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  • Amateria

    Although blue has had its fair share of issues, you mentioned by the 2nd day he got sick, did you even transition? A lot of vets apparently don’t even bother to ask and instantly blame the food as well.

    I personally don’t like blue, based on all the comments I’ve read and also because they’ve lied about ingredients.

  • Rob Godwin

    I was talked into buying this product from the sales rep that hangs out at tractor supply. After two days, I noticed my dog becoming lethargic and vomiting. It got so bad I took him to my vet to be examined, he was very sick by this point that they took him in immediately and put in IV’s and some other medication. The vet and me thought it was some blockage so they x-rayed which showed little and kept him over night. The next day my wife went to check on him and he barely looked at her. He is an 8 month old highly energetic Aussie with a great personality, loves people and wiggles his butt to everyone so to see him this way really spooked me. The vet did surgery to find out what she could find, no blockage, just some green slime. His intestines were almost empty by the third day. The vet said she has had other issues with owners bringing there pets in and saying they had started them on the Blue products with the same results. She said she had tried to contact the company in the past, but the company will not reply. I would advise to stay clear of there products unless you are the gambling type.
    Blue is all about profits, not your pets health.

    Vet bill was over $1500 and three days at the vets.


  • Linda Pleat

    Just starting using a new bag of chicken and rice, small kibble life protections… My dog 13 yrs old has very bad runs, prior he was on blue but a different bag, still the life protection but with fish, but not the chicken and rice, I mixed the first bag, he seemed ok, but now that he’s completely on it for the past 2 or 3 days he’s has the runs. Today he is getting boiled chicken and rice, not sure what to change to, he’s old and doesn’t need this in his life, need a stable food with no additives.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I know this was a while ago, but so sorry for your loss and your experience.

  • Jill

    I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I can tell you I followed through with BB and they were no help. The FDA took the food I had left and analyzed it..they DID find the batch I had contained an “aflatoxin” which is a mold from corn ( hence BB says there is no corn in their food hmmm) BUT the level fell into the “acceptable” range so they accepted no responsibility of the loss of my pet or the 7000.00 vet bills. I don’t know about you but if aflatoxin is fatal to a dog (specifically their liver) then the acceptable amount for me is 0. I must add the level was .01 ppm from being over the acceptable range. This company is bogus..every time I see their commercial saying “treat them like family” I could just scream. They were rude and very uncaring of the whole situation. Please Please Please stop feeding your pets this food. I wish you the best with your dog I know how heartbreaking it is.

  • theBCnut

    I’m sorry you are going through this.

  • Thomas

    My 12 year old Border Collie is facing the same issues.

  • Thomas

    My dog is going through this now. Bought a bag in December / January. Now he’s very ill.

  • Teri Brackett

    She threw up once with the Blue Buffalo since she got home so I switched to Orijen and can’t believe how good she is doing. Tummy rash is gone, no paw licking and her eyes look clear. I’m filing a claim with BB.

  • susie

    I switched my dachshund to WILD CALLING after I found out about the recalls, and lawsuit that purina did and found all of the by products that are in blue buffalo food, which they claim no by products.

  • Babslynne

    If you went out to eat at Red Lobster and got food poisoning would you go out to dinner there again the next night? Just saying!

  • Teri Brackett

    I am freaking out now after reading this and other reviews of Blue Buffalo. We just got our 2 year old golden retriever back from the vet after one week of hospitalization for vomiting and diarrhea. After the normal meds they gave her didn’t work, they did an exploratory operation to rule out intestinal blockage. There was no blockage. They said her lower intestine was severely irritated and could find no reason for this. She has been on Blue Buffalo since she was a puppy and other than changing her to the Basic because of gas, she has been fine. I was wondering if maybe there was a bad batch or something, but it looks like this has been going on with dogs of all types for some time. She has been back home for two whole days and eating the Blue with no problems so far, and I am wondering what should I do.

  • Dog_Obsessed

    I’m so sorry for your loss. If you haven’t already, please make a report to the FDA and ask your vet to make one too.

  • Crazy4cats

    I’m really sorry. That is awful.

  • Brian

    Latest bag of blue buffalo chicken and brown rice purchased before Thanksgiving looked different than any bag purchased over the past 3 years. The dog immediately became sick. Drooling, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, lethargic and lack of appetite. 14 weeks later I had to make the difficult decision to end his suffering because he could hardly hold his eyes open. I spent thousands of dollars at multiple vets and neither of them could figure out a cause. Its very obvious to me that something was wrong with the food and unfortunately blue buffalo would not tell me to help provide insight for the vet to help save my dog. There are too many people with the exact same issue for it to be a fluke.

  • James Phillips

    It’s very important that you pay extra close attention to which blue that you feed your dogs. Just because they are a large breed or toy breed does not mean that that food is right for them. Age, activity level, breed, and age are the determining factors in figuring out the right food. My boxer was on large breed wilderness for years, now that he is getting older that style of food is not for him. He was very gassy, and actually putting on excess weight. Now that he is on senior blue, he has lost a little weight and does not have the horrendous gas/foul breath. Just food for though, my take any way.

  • DogFoodie

    Here’s a link to the Purina Pet Food Honesty site:

    Obviously, it’s slanted, but there are links to the official court documents you mentioned.

  • aquariangt

    BB has recently come out and admitted there was in fact by product meal in their food “unbeknownst to them”. Just a heads up-they are a somewhat/very shady company. Hopefully someone can link the article for you, or I can do it when I get home, I have it on the home computer, but you also may be able to find it via google

  • Lea Insalaco

    There is chicken meal in almost everything they make, but there’s a HUGE difference between chicken meal and chicken BY-PRODUCT meal. Chicken meal is the regular good chicken meat, dehydrated and ground up. But BY-PRODUCT meal is all the garbage, eyeball, feet, beaks and all the ret of the carcass that they grind up and dehydrat and try to use as a food source. Chicken meal probably isn’t the problem, but the DUCK on the other hand is a protien your dog doesn;t sound to have been introduced to before. Its much more likely that he’s got an issue with the new type of protin than with something that is, and always has been, in the food you’ve been feeding him.