Water — Your Dog’s Most Neglected Daily Nutrient

Water is perhaps the most neglected daily nutrient your dog must count on for you to provide.dog-drinking-from-toilet

In fact, it’s so important and so vital that no dog could possibly survive deprived of it for long before dying a painful death.

Dogs need constant access to water. It must be served “ad libitum” — on demand — and immediately available whenever a dog’s natural urge to drink calls for it.

That’s because water is continuously being lost through the urine and feces.

And since dogs can’t sweat to stay cool, they lose a lot of moisture through the cooling effect of evaporation as they breathe and pant to control body temperature.

Easily Forgotten

Unfortunately, many dog owners fail to provide fresh, adequate (and uncontaminated) water for their pet on a continuous basis.

And they’re simply unaware they’re doing anything wrong.

For example, how many times have you gone to the beach on a hot summer day — only to watch (in disbelief) as a dog pants in thirst.

While her owner sits under an umbrella, sipping a cold drink?

Others frequently neglect to properly maintain a dog’s water bowl. They allow the water bowl to become dangerously polluted with germs from the dog’s own mouth.

This hazardous situation is caused by using a water bowl that’s too small for the animal’s size. Or by allowing the water level in that bowl to become too low.

This can concentrate the germ population to a level high enough to cause disease.

And it can be aggravated by forgetting to wipe away the slimy, germ-laden “biofilm” from inside the water bowl — at least once each day.

The Bottom Line

The following recommendations can help ensure your dog stays adequately hydrated at all times…

  1. Use an oversize bowl and fill it with fresh drinking water
  2. Change all water at least twice each day
  3. Wipe away any biofilm from inside the bowl
  4. Keep water bowls as clean as you keep your own glassware
  5. Never separate your dog from her drinking water at any time
  6. Carry fresh water and serving bowls with you when traveling

For an extra measure of safety, why not routinely place your dog’s water bowl in the dishwasher for a thorough scrubbing. They come out sparkling clean and ready to serve up a thirst-quenching, healthy drink.