About the Cat Food Advisor

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The Cat Food Advisor is a reference site from the team at the Dog Food Advisor. It’s based on the services, methods and ethos that have made DFA the best resource anywhere for dog food reviews, news, advice and recalls.

The Cat Food Advisor team comprises cat-loving researchers, writers, editors, and consultant veterinarians and nutritionists, many of whom also work on DFA. The site provides cat parents with:

Cat Food Reviews

Just like the Dog Food Advisor, the Cat Food Advisor team evaluates cat food by understanding the recipe label and its nutritional content. All the reviews are independent, unbiased and without influence from any pet food companies.

As it stands, we have more than 100 cat foods reviewed on the site and this number is growing week by week.

Best Cat Food pages

Our Best Dog Food pages are hugely popular, helping pet parents narrow down an overwhelming choice of products. Therefore we’ve done exactly the same with CFA, providing lists such as Best Dry Cat Food, Best Wet Cat Food, Best Raw Cat Food, and so on.

Cat Food Recalls

We know how much DFA subscribers appreciate our dog food recall alerts and records, so the Cat Food Advisor provides the same service. You can read about past recalls on the site and sign up for a free newsletter to receive future recall alerts — as well as nutritional advice and special offers and discounts you might find useful.

Social media

You can also follow CFA on Facebook and Instagram to keep on top of any new features, promotions, product recalls and cat food reviews.

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