Pedigree Dog Food Recall


Franklin, Tennessee – On Saturday, June 30, 2012, Mars Petcare US announced a voluntary dog food recall of a limited number of three varieties of Pedigree weight management canned products due to a potential choking risk.

Affected product may contain small pieces of blue plastic — which entered the food during the production process.

The source of the plastic has been identified and the issue resolved.

Consumers who have purchased affected product are advised to discard the food or return it to the retailer for a full refund.

While a small number of consumers have reported finding the plastic pieces, the company claims it has not received any reports of injury or illness associated with the affected product.

The lot codes indicated below should not be sold or consumed.

Affected product was distributed to retail customers throughout the United States. Mars Petcare US is working with its distributors and retail customers to ensure the recalled products are no longer sold and are removed from inventory.

Which Pedigree Dog Foods Are Recalled?

Only Pedigree weight management canned dog food varieties with the production codes shown below are included in this voluntary recall.

Each product will have a lot code printed on the end of the can that begins with 209, 210, 211 or 212 and a Best Before date that falls between 2/24/2014 and 3/23/2014.

No other Pedigree products are affected, including any other variety of wet food, dry dog food, or dog treats.

What to Do?

For questions or more information, the company invites consumers to call 877-720-3335 from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM CST.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • How is your dog now? Did you switch to raw?

  • Any processed commercial food is not safe or good for our pets.. You sound like a commercial pet food ad!!..SOY!!
    I cannot imagine what it would be like to live a life on processed foods! Can you?
    How can people believe that it is healthy? We wouldn’t eat nothing but processed foods for our whole life, so why do people feed it to their best friend/s?

  • Any processed commercial food is not healthy for our pets, regardless of what it says on the packaging.
    I cannot imagine what it would be like to live a life on processed foods! Can you?
    How can people believe that it is healthy? We wouldn’t eat nothing but processed foods for our whole life, so why do people feed it to their best friend/s or a family member?

  • myOWNcompass

    Seriously?! Really?!! I would not feed this to my worst enemy and you feed it to a dog you claim to love? smh

  • Thank you so much for this link…I’m also in need of the best for my chow babies

  • KD

    We raised our two large breed dogs on Pedigree. As they 10 and 6 respectively their health declined faster than what we felt was average. After reading reviews and the loss of our two buddies, we started our new dogs out on another product. Recently 1 dog is 3 and the Lab is 4 months, our child made the grocery run. Without paying attention we did not notice they had picked up Pedigree. 1 to 2 weeks later the dogs are scratching, biting themselves non stop… the usually frisky puppy has no interest in playing she just lays around and chews on herself. The health of the German Shepard dramatic decline. I am positive this is directly connected to Pedigree

  • Pattyvaughn

    People can survive on Big Macs and French fries too, don’t mistake that for good nutrition.

  • InkedMarie

    Take a look at the ingredients, Jim. If you really feel thats a good food for your dogs, then by all mean, feed it to yours. Your friends too. A lot of us take our pets nutrition more seriously than you do.

  • jim scott

    I don’t find any such complaints regarding dog food pedigree
    and pedigree announced that their dog food is safe and well tested and points
    out that no such calls has been received from customers. Even I have used the
    pedigree for my dog and many of my friends used pedigree and they also find it
    safe and good for their dogs.

  • Lainey

    The same was going on with our dog. She is a mixed Beagle but a house dog. Her weight got out of control and she became sluggish as Gizmos mom said. The vet could find nothing wrong. We only fed her twice a day and small portions of Pedigree Diet then went to Beneful wet food. Only got worse. So we started feeding her Green beans, carrots, brown rice and chicken or beef twice a day. I mean she with in 3 weeks was her old self again. It was amazing. She lost her belly and acted as if she was 3 again. She is 7. It took her time to realize since her stomach was not so bloated she was not hungry but when she did she stopped begging for more. Thanks to this article a while back we feel we gave her a lot more good years!!

  • Gizmos mom

    My Maltese is getting older and has lost a few teeth, so I thought I would add some of the canned food to his dry food. He started getting sluggish, didn’t want to play, started adding pounds on. His belly is about ready to burst. The vet said he acts like he is starting chf but has no murmur or other signs. I am taking him off this food to see if he starts getting better.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m sorry for your loss but you didn’t know, at the time. Now you know. If you’ve read the DFA, you know that if you feed a high quality food, you should spend less in vet visits. Do your research, buy a good food and start there. Any issues your dogs has may mean you need to change something. Feed a variety of proteins, feed a variety of makers. Have a handful of foods that your dogs does good on. Good luck!

  • Claire

    My dog passed away in 2011, and we actually used to feed her this Pedigree stuff…. I loved her so much, and since I hope on getting another dog at the end of the year, I’ve done lots of research into dog food and wow, all I can say is that this stuff is like the fast food of the dog world! She deserved better than this, and I’m going to have to make my parents more aware about what actually goes into dog foods… From now on, any of my future dogs are going to have the best I can get! It’s not like we can’t afford it… can’t believe I actually served my dog this. She did have some really good brand of biscuits, because of her sensitive stomach. She did get a few problems, and I do wonder if they could have been avoided if we gave her better dog food… only the best from now on.

  • Billy Bob

    People stop feeding your pets cheap “PEDIGREE” dog food!

  • Billy Bob

    Get rid of those plastic buckets or paddles ya’ll use!
    Cheap dog food…… Might as well feed your dog a pail of corn!!!!!

  • Donaldhirt

    hey same thing here in November let me know what they said to you [email protected]

  • Donaldhirt

    I was told by pedigree person on phone in November that this is new to him as I sent photos of blue plastic pieces in can of their food now found moldy chunks in bag of food last week!!!

  • InkedMarie

    Take your dog to the vets, NOW

  • Deeflew

    my dogs have been on pedigree and i have found blue pices of plastic and they have been real fussy and i lost one of my dogs tonight and the other one just keeps throughing up all over i know its from the food i will never feed my dogs pedigree again my dogs are my kids and she was so young if i could sue the pedigree company i would this is the 2nd dog i lost in 1 yr and i feel it started with the dog food

  •  OMG..I am so sorry for the loss of your precious beloved babies..this is so so unfortunate and I am in “awe” at all the recalls I receive via email thanks to this site! It’s an outrage really, imagine baby food constantly being recalled?  Dogs are OUR babies!

  •  Thanks for input because I purchased the plastic lids for cans particularly made for dog food…your idea sounds better…safer..we have enough “recall” issues” etc…to deal with outside of our I appreciate input/advice within our power!!! 🙂

  • Your Grannie

     Don’t forget that canned dog food must be taken OUT of the can and placed in plastic or glass for storage.  It must also be REFRIGERATED after opening.  Salmonella can come from IMPROPER CONSUMER STORAGE after purchase.

  • InkedMarie

    I hope your dog will be okay. If he is, find a quality dog food.

  • Dannykristypriest

    I just bought this dog food 2 days ago and my dog is extremely I’ll. I took her to emergency vet and she has salimilon poison. If I loose my dog pedigree will see me in court.

  • melissa


    I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, it sounds like birthing complications and not the food.

  • Johnandchristo

    Dear Wolveress….

    I’m so sorry. That is very very sad. 

  • Wolveress

    MY  sassy DIED after eating the canned puppy food from pedigree …she went to the vet that morning …had her pups …went back to the vet got clean bill of health …the ONLY thing i did was to FEED her the pedigree puppy in the can …we went to sleep …i woke up the next morning and she was taking her last breath …she died …and so did all of the pups …
    called pedigree and they swept it under the rug and did NOTHING .

  • InkedMarie

    This is not Pedigree’s website, this is, where the quality of dog food is reviewed and discussed. You are reading about the recall of Pedigree dog food and you want to still feed it?  Good luck to you & your dog.

  • Pattyvaughn

    This website is not affiliated with any specific dog food. It rates them and gives you information so you can make an informed choice about dog foods. It does not make dog food.

  • Charnew

    ive fed my little dog the weight managment flavors for several years. she likes it. will you be continuing to make it?

  • Retsillacm21

    Corn, By-products, unspecified meat sources, the list goes on and on. What isn’t wrong with Pedigree?

  • BryanV21

    Kids are happy to get McDonalds food too, but you wouldn’t feed that to your child day in and day out. Feeding “junk” dog food is essentially the same thing.

    Yes… something is better than nothing. But if you think you’re going to sell me on this “as long as the dog is happy” crap you’re kidding yourself.

    Don’t just be a pet owner, be a pet parent. Meaning not only doing what the pet wants you to do, but doing what’s best for the pet too. You can always give the dog treats to appease it’s sweet tooth (which we all have).

  •  Not to be rude, but why in all caps? Pedigree will appreciate your praise no matter what. 😀

  • ComeFlyAway

     I used to buy my dog’s food from Walmart. Not everyone can afford Blue or Merrick, especially during these hard times. As long as my dog eats, shes out in the woods with me, and her tails wagging, thats all I care about right now.

  • If your dog is your child, you shouldn’t buy your dog food at Walmart. Please do some research. The ingredient list on the package is just like our food. That is a good place to start. Every dog food brand also has a website where you learn about the food.



  • melissa


    Just saw this. Not sure how to respond because quite frankly, I can’t pull your point out of what you have written.

    And yes, If I were Ambo’s neighbor, I sure as heck would prefer he not leave rotting things in the hot sun growing maggots : )

  •  A big thanks for your share. I am one of the those who purchased this canned products. Without your recall, my pet would have experience worst consequences and negative impacts on health.

  • Joy

    [email protected]@ptd:disqus et
    I was  giving my siberian husky Smoke House treats sweet potato treats she loved them till I found out American company but made in China I was very upset called the company and complained about dog treats made in China  but they have one treat chicken barzs made in America no additives but expensive ordered over the inner net. I plan on getting a food dehydrator and making my own chicken strips.Be very carefull what you buy especially dingo bones from China dogs getting kidney faliure and dying. Better to make your own treats

  • SanDnMila

    No, thank you for this site and bringing so many dog lovers together 🙂

  • SanDnMila

    Thanks, yes all of her food has been for ALS except for the one can of the Weruva Steak Frites when I noticed this.

  • Marylynnmck1

    I will not feed my dogs commercial dog food from these large companies any more!  I love my dogs and would just be devastated if they died because I fed them bad food from one of these companies.  I did do the research and am just sooooo thrilled with the company I ended up deciding on.  It is the best food I have ever found!

  • BryanV21

    I wanted to expand on this by saying that any bone that is cooked or smoked has a chance of splintering. So while I think they are okay for dogs, owners must monitor it to make sure that if/when it splinters that it’s taken away. The last thing you want is for your dog to swallow a splintered piece of bone. Which is why you should never give your dog chicken wings.

  • InkedMarie

    don’t use cooked bones for dogs, only raw! If you feed or let the dogs play with anything made in China, STOP!  Please!

  • Sticky

    I’m finding it hugely repulsive that a dead animal would be ANYWHERE!! DEAD THING ROTTING GROSS!You prefer AMBMO digs a 30 foot hole and fills it with dead livestock where the coyotes can’t get a decent meal and the animals just magically disapear. I would imagine you don’t have the same kind of respect for the 1st ingredient meat in your dogs fancy chow.

  • Dtanner58

    Hello.  I’m new.  I just came here to check on Pedigree because my two standard poodles who are both pretty picky eaters are not interested in the regular chicken and/or the beef cans that I recently got at Costco.  Glad to see not recalled at this point.  They have been fairly good with Alpo (can) and Beneful (dry) mixed, so I’ll try that next. I just have to keep switching up the can flavors or they, especially the 2 year old loose interest.  I also got Cadet Duck Jerky which they nearly went bolistic over at first.  I don’t treat alot, just for obedience.  Then, when they were donating blood the vet told me that I need to check to see if the Cadet Duck Jerk was recalled because of the drying agent used in China.  I didn’t find a recall.  They were so excited about the jerky it was sort of scary so I have been withholding that lately. I just don’t know how they do these recalls anyway. One more thing, I gave them actual dryed lamb bones to chew on, don’t know the name.  My 6 year old loved it and I didn’t realize that she had swallowed some larger pieces of bone which she fortunately threw up two days later.  They have both been in the blaws for the past wek weeks. We stay in the air conditioning and they sleep alot of the time now with intermittant short periods of playing. Maybe the eating problem is the heat???  

  • Hi Hound Dog Mom,

    Sorry. I didn’t notice you had already posted your reply when I responded to SanDnMila’s question.

  • Hi SanDnMila,

    Oops. Sorry for that oversight. When I last updated this review, I should have removed some of the tags. Tags are the method my software uses to generate most of my “Best” lists.

    In any case, thanks to your help, I’ve now fixed that error and this product line should no longer show up on the Best Puppy Foods list.

    By the way, I see no reason why any quality canned food can’t be used as a topper to wake up a dry kibble.

    Thanks again for taking the time to call this to my attention.

  • Hound Dog Mom


    As long as the bulk of your pup’s diet consists of a food that meets AAFCO standards for growth and development or all lifestages, she’ll be getting all the nutrients she needs. Using Weruva as a topper is fine, just don’t feed it as a sole diet for a puppy if it’s only labeled for adult maintenance.

  • SanDnMila

    I had asked this before but didn’t get an answer. I noticed that the human-style Weruva is adult maintenance but yet it’s listed under Best Puppy Foods, is it still safe to give to my puppy as a topper? I had stopped giving it to her when I read it on the can because in the Best Puppy Foods description states “Never feed any puppy a food designed for adult maintenance only. Adult foods can be deficient in certain puppy nutrients.”

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Toy Fox Terrier,

    The Honest Kitchen makes a dehydrated food that is certified Human-Grade and made in a factor that makes human food. Also (as neezerfan said) Weruva makes human-grade canned food. Or you could just make your dog’s food, which is what I do.

  • neezerfan

    TFT, check out 

  • Toy Fox Terrier

    I see lots of cans of human products for sale in the store with meat and other ingredients for less than the price of dog food, yet the dog food is always being recalled.  I can’t believe one company can’t make canned dog food in a factory that would be human quality.  Are all these companies so money hungry that they just package garbage just to make a bigger profit.  Does anybody know of any dog food companies that make do food up to human standards.

  • Mahoodecheck

    I just found a piece of what looks like a bright blue balloon in my dogs can of meaty ground dinner (with chopped beef). It is not on the recall list but I will never buy this again it looks like they ground up anything they could find.

  • Dlmlynnie

    i AM VISITING Florida and my dogs got sick after eating Pedigree wet dog food. I bought it at K-mart and took back the un opened cans.

  • Irregardless of the price, I am suing.   Call my lawyer.

  • At $1.27 a can it better just be dog food.

  • Sodolphin

    I found it was in some of my dogs food but it was not the weight can it was the smaller version of container. 

  • Terence

    Hi All

    Thanks for the info.  I managed to get Primal Canine Chicken Raw Frozen from a pet store near my home in Singapore. 

  • InkedMarie

    I have no problem with people who don’t have alot of money for dog food but I wish they’d research dog foods just the same. There are some nicely priced grain inclusive foods out there that are better than grocery store foods.

  • melissa


     Ignoring the fact that I find it hugely repulsive that any one would leave a dead animal to rot in the hot sun, whether livestock or not-

    Dogs will eat things on the ground, whether good for them or not. My own dogs will eat the horse or goat grain if given the opportunity(especially when it has molasses in the mix) As a matter of cat, if it hits the floor, they consider it theirs. Does not mean its good for them.

  • Allaboutdecoy

    Dogs will also eat antifreeze- which is lethal and taste sweet. I would say that animals are not always lead by instinct…not to mention all the natural instincts that are being bred out of our domesticated friends today. 

  • Allaboutdecoy

    We also used to perform spay and neuters without sedation because it was thought that animals did not process pain under a mild analgesic/sedative … some advances are needed. Just because something used to be done a certain way doesn’t mean it needs to be the “standard ” of care.  

  • Kmschormann

    Thank you very much.  I purchased this exact canned food yesterday at Safeway.  I printed out the alert and took it back today and received a refund.  They had no idea there was a recall going on.  I warned them that dogs could die if this food isn’t pulled from the shelves.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I sincerely hope no one eats hot dogs for every meal, every day. They would have bigger things to worry about than BHA. But usually, what ever we feed our dogs is their only source of nutrition. It doesn’t matter if you eat junk occasionally, but if junk is all you eat you are probably going to be messed up. That’s how it is for our pets, whether it cats, dogs, horses, goats, or whatever.


    I am some what ignorant on this subject as well, but I do know that my Dad and grandfather hunted dogs hard during and after the depression they ate meat from the game the dogs pursued and sold the fur from the game to make ends meet, they had some of the finest hunting dogs in the country!!!!  All they could afford to feed was cornbread and pig fat, and the dogs done well.  I think we have just gotten way out of hand with all the analyses!!!   I know hot dogs and other meats have BHA as preservatives and then we worry about it being in dog food.      

  • Michellewoodside

     When I was blissfully ignorant about diet. My first love “Spazz” ate the cheap stuff too…and he lived long enough to be in the Guinness Book of World records!!  He was so happy. I hear ya…but now that I’m not so ignorant I’ve become a bit…OCD with my new love, thanks for your share..sounds like they had (and one still) has such a beautiful life and a lot of love!

  • Pattyvaughn

    My dogs will eat the spilled grains that have molasses on them, and they will eat some pellets with alfalfa and oils in them. The grain comes out completely unchanged. though the pellets can’t be identified, I can tell something was in there that didn’t get digested.

  • Shawna

    Interesting that your dogs will eat the spilled grains…  However, they wouldn’t actually be able to digest it.  Dogs don’t make the digestive enzyme cellulose and therefore can’t digest grains (or veggies) without outside assistance.

    Below is a great video of wolf cubs eating berries.  My pups eat the mullberrys that fall from our tree.  They LOVE them..


    I was raised on a central MO Farm and still have some
    livestock.  I just have some questions
    that maybe you could elaborate on for me! 
    When we have an animal such as a cow or horse die we drag it to what we
    call the “Bone Pile” and he never fails that within a day or so,
    coyotes and dogs that run at large in our area find them and start eating on
    them!  They always seem to start eating
    in the stomach area where the undigested grains and grass or hay are.    It seems to me that scientist and
    nutritionist are trying to be smarter than canine natural survival
    instinct.   I have had dogs of my own eat
    spilled; corn, wheat, soybeans and other grains around the farm, but have never
    had one eat; Blueberries, sweet potatoes or peas etc!!!!  It appears to me that society seems to be
    trying to second guess nature.  What is every
    ones take on this????

  • neezerfan


        K9 naturals freeze dried raw also but check the reviews because some varieties are too high in fat. I have used their frozen raw as well which I think is also supplement free but I don’t have a bag on hand to check. Can you put the frozen K9 Naturals on your list please Dr. Mike?The Primal formulas have trace minerals and mixed tocopherols added.

  • Hi Terence,

    You asked, “…have you come across any dog food that provide only whole foods with no supplements?”

    Yes, I’ve found a number of raw dog foods that meet your requirements. And as I remember, a few canned foods, too.

    However, I don’t recall any kibbles that are supplement free.

    In any case, be sure to check back soon as there are probably a number of readers here that may be able to give you some examples.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hound Dog Mom


    The only complete and balanced dry food and canned food I know of without any supplements is, as neezerfan said, Nature’s Logic. Mulligan Stew derives most of the nutrients from whole foods – the dry contains only added vitamin D3, zinc sulfate, beta carotene and potassium iodide and their canned foods contain only beta carotene. Some raw foods that contain no synthetic supplements are Answers, Nature’s Variety, Nature’s Logic, Aunt Jeni’s, and Vital Essentials. Urban Wolf and K9 Critical Care both make pre-mixes that require meat and calcium (to balance the phosphorus in the meat) is the only added vitamin. I’m personally try to avoid synthetic vitamins and minerals whenever possible and make my dogs’ food with all whole foods supplements.

  • Johnandchristo


    Pet Kind also makes a bunch of supplemental foods. 

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Terence………

    Try looking at Tripett, I have been using it . It is a canned food. I’m trying to find out if the cans are lined with BPA or not. But on a side note no supplements just tripe. 

  • neezerfan

    Nature’s Logic canned foods is one I know about. Also Primal and Nature’s Variety frozen raw(I’m pretty sure). Others will know and chime in shortly.

  • Terence

    Hi MikeIn your years of dog food reviews, have you come across any dog food that provide only whole foods with no supplements.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hear hear, I concur 


  • Pattyvaughn

    It’s probably a piece of their equipment that they should have replaced before it came to pieces in their food. I’ve found stuff like that in my horse feed before that turned out to be old equipment.

  • LabsRawesome

     I forgot to mention, around a little over a year ago when I found the blue plastic, it wasn’t hard, it was soft and pliable, almost like small pieces of a plastic garbage/grocery bag. God only knows what it was. Luckily I noticed it and my dogs didn’t actually eat any of it.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Neezerfan………

    Yes they do. and they have really good prices.

  • neezerfan

    Yay John”s Farms! They sell rabbit?

  • LabsRawesome

    I don’t think this is a new problem. Over a year ago I ran out of my normal brand of dog food. I picked up a couple cans of Pedigree to hold them over till I could get to my Independent pet store. There was Blue plastic in it then, and this was over a year ago. So I pitched the Pedigree and made a special trip to get the Before grain that they were on at that time. I had completely forgotten about that, until I read this post today. Btw it was the adult chicken canned.

  • melissa

     So your about 2-3 hours North of me, and Doggone is about 2 hours South-southwest of me…Have to tell you, the prices around here are  rarely cheap. Occasionally I find a good deal on chicken at Hannaford-last time it was quarters for 49cents/lb and split breasts for 69 cents/lb.

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Hey Valerie Noyes….
    Couldnt of said it any better!


  • Johnandchristo

    Oh man drool.

  • doggonefedup

    Old Lab Lover,
    I use a hard rubber ball on a rope. We call it “string-ball” and the boys insist on playing string ball every day sun, rain, or snow….. 

  • doggonefedup

     Yes it was grass fed lamb From Australia chops bone in for $1.99/lb.  That was the sale price. I was trying to find the ad but it must’ve got thrown out. 

  • Old Lab Lover

     I have no quarrel with anyone who chooses to feed their dog expensive dog foods and neither do I find fault with those that choose inexpensive dog foods.  For the record….I have always fed my Labradors whatever was the least expensive dry dog food on sale.  The oldest was 17 when she had to be put down with kidney failure.  As a small child, my first dog was a Belgian Shepherd (raised on Gaines Dog Meal) that lived to be 19 and died from complications of cancer.  It is my opinion that my dogs enjoyed a longer than average life span because they received lots of exercise.  My child hood 19 year old shepherd was raised in a rural farming area and was played with by my brothers and me practically every day as well as she having free roam of 200 acres to chase the rabbits, squirrels, pheasants etc.  The 17 year old Lab was raised on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and chased the Sand Pipers, Sea Gulls  and swam at least an hour / day average.  I am nearly 80 years old and am somewhat limited in what I can do with my current 4 year old 70 pound Lab, but I keep her exercised by throwing a ball for her at least for 30 minutes once and sometimes twice a day.  Trust me…you will have a healthier, more physically fit animal if you give your pooch lots of exercise.

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Are you positive it was grassfed? At Harris teeter, they just recently got grass fed beef and the ground is 8.99 a pound. All the lamb is grain feed and is over 5 a pound. Did you get a special “sell by date” deal?

  • doggonefedup

     I can’t get rabbit for less than $6.99/lb but the boys manage to get them on their own quite often around here. they’re brats though, cause if they don’t catch it themselves they expect me to at least brown the outside a bit before they will eat it.  ;0)

  • Hound Dog Mom

     Stop making me jealous of all your good deals! lol

  • Johnandchristo


    I also got ground pork for 129 a#, Christo loves that.

  • doggonefedup

    HDM you must be on the “Island”  We are where I84 and I87 cross.  There is a place called Associates that sells leg quarters for $.39 and goat for under $3.00 all the time on manager specials.. Price Chopper is a ripoff. I know one of there butchers. he doesn’t get his meats there….

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I don’t have a ShopRite. I’m the the middle of nowhere, just below Canada.

  • Johnandchristo

    Thats funny, but I hear you. I’ll think twice before inhaling deep next time I stop to smell the ******!!!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I wish I could get rabbit locally. I order it from Hare Today once or twice a month. They charge about $4 per pound which isn’t too bad but then you have to factor in the $1 per pound shipping.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hound dog mom…

    I got skinless boneless chicken breast for 169a# today at Johns Farms. and ground chicken for a 149 a #. The rabbit was about 12 bucks for two of the varments. maybe next time.

  • doggonefedup

    Just think about the books we had to read. 1984, Animal Farm, and then the movie Soilent Green. People need to wake up and smell that dog poop hidden in the roses…..

  • Hound Dog Mom

     Are you serious?! I’m so jealous. Lamb is $10.99 per pound last time I got it at my grocery store and the grass fed ground beef is $6.99 per pound! I have Hannaford and Price Chopper…I go to Hannaford because it’s cheaper than Price Chopper (at least my Price Chopper) and has more variety.

  • Johnandchristo


    Wow grass fed tender loin!! you guys are all right!!
    lucky dogs yours.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Feeding hounds is expensive, that’s the only part about getting the third I’m not looking forward to…they eat as much as horses!

  • Johnandchristo

    Hound dog mom……

    I know that a lot of money, but if God is a dog lover 
    you are in good shape.

  • doggonefedup

    We’ve got ShopRite Price Chopper, Adams Fairacre farms, Stop-n-Shop, and a few others.  I just got Grass fed lamb for $1.99/lb.  and grass fed beef tenderloin for $4.98/lb. bought 60lbs of each divided it up and froze it.

  • Johnandchristo


    your right, people need to wake up and think of the future, humans by in large have not been the best custodians of this world. 

  • Dave’s Hounds

    Hound Dog Mom – I spend about 400 + per month to feed my 2 coon hounds but I do not feed raw – I feed canned (3-5 per can) and air dried freeze dried. 

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Not at my grocery store we don’t have those prices! I feed raw though and I think it is cheaper than high quality canned – like the 5 star brands that run $3 plus per can, but I don’t think it’s cheaper than a low quality canned. It costs me over $500 a month to feed my bloodhounds raw…pretty sure I could feed them Pedigree for cheaper than that.

  • doggonefedup

    HDM where in NY? I’m in the Hudson valley.
    Try ShopRite!

  • doggonefedup

     Pretty much the same here in New York. leg quarters $.49-$.89 /lb hearts and gizzards $.79-$.89/lb backs and necks $.39-$.49/lb and livers $.79-$1.15/lb.  That makes canned foods more expensive! 

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Man, I wish they had those prices in New York. I’m paying $2.00 per pound for quarters and $1.75 per pound for gizzards and hearts. Adds up when you’re feeding big dogs.

  • Ergoegosum

    in Indiana chicken leg quarters are 59 to 89 cents/pound. Chicken hearts 79 cents/pound, Canned dog food is 85 cents to five dollars a can and a can is 10 or 14 ounces.

  • doggonefedup

     I’ll bet Dana wouldn’t live that long on today’s Pedigree dog food!  like toxed said earlier.

    “Here’s the grim reality. We’ve callously polluted so much of our food
    chain, we’re verging on not being able to recover. We’ve kind of treated
    our food chain the same way we’ve treated the Social Security System
    and the National Debt. We’ve bankrupted it by wringing every ounce of
    borrowed profit out of it to assuage the greed of specific individuals,
    at the expense of future generations…. Only the time to pay the piper
    is shortly coming due.”

  • doggonefedup

    Personally, I don’t feed my boys anything I wouldn’t eat myself. In fact, I do taste it before my boys get it. Although I do prefer mine cook!

  • Johnandchristo


    I agree. and I remember when I was a kid, my dad used to feed kal kan to our family dog Dana, a mixed breed rescue that we all loved a lot . she lived a very long life. and I remember she loved that food. 

  • doggonefedup

    I used to use KalKan many years ago. Back then it was basically a low salt canned table food. My dogs thrived on it. Then profit got in the way, the name was changed to Pedigree, and the food turned to garbage! That is the real problem. profit before pleasure! And of course pleasure is enjoying a long and happy life of and with your dogs.
    You can take some of the cheapest dog foods on the market and throw some ground beef into it to improve your dogs diet over some 3 star foods. You just need to eliminate the bad stuff from their diets like Glutens and saponins, etc.  And many fresh meats are way cheaper than even the cheap canned dog foods.

    And as far as love……any animal with a brain feels love, and hate, and many other emotions!  Seriously people! Even a  mother alligator will protect her young out of love……… now try to tell me that a kennel kept dog doesn’t look for approval from their humans……
    Its no wonder many of us would rather be around dogs than humans

  • I do agree that people should feed what they can, or what they feel is
    best. But oftentimes better food can be fed, without higher cost, if the
    owner does a little bit of work. Using the excuse “I can’t afford it”
    while not putting in the extra effort to find something better, tells me
    that there’s still a big problem. Not that that’s you, but you can’t tell me some people that say that don’t fit into the “too lazy” category.

    The one thing I totally disagree with is the part referring to what was fed in the past. You see, there’s a reason that’s “in the past”… because people realized it’s not what’s good/best.

    Olympic sprinters used to smoke because it was believed the inhalation expanded the lungs, so the runner could get more oxygen and therefore run better. How many Olympic sprinters smoke today?

    The whole “that’s what used to be done” thing holds absolutely zero water with me. Things change for a reason.

    Oh, and the whole  “they lived longer”, show me proof of that, because I don’t believe it for a second.

  • Johnandchristo


  • Shawna

    I agree completely with you but I think your delivery is a bit harsh… 

    Oh and garlic, in small amounts, is very healthful for dogs for multiple reasons 🙂

  • Mzzcellaneous

    HELLO people….Good God almighty stop with all of this.  Do what you want to do, feed what you want to feed.  Some people can not afford this high priced dog food but it is better than the dog being in the pound waiting to be euthenized.  Table scraps are great.  They were fed long before there was dog food.  What in the ever loven hell do you think people 45 years ago and beyond fed their dogs?  Dogs lived to be in their 20’s. Do they live that long now?  No, thank you very much.  They die of tumors, cancer, kidney disease just like us.
    What in the hell do you think causes it? Same thing with us, processed foods. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.  All this childish banter is over people feeling insulted over what they feed.  Go gracious then feed food to them from your table.  They are great garbage disposal and they will thrive on it.  Just no onions, garlic, grapes or raisans.  Oh yeah, no chocolate and be very carefull Thanksgiveing on what you feed and how much.  Mine get a taste on their kibble so they do not feel lelt out but it is rich and unless you want wall to wall poop, feed it sparingly.

    All this insulting and bickering solves nothing.  It does not help to make people understand there is another, less expensive and healthier way to feed your pets.  Forget what the vet says to feed.  It is a practice and that is what they are doing is practacing.  Proof is in the pudding.  If my vet said feed Science Diet I would not walk I would run from him and never darken his door again. 

    You can take it for what it is worth but I have been around a lot of years and had alot of dogs etc..  Lost them at an earlier age I felt, due to what I fed, my ignorance.  It will not happen again.  Know what to do and look forward to my pet family to have a long and happy life. 

  • SJONES08


  • Johnandchristo

    Thats maybe a little over the top, but I agree it is toxic kibble.

  • Shawna

    Home made raw even better 🙂

  • Shawna

    Yeah!!  I agree.  Scary huh….

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    To Jeanne
    I understand what you are saying.  Home cooking for dogs is not for all.  But…..if you can… is soooooo much healthier!  Thank you for reply.  I am sure you love your dogs greatly!


  • Valerie Noyes

    Guest, I applaud you for caring for your dogs as best as you can.  Millions are euthanized every year for no other reason than no one wants them and the shelter is full.  The fault lies with companies that produce substandard food then spend enormous amounts of money advertising it.  If they put that money into the quality of the food they could sell decent food for a resonable price.  Huge retailers such as Walmart, Target, Petco, etc, have the buying power to purchase in large volume and reduce prices; IF they cared to do so.

  • Marie

    Excluding ferals, cats raised around humans are quite social and crave interaction. Of course, some individuals are different.

  • You say that like it’s so much more expensive. Petsmart sells their Pedigree cans at $1.15, while my store has same-size cans for under $2. Yeah, the difference adds up, but I don’t think you should be pinching pennies with your pets. There are plenty of others places for that.

  • Guest

    Some people, including myself, are on limited budgets, and can’t afford the higher quality dog foods.  Maybe once every so often, but as a special treat.   Just be glad the people are trying to care for their dogs, instead of starving or abusing them, like the horrible stories you read about everyday.

  • Valerie Noyes

    Dulcie, I’m proud to say I’m as crazy as you are!  I’ve loved all of my dogs but there were certain ones that I’ve had very special relationships with.  True love and communication.  They are incredible animals and nothing compares with one staring right into your eyes and feeling the love they have for you, then have them cuddling with you and falling asleep in your lap.

  • Marie

    I was responding to Doglovers equally ludicrous stance that a person doesn’t lover their dogs if they’re not allowed in the house.

    And yeah, some dogs DON’T care if you love them. Not all, and you ars right about that and I was not.

  • March7dog

    Well….   now that IS a thought.  I have seen ads for those insecticide ear tags……    aside from the horror of THAT being in dog food, what about all other products the cow produces…..  beef/milk/leather, etc.  
          I would say it increases the pesticide load in all products that animal produces…..        

  • CC

    Yes, but some people can’t afford the high prices of the “better” canned foods!

  • Marie

    I’m saying while its a great thing to love your dog, but if you have one and don’t, it doesn’t matter to me how much you love it or not as long as its needs are being met. That’s just my opinion, like doglover’s, its completely subjective.

    Doglover was saying if you had outside dogs you don’t love them, and we all know that statement is bullsh*t. That’s what I was mainly objecting to.

  • Brian McHugh

    Indeed.  Yikes…

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    I understand what you are saying! 
    If you are in true tune with your dog…you will be amazed with the communication you can have…. with out even making a peep!!!!  So, I guess I am one of those crazy dog people….and proud of it!
    -Dulcie (Dulcie’s Dog Bowl)

  • Valerie Noyes

    Respectfully Marie, I have to disagree.  I’ve taken in enough shelter, homeless and abused dogs over the years to know they thrive on love and affection.  We have doggie doors allowing them to be inside or outside as they wish and by far their preference is to be with their “pack”, both human and canine.  They want to play, interact, be petted and cuddle up on the sofa.  I feel very sorry for dogs who are relegated to the outdoors and merely fed, watered and provided medical care.  They are domesticated animals now, not wild and they crave attention and caring.

  • March7dog

    Ohhhh, hmm…  then there’s not a chance it was plastic twine…….   something else then.    sigh…………  

  • Medery

    feeding blue plastic or Pedigree dog food….. not much difference in quality or nutrition of either. So sad people have pets and feed them such trash!

  • ohnoesaz

    I stand by what I said said that people feeding pedigree to their dogs probably don’t care if their dogs might choke. I will reword it, however, to say that anyone feeding pedigree, *who is also knowledgeable about dog food ingredients*, probably doesn’t care if their dog chokes or not.

    Example: Your best ‘bro’ comes over and is hungry. Sure, fine, heres a bag of chips and help yourself to the fridge. But when your mom comes over and is hungry, suddenly there is a gourmet bbq chicken and wild rice, cooked and served. You can definately see my point: What you feed others is directly a result of how much you care about them.

    Anyone *knowledgable about pet food ingredients* who feeds pedigree doesn’t care about their pet and won’t care about this recall.

    And for the person who said that I must be one of those people who has better relationships with dogs than with people: Yup! I have learned through life that only dogs will be 100% honest with you and NEVER backstab you. When they cuddle with you they’re not thinking “how do I ask this fool for $20?”. Nope, they’re just cuddling.

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Melissa..

    I wish I had pet goats, they could help mow the lawn.

  • Tell me you’re not serious, or you at least didn’t explain yourself properly. Because saying dogs don’t care if they’re loved or not is absolutely ludicrous.

    I can live without being loved too, but I’m a bit happier knowing that I am loved by some (although others hate me, lol).

  • melissa

    Replaying to Shawna, simply because your the last post, lol.

    Has anyone here pressure cooked meals for their dogs? I am thinking of getting a pressure cooker to cook their chicken and not waste the bones etc. If so, how long etc?

  • melissa


    I will have to disagree/ Dogs are much more sociable animals who tend to want human companionship, unlike cats who tend to be more independent. Dogs imo, care very much whether or not they are interacted with. Its my personal belief that dogs should be living indoors with their pack(people) However, that is my opinion, and just because someone has a dog that lives in the barn etc, does not mean that they do not love and interact with the dog on a daily basis. I love my pet goats, but they sure as heck are not coming into the house : )

  • Johnandchristo


    Thats a scary thought. shutter.

  • Shawna

    A lot of us feed tripe to our pets — both canned and raw.  I’ve never heard anyone comment about finding (nor have I found) anything blue in the raw or canned.

    “Meat” meal is a rendered product and anything from road kill to euthanized animals to restaurant grease can go in the vat the meal is made from.  Including plastic ear tags etc.  There is a plastic blue tag that is used as an insecticide on cattle including dairy cattle.  Not saying this is for sure what it was but a possibility I would imagine.. 

  • Johnandchristo


    you never know.

  • KC22

    The rubbery blue object I found in the can of Pedigree was like if you cut off the very tip of the finger of a vinyl glove only that the material was thicker and harder and the color blue. I am sure you are right about the undigested twine being processed.

  • Johnandchristo


    I had a rat as a pet to. please dont report my comments to peta, lol, my rat was awesome. I had every kind of animal you could imagine. and I loved them all. I really did. do. 

  • Shawna

    I had two pet rats growning up :)..  I’d feel guilty feeding the stuff to rats too :)..

    I adopted them from my friend when her parents went thru a divorce and her and mom had to move to an apartment that didn’t allow pets..

    They were REALLY cool pets!!!  They slept in bed with me.. 😉

  • March7dog

    I wonder………..   many years back I  had a can of Pedigree canned food that had very small pieces of blue plastic string in it. 
       I freaked out of course and threw it out….  later on after I thought about it,  I wondered if it was caused from using the stomach contents of cows…..  because, and we have cows… blue is very common as baling string/twine.   Exact same color. 
    What happens is when the baling equipment cuts the twine to finish the bale…..  if the blades have become dull it kind of maserates the  cut and often leaves small blue pieces as a by product of the dull blades…..
        Course cows who ingest large large volumes of hay are not picky and they eat those pieces……    no matter what a rancher does I imagine a certain very minute amount of baling twine gets eaten….. could that be what people are seeing?
          However, if the meatmeal product is heated to high temps….  I would think the string would melt. 
            So..  this is just a theory….    I suppose they should test their meatmeal for by products of plastic…..  that would head that possibility off at the pass….  eh?     

  • Johnandchristo

    Hi Shawna…

    I would to(feel guilty feeding pedigree to squirrels)
    it might make a fine rat poison however!!! 

  • Shawna

    My girlfriends grandpa lived past 100 eating bacon and smoking cigarettes his whole life.  He lived on his own and drove clear up til the end. 

    I know that people wouldn’t suggest smoking and daily consumption of bacon are healthful because of his experience however..

    You were lucky.  Pedigree is one of the worst foods on the market..  Knowing what I know about the ingredients in the food (based on the ingredient list alone) — I would feel guilty feeding this to the squirrels in my back yard :(.

  • Johnandchristo

    Brian McHugh…..

    LOL, the ingredients list is scary enough to read on Halloween. 

  • Marie

    Whatever, doglover. As long as they’re taken care of, I don’t care if they’re loved or not, and niether do they.

  • Brian McHugh

    Have you ever read the ingredients?

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Did not intend to insult you dog lovers.  Google “what is really in dog food.”  Homecooking may not be for everyone…but for those who can….go for it…you will love the results!

    crazy about dogs,

  • melissa


    Actually , I put much more time and effort into my dogs’ diet then my own-lol.

    I believe that each owner should feed to the best of their ability-both financial and physical capabilities-not every one can afford $65 for a bag of food, and not every one has the time to home cook. A home with food, love and and owner doing the best they can reflective in a happy healthy dog, is more than what many dogs have.

  • Brian McHugh

    Good point Matthew. The industrial revolution has brought mass production of things like underwear, toothbrushes, tires, etc.  Perhaps one may want to reconsider what you allow “big companies” to mass produce for you, such as food or dog food, or at least examine the company and the ingredients.  It is one thing to find out that your boxer shorts have three legs and another that you have just injested plastic.  Kudos for getting your hands in dog’s food but premature to assume no dog was hurt. 

  • KC22

    Yes, you could see the rodent hair and some bone, it was flat and looked like it had been dried before canned.  I was very disappointed in Pedigree’s response to my complaint.  A comment was made about the high quality dog food recalls and I wonder if that is because they have better quality control and catch the problems whereas the others just get by them.  I won’t feed Pedigree because of my experience.

  • Brian McHugh

    Good point Matthew. The industrial revolution has brought mass production of things like underwear, toothbrushes, tires, etc.  Perhaps one may want to reconsider what you allow “big companies” to mass produce for you, such as food or dog food, or at least examine the company and the ingredients.  It is one thing to find out that your boxer shorts have three legs and another that you have just injested plastic.  Kudos for getting your hands in dog’s food but premature to assume no dog was hurt. 

  • doglover

    Shame on you. ALL dogs should be loved, and treated with RESPECT and dignity. Period.

  • Why do so many people think that in order to feed their dog better food they have to spend so much more? That’s not the case at all. All it means is that the owner simply has to do some more work to find that food, as the “big” stores only carry the junk food. It’s ridiculous.

    And like I mentioned before, better food means feeding less, which means the cost that goes into goes further than the price labels. Not to mention vet visits for allergies, etc.

  • Johnandchristo

    Dont want to fight, but Pedigree is one of the most horrible foods you could feed. I shutter to think of what is in it. I once feed it to a dog I had when I was 19, he got cancer. He might have got any way but I bet he would have lived a little longer with better food. and for sure he would have been healthier. My grand pa lived to 90 and he smoked, so the my dog lived to, argument is really not relevant. peace.

  • A New Beautiful You

    I rarely ever see Pedigree with a recall, it’s usually the expensive foods that everyone says are so wonderful. My big dog had a life expectancy of 10-12 yrs. I put him to sleep in Dec, if he could have made it until Jan he would have turned 15…all on pedigree dry food.

  • Bree99

    Very well said! Amen

  • Jeanne

    To Dulcie… I have 4 large dogs, no way I can cook for all of them and give them good wholesome food , that would be too costly, I’m retired and on social security only, I do buy Purina’s One dry food for them and all are glowing examples of healthy dogs… 3 Border Collies and a Lab/
    Great Dane mix…. I wish I could afford to cook their meals, I do have the time, but, just the  resources for doing it would be nearly impossible !   

  • Snoozykurtz

    omg, a piece of rodent?? how nasty!

  • Mzzcellaneous

    I don’t think Pedigree is the worst dog food but certainly not the best either.  I used to feed it but have sinced learned there are better alternatives.  I feed Taste of The Wild dry and grind up chicken or turkey plus their gizzard, liver and hearts and freeze them in portions that are fed with in a two day period.  It is so much cheaper than canned and so much better for them.  I buy when on sale. This allows me to be able to afford a better kibble. I ground up a whole chicken that cost me a little over $5.00.  It made 29 patties.  I get three to four meals out of one pattie. I mix two heaping table spoons in with my Pit Bulls kibble morning and night.  She is doing great and has more energy since I have been feeding this way.   I also feed my Bengal Kitten pretty much the same.  She loves the gizzards and hearts just cut up into small pieces.  Her kibble is Halo.  For the first time my animals are cleaning up their food bowls.  Having to throw out their uneaten food also can be costly. 

  • Marie

    Some people have working dogs, not pets. As long as they’re taken care of properly, what’s it to you if they live outside?

    Also, “not allowed in the house” is not the same as “outside”. Got a barn? Doghouse? That’s not outside.

    Please don’t be the thought police, demanding that people love their dogs as family members. Not everyone does.

  • Lena

    Read the Whole Dog Journal folks, it tells you what dog foods are created and produced with quality. They have a recommended list each year.
    Some dog foods are created with dead, diseased, and dying animals.

  • dunbar

    An extremely judgemental and inappropriate remark!

  • cm1004

    I agree with Dulce 100%.  Dog owners buying commercial dog foods don’t understand that 80% of what they are paying for is marketing and the packaging of products.  What does that say about the quality of product you are feeding to your pets?  Commercial dog food is made up of 30%-70% of carbs, do you know how many carbs your dog needs a day to keep up high nutritional health? ZERO!! so you’re feeding your pet something it doesn’t even need nutritionally. the kibble is cooked at such high degrees to kill ALL HARMFUL BACTERIA from the BY PRODUCTS AND UNNECESSARY FILLERS, that it actually kills off almost ALL of whats left of the nutritional value the ingredients provide, which isn’t much to begin with..   for all the pet owners who claim their pets are doing well on this food, thats great! but i can gaurantee you will see a HUGE beneficial difference if you switch to a raw / holistic diet.  or as Dulcie said, research and make your own!!!  For those of you would are thinking i’m “bashing” these companies, I’m not.  it’s based on pure research and education.  I am certified in holistic canine nutrition, among other professional canine certifications…  it’s part of my job to educate pet owners about quality diets.  This site is for educating and protecting you and your pets, everyone has their own opinions and that is perfectly fine and NORMAL!  Peace && love,
    Casey 🙂

  • Matthew

    Guys big companies no matter the industry have these mistakes happening. No one was hurt. They admitted fault and strives to fix it. Sometimes things happen. I feed my dog the prey diet but to jump on these people is ridiculous. Sometimes things slip through get over it. This is also one reason why if I do get them something like this I ALWAYS mix it up with my hands yo ensure I don’t feel anything out of place.

  • Jmciulla

    I think that is very presumptious to say… Some folks simply cannot afford the higher quality dog foods.  I guess you could say then don’t have a dog, but then living in the shelter they were rescued from because others don’t care enough to spay or neuter is okay.  Giving a dog a home, love and the best food you can afford is all most dogs could ask for.  Homemade diets and table scraps don’t always contain some of the ingredients they need.  I am sure that every human that is complaining about dog foods probably only eats all organic, top quality natural whole foods themselves?  I fund your comment rude and judgemental…

  • Kay

    Wow way to promote your business… by bashing others.  Makes me want to RUN not walk away from you!

  • melissa


    While I agree that many foods contain unacceptable food sources, I don’t believe that ALL commercial kibble are equal. To make a sweeping generalization that all commercial kibbles contain “old moldy stuff” is absurd.

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Hey everyone
    wake up…..Commercial dog food is not fit for animal consumption! Do your research…Old, moldy, and stuff that is not considered for consumption is in the food.  These food are not made because they love your dog it is all about the $$$$$$$  Feed your dog fresh food.  Home cook for your dog!  You will see a huge difference in your dog once you make the change.  I have three mexican hairless dogs.  I love them and only feed them my food (Dulcie’s Dog Bowl)  My business is in Peabody MA.  Please come by or call. I will be very happy to help with any questions you may have about home cooking.  I believe these recalls will never stop….I am sure there will be many more to come. 
    -Dulcie (owner of Dulcie’s Dog Bowl)

  • Dave’s Hounds

    That is a serious QC issue. I would never feed pedigree  – but there are still people who think it is good for dogs.

  • Brenda

    What next??? Don’t like the diamond co.  I for 3 months now feed mine Bravo raw and Instinct hard,no more itching,keeping me up all night,food allergy gone.

  • sophie 1

    To ohnoesaz  This forum is to enlighten fellow dog owners not to tear them down.  Your generalization about how much someone cares about their dogs was way off base!

  • Marylynnmck1

    I quit all big commercial dog foods!  I have had it with all of the recalls!  I switched to Life’s Abundance!  Website is down until Monday due to they are moving into new offices.  Never been recalled… EXCELLENT nutrition!  Best food I’ve ever found!

  • LJ

    For all of you fools with “outdoor” dogs, why don’t YOU try living outside all of your life?  Ridiculous!  Find them homes where they can be part of a family – Dogs are NOT yard decorations.

  • kathy

     yes there is did you just not read this article you commented on there finding blue plastic in it chocking hazzard for dogs

  • KC22

    I agree as I will never feed Pedigree again

  • kathy

    my god what the hell is happening with all this dog food wow so many re-calls again and again wow im glad im cooking for my dog but i still do give her dog food.maybe i should stop feeding her dog food,i really hope everyones dogs are ok

  • KC22

    Three times I have found objects in Pedigree can food, the first time was a piece of a rodent, second time was a piece of black metal and the third was a piece of blue rubbery plastic material.  I sent the items to the company and received a general reply about their quality along with some pedigree coupons.  At the time I was feeding at least 50 of the large cans per months. The blue rubbery plastic I found was within this year and it was in the large regular chicken can food not the weight management.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    In case you weren’t aware, Purina livestock feeds and Purina dog/cat food are not the same company.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Read the ingredients list.

  • J7141962

    why do you say that ? is something wrong with pedigree product’s in the way they are made besides the blur plastic ?

  • InkedMarie

    Jmnick1: if your animals are doing fine on Pedigree and/or Purina, good for you but they aren’t a good food by any means. There have been alot of recalls but there are alot of other foods out there to choose from. While they may be dogs, IMO we owe it to our dogs to feed them the best possible diet. JMO of course.

  • Jmnick1

     I feed my indoor dog Pedigree per my vets suggestion.(I mistakenly thought it was a Purina product) I have 5 outdoor dogs that get Purina products and are healthy. My horses and goats get Purina as well. The reason I switched to Purina is because I was feeding the dogs a very expensive dog food. The maker of that food had tons of recalls for much more dangerous reasons on 7 different products. I feel Purina is safer. I don’t like your comment. Just because it is “all Natural”  etc and cost a lot does not mean it is safer. I love all of my animals and all are very health and happy. I do however, realize that I am a human and they are dogs. I can just imagine that you are one of those over the top dog owners that has a better relationship with animals that humans.

  • Burgiss
  • ohnoesaz

    Let’s be honest, if someone is feeding their dog pedigree then they probably don’t care if their dog chokes anyways

  • melody saunders

    Thanks so much for helping keep our furry family members safer ! I really appreciate the hard work, as I am sure do others !!

    mel and korki..woof !

  • Skshamrock

    To: kh
    I was happy to see your post however when I entered Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain (Dry)
    on Google
    it has been recalled as well……..