Iams Recall Mysteriously Removed by Retailer


On November 25, 2011, Price Chopper, a major grocery store chain located in the northeastern region of the United States, posted on its website a recall of select varieties of Iams dog and cat foods.

However, sometime midday, Sunday, November 27, the company mysteriously removed the recall notice from its website — and posted no explanation to consumers for its actions.

As we reported initially, this recall could never be confirmed on the Iams or FDA websites.

We are as baffled as other consumers by this event and apologize for any inconvenience.

  • somebodysme

    I wouldn’t but my dog would…for sure!

  • Rhonda Bowling

    all of my dogs eat thei 4health dry dog food, (no grain) and I buy it at tractor supply, it costs about a dollar or so a pound, I have a german shepherd and a great dane, no problems at all, I also buy they’re canned food to mix with the kibble, 2 cups dry in the morning mixed with about a tablespoon or so wet food, same in the evening, I usually go thru 50 lbs a month, I tried a lot of the more expensive dog foods but quickly found out that I was spending more on they’re food than I was my own per month

  • Rhonda Bowling

    old roy has bird feathers in its pet food, would you eat that???

  • Rhonda Bowling

    who cares if it all in “CAPS”… she is worried about her dogs, grow up dude!!!

  • Sharon Moates

    Thanks so much Kimi! Will print this out & make a trip to Tractor Supply this weekend! 🙂

  • Sharon Moates

    Can’t afford more than about $1.50 a can.

  • Melissaandcrew

    You need to watch fat content with schnauzers due to pancreatitis concerns

  • Bobby dog

    Too funny!! Pure Balance, both varieties and 4Health are my main rotation along with BJ’s Earth’s Pride ($1.50) canned food!
    And the rest are certainly budget friendly also.
    Of course if you have a bigger budget just check out the 4 and 5 star rated foods. Print those lists out and take them to the pet store with you.

  • Kimi_Forever

    I am sure Bobby dog has many good suggestions for you, but here are some that were recommended to me:

    “If you live near a Tractor Supply their house brand 4Health is rated 4.5 stars and is only $0.99 per can. If you live near a Costco Kirkland Cuts in Gravy runs about $0.79 per can and is rated 5 stars. Walmart has a new house brand called Pure Balance the which is rated 5 stars and runs $1 per can, they recently came out with a 95% meat grain-free variety which hasn’t been rated yet but I believe is somewhere around $1.20 per can.”


    “Dave’s. They have some 95% meat varieties that run $20.99 per case ($1.75 per can). Rated 5 stars.

    By Nature. Their 95% meat varieties range from $16.34 to $18.99 per case ($1.36 – $1.58 per can). Rated 5 stars.

    Whole Earth Farms. They offer a few different formulas that are all $21.99 per case ($1.83 per can). Rated 5 stars.”

    -although i’ve recently crossed By nature off my list of possible foods, there’s no denying that it’s cheap.

  • Bobby dog

    What price range are you looking to pay for a can of dog food?

  • Sharon Moates

    I have a 3 year old Party Schnauzer that I have been feeding Pedigree since I got her 10 months ago. It was what her previous owner was feeding her. She does not have any health issues, but was told by my groomer it was the worse food to be feeding her. She recommended Blue Mountain, but have read hundreds of negative reviews about it. Can anyone recommended a healthy canned dog food that won’t cost me a small fortune?

  • Pattyvaughn

    If you like to eat healthy meat based foods, I would agree completely. But not if you like to eat junk, fast food, vegan, or vegetarian.

  • heytrud

    I wonder if the dog owners eat the same stuff everyday too> very much doubt it.

  • heytrud

    Just give your dogs what you eat and there will be NO problems, LIKE EVER!

  • LabsRawesome


  • Mike

    Or you should stop getting pet

  • Mike

    Whats with all the CAPS?

  • Barb Paro

    Can’t find any info on Iams treats, Proactive health. Does anyone know any thing. Are they good or not??

  • Barb Paro

    We switched from Blue Buff. to Ims and my cocker Sp. Lost all her fur on her but and back. It wasn’t mange my vet said, now I see it was from Ims. read up on it.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Your first clue should have been when it started appearing in grocery stores.

  • somebodysme

    Don’t boggle your mind too much over it, us people researching dog foods are in the minority let me tell you! My dog was on Purina One from the rescue and scratching so whatever I tried only made things worse…SOOOOO, I’m talking to my niece and she says to me “have you tried Ol’ Roy moist and chewy…my dog loves it and it’s the only food she will eat”. She is a professional, well educated woman with a high paying job…she isn’t out researching dog food, as far as she knows…they aren’t sell scrap for her dog to eat and it should be healthy if they sell it in the store. Look in shopping carts, they are carrying around $100 bags of food, they are carrying around Beneful or Purina etc.

  • Storm’s Mom

    I’m sorry to hear that your pets are sick. It just boggles my mind, though, how someone would not research the food they feed their “BELOVED” dogs, and how this could be a surprise now, 5 years on from 2008. At least now you know, and hopefully will pay more attention to what you feed your dogs in the future (btw, 7 years of feeding your dogs the same food is waaaaaaaaaaaay too long!!! I would strongly advise learning about “rotation feeding”)

  • Cheryl

    I started feeding my dogs Iams dry food in 2006 and to my SURPRISE I
    JUST found out in 2008 Iams was bought by PROCTER & GAMBLE.. THEY
    changed the ingredeints to cheaper crap… I was told by my vet that the
    reason my BELOVED animals are sick is because their food is causing
    EXCESSIVE STOMACH ACIDS which is eating them up from the inside out!!!!
    P&G TEST ON n TORTURE ANIMALS in their LABS!!! THEY are BEST known
    for CLEANING PRODUCTS!!! Do you THINK they REALLY care about what we
    JUST hope it’s not to late for MY PACK!!!! Most my worry is on my 7 year
    old BEAGLE… He is showing the most signs of illness…..

  • InkedMarie

    sorry but you swapped one bad food for another. If you absolutely must buy at a grocery store, at least look for Pro Plan or Purina ONE but can you shop elsewhere or online?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Have you read the ingredients list on Beneful? It is cancer in a bag. You should consider looking for a new food.

  • Sharon

    I have had to put down 7 dogs that had some form of cancer in the last 10 years. They all were fed Pedigree dry and canned food. Is this a coincidence or is there something in the food? I switched to Beneful dry several years ago. So far none have died. Humm

  • Annika Kitty

    i would stop feeding him benefull it kills dogs

  • Sue Krider

    check out victor’s dry food.  has a high rating.  I buy mine from a feed store 

  • Pattyvaughn

    Do you have any of the cans left?  If you think it’s the food then make a report to the FDA.

  • Peters

    I started feeding my dog Iams canned dog food the day after Christmas and had to put him to sleep today Jan. 3rd. He was fine until he started eating the canned food. Ate the canned food like crazy for 3 days and then quit eating and drinking altogether. Am really upset and believe the canned food was to blame. Of course Iams said there was nothing wrong with the food.

    Curtis Peters

  • i just put my dog to sleep after feeding him iams canned dog food and i believe its to blame. i fed him the food for three days in a row and he got so sick and believe it was the iams canned dog food tat was the cause, he was terribly bloated and the vet could’nt understand why.i am heartbroken, i thought i was giving him something good and it resulted in him getting so deathly ill he could not last another day. he died on thanksgiving of this year and swear he got sck after eating this canned dog food from iams.

  • Eve’sHumanMom

    Actually, that’s ancient history.  Check out this article in the Whole Dog Journal.  They visited P&G, which makes Iams:  http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/15_6/features/Pet-Food-Companies-Animal-Research-Practices_20547-1.html

  • BryanV21

    Really? “Call Iams and talk to them”? As if they are going to come out and say “we care more about our profit than making a quality dog food”.

    If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times… the ingredient list does not lie.

  • Kelly

    Yes the big dogfood companies do care about your pet you can call Iams and talk to them.Are you sure it was the food not shots or picking something up from another dog

  • Kelly

    and if you do your research it was Peta that also did that video it was not made by Iams-Peta is very cruel to animals do your homework and research Peta

  • JoAnne

     I am having trouble with two of my dogs diarrhea and tummy upset after opening a new bag of Iams natural chicken flavor. there is no numbers on the bag. what should i do? Molly and Abby’s mom…

  • Msfts

    Tell her careful with the rice & chicken diet. My puppy had a lot of stomach  problems and was put on the Rice & chicken diet, When I tried to put him back on dog food he stopped eating, was dropping weight. The Vet said it was okay to feed him the rice & chicken so I have for the past ten years along with my other dog. Now both  my dogs teeth are starting to fall out and one has bowel problems. My new Vet got angry with me when they found out what I feed my dogs. Apparently this diet has caused severe tooth decay and the excessive protein is causing stomach issues. Now I’m stuck trying to teach my senior dogs to eat dog food again, which isn’t easy. The reason I post this is because I know a lot of people feed their dogs this because they’re told it’s good for their dogs. But I’m seeing the long term repercussions. And yes they get their teeth cleaned regularly by the groomer.

  • letsgobyfacts

    I’ve feed my last two dogs Iams for years and no problems .. In fact .. my last dog lived to 16 and my current dog is 9 … dogs can pick up all kinds of illness from just walking the trails.  Iams has always been healthy for my dogs.  

  • Zulu

    I ONLY feed my collie beneful, he’s been perfectly healthy for years on beneful.. never, EVER would I feed him Iams! 

  • Susie

    If you go to Peta’s website you can see a horrific video that shows how Iams tests on dogs….the wretched individuals have hearts of stone!

  • Irenanab

    I agree with you….it’s disgusting and barbaric how China and other Asian nations treat their animals…just truly sickening….especially the open food markets…dogs/cats in cramped up disgusting cages…I guess money and a quick buck speaks volumes.

  • Sablelover

    I am livid about Iams NOT taking any responsibility!  My older dog almost died from eating Iams!  He got deathly ill after eating the mini chunks.  Had I not Googled “bloody diarrhea”, I would never have found others’ stories about Iams.  I immediately took my dog off of Iams and he recovered.  I tried everything I could think of to warn others and get Iams to do something, but they didn’t.

  • sandy


    Canidae Single Grain Protein Plus
    Natures Logic
    Great Life
    Natures Select Lamb and Rice
    Natures Select chicken rice and lamb
    Natures select Hi Protein

  • Jeanine

    Would love some help finding a quality dry dog food WITHOUT white potatoes, oatmeal, peas, or pork and won’t cost me an arm and a paw…….

  • Gordon

    aimee – Are you able to disclose the mystery, lol 😛 ? Mother Nature doesn’t hide anything when it comes to the dog’s natural evolutionary and ancestral diet!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sorry to hear this!

  • blue

    My sister just got a puppy a few weeks ago, was feeding him this food, and he died all of a sudden.I know not to ever feed my dog this brand.

  • Jackie
  • melissa

    Truthaboutpetfood.com has the latest update-apparently the food was “pulled” and not recalled, due to elevated aflatoxin levels in it. According to what she wrote, and Iam’s customer service rep stated that the notice was not for public sharing?!??!?!

  • Lisa

    @marie – That Flint River Ranch is junk – read the label 🙁

  • erin c.

    Thanks for the heads up Mike.
    I gave up Iams when our previous dog died.

    I continue to spend a lot of time in the store reading labels because they seem to change ingredients.

    And human food? I found only 2 brands of stuffing mix for Thanksgiving that didn’t have MSG, BHT, and BHA in them–one was at Whole Foods. And they are starting to add artificial sweeteners to food with no warning on the front of containers–low fat and low calories used to be the warning. I guess the artificial sugar lobby is BIG with the FDA. 🙁

  • erin c.

    Speaking of foreign food.
    Does anyone read the fine print on bottles of juice?
    It’s printed around the neck of the bottle where it’s difficult to see.
    I found 1 bottle of apple juice that said it was made in the US.
    I thought they only sold foreign stuff at the dollar store.
    Even DOLE pineapple comes from a foreign country.
    What happened to Hawaiian pineapple?

  • Nigel Hallett

    Does it suprise you that dog foods are often recalled? Beware of buying from a company that is a part of a human food processing corporation. These days, food ‘manufacturers’ have found ways to produce our food from just about EVERYTHING between the horns and hooves of an animal. What do you think is left for pet food?
    PS. A healthy pet is of NO commercial value to a vet!

  • Ashley Reekie

    No crapple in this house! I feed 100% raw meat/organs/bones diet to my 3 dogs and 2 cats (and also currently 7 foster kittens) I know EXACTLY what they are eating, and where it comes from. Sad to say i often care more about sourcing of their food than my own, but with so many recalls on pet foods and products coming from japan/mexico and god knows where else.. i enjoy the extra work of raw feeding and my pets are the healthier for it!! I also make my dogs own treats as well with a food dehydrator 🙂

  • caroline bogart

    This blogger found it before it was removed.

    Pet Food Safety Recall: IAMS recalls IAMS Original With Chicken Cat Food (4 lbs, Lot #12794177I5; 6.8 lbs, Lot #12794177D3) and IAMS Lamb Meal With Rice Dog Food (15 lbs; Lot #12794177J4), due to elevated aflatoxin levels, according to a notice posted by the Price Chopper supermarket chain.

  • Sasha

    I feel the need to comment here because of an experience with the same brand of dog food three years ago. Both our puppy AND our elderly dog were on the same food, and both became sick with vomiting and diarrhea. When taken off the food, they would recover; we wondered if they might have a flu or something similar and started them back on the dog food once more. Same thing again, so we went back to rice and chicken while the puppy recovered, but our elderly dog never did; we ended up having to have her put down.
    The manufacturer asked for a sample of the dog food, which we sent them immediately. Interestingly enough, there was no lot number on the bag; they told us where we could find it, and we ended up photographing that area to prove there was nothing on it. When we didn’t hear back from the manufacturer several weeks later, I sent them a follow-up email. When we STILL didn’t hear from them, I wrote a letter and mailed it to them to ask what the results of the testing were. Needless to say, we never did get an answer from them.
    Our puppy is now three and is thriving on GO food. Whether this latest bit of news has been ‘substantiated’ or not, I would say there is still good reason to worry.

  • Amy

    I think also everyone missed the part of the article where the grocery chain posted a recall and then REMOVED the recall and the recall wasn’t confirmed by Iams or the FDA. Don’t panic yet!

  • Cristina Scribner

    For the same money you can go with a holistic dog food. All you need to do is scratch your own convenience and seek out a pet store or website that offers holistic food. Dog Food Advisor gives you wonderful direction (STAY AWAY FROM COMMERCIAL FOOD, especially sold in grocery stores and the likes!!!!) and act on it!!

  • Amy

    I remember when Iams was a premium brand. I still think it is a half-way decent brand. Even our human food gets contaminated now and then. I just switched from Iams to Taste of the Wild for my cat. My dog is on a similar grain-free food but doesn’t seem to like it. The only kind she does seem to like is Innova, but it’s $60/bag.

  • Marj Baker

    I’ve fed Iams cat food to my cats all their lives for 25 year and not come up with a problem pointing to the food. My cats live to be 13-19 years old and as former breeder quality food was very important. I have had no problems with urinary tract infections in all these years or any other health problem due to the food. When Iams was sold to P&G I too was ready to change but P&G has stuck with the Original recipe for Iams which I continue to buy.
    Perhaps a warehouse storing Iams food has become damp or comtaminated in other ways. Your Iam”s products do not come directly to you from P&G. It is warehoused in many different spots throughout the country. And we know there has been weather problems throughout the US.
    I don’t know why people become so angry at US products and immediatley blame the company for their animal’s health problems without any backup by vets and other sourses. I have seen no recalls of Iams products in recent or past history that was due to P&G. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    I realize that there is money out there that can coverup problems with various industries and maybe Iams is involved with this but until further research don’t point the finger (even the middle one) at Iams products until there is more proof.
    Thanks for reading and this is just my opinion.

  • You can also buy Pro Pac for a lot less than some of these brands – and they have never had a food recall either (not bad for 25 years).

  • K. Voigt

    Every time I try to feed IAMs to my cats, they get a urinary tract infection. Vet seems to think something to do with the PH. After researching foods,
    IAMS is just overpiced cat chow. Corn is the first ingrediant, if not second or third. Cats aren’t supposed to eat corn. Its just a filler. And if its within the first 3 ingridiants, thats what its primarily made of. If I were to feed my cat like that, I’d just save the money and buy another grocery store brand $10 cheaper. They eat Solid Gold now. Same with dogs. I’ve also head about the animal testing and thats when I stopped totally.

  • R. Paul

    Who would have issued the ‘original’ iams warnings (the ones that mysteriously disappeared)? Would it be Procter & Gamble, or the USDA? This warning about three (and only three) recalls of these iams products has been circulating on the Internet lately, but with no initial source given.

  • Robbie

    Not speaking specifically to this issue, but I have an ‘in general” comment;

    Yes, I would give pause to purchasing a product line from a company who has had a large number of recalls, but I urge caution in condemning a company based on a small number of recalls, otherwise the effect could be that companies become *even more* reluctant/slow in issueing a recall. A slow recall increases the risk to the health of our pets! I try to keep in mind that in this mass production word of ours even our food grade USA items get recalled. The worst companies are the one’s who try to hide possible problems or react slowly in a recall situation. I want any company I purchase from to ACT FAST and issue a recall out of caution, even if it turns out that the product was ok. ( This is expensive for the company to do and could result in them appearing to have more issues than others, even if they do not.) With all this said, I do my best to avoid anything associated with Chinese provided ingredients or processes.

  • Hi Laura… Here’s a link to the YesBiscuit website where the article’s author was resourceful enough to actually preserve and post an image of the original Price Chopper recall announcement before it mysteriously disappeared.

  • As if there wasn’t already sufficient concern to know that feeding Iams or Eukanuba or Science Diet was something to take pause about. Blech.

  • BloodhoundNDots

    The FDA HAS NOT yet posted the IAMS recall at this time http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/SafetyHealth/RecallsWithdrawals/default.htm

    Trying to contact Price Chopper supermarket at this time….

  • Daren

    And I thought I would add that we NEVER buy any kind of dog food or treats that have “made in China” on the label. That country is the most barbaric and cruel to animals. I have seen how they skin dogs and cats alive just for their fur. How they stock pile dogs and cats like wood just to eat them. That alone would make anyone not buy anything from china to give their dogs. The Asian country’s are sick in their practice when it comes to the health and well fair of any animal. Bottom line BOYCOTT CHINA’S PRODUCTS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!

  • Daren

    We don’t like Iams, they do animal testing on healthy dogs. We only feed Taste of The Wild and Natural Balance to our dogs.

  • Mandy

    So glad I don’t feed any of that “crap in a bag”. As my dear friend states “meat is suppose to go bad”. Only raw here, and I’ve taken to making my own jerky from fresh meats for their treats too!

  • Dan

    This concerning even though I live on the other side of the country. I have been against buying anything other than U.S. made products for sometime. Yes it takes time and work to find what you need. I have found so many pet treats and food that state only “distributed by ——” usually a name of a well known company in the U.S. But no made in on the bad or box. If it does not say “Made in U.S.A” it goes back on the shelf. The recent chicken jerky is a perfect example. I depend on the Dog Food Advisor heavily. Thank you helping keep my much loved pet safe.

  • krista waters

    the iams recall is now on the FDA site.

  • Bill Laird

    What is the status of the recent Chicken Jerky from China issue. We have two Cocker Spaniels with Vet Bills over $1500.00 from this treat. One has recovered the second is recovering. Purchased from a national Pet food chain.

  • Hi Laura… Apparently, Price Chopper has removed its page which was active at the time this article was posted. Not sure why. But a call to Price Chopper Customer Service appears to be in order.

  • Why go to large pet supplies store chains and groceries stores where they can not guarantee your pet food to be safe. You can get a 40lb. premium holistic dog food for $69.31 for a 60lb. dog which will last you 58 days or do auto ship for $63.09 (20% discount) at http://www.healthpetslive.com. Or try Flint River Ranch at http://www.frrco.com/123427 and try 40lb dog food for $61.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Neither company has Never been on any Recall List.

  • Hi Laura… Unfortunately, the FDA page you linked to here only mentions a product called Best Friends Gourmet Cat Food and contains no information about the Iams pet food recall issued on Friday, Novermber 25 by Price Chopper and discussed in my article.

  • Laura


    This is the only FDA website that I found mentions anything about Car Food Recall for Price Chopper .. Is this post a lie?

  • Laura

    Why is the Price Chopper website a bad URL?

  • melissa

    My bigger concern is why this has not been put on the Iams website?? Price Chopper is a huge chain grocery store, and I can not imagine them recalling unless there was a proven issue.

  • Margo

    The very fact that Iams has had so many recalls over the past years just tells me to NEVER buy that brand. How dare they charge more than the average pet food while purporting themselves to be a “healthier” alternative to the basic brands. They should be ashamed, but they obviously don’t care – as long as the FDA doesn’t force pet food manufacturers to adhere to specific standards and post their recalls when they could be hurting and killing animals all over the country.

  • Cindy

    Really Deb? I spend $45 per month for my dog’s premium dry food (Smartpak Livesmart). I certainly spend more than that to feed myself per month. Now my horses, that’s a whole different story. I feel much safer with the Smartpak dog food, than ANY other variety. You can only purchase the food thru them, so if there’s ever a recall – they know where every single kibble has been sent. I feel confident knowing that the middle man has been cut completely out of the picture. I trust them with my dog’s life.

  • Deb

    There was another recent recall with certain Chicken Jerky, too. This is upsetting, because there shouldn’t be so many problems with pet food that costs us as much as (or more) the food we buy for ourselves. I spend far more at the pet supplies store chains than I ever do on groceries for the rest of us. This is a shame.

  • Marie

    Ouch…I got a buddy that feeds Iams to her cats. I should let her know. Thanks for the heads up! (They’ve been vomiting a lot lately too.)