Boots and Barkley Bully Sticks Dog Treats Recall


September 21, 2012 – Kasel Associated Industries of Denver, CO is voluntarily recalling its Boots and Barkley American Beef Bully Sticks product because it may be contaminated with Salmonella.

The event was reported by the FDA in a news release dated September 21, 2012.

According to the FDA bulletin:

Salmonella can sicken animals that eat these products and humans are at risk for salmonella poisoning from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the pet products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever.

Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms.

Consumers exhibiting these symptoms after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain.

Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has any of these signs, please contact your veterinarian.

According to the bulletin, the affected American Beef Bully Sticks were distributed nationwide through Target retail stores from April through September 2012.

What Products Are Being Recalled?

The product is sold in a clear plastic bag containing six bully sticks each and are marked with bar code number 647263899189.

The manufacturer is recalling all lot numbers because the following lot codes tested positive through analysis by the State of Colorado Department of Agriculture:


No illnesses have been reported to date in animals or humans in connection with this problem.

What to Do?

Consumers are urged to return the recalled product to the place of purchase for a full refund. Those with questions may contact Kasel Associated Industries at 1-800-218-4417 Monday thru Friday from 7am to 5pm MDT.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • Karen

    I bought bully treats from petco made in Paraguay. Are they safe?

  • Chelsea Richards

    Well said!!! I shared the same thought that you had… Two
    thumbs up!!!

  • jack and molly


  • BryanV21

    I’d throw them out. Better to be safe than sorry. Sucks to waste money, but that’s better than possibly putting your pups life in any danger.

  • Kaw5885

    I bought these bully sticks a few weeks ago, but I threw away the top part of the packaging with the info on it.  My dog had already eaten a few and isn’t sick…should I assume they’re okay or throw them out?

  • SteveH

    ty for notice! a picture of product would be nice to see in notice as well >.<

  • Marci

    Award Pets Supply is the BEST!

  • Erika

    I make my own treats. Definitely nothing from China, and now seems like nothing from anywhere else.. Sad..

  • Marci

    Make your dog treats yourself, question solved 

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Getting back to chicken jerky……Why is it taking so long to figure out the cause of China made chicken jerky?  Is it because of the $$$$$ made off of the product?  The main result is that dogs have been sickened many times from these products.  That should be enough to take it off the shelves for good!  Dogs are not even considered a part of the family in the eyes of the law…..they are considered property.  I know that my dogs are more than just a piece of furniture…. and I am sure to all others.  Maybe if the law changes things around and realizes that they are a part of our families things would speed up a bit.  Then law suits may cost them alot more money.  The thing is that we who are educated about these products may not buy them…. but, there are still many who do.  I agree with you…..make people aware.


  • Bethany Lontz

     Obviously the manufacturers care about the dog if they are recalling the contaminated treats.

    You do realize that there’s also a business aspect to the selling of treats and food as well right? Target sells the treats, consumers like the treats. Not everyone is as conscious about what they feed their pets. So if target just up and stops selling treats that people like, most of their business is gone right there. Yes…some people will find a different treat, but others will find some other place to buy the treat.

    It’s a lot more complex then whether or not the manufacturers care about someone else’s animal or not.

  •  *giggles* oooooh that made me laugh.  If there was a way of doing it without getting caught on camera and chances are banned from the store for doing it.  But darn it sure would make the consumer think before buying.  For those that remember what Mr. Yuck is….. 

  • Margiet2

    put mr yuck stickers on the packages … that should make a pet owner think twice about buying the product.

  • Solution….Make your own home made DOG Treats..

  • What is the FDA doing about all the Dog Treats from China that are making Dogs ill?
    I do not think the FDA will stand up against China…

  • Chris

    For treats I use organic baby carrots, small pieces of organic apple & organic boneless/skinless pieces of chicken. That’s about it and they love these things.

  • Trinity

    They are not being taken off the market simply because the manufacturer is GREEDY, and really couldn’t care less about you or your dog!!!! Just making money.  🙁

  • Mike P

    thank you

  • Valerie Noyes

    OOps, my original reply had to do with Chinese jerky treats, not the bully sticks.  Sorry!

  • Valerie Noyes

    Because the FDA has not yet found the definitive cause of the problem.  It might be the glycerin, might be the irradiation process, or something else entirely.  And apparently until they do, they have no authority to issue a recall.  It’s taking a ridiculously long time so it is up to everyone who is aware to inform as many people as they possibly can.

  • Dmdavis0997


  • Rcirenecuellar

    If I am in a pet food store and I see people picking up any treats I tell them look at the back where its made some are so shocked and they put them back immediately others
    walk down the line of treats and keep picking up and checking the print on the back more people need to point this out to others and keep our furkids safe the more people come aware the less ( we hope) will the stuff from China

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    The reason that there are so many products for dogs made in China is because it is so much cheaper for these large companies to have their products produced in China.  Sad but true….. I wouldn’t purchase anything edible made in China.  Not for my dogs!  I know recalls are on many types of products, but, you can be sure…if it is made in China…. it is not safe.  Don’t gamble your pets life!


  •  They are still being sold because there hasn’t been a recall on them.  That
    I know of.  If there was a recall it would be posted here on the forum and a LOT
    of cheering going on!   So far there are just warnings on them and sadly
    most consumers aren’t seeing those warnings until it’s too late!  Who would
    think to look up a product before buying it after all.  But then many (but not
    all) of those that are still buying them are the ones buying 1-2 star dog foods.
    Hopefully soon they will be on recall and they will be off the store
    shelves and out of the mouths of pets!   Until then all we can do is to try to
    spread the word and go to various sites that sell them that allow customers to
    write reviews and write a review and hopefully someone will see the warnings by
    that low rated review.  I know when I am looking to buy something and I look at
    reviews I not only look at the positive comments but the negative ones have more
    of an impact on if I decide to buy it or not.  Maybe someone is going to leave a
    positive comment and will read the negative ones and stop buying them.  It’s
    just a thought…..  

  • why is it we cannot get these so called treats off the shelves. it is so much easier and safer to give your furkids a treat homemade. these treats are expensive and we are supporting a country that is intentionally inflicting pain on our furkids. please just stop buying all treats until american companies who have made millions from american consumers start using all american made only products in the production of their products and that the products are made here in america with only american made ingredients. it is so simple and we can do it.!!

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    I agree…..Nicely said! Healthy for treats and nutritous for food. 


  • Dulciesdogbowl

    Does anyone know where Boots & Barkley bully sticks are made?  Are they made in China?  Have to beware…….. alot of dog treats are labeled inspected in USA but look deeper and some are made in China. I always give my dogs bully sticks that are made in USA only.  They are 100% digestable.  Never rawhide!!!!!! Bully sticks are the only chew besides marrow bones that I give to my three dogs.  I homecook for them and make my own jerky and treats.  Nothing commercial.   Oh…..I hope that I don’t have to start worrying about Bullys…….For those who choose to homecook or feed raw……egg shell powder is the best calcium.  1900 mg per tsp. so you do not need to use much per feeding….  and you can make your own at home.  Calcium is a must for all dogs………………………….


  • Gerri

    I agree with you all the way..

  • Marilyn C.

    Nice looking boxer Mike!

  • FinUSA

    Wow, glad he’s okay!

  • FinUSA

    Wow!  Scary! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Mike P

    I only leave a treat in the bowl when I leave for work in the morning to calm her down.I give her wellness bites and she gets 5 a week.I see no reason other than training to give treats to a well fed dog.I am now going to make my own liver treats to leave in the morning instead of the store bought stuff. It doesn’t make sense to me to feed the best food and give garbage treats.I get sick to my stomach when I see people giving jerky’s,bully sticks,and especially rawhide bones to their dogs.You can get real marrow bones from a butcher for a dollar a bone vs 5 bucks for rawhide.Can you imagine having rawhide sit in your stomach for 8 hours ??

  • Gerri

    I also make my own treats.


  • Gerri

    Do not feel bad for my dogs.  My pug has been on raw food for 11 years and is very healthy.


  • texangirl64

    RAW is best.. For Treats make your own Jerkeys 🙂

  • texangirl64

    I feel sorry for your Dogs..You thinking for their brains is not a good thing. In your mind anything is a cooking if you say it’s a cookie.. They just don’t have a choice.

  • Mjjaxx

    I just give my dogs their food kibbles (Acana) as treats. Anything you tell them is a cookie, to them is a cookie

  • Rbw55

    I’m not sure nutrition needs to be the primary consideration where “treats” are concerned. Nutritous and healthy aren’t necessarrilly the same thing.  Treats need to be healthy, food needs to be nutritous.

  • Gerri412

    I only feed my dogs  (pug & maltese )raw they love it and I do not worry about it being called back.

  • Ashley85

     LOL! Dog’s love them though.

  • Melanie

    I haven’t checked the lot number yet, but I gave my mini dachshund one of these a few weeks ago and he was up all night vomiting.  I guess now I know why.  He was totally fine after that first night, thanks goodness.  

  • Tiffany Landis

    I wouldn’t buy those things to begin with. No nutrition whatsoever. Read the labels before you buy!!!!