Meat, and am now using Fish. My dogs are doing great! I can’t wait to try Allergy next! Even my picky dog, that used to only eat every third day, eats every day now, and I have no trouble maintaining his weight. This is the first time in a long time that I have been able to keep all three dogs on the same food, and all three thrive.

  • LabsRawesome

     Hey Richard, here’s some new pictures, not sure if you’ve seen these.  🙂

  • LabsRawesome

     Hey John, “brand X” treats. You are too funny! Her name is Trinity.  🙂

  • Johnandchristo


    Those are great pics, your dog has a maternal instinct. If you told me already I’m sorry, but what is her name? These did not come out to good. he was rolling on the floor after eating some “brand X treats”
    guess he likes them.

  • Labs

    Your pictures are so bloody cute! I saw two of them before but the one of the little kitten is just adorable.

  • LabsRawesome

     Hey John, YEAH, big intimidating dogs. LOL.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Alexandra….

    She has really grown on me, lol. That little face.

  • Johnandchristo

    Thank you Labs, maybe in the future I’ll say” they thriving on Brand X” lol.  Maybe are avatar’s are intimidating. This breed of dog has been known to lick people to death you know.

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi BennyandJoon, Please explain what I said to you that was either “rude” or “mean spirited”???

  • LabsRawesome

     Hey John, Christo, Kitzen, and Freya are all the proof you need to show how great your babies are doing on Brothers. All of them are just so healthy looking!! The glare from Christo’s coat is blinding me!! LOL  😉

  • Nectarmom

    I ordered a bag of the Allergy Formula and plan to feed it to just my one with Intestinal allergies and I will let you know how it goes 😉

  • Alexandra

    Freya is gorgeous John!

  • Johnandchristo

    What a cliff hanger? Its cat day on the DFA, Mine has doubled in size,eating brand

  • melissa

     oops..pix was too large to post!

  • melissa

     My now not so feral kitten litter after their vet visit. One of the neighbor’s is going to adopt two of them, Yay!

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Dr Mike…..

    I will cease all comments. And most certainly ignore any more accusatory barbs that may or may not be headed my way. In my defense, they singled me out. After doing the same to Shawna. A few posts down,
    this occurred. My apologies for not resisting the urge to respond to childlike comments. I was indeed discourteous, therefore I apologize. 

  • melissa


    First, Richard’s offer was nothing but kind, generous and professional. He very clearly indicated that you could email him your info privately, and once verified as to the purchase amount etc, a refund would be sent posthaste.

    Second, I do not use Brother’s dog food-never have and currently don’t, because I am not a fan of mail order products-if my dog’s have a problem ,I want to be able to pack up the food, and return it immediately. With that said, when I spend typically $50-75 a bag for dog food, you better believe I would request a refund if the product did not work for my dogs.

    I don’t think there are bunches of people out there who have had problems, though I am sure there are some that did. Several people mentioned that their dogs stool was way too hard on the red meat(scroll back) and not a single one of them was harassed because of the reported issue. Not everything will work for every dog.

    Given the recent rash of a poster or two with a vendetta against either Richard or Brothers, you should realize that your sudden appearance(within days of getting rid of the last one) is going to be suspect- Your comments may be true, and completely unrelated, however, your refusal to allow Richard to verify your story continues to make you suspect. Personally, I would give Richard the info via email, wait for my promised check to arrive, and then post here that I was legit-and wait for the expected apologizes to roll in. But hey, that’s me-

  • BennyandJoon

    I’m sorry Mr Sagman that you misunderstood me.. I dont think that richard was harassing me. I was talking about the rude and mean spirited comments from labs and johnandchristo

  • Dear JohnAndCristo,

    Because of your friendship with Richard, I can understand your frustration regarding this new visitor’s remarks.

    However, rather than violate our rules by being discourteous, it would be better for you to simply ignore this individual.

    Just flag any comments you feel violate our commenting policy.

  • BennyAndJoon,

    I can’t see where Richard’s response to your negative experience with his product could be considered harassment.

    However, the discourteous nature of your response IS indeed a violation of our rules.

    Posting here is a privilege – not a right. Please consider yourself duly warned.

  • Johnandchristo

    And you never will again. If your not telling fibs prove it. Then you read the commenting rules, this web site is for helping people. You use and abuse it for your own little war(very little). So sad 🙁

  • BennyandJoon

    Please leave me alone richard. I am sorry my pits didnt do good on your food. I will post my name and date of purchase when everyone that has a dog that did good on brothers posts there name and date.

    I dont want anything from you. It aint right the way people who have a dog that did badly on brothers get harassed here. Maybe theres lots more people whos dogs did badly on brothers that just dont want to put with all the name calling.

  • BennyandJoon

    You should read the commenting rules and stop calling me a liar. My comments about brothers are true. I have never seen anyone on any other forum allowed to spam a product the way you spam brothers. Now please leave me alone!!!!

  • BennyandJoon

    I’m sorry to hear that both your Pits seemed to react poorly to the Brothers but am glad to hear they are doing well now. While it’s very unusual for two dogs to react the same way, it’s even more unusual that they are both Pits that are reacting poorly to Brothers.  

    We’re in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, which seems to be the Pit capital of the USA and we have more than 200 customers whose Pits were having many of the issues you indicated your dogs were having. Their Pits cleared up and are doing quite well on Brothers and they are now confirmed Brothers users, so it’s very disappointing that it didn’t help your two Pits.

    However, as Melissa reported and I imagine you saw on the Web Site, Brothers has a 100% guarantee of satisfaction so I’d be more than happy to refund your money. You reported that you purchased two  bags of Brothers so simply post the name you purchased the Brothers under and the date of purchase and I’ll send you a check immediately.

    You may email me at [email protected] directly if you prefer.

  • Johnandchristo

    This is Freya, she has grown quite a bit. I just ordered more Brothers cat food She loves it and is thriving. Freya and Christo are best friends now. She like’s his fish kibble to, he share’s with his new friend. She has a healthy appetite and is quite vocal when hungry. Freya is my little helper, when Christo leaves crumbs she cleans them up. I don’t think they could be any healthier.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Labs…..

    That is a good idea. We all know it is very unlikely that the account is true. If it is I will be surprised. But if its not, yet again it proves that the same old fake is back
    and abusing this web site. They could email Richard. And I’m sure if they did He would post it. If bennyand loon are telling the truth. This is a really sad person.

  • LabsRawesome

     I think Bennyandjoon should give Richard their real name that they purchased the Brothers dog food with, and let him check his records, to confirm whether or not this story is true.   🙂

  • melissa


    So sorry to hear of the issues your dogs had. Since Brothers is 100 percent guaranteed, did you contact Richard and let him know of these issues when they were occurring?

  • BennyAndJoon,

    You were temporarily suspended from this forum because (1) you did not reply to my earlier email. And (2) in the short time you’ve been present here (24 hours), many of the comments you’ve posted have been incendiary in nature and contributory to a very unfriendly exchange between two longtime members.

    In addition, your mention of specific products and topics fits the same pattern exhibited by another visitor known for using fictitious identities to mislead and provoke others.

    Frankly, I remain suspicious of your behavior and suggest you acquaint yourself with our commenting policy before posting any other comments.

  • EvesHumanMom

    Hi BennyandJoon,
    If you are the only you and have not/ are not in violation of the commenting policy, I am sure Dr Sagman will reinstate your ability to post soon.  It’s just that recently on DFA, and especially this thread, at least one person has posted using different names, stirring up trouble,  and for some reason targeting Brothers.  This includes fake complaints.  Or they start out posting what seemed like a legitimate inquiry, but after awhile you realize they have other motives.  After this has happened a couple of times, and it got a little ugly,  I think he is just being extra careful now.

  • BennyandJoon

    I cant believe this. I got a email from Mr Sagman a little over 4 hours ago asking me to verify my email which I just did. Im sorry but I didnt read that email until just now. I had to use my daughters computer to write this cause I got banned in the meantime.

    EVERYTHING I have wrote about is true! Did I get banned cause my dogs had a horrible experience with brothers?  Mr sagman please put all my posts back. 

    I left the 99 off my email so I could post this.

  • Grace

    I wish we were able to ship Brothers into Canada but they make it very difficult for a small company to meet their criteria so for now I’m afraid we can’t help you. I’m really sorry but hopefully someday the president (or King or whatever you call him) of Canada will visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his dog and try Brothers Complete. After it makes his dog extremely healthy hopefully he will change the laws governing importing of dog food into Canada and you’ll be able to get Brothers – your dog will get totally healthy – and we’ll get a happy ending for all. I guess I’ve been hanging out with my 9 year old too much lately.

  • LabsRawesome

     Hey Johnandchristo, looks like Bennyandjoon somehow violated the commenting policy. Most of their posts have been deleted.  🙂

  • BennyAndJoon,

    Please respond to the email I just sent you. Thanks.

  • Johnandchristo

    Bennyandjoon …

    You have given me a purpose, every time you lie i will post ten times to counter your lies. you are so transparent. everyone can see though you. You keep showing up with a new screen name with the same old message we got it, now its time to mess with you.  

  • Johnandchristo


    Very funny! I read a little late your fake and fictitious
    account of the truth. You and your self had a go at a friend of mine. Love your impedimenta toward dog food 
    lol, I really and truly disbelieve that anything you say is true. you have used Brothers? Really? I have and it worked better than any food that I ever tried with my dog. Your contribution to this web site is like a septicemia. Your far fetched tall tales are anything but amusing . Dont think anyone is buying it:) 

  • BennyandJoon

    When I found my pits they scratched some and licked their paws. 
    They ate some food I got at costco while I looked around for a dog food for allergies. I found this place and Brothers allergy formula. I got a couple a bags. I read all the reviews by this guy johnandchristo and I was like this is some miracle food!

    Boy was I wrong. I switched them slowly to Brothers and they started to scratch a little more each day. I figured it was the toxins or something leaving their system. I kept feeding it to my guys and they kept scratching and scratching and now I noticed that they were shedding more then they use to. A guy I know told me to try Merrick before grain cause thats what he fed and his dogs were doing great.

    By the time I got the merrick my guys had a couple of hot spots from scratching. There hair got patchy and they shed so much. I switched them over slowly and maybe 2 weeks later they stopped scratching and licking there paws. A month after that there hair came back and the shedding went way down. Im sorry to say that in the year I had Benny and Joon brothers was the worst thing that ever happened to them.

    They now get switched between Merrick and Orijen . They never got the scratching problem again.   

  • Grace

    Thanks Richard, oddly I went to the website, but unfortunately you do not ship to Canada! (I probably should of done a little more Do you have this product available in Canada specifically the Greater Toronto area?


  • Hi Grace

    I’ve had a lot of positive experience with it – and it has all been with our customers dogs…LOL

    As far as treats goes my advise is to keep them grain and potato free as well. Brothers makes treats that are grain and potato free and the first ingredient is a meat meal but any treat is good as long as no grain or potato.

  • Grace

    Hi Everyone, 

    I just adopted a 7 year old westie named Gene.  Wonderful girl (I know she has the boy spelling for her name).  I took her to the vet for a check up and they advised that she has an ear infection, we have been treating this for 2 weeks topically.  They also advised that she may have allergies, and suggested Hill’s prescription z/d dry dog food.  I am not so keen on the ingredients, I know that it is an elimination diet…but the ingredients don’t seem very nutritious, and
    I couldn’t believe the price!!…anyway I decided to wait on this and do some research on comparable hypo allergenic dog foods.  after a lot of reviews I’ve decided to go with Brothers complete allergy formula…my question is have any others had any experiences to share about it…and if so what type of dog treats would you suggest adding? 

    Thanks in Advance for you help!

  • BennyandJoon

    I wish my pits would sleep with me but they dont!

  • Alexandra


    Yeah, once they have their spot, human is the odd one out. 🙂

    What we allow them to do…

  • Alexandra

    Yeah HDM,

    It’s to the point that Booker will even take the covers down to stake out his spot. And he’s so cute,that of course you won’t want to move him…

    How many back aches from sleeping in weird positions to accommodate the dogs?? 🙂

  • doggonefedup

    I can so relate to that! Two GSD’s that think it’s their bed and they just allow me and my wife on it. sometimes it’s a race for space cause they ain’t movin! It is a Tempurpedic w/ tilt & vibrate. If you turn on the vibrate they’re both in the middle of the bed four feet in the air.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Isn’t it funny how they just take over everything? Gertie sleeps with me (we don’t tell the other two..) and I swear she takes up 3/4 of my queen sized bed and she’s recently taken a liking to my favorite pillow…ugh.

  • Alexandra

    Hi Sandy!

    I relate completely. Queen sized bed, Booker has his own pillow, Dante lays on the foot of the bed, and I get what’s left! 🙂

  • I only sleep with my 4 pugs and they all have to touch or lean or lay on me somewhere.  And they did that before we got the Tempurpedic!

    Random picture:

  • Mike P

    funny pic…

  • BennyJoon

    I agree with the sterile stuff but if you dont want to introduce toxic formaldehyde into your doges system then you cant use dermabond either. This is what it says on dermabonds own site. 

     Do not use on patients with a known hypersensitivity to cyanoacrylate or formaldehyde. 

    Lets just disagree ok? I will use superglue on dogs nailswhen the styptic powder dont stop the bleeding and you wont.

  • One of the pug foster ladies at PugVillage has 16 sometimes!  14’s the most I’ve ever had at once.

  • EvesHumanMom

    Hi, Sandy,
    Just saw this on Pet MD and it so reminded me of your pugs.  Didn’t think anyone else would have so many!

  • melissa


    Dermabond and the like are Octylcyanoacrylate-alcohol free,  and sterile. 

    Super glue and the like are Methyl/Ethylcyanoacrylate- Using superglue on the skin can cause outright damage or the killing of the skin cells via the alcohol itself, the heat produced during the curing process, or the formaldyhyde produced during said process. Not to mention that dermabond is much more flexible once cured/dry.

    I personally have a problem with potentially introducing toxic formaldyhyde into my pets system or cells. I am not saying superglue Won’t work, just saying just because something will work, does not make it a safe option. Shrug.

  • Bennyjoon99

    Melissa check out cyanoacrylate that is what tissue glues AND superglues are. Tissue glues are formulated to sting less and they cost waaaaay more. I’d stick with the superglue for wounds and nail bleeds

    Dermabond is a cyanoacrylate tissue adhesiveSuperglue is a cyanoacrylate adhesive

  • melissa


    The glue Dr’s and vets use is specifically tissue glue-NOT crazy glue and its meant for skin contact-has nothing to do with stinging less. Its meant to be used on living tissue allowing the tissue to heal together without stitches or staples.

  • InkedMarie

    My first bag of Brothers Allergy arrived yesterday afternoon, I started mixing in a little with his current food with yesterday’s evening meal!

  • doggonefedup

    actually the best thing I have found so far to plug the quick and stop the bleeding is crayola crayons. You can even match the nail color if you want ;o]

  • BennyJoon

     Crazy glue type glues work great when the styptic powder dont stop the bleed. Human drs use it on patients all the time. They use a slightly different formula that is like a hundred times more expensive cause its not supposed to sting. I compared them both on myself and neither one stung. I’ll just stick with cheap super glue from now on.

  • Oh wow, Melissa’s reply was way better than anything I learned!  I appreciate the info too, Melissa!  

    Bella’s nails are super easy ~ they’re clear (white, whatever, and she’s super calm).  Sam is the exact opposite.  The vet was showing me that although Sam’s nails are black, the side of the nails have varying shades of color lighter than the top of the nail.  You can actually somewhat tell where the quick would be.  So, as long as I can get someone to help restrain him, I should be able to use the clippers I have already; which are:  I’ll probably still use the Dremel to “file” them after using the clippers, as long as I can get a little help holding him a bit.   

  • Dave’s Hounds

    Kroger and Meijer also fill pet meds

  • Addie

    Publix is a southern grocery store chain, and they fill antibiotics for free, including those prescribed for pets, which is super convenient. I think there’s others who have started doing that as well, but I’m not positive, so don’t want to spread false info. 

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Good to know. A couple weeks ago I was in Kinney’s and I noticed their pharmacy fills pet prescriptions now too, this was the first time I had heard of people pharmacies doing pet meds.

  • doggonefedup

    believe it or not, I once used cooked chicken liver. It was handy because I was using it as a bribe with one of my GSD’s   You can pretty much use anything nontoxic that you can mold between two fingers to stop the bleeding. ;o}

  • melissa


    Thanks for the tip! Haven’t tried cornstarch, but have some in the house : )

    I mentioned on another thread that I was at walmart last night-Am I the only person who never realized that they and Sam’s club now fill heartworm preventative Rx’s? Its called Pettrust PLus and supposed to be geenric of Heartgard-

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Dry cornstarch works good too. That’s what I usually use.

  • melissa

     Hi Marie-

    When trimming nails, TYPICALLY you can look at the side of the nail and cut back as far as the spot where it “begins” to hook or curve downward. Another way of eyeball measuring” the nail is to simply cut it even with the pad. It does not always work however if you are dealing with a dog that has had the nails allowed to grow out excessively, as the “quick” or main blood vessel will be much longer in those cases(exceeding the “start to hook, turn downward area”. In those cases, you frequently have to trim multiple times, a few weeks apart. After each trimming, the quick will start to naturally recede allowing you to ultimately trim the nails at the proper position.

    If you accidentally nick a quick, its not a huge deal, but it will bleed like crazy-keep a jar of “stop bleeding powder” handy for those cases-if you don’t have it, forgot it, whatever, a bit of white flour mixed with water(paste consistency) works great. In a worse case scenario, run to the shower, grab that bar of soap that is soft on the down side, and push the nail into the bar, giving it a small twist-the soap will plug up the nail ; )

  • InkedMarie

    Betsy, please elaborate about using the side of the nail as a guide. Thanks!

  • Oh, and they’re made in the USA also!

  • Hi Sandy,  Just thought I’d share this with you: Back to Basics Real Meaty Bites treats ~ grain & potato free!  Ingredients are turkey liver, turkey, tapioca & salt.  

    I picked up a bag of these today on the way home from the vet.  Sam had a puppy shot.  They trimmed his nails for me too, and made it look ridiculously easy (I’m not used to trimming black nails).  Fortunately, the vet showed me how to use the side of the nail as a guide.  Turns out I might not need the Dremel I bought after all.  Sam weighs 32 pounds today and weighed 10 pounds when we got him on July 6th.  He’s growing like the proverbial weed!

  • My new miniature foster addition:

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Betsy Greer……

    Nice post. A pet therapy dog can work wonders. In the adult Day Care I worked in (senior’s with Alzheimer’s) we had a beautiful yellow lab. Her name was maggie. She lived to be 16. She was beloved by the staff as well as are clients.  

  • InkedMarie

    Just emailed you….

  • InkedMarie

    That’s awesome, Betsy!

  • melissa


     Is she certified as a therapy dog? I might have missed that. If not, I would not suggest allowing any one to bring her to a nursing home unless you have her certified as a therapy dog, and have joined TDI-which provides an insurance policy for the therapy dogs-or at least it used to when I did it with my furkids. (many years ago)

    While she may be perfectly non aggressive, the liability is still here if she should scratch a resident inadvertently when perhaps they go to hold her etc and it would really stink to have your home owners sued simply due to trying to be nice : )

  • doggonefedup

     If you email me on my aol address mm1jj2m I will discuss what I know. I won’t post it. 

  • Thought I’d share with you all that Arabella had her first unofficial (very unofficial) therapy dog session today!  : )  

    My parents dog sit their grand dogs when I’m at work (incredibly kind and generous, I know I’m very lucky).  Anyway, they “borrowed” Bella today and took her to see a couple of friends in a local nursing home.  Katie, my daughter, went with them.  My parents were very surprised when they were there visiting the other day to find that they knew more than a few people who are patients there right now.  I think it caught them both by surprise (my parents are in their late 70’s) and they felt a little vulnerable.  They were so surprised at everyone’s reaction to Bella.  A friend with Alzheimer’s who didn’t recognize my mom yesterday, did today.  Another friend was so happy to see Bella, she asked my mom to bring her back again sometime soon.  Another friend waved and called “good-bye puppy!” as they were leaving.  

    So happy the nursing home welcomes pets.  It was a great experience for everyone and we’re looking forward to doing it again soon.  

    Thanks for indulging me.  : )

  • Thanks, Sandy!  I’ve wondered about the commercial raw medallions.  I think I’ll pick up some on my way home from work tomorrow.  It’s probably a safer route for me to go than using supplements right now.  I’m probably one of “those” people who gets a little crazy and thinks more of something is better.  

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi Richard, great pics. Very cute, thanks for sharing.  🙂

  • Left you a reply. Check just below.

  • I have Solger bone meal.  You can probably find bone meal at the health food store.  Or give him a raw chicken wing!  Or a 1 oz raw medallion (commercial raw) with his meals but you would need to cut down on some kibble.  For treats you can also just use the kibble.  Take out his serving for the day and use it for ‘treats’ also.

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    After examining my records, I cannot be certain the individual posting here as “DugItUp” has ever posted under any other identity. I’m sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

  • Thanks, Sandy!  

    These (Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch and Instinct Boost Bites) do look like great treats, also.  I just got a bag of each variety of the Brothers biscuits, but I think I’d like to try each of those you mentioned also.  The two you mentioned are pretty expensive compared to the Brothers, which are $9.99 for the 1 lb package.    

  • InkedMarie

    Can you let us all know about Evangers, please?

  • These are great!  Katie just got home from seeing a movie with her friend and I showed them to her, too.  She loved them!  Thanks for the smile.  : )

  • Thanks Sandy!  Funny thing is… those dang ingredients on the Eagle Pack bottle are so incredibly tiny.  I figured the label was blurry or something, but I guess it really is my eyes.  : )~  Is there a particular type of bone meal that you use?  Thanks!  

  • I also like to give treats that have bone in them as well.  I’ll use Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Crunch and Instinct Boost Bites or a spoon of homemade dog food and lots of other stuff but have to watch out since I have small dogs! They usually only get a treat after going outside and at bedtime.  Mine do best on Red Meat.

  • Hi Betsy

    Here are some pictures to show Katie that might get a smile out of her.

  • The Innova Health Bars also have grain and potato, Betsy.  Check the labels on everything you have.  And you’ve probably already heard from some others that you can feed less volume of Brothers per serving.

  • Thanks Richard!  : )

    I’ll stop the Innova treats, too as potato is the sixth ingredient.  

    Sam would be so excited to know that when “things are back to normal,” we get to open a fresh bag of On The Lamb treats!  ; )

  • Labs

    That is TOO cute. It’s a great visual representation of a feeling I’ve had more times in my life than I care to remember.

    Here’s a cute photo someone sent me yesterday.

  • LabsRawesome
  • Dave’s Hounds

    Betsy one of my hounds (now 10) was about a year old when we rescued him – he was going to be my son’s dog. That hound has not left my side for 9 years……

  • Hi Betsy

    Thanks for your kind sentiments. I’m really sorry to hear about you losing your husband and Katie losing her dad. Sometimes life is so tough – the only thing that makes it all worth the journey is the love we build between each other. Hopefully Sam will help Katie’s heart heal as much as is possible when suffering such a loss. My dog Patches helped me as a child through some very difficult times – dogs have a way of understanding how much they are needed and they usually respond with unconditional love and lots of it.

    I think I’d stop the EVO treats for Sam because the third ingredient is potatoes. See how he does without them. Maybe even stop all treats until he stabilizes again.

    Definitely keep Sam from munching on the Grasslands for the same reason – potatoes.

  • I know you all have explained this before, but I can’t recall why… 

    Is it…

    a) the case that sometimes puppies (or is it dogs in general) don’t digest red meat protein as well as white meat protein?  If so, why? 

    b) If it’s the case with a puppy, does that sometimes improve when they get older?  

    c) and, how do you give them those valuable red meat proteins if they don’t seem to digest them very well?  

    Sam is eating Brothers Allergy right now ~ we just finished transitioning over completely.  He seemed to be doing really well and poops were firming up.  Then, he got a few extra treats the other day (Brothers Red Meat Raves & EVO Red Meat Cravings) and the next day he was a gassy, poopy mess.  Bella is finishing up a bag of Acana Grasslands and sometimes Sam will snatch a few bites of what’s left over, so he won’t be getting those any longer.  I broke out a bag of Innova Healthbars (white meat protein).  He’s back on the pumpkin and Eagle Pack Holistic Solution this morning.  

    Thanks for your help!  I always appreciate your advice!

  • Richard,

    Such kind and thoughtful words.  Your genuine sincerity is so endearing to me.  I believe you can truly judge the kindness of someone’s heart by how they care for their pets.  I suspect you do as well.  Marisa sounds like an angel ~ you’re blessed to have each other.

    And, I couldn’t agree with you more; you said:

    “You have come up with a description that I think is a very succinct and accurate portrayal of what real love is actually like much of the time and should be taught to children as they grow into adulthood so they don’t think it’s supposed to be all sweetness and light.”

    This is exactly why Sam came to our house.  My 12 year-old-daughter was always terrified of dogs.  She finally felt she was ready, so we got Bella.  Bella is such an easy pup, but she has a tendency to cling to me.  Katie wanted a Golden and she begged and begged.  She showed me that she could be responsible.  Katie’s dad died two years ago and I felt that having a pup of “her own” to watch grow and for her to nurture (she’s signing up for the 4-H Dog Project in January : ) would be a great lesson in love and her reminder that love is full of great joy, and sometimes sorrow.  Blessings, Betsy

  • doggonefedup

    My computer crashed and I just got back online. send me your email address I am on aol. at mm1jj2m I have some info about Evangers you may be interested in. I’ll try to get back to you later this afternoon.

  • Johnandchristo

    Your welcome, good luck ,I’m sure Richard can help you. A dogs ear canal is pretty deep, my flat coat got ear infections all the time. I did not know it was his food then. The wax can really clog up their ears. After you cut off the grains and white potato he will be fine.

  • Mocha’s Mom

    Thank you so much!  I’ll try anything to stop her from suffering!  I’ll post some updates to chart her progress…

  • Johnandchristo

    Kelly my cats do that to. Christo jumps in my lap and heat butts me. He wants me to throw the ball 24 7 and does not want me on my lap top. I think dogs and cats do bring in good energy to a home I dont know what to call it. So I’ll say good magic.

  • Mocha’s Mom

    Thank you so much for responding!  I hate seeing her in distress, so I will do whatever to keep her healthy! She’s my best (and only) friend!

  • Cats also leave litter-box crunchies that tempt the little pugs that are bottomless pits.

  • KellyLight

    🙂 I heard somewhere that having both cats and dogs helps bring a good balance to the “energy” in a home, because dogs bring positive energy and cats “take away” negative energy. I think this is so true! And just to add some relevance to this thread…I’ve decided that the allergy formula is going to be next up on the rotation for my dogs’ kibble when they finish this bag of white meat protein.

    Here’s Sophie being very helpful indeed.

  • melissa

    You, Sandy, Shawna, Bob K, and the others who freely give of your money, time, energy, and love to rescue and nurture dogs who have no one else are very, very special people who are at the top of my list of “angels on earth” – you all deserve every good thing that comes your way.

    Marisa took care of a dog for 19 years that only a mother could love. It had been abused by it’s first owner and was just a miserable, grumpy, cantankerous Lhasa Opsa that wouldn’t even give Marisa an occasional kiss even though she kept asking him for one for 19 years. 

    He gave nothing back and she loved him and cared for him anyway – it’s a quality in people who rescue those in need that I greatly admire.

    Melissa, your remark to Dave…

     “The problem is running a rescue is NO retirement-you will work harder, longer hours than you ever did, and you will be taxed emotionally, physically and mentally like you never imagined.” 

    …reminded me that the bulk of what loving really is about is not the exhilarating or rewarding moments but the commitment to care, nurture, and love during the times that are difficult, repetitive, boring, hard, painful, disappointing and during which you often don’t really feel much like “love” at all.

    You have come up with a description that I think is a very succinct and accurate portrayal of what real love is actually like much of the time and should be taught to children as they grow into adulthood so they don’t think it’s supposed to be all sweetness and light. 

    So if you don’t mind I’m going to quote you on occasion to my son when describing what “Loving” is really like and I’ll add a little something to the end as follows:

    Son, when you truly love –  “you will be taxed emotionally, physically, and mentally like you never imagined”…because life is messy and loving often feels more like work than reward. It can be terrifying one moment and magnificent the next, but more often than not it is mundane and repetative and a testament to a persons determination to deal with a difficult reality while believing in the ideal. It will test your character like nothing else but ultimately it will give a meaning to your life that nothing else even comes close to.”  

    So forgive me for verbalizing an occasional tribute to you caring and beautiful people, but what makes you, (and my Marisa), able to rescue dogs, or love the “unloveable” is nothing less than a reflection of your inner beauty in my opinion, and I thank you for making the world a little better and a little brighter. 

  • melissa

    Please, don’t take off your hat, and if you do, don’t set it down..someone will chew it! lol

  • melissa

    Great pix sandy!

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Melissa……

    I agree, we still have our leather furniture. 4 dogs and 22 years later. we have it in the basement/den. 15 dogs, wow hats off to you!

  • group shot

  • Hannahanna

    My babies dont like leather. I think they know what it is. They are to funny.

  • melissa


    The problem is running a rescue is NO retirement-you will work harder, longer hours than you ever did, and you will be taxed emotionally, physically and mentally like you never imagined. With that said, I would not trade a single one of these rejects for all the $$ in the world : ) And trust that the word “reject” is used lovingly, as that is what they were-adopted or coming into rescue as a “last chance” option either due to age, health or foul temperaments : )

  • Dave’s Hounds

     we only buy leather furniture and our car seats are leather – much easier to care for. We only have two! Wow 15! My retirement dream is to open up a rescue

  • melissa

     Lol. We allow the crew on the furniture as well, but with 15, it gets crowded : ) The best thing we ever did was buy leather furniture-for years I was afraid they would chew it like a rawhide bone, or the nails would really ruin it, but we bit the bullet after the last set(microfiber) was looking beat up, and it was the best decision ever-easy to maintain-vaccuum, wipe down with a damp cloth, rub a dry one over it, and then spray with Pledge and wipe-its heading for 3 yrs old and looks as nice as the day it was carried in the front door : )

  • The poor thing is actually laying in a dog bed under the kitchen table.  She used to have free reign over the house, but now with Sam here, I have to keep them corralled together in an area where messes are more easily cleaned.  KWIM?  ; )

  • Johnandchristo

    I let Christo lay on the sofa too!! very cute.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Betsy…….

    A Golden pup, wow is he adorable! 

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi KellyLight….

    Thanks I was the one who at first said no more pets . now I think I’m the most in love with them, maybe.

  • Johnandchristo

    Thank you Sandy.

    I’ll look into it.

  • One more!  Tell me that one day he’ll play with her nicely without trying to eat her.  I’m sure, based on this photo, that he’s got it in him.

  • And, this is Arabella ~ she’s my sweetheart.  She’s the one that made me think that having a puppy was so easy, what difference would one more make.  🙂 )~ 

  • Sam’s my Golden pup – he’s 3-1/2 months old.  : )  

  • KellyLight

    Gorgeous kitties John! Very sleek and healthy 🙂 

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Betsy Greer,

    Thanks for your help. What kind of dog is Sam?

  • Cute.  : )  We might very well have a kitty instead of Sam if I weren’t deathly allergic to cats.

  • Johnandchristo

    Thanks Shawna…

    To think if we would have not taken her home what would have happened. I wonder if I won the lottery how many dogs and cats I would have living with me in my new mansion lol.

  • My ADHD & OCD are busy today… they can’t let me stop thinking about this… so, I get that a dog food creator decides what scientifically is good for a dog and then creates a synergistic product that provides excellent nutrition for our dogs, but who actually decides that it tastes good to dogs before it gets packaged, purchased and fed to my dogs at my house?  

    I remember very little about my childhood, but I do remember sitting on the curb one Saturday morning at 7:00 AM with my friend, Jay, eating Milk Bones while waiting for the garbage men to come past our homes.  Those Milk Bones weren’t terrible, but I can’t recall ever desiring another… especially after what we read were the ingredients.  

  • There’s also a new saliva allergy test out you can do at home or fat the vet if they have it.

  • Shawna

    Freya is a BEAUTIFUL little lady..  And very lucky I might add!!  You’ll have to video the two playing and post on Facebook or Youtube — then link to the video here.. 🙂  Would love to see it..

    I like Weruva canned food for dogs.  They make a canned for for cats too.  The dog food is legally fit for human consumption, as it is manufactured in a human facility, and I’m guessing the cat food is too.  It’s a bit pricey but as a topper for such a little thing it could be cost effective.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Shawna…….

    Thanks for the info. That changes my plans. Christo’s mama and I are hunting for a grain and white potato free canned cat food. BTW Freya is so cute everyone here is in love! She is now playing with Christo, it is so cute. She has a tiny face with great big eyes. Amour 2012.

  • Mocha’s Mom

    My guess is that your Jack Russell has got Systemic Candida to some degree. The Allergy formula is based on Turkey and Egg as the primary protein with a very strong emphasis on restoring the colon to optimum health which includes eliminating food ingredients (all grains and potato) that I believe are detrimental to the bacterial colony in the colon and the mucosal lining. Then Brothers feeds the beneficial bacteria with PREbiotics and provides a steady supply of fresh viable additional PRObiotics in a special delivery system that ensures 1,000 times more active colony forming units in the colon than normal probiotics applied to other dog foods.

    Candida takes about 6 months to get back into balance but you should see positive changes from the start. There may be the occasional “healing crisis” as the dog detoxes the accumulated toxins and dying Candida but they are a normal healthy process along the way to a healthy overall system.

    If you haven’t done so already, please go to and click on the picture of the Scroll on the Home page. It will open up the “Brothers Document” that will provide some insight into the nutritional philosophy behind Brothers as well as the nutritional needs of dogs.

    Any further questions can be posted here or in an email to me at richardd9229  @ 

  • Shawna

    Hi Doggone ~~ It goes beyond just the mislabeled product with Evangers..

    In the FDA warning letter they say they found “bovine material” instead of lamb in the food labeled lamb.  And a second violation – the duck product had no duck in it.

    I could see it happening with one food but two?? 

    They were also caught stealing 2 million in gas and electric services and required their employees to help them.

    And if that is not enough, the employees of Evangers won a law suit based around not being paid overtime wages.

    Not a very good track record.  I can’t trust the company after so many violations – just me though…

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi mocha’s Mom……

    Welcome! I think allergy turkey would be an excellent food for your dog. I recommend slowly (very) transitioning her. This food is nutritionally dense, and she will have to get used to higher(and more appropriated) fat and protein levels. I would also recommend that you have her ears cleaned. It will help short term with mitigating her distress. Adding in 20% raw or lightly cooked meat is a good idea too. Keep the carbs low, and your dog will thrive. But it will take time till she gets used to the food and detoxes. Hang in there, in the long run it will pay off big time. Good luck and 
    welcome to the DFA. PS hears before and after pictures of my dog, Since eating Brothers.

  • Mocha’s Mom

    Hi!  First time user and poster…
    I have a nine year old Jack Russell Terrier who had previously been on Pure Vita for the past three years but still had allergy problems.  I switched her to the Hill’s Prescription Diet Z/D Ultra Allergen and she seems to be doing okay… her allergies like to manifest in her ears, so there’s lots of shaking and scratching, while it has happened lately since she misses eating table food and steals it every chance she gets, it seems to be alright.

    I hate the Z/D.  She doesn’t go everyday and when she does, her stool is soft and stinky.  Anywho, my question is, will this be a good food for her? However, I think she might be allergic to protein… she ate a piece of bacon last night and then went crazy with her ears.  Cheese however seems to be fine.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi doggonefedup….

    I will let you know. Its next after we use up all the wellness and BBwilderness cans we have,Thanks.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Marie…..

    Maybe they will be even better! Good luck.

  • doggonefedup

    I’m not sticking up for Evangers but I can understand how mistakes like  mislabeling could happen. At about 3:40 into this video is a shot of how thier “Hand Packed” process works….

  • doggonefedup

    That was a case of “mislabeling”, the food itself was just fine.

  • InkedMarie

    Yep, you’re correct Melissa. 

  • melissa


    Didn’t they (Evangers)have a problem with the cans not containing what they were supposed to? As in missing the stated protein source?

  • doggonefedup

    the Brothers Allergy seems to be working well for me too. Let me know how you and Christos mama make out with the Evangers canned. The only one I don’t trust is the Evangers Handpacked. specifically Hunk of Beef and Chicken Thighs. I can elaborate on that if you want.

  • DugItUp,

    You have been previously warned both privately and publicly to take your personal obsession with this particular dog food brand and the individual who makes it to “another website, the streets of a big city or to Judge Judy”.

    Yet you continue to return here again and again with the intent to disturb the peace and annoy others.

    You have made your personal dislike of Brothers known to all. Many times. And you’ve used multiple fake identities to post your comments. Claiming you’re here for any other reason than to provoke an argument is nonsense.

    As I’ve stated before, I’m not here to defend this or any other dog food product. However, I AM here to protect the website and the community I’ve worked so hard to build.

    For proof, please notice every one of your anti-Brothers tirades are all still here (unedited and in their entirety) for the world to see. And as a matter of public record.

    You are no longer welcome here. Please do not post any other comments on this website.

  •  Hi John

    You and Christo are definitely the poster boys for Brothers.  I am very happy that Christo is thriving on his feeding regimen.

    In the spirit of full disclosure can you please say whether you have ever received any free food or anything else from Richard or Brothers?

    Thank you,
    Doug Gold
    Animal Advocate
    [email protected]

  • InkedMarie

    Thanks John. I’m going to take before & after pics. Hopefully they’ll be as good as Christo’s!

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi InkedMarie….

    I just saw your post now(18 hours late) Thank you, and sure it will work great for your dogs. For me it was a God send. Good luck.

  • InkedMarie

    You’re one reason I have a bag of Brothers on the way to me 🙂

  • Johnandchristo

    Hey InkedMarie…

    The difference most certainly inspired me to post. I want everybody to have a healthy dog too !  

  • InkedMarie

    I missed these pictures, wow, what a difference!

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Lucy……

    The before picture was last November, the after yesterday. He has been eating Brother’s Complete for almost 9 months. It only took a few months to transform him. I cant rave enough about this food because my best friend is doing great, that make us both happy.

  • Lucy

    Wow!!!!  How long between pictures?

  • Dave’s Hounds

    Shawn, I haven’t tried the allergy formula but I rotate through the other three flavors.  My dogs have really done well on Brothers.

  • monkey

    Shawn, if your pug isn’t allergic to turkey, fish, peas, flaxseed or eggs then i think the food will be a success. In my opinon the allergy formula isn’t really a hypoallergenic food though. Turkey, fish, peas, eggs, chicken liver, flaxseed. We have been pretty successful with the food though, and you will really notice the coat getting softer/shinier in the first week or 2. Also less eye gunk and stinkiness!

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Shawn…

    I have had great success with Brother’s. I use all four kinds, but all allergy’s are gone. I will post two pics, before and after you be the judge. Brother’s is one heck of a great kibble.

  • My pugs don’t have ear infections/stinky ear, body odor, or anal gland issues if you consider that a “success”.  They eat all flavors of Brothers, but mostly the Red Meat one since I feed them raw chicken and sardines sometimes.

  • Shawn

    I just ordered a few sample packs from their website for my pug. She has had terrible allergies and I am hoping this food helps. Has anyone tried this with success?

  • doggonefedup

    I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

  • BryanV21

    Ah, yes. 

    BTW, I’m still trying to figure out if the formula change is a good or bad one. Or, I suppose, it’s not enough of a change to say one way or the other. 

  • doggonefedup

    since they are going into a kibble they may have just been using potato flakes too. 

  • BryanV21

    So by including the whole potato, skins and all, it’s more nutritious?

    And see what happens when you assume? 😉

  • doggonefedup

    I took for granted everybody already knew that too. so I didn’t think it was worth mentioning. For the most part they just “power wash” the skins off to eliminate any toxins that like to grow on the skin. It allows longer storage.

  • monkey

    Mike S, did you delete some of dugitup’s posts? I think i am actually on his side this time. Bryan was spewing nonsense and passing on stuff as if it were fact. 

  • Jess

    I thought everyone knew the skin of the potato contains almost all the nutrients in the potato. I guess that knowledge is only common knowledge up here in the great Northwest.

    The inside of the potato is where you find all your carbs, but the
    vitamins mentioned are almost all found in the skin. This is why you should keep the skins on when making mashed potatoes!

  • Shawna

    Hi guys — LONG day..  Haven’t been able to get on much..
    I’ve heard some, less reputable, companies use the parts of the potato that are left over from the human food chain — aka the discarded potato peel..  I don’t know why they might feel they would need to clarify as, we all know, they are a reputable company, but maybe they are just making it very clear that the whole potato is used versus human leftovers..?  Just a thought. 
    I’m not sure I could see any company taking the time to peel the potatoes they use in dog food — especially when most of the nutrients are just below the skin and could easily be removed if not very careful..  Admittedly I could be very wrong though :).

  • doggonefedup

    I’m thinking they just stopped removing the skin from the potato. 

  • BryanV21

    So it sounds like this change is not a deal, big or otherwise. So what is the big change… if any? Just in the weight of ingredients?

  • BryanV21

    I wanted to apologize to not only Mike, but to other members here. Sorry for interrupting things.

  • BryanV21

    Makes sense. I didn’t think of checking the Chicken & Burbank potato. Thanks, HDM.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Okay I just called Champion – The “Whole Potato” is still Russet potato, they just changed the wording for the new formulas (as I suspected).

  • DugItUp,

    The provocative nature of your comments here continues to suggest you’re here to promote some unexplained personal agenda.

    After repeated private and public warnings from me, please understand you are no longer welcome on this website.

    Any further postings from you using any known or fictitious identity will be permanently deleted.

  • doggonefedup

    Whole potato btw if properly handled would provide beneficial “soil-bugs” in the form of probiotics and healthy flora.

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    The conversation here on this thread today is not in keeping with the rules of courtesy on this website.

    Snarky remarks and sarcastic responses do not contribute to the general discussion and will be deleted.

  • doggonefedup

    Whole potato unless specified could be any of the common potatoes WITH THE SKIN ON. So in the case of “Chicken & Burbank Potato” I would assume they are using Russet Burbank Potatoes, they just aren’t peeling them. The concern there would be that both sweet potato and common potato if not properly handled could have some very bad toxins growing on the skin.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I believe Acana just changed the wording from “Russet Potato” (or whatever it said before) to “Whole Potato.” If you check the ingredients list for their “Chicken & Burkank Potato” food it says “whole potato” in the ingredients list. Due to the fact that the food is called “Chicken & Burbank Potato” obviously the “whole potato” is in fact Burbank potato –  Burbank potatoes are a variety of Russet potatoes. So I’d assume all of the formulas still contain Russet Burbank potatoes…or at least that’s most likely what the “whole potato” is?

  • dugitup – dog food guide


    You said:

    “First of all, I’m not apologizing for anything. You bring up things out of the blue in order to bash Brothers, and now Halo, foods”

    I never asked anything about Halo Foods, it was Ken Wilkes from DNA foods that I asked a couple of questions.

    So I will ask you again:

    Where do I attack or bash Halo foods (I had to ask even though I never said anything about Halo Foods) or Ken Wiles form DNA foods.

     And you say I don’t pay attention?


  • BryanV21

    First of all, I’m not apologizing for anything. You bring up things out of the blue in order to bash Brothers, and now Halo, foods. I’m not the only person that’s called you out on those things, so spare me your innocent reaction.

    Secondly, not once did you mention that “whole” potato could mean “russet” potato. I made that assumption, and I stated that it was an assumption by saying it the way I did (which you quoted, but are too busy trying to prove me wrong instead of thinking), because why call it “russet” on one bag and “whole” on the other?

    Thirdly, sweet potato never even came up. You argue like a child with ADD. More evidence of your tr*ll-like behavior.

    It’s apparent to me, and probably others, that you’re whole reason for being here is to annoy. Over and over you try to discredit people, and the only one buying into that is yourself. It would be sad if you weren’t such a jerk about it.

    In summary, you’re wasting your breath, and you’ve wasted my time. You’re a nuisance… go away, or at the very least stop replying to me, because I couldn’t care less about the crap you spew.

  • dugitup – dog food guide

    Bryan you said when referring to the new Acana Ranchlands formula:

    The only big change in the formula is they went from using Russet Potatoes to white, or whole, potato.

    On their website Acana Ranchlands label reads “whole potato” and further down”sweet potato”
    Nowhere on the label does it say “white potato”

    Russet potato and whole potato could be the very same ingredient. 

    You keep posting incorrect information that could cause a consumer to make the wrong decision based on your comments

    You also said in referring to me:

    “You attack others here without provocation (first Richard, and now Ken)” 

    I can see why you might think that I attacked Richard, But please show me WHERE I attacked Ken Wilkes of DNA pet foods?

    You should apologize to me for publicly accusing me of something I did not do!

  • dugitup – dog food guide

    In the USA the potato can be divided into four basic categories: russet, long white, round white and round red. Their scientific name is  SOLANUM TUBEROSUM.

    When you see the word potatoes used on a dog food label that food might contain any of the above cultivars of potato

    All potatoes of the family Solanum Tuberosum contain lectins.
    The actual amounts of lectins in each variety I do not know.  

    If you are concerned about lectins you should avoid all potatoes (solanum tuberosum).

  • dugitup – dog food guide

    In the USA the potato can be divided into four basic categories: russet, long white, round white and round red. Their scientific name is 

    When you see the word potatoes used on a dog food label that food might contain any of the above cultivars of potato

    All potatoes of the family Solanum Tuberosum contain lectins.
    The actual amounts of lectins in each variety I do not know.  

    If you are concerned about lectins you should avoid all potatoes (solanum tuberosum).

  • doggonefedup

    However, to the best of my knowledge the branched
    structure of amylopectin, it is more rapidly broken down into glucose units as
    compared to amylase which has a helical structure. Consequently, starches with
    a high amount of amylopectin will be associated with a higher glycemic index,
    and those with a higher amylase content will have a lower glycemic index.   Maybe some one would care to elaborate

  • BryanV21

    You’re killing me! LOL

  • doggonefedup

    I was kinda thinking maybe Dugitup would love to answer that question :o] 

  • BryanV21

    Awesome info, thanks. Not that you haven’t already given a lot of information, but do you know how each affects dogs?

  • doggonefedup


    There are more than 200 varieties of common potatoes,
    However for all practical purposes, potatoes fall into two easy categories –
    baking potatoes and boiling potatoes. There’s also a middle ground. Probably the chief difference between the two types is
    the amount and nature of starch each contains. Baking potatoes are relatively
    high in starch and it is called amylose starch. Boiling potatoes are low in
    starch and it is called amylopectin. This pectin (just as with fruit for jams)
    is what holds the potato together when boiling or in soup and stews.

    Baking potatoes These are also called
    starchy potatoes. They tend to be long and have a coarse, cork-like skin. They
    are high in starch, with a dry, mealy texture. But, they turn light and fluffy
    when cooked. They are ideal for baking, mashing and French fries. They are
    light and fluffy baked, light and creamy mashed, and frankly, the only potato
    worth frying. Some of the names you’ll see them under in the supermarket are
    Russet Burbank, Russet Arcadia, Norgold Russet, Goldrush, Norkotah, Long White
    (or White Rose or California Long White), and Idaho.

    Boiling potatoes These are also called waxy
    potatoes. They come in a variety of shapes and can be long or round. They have
    a thin, smooth skin and an almost waxy flesh. They are relatively high in
    moisture and sugar, but low in starch. They are ideal for soups, casseroles,
    potato salad, roasting, and barbecuing because of their tendency to hold their
    shape. You can mash them, but instead of smooth and creamy, the results tend to
    be thick and lumpy.

  • BryanV21

    BTW, I looked it up and it was 3 varieties of the Fromm 4-Star GRAIN-FREE foods I was thinking of, not their 4-Star grain inclusive foods like Duck & Potato (although their Pork & Applesauce does have chicken in it). Salmon Tunalini has chicken liver, Game Bird has chicken meal, and Surf & Turf has chicken (low on the list, but still there).

  • BryanV21

    When I first read the ingredients of Acana Ranchlands, and saw that difference, I had no idea either. But figured it was worth looking up in case that could affect things. I’m hoping somebody chimes in with a more thorough difference between the two types of potato, and how each affects dogs.

  • neezerfan

    That’s interesting, Bryan. I didn’t know that white potatoes are considered a separate type of potato than Russets. Thanks for that info.

  • BryanV21

    I do understand being preemptive as far as possibly developing an allergy to chicken, so I get where you’re coming from. But if somebody’s dog isn’t showing any signs of allergies, then I wouldn’t push them away from rotating between Fromm 4-Stars or Wilderness. 

    I’m mainly thinking about a dog getting all the benefits from different meat sources, which can still occur. But if an owner expresses concern, or a dog shows signs of allergies, then I’ll make sure chicken is in and out of the rotation or out completely.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Actually it is an issue if the same ingredient is in all foods. If the main meat/protein changes but say, chicken, is still in the formula the dog will still be getting exposed to chicken daily and be more likely to develop a sensitivity. Like Blue Wilderness for example, you can rotate through the Duck, Salmon, and Chicken and the main protein will change but your dog is still eating chicken every day either way. I think when rotating it’s best to use single protein foods or rotate through foods that only use a certain group like all red meat then an all poultry or all fish.

  • BryanV21 


    I think it’s time for YOU to move on. You attack others here without provocation (first Richard, and now Ken). If you have a problem with their food then contact the manufacturer, and quit pestering good posters here. 

    You’ve been called out numerous times for being wrong. You can call yourself “canine fact checker” or “dog food guide”, but what I’m going to call you is “full of it”.

  • dugitup – dog food guide


    You said:

    “after doing very little research, I found that there is indeed a difference. Russets are starchier than white potatoes”

    You should have done a little more research because Russets are not starchier than white potatoes. 

    A russet potato is a white potato! 

    There are many varieties of white potato. There are several varieties of Russet potato. Russets are starchier then some other varieties of white potato.

    Bryan, I do not want to argue with you. You posted a comment in which you gave incorrect information. I posted the correct information. 

    You may or may not care if your post contained incorrect information but there are other people who might read you post and make a decision based on that info. Now they can make a decision based on the correct information.

    It’s time for us to move on.

    Thank you

  • aimee

    Hi Nectarmom,

    My dog is on a potato based food and has always had normal Potassium levels. 

    I find it unlikely that there is a dietary cause for the increased blood level as the body is very effecient at regulating potassium. ( If there is a problem with normal regulation by the kidney than diet can influence blood levels) This is why there isn’t a limit placed on Potassium levels in food by either AAFCO or NRC.

    “….the amount of K+ ingested has little affect on plasma K+.”

    This link list variuos reasons for increased K

    I think rechecking is a good idea as simple lab/sampling errors can give elevated results.

  • BryanV21

    I’m aware of why chicken and lamb are high allergens, as well as beef, but thanks for making sure.

    I’ve also stated many times that I recommend rotating foods. Not just to help avoid developing allergies, but also because not one meat has everything a dog needs for a balanced diet. The phrase “best of both worlds” has been used by me many, many, times.

    As for some ingredients being in all varieties, that’s not a big issue. The issue is whether the main meat/protein is different than in another food. Fromm uses chicken meal in most of their 4-star foods, but that doesn’t mean the dog doesn’t benefit going from… say… Pork & Applesauce to Salmon A La Veg to Duck & Sweet Potato.

    Speaking of potato, I wasn’t sure there was a difference between white and Russet potatoes, which is why I phrased my response the way I did. However, after doing very little research, I found that there is indeed a difference. Russets are starchier than white potatoes, and some dogs can have a hard time with starch in foods (I knew of the lectin thing, but not the starch).

    BTW, “dog food guide” is better than what you went by before, but seriously… is that necessary? Just go by “dugitup” for God’s sake.

  • dugitup – dog food guide


    Chicken is probably “a high allergen among dogs” because of it’s overuse not because of anything inherent to chicken.

    Lamb was a big hypoallergenic food when it first came out because it was a novel protein to a lot of dogs.  Now due to it’s overuse lamb is “a high allergen”.

    Most dogs would benefit from diet rotation. This would cut back on some cases of food allergy.  Protein should be rotated monthly if you can. 

    I would look for foods that don’t use the same protein in all their foods, Brothers uses turkey meal in all their foods.

    The Russet potato IS a white potato. 

  • Nectarmom

    Yes Bryan is correct about the potato issue. I took my 2yr old shihtzu in for her yearly annual yesterday and got the bloodwork back this morning and her Potassium was “high” My vet said Potatos in a food can cause this and too high of Potassium is deadly so with that said we are going to be probably switching to Brothers Allergy. We are also going to run another in house bloodwork on her Potassium to see if we needto actually treat further. Maybe these dog food companies are working with the vets to get them more $$$??

  • BryanV21

    Okay. The only big change in the formula is they went from using Russet Potatoes to white, or whole, potato. I know some dogs have issues with white potato, so perhaps that’s it.

    Just trying to help pinpoint the issue, so if you have to switch again for whatever reason you can avoid it.

  • Deannaroppo

    My dog was on Ranchland.

  • BryanV21

    Acana’s Wild Prairie formula uses chicken. Chicken is a high allergen among dogs, so I wonder if your dog developed that allergy. Because although Acana did change their formulas, it wasn’t so drastic that it should make a difference.

    BTW, I’m not saying go back to Acana, I’m just wondering because just about every company uses chicken or chicken meal, so you may want to avoid that ingredient altogether.

  • Deannaroppo

    I was using Acana I will tell you the kibble is small enough where my dog can eat it just fine and i dont have to cut!! I use to have to cut the Acana in 1/2!! If you visit the website and look for the sample bags it shows pics of the kibble-

    That’s another thing I love- no other company does that.. For owners with small breeds kibble size is important!

    I will deff tell you to try the Brothers food- so far we are happy!!

  • Deannaroppo

    thanks for the response- I ended up buying the food- My Yorkie has been on it since the 13th… so far so good!! I was on Acana for a long time, till I bought a new bag and Peanut started itching like crazy- which he has never been on Acana! Then I heard they switched the formulas!! Big no no!!

    The food smells better than Acana, Kibble is smaller, Peanut loves this food too, it use to take him a day and 1/2 to eat 1/3 of a cup now he eats 1/3 a day!!

    I am really happy so far- I hope Peanut conts to do well on it!!

  • doggonefedup


    there is a picture on the website you can look at to get an idea

  • Nectarmom

    Can anyone tell me how big the kibble is in the allergy formula? I have Chihuahuas and their tiny mouths need small kibble bites. Also one of my Chi’s has intestinal allergies to what we do not know. All 4 of my dogs were doing well on the Acana Pacifica until they changed ingredients so now we must switch kibble once again….sigh

  • Lancehyatt1

    After a year of trying all of the top rated dog foods, this is the best dog food I have come across. Both of my miniature Poodles have been on this food for four weeks and the results have been incredible. Coats are gorgeous, eyes are clearer than they’ve ever been. No gas, perfect bowel movements (due to the high quality of probiotics and their manufacturing process. Richard Darlington is a perfectionist when it comes to producing his dog food products. He answered all of my questions and concerns. I only wish I would have found his food sooner. Plus, my dogs are crazy for the food. My dog wakes up in the morning and rings his bell to go out, but now he is actually ringing the bell because he wants his Brothers food! Anyone who is considering trying this food, just do it! You will have a new dog in 1-2 months.

  • Deannaroppo

    Never heard of this food, I want to try it but ive been told it seems like s complicated food for an ” allergy” based food.. has anyone had their dog on this long term?

  • GSDGal ;)

    Melissa, that’s for sure!!! I was really getting discouraged and had almost given up. I’m sure glad too!!! =)

  • melissa

    That’s awesome. Hopefully now things will continue on the up side. Its so frustrating to keep throwing food into a dog that seems to not utilize it-an uphill battle you feel you are not winning. So glad to hear that all is looking up!

  • GSDGal ;)

    Thanks Alexandra!! 🙂 it’s fun feeding them now that it’s doing some good! 🙂

  • Alexandra

    That is great news!!! Congrats!

  • GSDGal ;)

    Well I emailed Cindy Rhodes at Leerburg and asked her what I should do. She asked if I had done a specific test to see if their pancreas were working. When I called my vet to find out we talked some more and he said that the problem was they weren’t absorbing their food properly. They were digesting it ok but not actually getting much good out of it. He said that sometimes there is scarring on the intestinal wall that prevents the nutrients from getting into the body. He thought that if that was the problem I was just kind of toast. Well I knew better than that so I email Toxed. She said that I needed to for sure keep giving the the probiotics and enzymes and that I should add Vit C because it will heal scar tissue. So I tried it! Between that and I’m not sure what else they’re gaining weight! I’m fixing to slowly start decreasing the amount of food I’m feeding and see how they do. I had to go off of Brothers because I just couldn’t afford it and keep all my dogs. 🙁 I’m currently feeding Great Life and it seems to be working to this point anyway! Ive also added some salmon oil and a medallion of Stella and Chewys some evenings and canned tripe other evenings. They Love the medallions of raw!! I think I’ll quit the tripe soon though since canned stuff is so bad. I use Vitamin C on all my dogs, especially if someone in the area has sprayed. Lexi my Siberian show puppy really gets miserable with a very snotty nose when ever someone sprays. C almost always helps. It’s just amazing to look at Rasauno and he’s Pretty now!!!! 🙂 Shiny shiny coat and he looks so happy and contented, like he’s finally feeling really good! I want to get a weight on him soon and see how much he’s gained.

  • melissa


    Congrats, but don’t leave us hanging! How did you get the weight on Rasauno? I know last time you were here, upping his carbs was discussed-did the recc work? I believe it was Toxed that suggested (off board) the sweet potato?

  • GSDGal ;)

    Ok edit! Small Show breeder is what I meant!!

  • GSDGal ;)

    I have a personal little request as well. Most of you have probably heard about the “puppy mill law” that the USDA is proposing. If you haven’t signed AKC’s petition against it or commented on it yet please do. The proposed regulations are very unhealthy for dogs and extremely cold and insensitive. It also puts a small shoe breeder like myself out of business because of many reasons. The only ones who will be able to abide by this law are the huge commercial kennels whose business will thrive when the small breeder is put out of business. It will also put many of the rescue operations out of business as they rely on the Internet to place many rescues. Foster homes will also be shut down as they wont have the state of the art facilities that the inspectors will require. I find the whole thing very horrible as it really doesn’t help the puppy mill situation at all. In fact it makes it easier for the puppy mills to be approved by the government. Any one who will help with this will be sincerely appreciated! I really want to show and breed Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds and raise the best family pets ever but if this law goes into effect it won’t even pay to try. Money is too tight to be able to afford what it requires. This law won’t just affect the breeders either. If you love dogs, it will affect you. Act now!

  • GSDGal ;)

    Hi Everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a long but I though you might be interested in an update on my two GSDs that I’ve had such problems with firming up their stools and putting weight on them. This is a pretty happy day for me because I’ve worked the past year trying to get these dogs well. I can finally say that they have Both put on weight and are looking Really good! I’m not worried that people will think I’m starving them anymore! They both have a lovely padding over their ribs and their coats are so Shiny!!! Rasauno (my male) easily loses fur though so I know we still have some things to work through,but it’s SO MUCH BETTER than a month ago!!!! It wouldn’t have been possible without all you here on DFA though. A Huge Thanks to all who helped me out especially Toxed2loss, Shawna, Alexandra, John, Richard, and many others!!! I couldn’t have gotten where we are today without you alls help! Rasauno and Tiriah say Thanks!!! too!!!!!!
    I just can hardly believe that I’ve finally gotten somewhere in the battle for their health. It’s amazing feeling. =) Schutzhund training is now a possibility for Rasauno so we’ll see. 🙂

  • Lucy

    Hi Johnandchristo,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I’ve just ordered the Brothers Allergy formula, and seeing positive posts from those who have experienced similar problems really helps.  

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Lucy…….

    I would like to comment also, my dog was having similar problems, and it got very frustrating , since feeding Brother’s he is a transformed dog and I’m a happy pet owner. I could not recommend any other brand of dog food. You will be very happy with the results . Good luck.

  • Lucy

    Hi Alexandra,

    Thanks for your comments.  I’ll give Brothers a try and hope for the best!

  • Hi Lucy

    If you click on my name it will take you to the Brothers Web Site where you will see the Brothers Document pictured on the home page. If you click on it it will provide further clarification of our philosophy behind the food and general information about nutrition for dogs that might be very helpful.

    Has he had any probiotics? What food was he on before? It will take time but rebuilding the health of the colon is paramount to the dogs overall health and vitality in my opinion over the long term. As you mentioned Brothers does focus on intestinal health so it would most likely be very helpful in your case especially.

    A healthy bacterial colony in the colon can have 10 times the number of cells that are in the entire rest of the body put together – it’s no small matter and because 70 to 80% of the immune system is generated in the mucosal lining of the colon it becomes even more important to the overall health of the system that the health of the colon and it’s bacterial colony be protected and nourished. 

    The thickness, health and stability of the mucosal lining is of utmost importance and if compromised to the point where the gut wall becomes porous to some degree, a condition known as “Leaky Gut”, then matter from the colon (which can include partially digested proteins) can pass through the gut wall and get into the blood stream where the body will react to it as an antigen and begin to build antibodies against it. Overall, a porous gut wall will serve to deplete the immune system as it becomes overloaded dealing with fecal matter in the blood stream.

    Let me know if I can help in any way. You can email me directly if you wish at Richardd9229  @

  • Alexandra

    Hi Lucy,

    I have been feeding Brothers for over a year and have nothing to say, except that it is the best kibble out there.

    My GSD had a systemic yeast infection and after 6-7 other “top shelf” brands failed to help him. I tried the allergy formula and within two weeks 90% of his iisues went away.

    Plus Richard the owner of the brand is on here and is very hands on. Can’t beat it.

  • Lucy

    My 2 1/2 year old Springer is recovering from gastroenteritis and is on Purina EN for a short time (yuck!) per her vet.  There is some concern that she has developed a food allergy to fish.  As I’ve looked for a new food to slowly introduce, I’ve decided Brothers Allergy formula looks good especially due to its ingredients that appear to promote gastro health.  Any comments or help choosing a new food would be welcomed.

  • Dave’s Hounds

    ziwipeak cans are BPA free

  • Johnandchristo


    Amen to that!!!

  • Toxed2loss

    Good reporting John! The CDC looked at 200 common chemicals including BPA in a random sampling of infants umbilical chord blood. The majority of chemicals were found in 100% of the samples. Our children are being born with these contaminants already in their bodies! Our dogs are no different. The contaminants are ubiquitous in our environments. No wonder there’s an explosion of chronic disease in both human and animal populations!!!

    Reducing every source you can is a wise choice! In addition to can linings, cheap printed material, especially cash register receipts, is another source of BPA. 🙁