Milo’s Kitchen Recalls Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers Dog Treats


January 9, 2013 – Milo’s Kitchen today announced it is voluntarily recalling its Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers home-style dog treats from retailer shelves nationally.
Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

No other Milo’s Kitchen products are affected.

On Monday, New York State’s Department of Agriculture informed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the company that trace amounts of residual antibiotics had been found in several lots of Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky.

After consultation with the New York Department of Agriculture and the FDA, the company decided to voluntarily recall Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Jerky and Chicken Grillers, which are both sourced from the same chicken suppliers.

The use of antibiotics to keep chickens healthy and disease-free while raising them is standard practice in poultry production for both human and pet food.

However, the antibiotics found in the products were unapproved and should not be present in the final food product.

Milo’s Kitchen has a comprehensive safety testing program in place for its products from procurement through manufacturing and distribution.

Part of that program involves extensive testing for a wide range of substances commonly used to ensure the health of chickens.

However, Milo’s Kitchen did not test for all of the specific antibiotics found by the New York Department of Agriculture.

Breaking News

January 15, 2013 – The US FDA has now confirmed this recall in a bulletin broadcast today.

What to Do

The company states:

“Consumers who discard the treats will receive a full refund. We are committed to Milo’s Kitchen and stand by our guarantee of complete consumer satisfaction.”

Consumers with questions about Milo’s Kitchen products can get further information by calling 877-228-6493.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • nancy nelson

    These products are nothing but trash! Anyone who buys this toxic crap is really ignorant. Not only is it made in china, its full of disgusting GMO ingredients. Lets put this unethical corporation out of business!

  • Erica Rosas

    This has been going on since like ’07 and they refused to take the product off the shelves until ’13…. that’s 6 years of them knowingly murdering countless poor dogs… I don’t care if no other product was affected, i cannot in good will support this company or Waggin’ Train.

  • Linda Darcy

    Disgusting!!!!!! I would stay the hell away from Pet Smart too!! They don’t care about your dogs!!!!!

  • Kate Silcox

    I’m very upset. I just went to pet smart and recieved both free for bringing my dogs in.

  • Signify

    If there wasn’t a snowstorm, I’d be returning the Sanderson Farms abnormal chicken livers, which also disintegrated in the pan – they were for us for Thanksgiving. I think I’ll be contacting the USDA.

  • Susan

    This company had to change the packaging because there treats were no longer selling due to the fact they had topical s and preservatives in them that were killing dogs a couple of yrs ago and still are. I read lots of bags of treats 3 yrs ago. This company like so many are getting there meat from China, Mexico and other countries outside the USA. I have a whole list of dog treats that I will never buy I don’t care if they say made in the USA “NOW” or not. I think its disgusting that companies are getting filthy nasty crap from people who want to poison us and our pets…then I hear they want to put Chicken we eat on our table from China and other countries EWWW YUCK! What are they thinking?

  • NoJerky

    Ugh, both Milo’s Kitchen and Waggin’ Train chicken jerky treats are coming back to stores.

  • MLC

    Beware, even dog treats labeled “made in the USA” can legally import their meat from China. I know from experience. Chipper died and 2 others got deathly ill from kidney & liver failure. Thousands $ later, the others have recovered. One good thing, our FDA got right on it and got Chipper’s body from my vet and is doing extensive studies on him to try to pinpoint exactly why it happened. Our FDA impressed me!

  • mommadog1

    Problem there is that the products aren’t always made in china. They get the chicken from China and then the treats are made in the US… They don’t have to put on the package where the ingredients actually came from.

    So looking at the label isn’t enough..

  • Pattyvaughn

    Of course Del Monte is still denying any wrongdoing.

  • Cyndi
  • I just left the vets office with my dog. She required an extended stay being hooked onto numerous machines to keep her little body alive while this horrible, horrible brand went through her system. It was the ONLY change in her diet, she had one of the “Steak Grillers” and a small piece of the “Beef Sausage”. After over $1200 was spent on medications and scans I was lucky enough to bring her home. Other animals in the office previously were not so lucky, their kidneys shut down before anything could be done to save them.

    Stay far, far, far away from this company. Recalling the “Chicken” was not the answer, the entire company needs to be burned to the ground. There are hundreds of families posting about their experiences (all over the internet) where not only their pets, but neighbors friends and families also lost their lives to these products.

    If you’ve given your pet ANYTHING by Del Monte (parent company) if they show any signs of distress, or experience any vomiting (immediately or up to 12 hours later) bring them to the vet as soon as possible!

  • Guest
  • tomimia07

    if you want to see your dog healthy and happy, you must got to step away from the chinese made chicken jerky. you should always give your favorite dog usa made treat. i always use Dog products made using US chicken breasts for my cuty.

  • Guest

    if you want to see your dog happy, you must step away from the chinese made dog treat. my dog got seriously ill eating that stuff. we should always believe in usa made pure chicken dog treats.

  • Lyn

    I bought this dog treat for my dog ( Milo’s Kitchen Chicken
    meatballs) because I ignorantly thought it was made by a compassionate
    animal lover, person/company. I’m very ashamed that I did not do more
    research on the internet before buying their (Milo’s) treats for my dog.
    A recall on their product, and reading all of your reviews has helped
    me to make the right decision on the best healthy future for my much
    loved dog.I will never buy their dog treats, again.
    Thank you, all.

  • Pattyvaughn

    They aren’t allowed to use hormones and steroids in chicken, is what I’ve heard. I haven’t looked it up myself so I may be wrong.

  • Karin

    Don’t think that is correct. Will check it out but to the best of my knowledge the additives are in chicken as well as beef pork lamb etc

  • Cate

    I’ve been using Sanderson Farms..says all natural but they are still huge. it’s the same for pork chops. they look like they came from Hogzilla.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Beef does, but they aren’t allowed to put some of that in chicken. I have no idea why they think it’s alright in one food source but not in another. Stupid government regulatory agencies.

  • Karin

    Be careful of labels. They can say MADE IN USA but the ingredients can come from China

  • Karin

    At least it won’t kill you. I try to not buy ANYTHING made in China.

  • Karin

    Also be careful of Del Monte products that say Made in USA but the ingredients come from China. Talk about FALSE advertising.

  • Karin

    Hope the chicken is organic as non organic chicken has steroids, hormones and antibiotics in it

  • Pattyvaughn

    Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to make such yummy healthy treats!!

  • Heather

    My dog loved the Milo’s chicken jerky, but now I just make him his own. I boil real, fresh (not frozen) chicken breasts, let cool, cut up into strips, & then put in the food dehydrator overnight. He loves it & I feel better knowing it’s healthier for him!!!

  • Lora

    ,even the toilet which you sit on is made in China.

  • Claire Dearmona

    Why would you even bother, the Chinese have for years done their best to poison food products, Baby Food,Dog Food, Cat Food, Baby Formula and now dog treats, I blame Milo, they have put their selves out of business, you can’t blame the Chinese this is what they call population control, they don’t have pets, they eat them, Look at the labels, don’t buy anything MADE IN CHINA.
    Personally I don’t want to KILL my dog, that’s why I live in America and Buy American Products, stay away from CHINESE CHICKENS and anything else from CHINA.

  • Bobbi bickers

    I appreciate that you voluntarily recalled those dog treats affected. I will say that the chicken jerky was my dogs favorite treat. It makes me angry to find another way this country has sold ourselves out to the Chinese. How many products are defective that we don’t know about? We know plenty that are. I hope that Milo’s kitchen will think seriously about making these treats I this country. American jobs, safety and those good dog treats back.

  • Pattyvaughn

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. The antibiotic in question, Trimethiprim Sulfate, was banned in the US for causing a unusually high number of fatal allergic reactions in both people and pets. The symptoms that everyone has been reporting are typical for a Trimethiprim reaction.

  • Teej

    The problem is there was ANTIBIOTICS on it.. That would NOT get your dog sick and make it need an IV…

  • Janet Kipper

    my dogs loved the chicken grillers; I hope you make something simular to that treat soon.

  • But you can’t just go by a “Made In The USA” sticker either, because that only tells you the finished product comes from the US, not where the ingredients are sourced from.

  • lolabelle

    i have never seen a milos chicken product saying made in the usa … and i have checked them all when i see them

  • LolaBelle

    When are people going to learn to read labels. when it comes to pet food if its made in china DO NOT BUY IT if we dont buy it the companies wont make it…its that simple.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    There are some varieties of chickens that are designed to grow huge without hormones. When I was a kid my grandparents (who had a farm) let me and my cousin order the chicks one year. We each got to get a dozen of the kind we wanted. My cousin picked some brown egg laying ones and I picked these white meat chickens. They got so big they had to be butchered – once they get to a certain age their breast gets so big they can’t even walk (and we weren’t injecting them with hormones lol). I was so sad, they butchered all mine but hers got to stick around and lay eggs. I didn’t know that would happen, I just thought the kind I picked looked cute when they were chicks lol

  • losul

    Yeah they are supposedly illegal. Maybe they have found some “natural” ones too use.

    Seem’s like chickens are getting way bigger than they used to.

  • JellyCat

    I thought growth hormones are prohibited for use in poultry. Who knows though …

  • losul

    I don’t know, but Tyson must be using some powerful growth hormones, The breasts I saw recently looked like they came from a 14 pound turkey.

  • JellyCat

    I haven’t even seen these, but yeah sounds gross!
    I did see raw Tyson in USA Walmart – it’s ridiculously cheap and yellow fat looks so creepy. Why would you want to source chicken from China??

  • Hound Dog Mom

    The creepiest is their pre-cooked chicken – those formed chicken breast things with the grill marks. ICK!

  • JellyCat

    Tyson chicken does look look creepy at times. However, it is incredibly cheap.

  • JellyCat

    You can get some awful treats similar to this in the dollar store. They are are also sourced or made in China.
    Your baby however, may get sick eventually.

  • Jill

    Is there any recourse for pet owners and how do I prove my dogs ate them if I don’t have them anymore? Two of our three dogs have died and we are trying to pull the third one through. The vets have no info on this recall and are scratching their heads on these illnesses. It starts out with no eating or drinking. Once one dog is on I’ve fluids for days at the vet, they get better and come home. A few days later its back to no eating, etc. Since this nightmare started earlier this month, ithey were only eating food i cooked at home. I am completely broken.

  • Pattyvaughn

    These treats were killing dogs for 3 years before they did something about it, and even then only because they had to. Maybe your dog doesn’t react to what was in them, but if you can’t trust a company to do the right thing, then there will be a next time, and it might be something that your dog is sensitive to the next time. Good luck with that.

  • InkedMarie

    Why would you even want to use a treat that has been recalled, when there are so many other safe treats out there?

  • pandt93

    Is Milo’s chicken jerky going to come back on the market. My baby loves it and does fine on it. She didn’t get sick or act like she felt back.

  • elaineartist

    This is such bulls…! First, this is supposed to be a HEALTHY brand for our dogs! Now there’s this antibiotic in the chicken products. In order to be reimbursed for the product, you have to call their number, listen to their computerized crap, then listen to their 3 minute recording listing their excuses for the problem, then go through another 5 minutes to give your information to attempt to get your refund or replacement! Personally, I will NOT be buying this brand again!

  • Marlene

    I have fed my dog Waggin Trails and Milo’s chicken grillers….since this recall I have stopped all of them. My dog seems to be feeling better…he had stomach problems and very runny bowel movements all the time. Since I stopped with these treats he is back to normal. I had him to the vets soooo many times for his bowel movement problem…..They said he had colotis?…that all seems to be gone now. I hope that is all the problems I will have. I think Milo’s should pay all these VET BILLS!!!!

  • InkedMarie

    This is the dog food advisor, not the maker of Milos Kitchen. There are many other jerky treats out there for you to buy or make your own.

  • Claire

    Whats wrong with American Chickens?? Do we have to go to CHINA for chickens? Milo’s has put it’s self out of business, going to China to make dog treats, saving that nickel put them out of business, I will never buy any treats from Milo’s Kitchen again, I don’t want to kill my dogs, and neither should anyone else that reads this.

  • Claire

    I will never buy any products from Milo’s again, Greed made the company go to China, knowing that any products from China will KILL your animals, now they are out of business, GOOD

  • Suzi Leigh Miller

    My Duncan sheltie loves the chicken jerky and tells me he can’t wait to be able to taste it again. This is the only treat so far that he will eat. Our hope is that you will be able to resolve this matter soon. Duncan hopes for the best and never felt better when he ate the chicken jerky. It gave him zip and energy.
    Good luck.

  • Df

    I feel it is very important that they advise us exactly what products are completely made here in the US so we can make a decision on whether we want to continue to purchase Milo products – that includes raising of the animal or poultry from which their products are made.  We the consumer have a right to know – my dog loves the Chicken Jerky – went to Walmart  to find out they were pulled from the shelves – if there is a problem that causes Milo’s to remove their product from the shelves, reinbursement of money on product thrown out  really doesn’t compensate us for the possible loss or illness of our dogs. 

  • Magiclotusflower

    THATS RIGHT!!!!!!

  • Sandrkpaul

    My Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix had a grand mall seizure Saturday evening after eating a Chicken Griller.  Couldn’t find anything wrong with him and he has been fine after.  Perhaps this is why. 
    And my little long haired white Chihuahua has had lots of tummy upsets as well.  I just thought it was because she eats her food too quickly.
    I may try the home made jerky treats and see how that works out. My grandkids love jerky too…. And since they would be food grade…..Could solve 2 treat issues at one time. Might try making my own yams as well.  They loved those too
    Screw the mfg.  I’m watching VERY carefully from now on EVERYTHING that comes into my house for both myself and my furbabies.
    Sandra  Millbrook AL

  • Nagle Usa

    Now it makes sense!!!! My yorkie has has traces of bacteria in his urine. He has been drinking excessive amounts of water and urinating all the time. I took him to 2 vets….blood work….x-rays….no blatter stones, not diabetes, not a urinary track infection??? They were totally stumpted! Mmmmmmm….how about something from chickens from China not supported by the FDA!




  • Jbinkley45

    I am very upset that this company outsourced it s product manufacturing to China.  I also had been buying their products but won’t buy them again.  Our poor dogs cannot tell us what is wrong when they are sick and they trust us to give them only good safe things to eat.  This company has lost all my trust.  

  • ValerieNoyes

    Tammy, if we’re all lucky the answer is NEVER.  Please read everything you can on these jerky treats from China.  They’ve been killing and sickening dogs for years.  There is a ton of information on this site and all over the internet.  A google search will give you all of the information you need.

    It is so easy and considerably less expensive to make your own.  Your dog will love them just as much I promise.  The simple recipies are all over the various jerky threads on this site so I won’t bother repeating again.  Please reconsider ever buying jerky treats manufactured in China.  If you love your dog it is not worth the risk. 

  • Tammy

    I would like to know when the Milo chicken jerky will be back on the shelves. This is the only dog treat my dad’s dog will eat.


  • Hclaire2

    What is the problem? Don’t we have chickens in America? Was the 5 cents savings more important than customers? I trusted Milo’s Chicken Jerky, since the Chinese tried to poison the dogs in America, I assumed that Milo’s was safe, but I guess out sorcing to CHINA was more important.
    Well Milo’s lost me as a customer and I will never buy anything made by Milo’s again. What a shame.
    I understand that Milo’s doesn’t care but I have 5 dogs, I guess Milo’s had rather kill a few for the sake of saving a few penny’s.

    Helen DeArmona
    [email protected]:disqus .net

  • safarisam

     my heart goes out to you. I totally feel your pain as I too experienced almost the same thing however it was not due to any treats I have an 11 year old 12 lb Pomeranian who is my love. One day he didnt feel good, all he ate that day was his normal dog food however seemed to want more of it then usual.later on that day my little guy was so lethargic and sick, every time he drank water about 5 minutes later he would throw up…I layed next to him on the floor and of course it was a Friday night, when I called the vet they said that it sounded like a bad tummy ache but to keep an eye on him, I watched him gradually get worse and worse throughout the night, about midnight he appeared so bad and I felt completely helpless, I was a mess I didnt know what to do, I live in a small town so finding a vet after hours was well not easy. About 3 a.m I called the only emergency vet I could find and brought him in right away (yes 3 A.M) He stayed at the vet for a week hooked up to ivs. I spent as much time as I could most of the week at the vet with him. They told me it was something he ingested? well he has his own fence, no other animals come in my yard and his food and water are not accessible to anyone other then my dog on the back porch and the only thing he ate that day was his regular dog food! I asked them if he could have gotten something from the dog food however there is no place where they test food here in my town. I found out that whatever he ingested did damage to his pancrease and that he is now on insulin 2x a day and diabetic now.I have changed his diet to Merrick dog food and the only treats he gets are treats I make. I am very protective of him and yet everyday I worry for him. If he is outside for more then 15 minutes I go get him. I also will say I had another incident with him a year or so ago where I had to revive him after he threw up and then fell over, if I wouldn’t have followed him into my office  because I could tell something wasn’t right, he would not be here today.


  • Slinkeme

    I just received an email from Food Lion containing this weeks specials and on the list was Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky treats!!!!!  ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pattyvaughn

    While it is true that some of their stuff is made in the US, the problems with this product have been going on for years, and they have done nothing about it.  What they are doing now is a joke.  I would NEVER trust this company!!

  • 67highup

    some Milo’s products are made in the US.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Homemade is safe and very similar, just thinly slice chicken breasts, put on a cookie sheet, place in the oven on the lowest heat until dried to desired level, place in the freezer still on cookie sheet so they freeze individually, store in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  Simple

  • Marcy

    I wonder if there is any safe treat similiar to Milos Kitchen chicken strips. My terrier is crazy about them and has never been sick over the past two years. She even comes when she is running around the yard and I yell out “chicken strips”! Anybody know of anything similier that is considered safe?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Sign up for recall notices for DFA.

  • Spiritofkaty

    My 4yr old dog, recently became sick the night before poor thing was withdrawn this morning he had thrown up more
    than 8 times ah I feel so sad, I of coarse called the Vet Dr.,
    and they had asked me if anything different in his eating
    thats when they said to look on the dog recall dog treats “Wow” ah how would I know that my poor dog was getting
    internally sick, from dog treats. The Dr. said to give him a half of an Acid reducer 20mg, 1/2 of tablet to settle his stomach. I have an appointment with the Dr. in the morning.

  • Wonderworm05

    Everyone seems to only care about the dogs?  What about the chickens that are obviously living in such horrible conditions that they must be continuously fed antibiotics just to keep them healthy enough to be ground up into dog treats. They have just as much of a will to live as your dogs do. You’ve just been socially conditioned to believe that dogs and cats are more valuable than other living, feeling creatures who would not choose to live and die a horrible painful death anymore than your precious pets would.

  • NancyCMac

    I am dog sitting a friends dog and she left a bag of Milos Chicken Grillers Dog Treats to give her dog and mine as their treat.  I came home to check my emails and was shocked to see this recall.  They love them but the bag is going in the garbage.  Thank you for keeping us aware of these drastic mistakes.

  • Sukey

    I would never ever buy Milos or Waggin Train treats…They are made in China…Nuff said!

  • Amy51583

    My puppy loved these treats, but was always havig “stomach issues” finally figured it was these treats and stopped giving them to her….  Glad they are off the market!

  • cin3dee

    OMG Im so sorry to hear this.  🙁   Its horrible. Im getting a puppy friday and Im a nervous wreck over what the  heck to give her and not give her. This is scary stuff.  Good luck I hope your boy will be okay.

  • Wandabigsky

    Just returned from taking my dog to the vet AGAIN.  Kidney
    problems,pancreatis.  He has eaten Milo’s grillers and
    jerky for some time.  Recently he refused the grillers.
    He has lost 20% of his body weight, been in intensive care
    for 3 days getting fluids and antibiotics.  He is still in pain
    and will likely go back to IV fluids again tomorrow. $1500.
    later I got the food recall.  When will dog food companies
    stop treating our pets like this? I’m hoping my 11 year old
    dog can survive this. 

  • SheShe454

    I gave my dog those MILO treats last yr. and a month later she was in intensive care. And after almost dying, the vet said don’t give her any treats from CHINA ! Please read who makes the treats you give your pet.

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Well……I would never considered myself a farmer…. but I have worked with horses for many years and always had dogs at my home most of my life and many other types of animals (once healed a sick rooster)
    Google up antibiotics in chicken…see what you get.
    I would like to be wrong.


  • Epiphany

    I went to Walmart and Food Lion and Milo was pulled pulled off the shelf. I have been feeding my dog this treat when it first hit the shelves. I pray she has not been affected. I will probably take her to the Vet and have her check.I too trusted the made in the USA and careful about what I feed her.

  • RescueDog

    I too have bought Milo Chicken Grillers because it said “made in the usa”.  It is so hard to find a dog treat that is safe!

  • InkedMarie

    I’m very sorry for your loss. 

  • TerieV

    I lost my dog to Waggin Train 3/4/12. BJ was 2. His mom also go sick. His brother & dad didn’t get treats from the new bag and were fine. Let me tell you what happens, most who lost dogs experienced it about the same way. Treat on Wed AM. Thurs they were thristy all day and a little listliss. They didn’t eat their dinner. Fri we woke to very sick dogs, vomiting and lathargic. The vet said wait 24 hrs. Tashi was better by night, BJ was worse. I took him to the vet Sat AM. I had to carry my normally healthy 33lb boy. The vet gave him meds for the vomiting, took blood. I took him home and got him to drink water every 15 min. He just layed there all night with pleading eyes. Sun 10AM the vet said get in ASAP. I was told the outcome didn’t look good. An hour later his heart stopped. CPR failed to revive him. His kidney’s had shut down, and his liver. And he had acute pancreatitis. There was nothing they could have done. He got a very toxic piece. Tashi recovered, but still has issues. She was vomiting off and on all day today again. Waggin Train was the brainchild of an AMERICAN man who still holds the patent. He lives in NV, as do I.  he sold it to Purina a few years ago. He went to the Chinese with his product to be made. My dog is dead because I didn’t put on my reading glasses for the fine print. But all of you who kept feeding your dogs this junk AFTER all the stories of the past 10 months I ask, how you you risk you precious furkids life that way??  I hurt every day, I cry every day. BJ was the laughter in our home. I had him from the second he opened his eyes and took a breath. Now gone because of corp greed. And there’s NO guarantee this product won’t be back on the shelf in a month. The drugs in the recall did NOT KILL MY DOG. No one knows what did, but my FDA vet contact assures me this wasn’t it. Make your own jekry. Slice slightly frozen chicken, put it in a 160 oven for however long it takes. That’s it. That would have saved my dogs life. And over 500 others.

  • Don W

    So how am I supposed to get my money back if I no longer have the receipt?

  • farmer

     I’m guessing you don’t work with animals or on a farm and therefor have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • In the same respect, they do use Pedigree…  That food is the same as any other bottom of the line food for pets.  I am talking of course of the kibble kind. 

  • Pgoslett

    Even though a product may have “Made in the USA” on the package, that doesn’t mean that the source materials from which the product is made come from here. Many manufacturers purchase their meats from overseas, wherever it may be, China, India, Brazil, Chile,etc., process it, repackage it, and then they have the right to put “Made in the USA” on the package. By far the safest thing you can do is make your own. It really is not difficult. It is cheaper, but, I must admit, it is time-consuming. But just think how much better you would feel after making you dog its own treats yourself!

  • Pattyvaughn

    Bob K

    What you are saying is a fact. 

    But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect or want better.  And people do die, too, because of the lack of safety in pet products.

  • Nfldmimi

    I certainly agree with you.  About 4 months ago my vet told me not to feed my dogs any Milo products for it could cause renal problems, esp. with small dogs.  Now I only buy dog food, toy, and treats that say “made in the USA”

  • Nfldmimi

    About 4 months ago, there was an article in our town newsletter saying not to feed your dogs Milo chicken jerky.  I stopped immediately for my vet said it can cause renal failure esp. in small dogs.  

  • Nfldmimi

    I am so leery of any dog products that are made in China or it just says distributed by so and so.  I look for dog treats, dog food, and toys that say “Made in the USA.”

  • Bob K

     BryanV21, – You are so correct about the US food record is pretty poor.  Last year 3000 people died from food borne illnesses.  Imagine how many others were hospitalized or never sought medical treatment.  If people die, do you really expect any better quality or safety of pet products?

  • And I 2nd what Labs said about rawhide. There are much better treats you can give your dogs, which aren’t processed like rawhide is. And he didn’t even mention the digestibility issue of rawhide.

  • Before you go and cut out all non-US food I wanted to let you know that dog food regulations in the US are a joke. Canada, for instance, has more stringent regulations, which is why I’m a big fan of Champion Pet Foods (Orijen and Acana). I believe it’s England that’s the same way. Any group that thinks it’s okay to feed dogs Ol Roy and Kibbles N Bits is not somebody I’d trust.

  • LabsRawesome

     Dianeclifton, FYI- I wouldn’t use the raw hides either. Lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium salts, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals have been detected in hides.

  • Dianeclifton

    Why are we (the US) so stupid to buy, import or even consider buying any food from outstide the US.  We have such strong regulations here but we import from China and Chile food that is not under the FDA regulations and sell it.  Wtf???  My dog loved those treats but when I went to Walmart they were pulled.  I asked why, not knowing that they caused such harm to my best friend, and no one knew.  Thank God for this website so I could find out and NEVER EVER buy them again.  He is happy right now chewing on a raw hide treat.

  • James Bailey

    Hi Guys and Gals
    There is a topic in the forums about the chicken and whitefish jerky treats that I make and sell.  They are made from human grade meats bought in the meat section of Costco.  Everything is USA and they are made from the same meats that you and your family eat!.

  • Pgoslett

    Make your own Chicken Jerky Treats. Buy thin-sliced chicken breasts, boil them for 15-20 minutes; darin them, put them in the fridge, then slice them even thinner if you like and dehydrate them. A dehydrator costs about $20; it uses less than 100 watts of power and is useful not only for chicken treats. but for dehydrating produce that’s in season. If you don’t want to buy a dehydrator, there are plans for how to make one on the net, and you could even use your oven on its vey lowest setting. If yo use the oven , just check the strips periodically, turn them from time to time, and when they’ve reached the consistency you want, remove them, let them col, and refrigerate them. They may also be frozen after dehydration and last quite a long time. Not that they will last if you use them the way we do!

  • Unfortunately regulations on the whole “Made in the USA” thing are pretty lax, so you have to do a bit more research to make sure. It sucks… I know.

  • kandy watson

    i’ve heard for some time to avoid treats made in china, so i bought milo’s kitchen jerky simply because it has “made in the usa” on their packaging. however, if the chickens are still coming from a country without regulations, just how are we suppose to know what to avoid? apparently we need know beyond where the product was made, but also raised and processed!

  • Hollyrish

    Yeah but they are totally different

  • Hollyrish

    No as a third party rep for Milo’s they are only recalling the chicken jerky and chicken grillers no other product of there’s is affected it is because those two products use the same chicken supplier to make

  • Jim

    We almost lost our 11-year old Golden. Chicken Jerky completely stopped up her digestive system.  She stopped eating for 4 days, then finally extruded an ugly mass after an enema.

  • Oh, I wasn’t defending these treats at all. I just wanted to check the diarrhea thing is all.

  • Ivieivie123

    No it is more than Diarrhea… My dog stopped eating and was very sick! These treats cause Kidney damage and liver which in turn cause death… These treats are toxic to our pets!

  • Lee Ann Ivie

    My dog got sick off of Milo’s Kitchen, Chicken Jerky. She was sick after a few days of eating it.. Took her to the vet because she had stopped eating and was acting very strange. The only I had given her different was the Milo’s chicken treats… She was put on an IV for a few days and did recovery… She now gets No dog treats of any kind from the stores!!.. Not worth her life! She gets baked chicken from home…I do not understand why these treats are still in the stores after so many dogs have gotten sick form them… Milo’s is not concerned about our pets just their wallets!!..

  •  I wouldn’t feed these treats to my pets either, but I wanted to make sure that you understood that a dog can get diarrhea even from trying a new food… not that the food is necessarily bad. Dogs are sensitive to change, so even when switching to a good food it can happen.

  • InkedMarie

    If they were made in China, throw them out or return them

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    I agree!

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    I don’t get it…..penicillin is used to prevent disease in these animals. Why not clean up the conditions of these farms!  Oh, I forgot….of course penicillin also makes them grow larger faster.  Greed!  In soime European countries they have banned the use of penicillin in animals used for food compsumption.  Improve better living & sanitary conditions.
    Steroids have been banned in the use of animals why not ban penicillin.  I’m not much of a meat eater myself.  Occasional chicken or fish.  My dogs do most of the meat eating in my family……


  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Joanne –

    Milo’s Kitchen meatballs are made in the U.S. (not in China like the jerky treats) so it is unlikely that they will be recalled, the issues are with jerky treats made in China. However, upon reading the ingredients list, I would strongly urge you to find a healthier treat for your dog. The Milo’s kitchen meatballs contain soy grits, sugar and BHA. 90% of all soy is genetically modified, soy contains anti-nutrients that inhibit the ability of the body’s digestive enzymes to absorb certain nutrients, soy contains phytates which inhibit the body’s absorption of zinc, magnesium and calcium, soy is full of phytoestrogens that disrupt endocrine function and soy contains goitrogens that block the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Sugar – well I don’t think I really need to explain why that isn’t healthy, it’s not healthy for people and it’s not healthy for dogs either. BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) is a nasty preservative that is a known carcinogen.

  • LincolnT

    A year ago I fed my dog Milo’s sausages and he had some bad BAD diarrhea for over a week.  I honestly wouldn’t use any of their products again.  Just to be safe and protect your doggies…   

  • Brenda

    Stop letting the pet food industry tell you what you should be feeding your dogs. The only way to keep your dog healthy is to make the food and treats yourself and NEVER EVER feed your dog anything made in China. 

  • Joanne Callahan

    I just bought the Milo’s Chicken Meat Balls for my digs, will they be recalled as well? Should I return them to BJ’S

  • Flyingotter44

    The chicken jerky from Milo’s is one of their only products made in China.  Don’t buy anything for your dog from China.

  • Robert Debalso

    Their safety program didn’t protect the Yorkie that died.

  • Nipper110

    Milo is Del monty watch out

  • One brand of toxic throat daggers off the market. For now. Give them a minute, they’ll be back.

  • Pattyvaughn

    In the Chinese culture, dark meat is desirable.  Their chicken breasts are turned into dog food to be sold to the US.  As for why the chicken for people isn’t being recalled, it’s perfectly OK for the Chinese companies to poison their own people as long as they don’t get caught.  Think melamine in baby formula.

  • mdkroma

    This was bound to happen. A few weeks ago a California congressman asked the two parent companies to stop producing jerky treats in china. China’s response on 12/20 was that there was something wrong with the FDA. Clearly, there was a backroom crapstorm after that.

  • John ONeil

    These products are made from chicken.Is it the same chicken used to feed humans, if so why aren’t the chickens fed to humans recalled?

  • Bob K

     Janet – Voluntary recalls are good in many ways, the mfg should know long before the Govt. or consumers know if there are any potential issues and are willing to do something about it .  Recalls cost the company money and puts their reputation on the line.   3000 people in the US die yearly because of bad food.   People like to think the US food system is superior to other countries.  Think again.

  • C B

    Maybe if they weren’t made in China, Milo’s wouldn’t have this problem.  The other Milo’s products are made in the USA.

  • Janet Stratman

    Real-eeee, voluntary recall!  When will the FDA get some cohoonies with regards to the petfood industry?  I hate the fact that pets are placed so low on the food chain!  Amazing!