Best Wet Grain Free Dog Foods


The following is a list of our best dog food brands… each found to contain at least one wet grain free dog food.

Dog Food Can

To qualify, each wet dog food product on the list must have been rated at least four stars by the Advisor.

And it must be grain free.

Did we miss your favorite?

If you know of a canned grain free dog food that you believe should have been included on this list, please feel free to share your suggestions in the Comments section below.

Or if you’re looking for some suggestions yourself, be sure to look through our readers’ Comments to find more good ideas.

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Best Wet Grain Free Dog Foods

The following is a list of our top-rated wet dog food brands… each known to contain at least one grain free dog food.

  • Baxter

    Have you tested cornucopia canned dog food?

  • Kats5dogs

    I have been using Zignature and love it. Its also careenegan free

  • Pitlove

    oh wow i didnt even notice the desparedy in the calorie amounts for the same price lol. I was getting both the stews and the some of the pates not even realizing that.

  • Crazy4cats

    Agreed! I also prefer them because they are easier to mix in and look more appetizing. But…I don’t like to pay for extra water! 🙂

  • Crazy4dogs

    I think the reason for this is simply because stews are more appealing to people since they have bits and pieces of real food (peas, carrots, etc) and as we all know, whatever is more marketable costs more! 😉

  • Crazy4cats

    I think that the WEF pates are fairly budget friendly, but the stews are over priced. They only average about 300 calories a can, while the pates are all around 400. But yet, they still cost the same?

  • Pitlove

    I used 4Health cans a lot for my dog. .99$ a can is so good for the quality. I consider Whole Earth Farms budget friendly at 1.99$ for a can at Petco, but some may not.

  • Crazy4cats

    In addition to Pure Balance and K/S Nature’s Domain, there is also 4Health canned that can be purchased at either Tractor Supply or Del’s feed stores. I use all three in rotation as toppers for my pups.

  • Crazy4dogs

    Pure Balance @ Walmart & Costco’s Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain grain free cans are very budget friendly and get good ratings.

  • Rachel Joy Mosley

    I have been on blue buffalo for my senior chihuahua. He has an enlarged heart and due to the cost of his heart medicines I really need a more budget friendly wet dog food. He I grain free and only eats wet. Please advise.

  • Dori

    Are you giving your dog any immune and/or liver and kidney support supplementations?

  • Sandra Crocker

    Our dog has renal failure, too. Unfortunately all the renal foods are low quality protein with tons of preservatives and fillers that she is allergic to. Blue Buffalo Grain Free Limited Ingredients is low in Phosphorous. We have been on the dry for 3 weeks and seem to be doing well. It is high in protein, but it is my understanding unless you are in the later stages of renal failure, cutting protein is not necessary. It is a higher quality protein that leaves less waste products, but definitely ask your vet.

  • Debbie Radziewicz

    I have been using The Honest Kitchen Turkey dehydrated grain free. Any suggestion on this one?

  • Debbie Radziewicz

    how one with turkey, duck or venision

  • Bobby dog

    Hi Punky:
    Some others are Fromm’s shredded beef or pork and you can find some poultry free recipes from Tiki dog, Red Barn, and Lotus too.

  • I use some of the Weruva Human Style cans with beef and fish and also Hound and Gatos has several non poultry choices as does Tripett and Petkind, Solid Gold Green Cow (tripe).

  • Punky

    Anyone have recommendation for wet food that is Poultry Free? We tried the Core Wellness, but he turned his nose up at it. My mom has an 8 year old West Highland White that’s allergic to chicken. And if it’s just dry food he won’t touch it. Anybody got some ideas to help the little guy out?

  • Crazy4dogs

    Research the 4-5 star foods. Adding wet food is the best thing to add to any dog’s diet. My last boy had lipomas as he grew older and grew as he aged. My current oldest, a 10 year old Lab was starting to get a few very small lipomas @ about 8. I started adding fresh and raw food since that time and the lipomas have not changed in size since then. From my prior experience, I really believe adding more quality fresh food to her diet has kept them from increasing in size.

  • Sue Remy

    We have an 8 yr old, 85 lb Chesapeake who has fatty deposits familiar to the breed. Believe it or not, Vet said the Purina Pro Chicken dry food we are feeding her is okay. I would like to find a new, healthier dry food. She passes gas at times so I think her aging body needs something milder.

  • Cindy Obando

    i don’t know if anyone else asked this but what about Natural Balance pet foods? It’s grain free. No wheat, barley, rice, or corn.

  • Mary Jo Cook

    Any suggestion for best food for a Westie 14 years old with cushings

  • Crazy4cats

    Hi Elisa-
    I think it is fairly new and hasn’t been rated yet. I suspect that it will not be rated as high as the grain inclusive and stew recipes as it has much more fat in it. The guaranteed analysis shows both 9% protein and 9% fat. That means there is most likely about twice the calories in fat as protein. My dogs do not handle that much fat very well so I wouldn’t feed it. I will continue to feed their other recipes, however. If you have a dog that does well with higher fat levels then this would be a great value!

  • Elisa

    How is 4health grain free wet food rated?

  • sharron

    what are peoples’ opinions on first mate canned dog food

  • Melisa

    Yep merrick’s made it. There’s 2 showing on this list. (Unless they added it after you commented on it)

  • Crazy4cats

    Looks like it just missed the cut at 3.5 stars.

  • petperson

    What about Iams® Woof Grain Free™ Hearty Turkey and Lamb Dinner Wet Dog Food

  • Echo

    I would suggest popping your Shep on a puppy food for a short while – approx month or so – as the higher fat and protein content will aid in gaining weight. You don’t necessarily have to put her on a wet food to gain weight. Weigh her regularly, don’t change your exercise routines, and hopefully you should start seeing results. Once she is near a your target weight, than consider changing gradually back to a adult/seniors dog feed.
    When changing feed (either adult -> puppy, puppy -> adult) you must always do it gradually over a week or so to avoid any stomach upsets.

  • Stacey

    Merricks isn’t here either.

  • Thanks for chiming in HMM, I will try that.

  • Yesterday I purchased a small bag of Nature’s Recipe Pure Essentials doggie treats. They’re very small, perfect for my JRT but not much more than a taste for my larger dog. They like them and they’re just the right size.

    BTW you’re little girl is adorable!

  • I’m going to edit my post above because over the past 3 days we’ve tried her on a non-grain free Pure Balance food and she’s not vomited. However as soon as I gave her something that (I discovered afterwards) had corn in it, she vomited! I’m going to ask her vet of course, but I have a suspicion that her sudden food sensitiviy could be to corn products, not necessarily grains, since she does not vomit most foods containing rice.

    Just a thought.

  • Crazy4cats

    That could very well be. I am one of the regular posters who doesn’t always assume that a grain free food is better than one with grain. It just depends on your dog and the particular ingredient. This canned food in my experience as noted by Labs as well, hardly has any rice or gravy in it. If the 95% canned is working, you could always rotate them. Another great budget friendly canned food is 4Health. It is found at Tractor Supply and Del’s Feed stores depending on where you live.

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    You could always rotate the 95% with the PB stews.

  • I like the price and the food. I’ve tried to put my LadyBug on a grain-free diet due to her food sensitivities, but I’m beginning to think it may be just the corn she is sensitive to? Possibility? Because she loves rice and seems to have no problem digesting the PB foods that have rice, but no corn.

  • The only PB 95% I use is the Turkey & Chicken and the Turkey & Beef. My dogs love Turkey. I supposed I could eliminate those though, since I feed them broiled ground turkey a couple of times a week.

  • That’s great. Last time I looked at the one with grain it was 4 stars. I’m glad it was increased to 5.

    Unfortunately, my one dog has to have grain free because of food sensitivities.

  • I completely agree with you. I had stopped buying dog food with gravy because it was more gravy than anything and my dogs didn’t like it. They are very happy with PB’s stews.

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Peggy, Pure Balance Stews are rated 5 stars, but they don’t make this list because they aren’t grain free. I use them and they have a small amount of rice. I like Pure Balance Stews more than the Nature’s Domain that makes this list. Pure Balance has hardly any gravy, which is a good thing. Nature’s Domain has A LOT of thick gravy, I’d rather have a small amount of rice with cans packed full of meat,(especially PB Puppy Stew) than a grain free that has a lot of gravy. I won’t use Pure Balance GF cans, they are way too high in fat.

  • Crazy4cats

    Pure Balance grain free canned food is only 3.5 stars. It has been guessed because it is very high in fat. The variety with grain, however, is 5 stars. It is a stew and in my opinion has very little rice in it. I have fed it to my dogs and we think it is great. I am not one to reject food just because it had some type of grain in it. It smells great and is priced very well also.

  • I’m surprised that Pure Balance grain free can isn’t on here.
    They have chicken grain-free, and Turkey & Chicken grain-free. Both have 4 stars on this site.
    My dogs love them.

  • Yes it is entirely possible and does happen. My lab/shephard mix developed a sensitive stomach at 7 yrs old. We had to go grain-free. Tried Wellness Core grain-free and she hated it, refused to eat. We then switched to Pure Balance Salmon & Pea grain-free. and she loves it. There has been no vomiting on this formula. We’re very happy with it.

  • USA

    Hi Louise,

    Welcome to DFA!

    In the 80 or so dogs I have seen who had diabetes, the commercial diets that worked the best & fit in with most peoples lifestyles were low carb canned foods.

    I have seen diabetic dogs on everything from dry prescription diets to homemade raw. The dry prescription diets are high carb and contain low quality ingredients that I would not feed any dog, diabetic or otherwise.

    Homemade raw & lightly cooked diets when balanced properly are the highest quality, but they don’t fit into a lot of peoples lifestyles. If you would like to go the homemade route let me know and I will point you in the right direction.

    Low carb, high moisture foods like the canned foods I listed below will help you better control your dog’s diabetes. The higher the carbs, the higher the insulin your dog will need and although people would like to feed their diabetic dogs kibble they never do as well as dogs on a low carb diet.

    You will need to work with a vet when lowering carbs because you will probably have to lower the dosage of insulin your dog gets. I also recommend home testing of blood sugars.

    The foods below are appropriate for ALL of your dogs, not just the diabetic one.

    Good Luck and Happy New Year!!!

    Castor and Pollux Natural Ultramix Grain-Free (Canned):
    Protein 37% Fat 54% Carbs 9% (approximately)
    Natural Ultramix Grain Free Beef and Vegetable
    Natural Ultramix Grain Free Salmon and Chicken
    Natural Ultramix Grain Free Turkey and Vegetable
    Natural Ultramix Grain Free Chicken and Vegetable

    Newman’s Own Organics Grain Free (Canned):
    Protein 48% Fat 35% Carbs 17% (approximately)
    Newman’s Own Organics Grain Free Beef
    Newman’s Own Organics Grain Free Liver
    Newman’s Own Organics Grain Free Beef and Liver

    Weruva Human Style (Canned)
    Protein 55% Fat 27% Carbs 18% (approximately)
    Weruva Grain Free Steak Frites
    Weruva Grain Free Wok the Dog
    Weruva Grain Free Amazon Liver
    Weruva Grain Free Funky Chunky
    Weruva Grain Free Marbella Paella
    Weruva Grain Free Peking Ducken
    Weruva Grain Free Cirque de la Mer
    Weruva Grain Free Jammin’ Salmon
    Weruva Grain Free Bed and Breakfast
    Weruva Grain Free Paw Lickin’ Chicken
    Weruva Grain Free Green Eggs and Chicken
    Weruva Grain Free Grandma’s Chicken Soup

  • Louise

    I have a shelter pooch that is diabetic. We give her 2 injections daily. However, I am getting confused with all the food on the market. The vet gave me the prescription dry food which she didn’t like. She seems to like the Wilderness dry food. She cannot eat grain. And my other 2 pooches are Yorkie-poos. Both 15lbs# the female is very small, but seems chubby while the male is much taller, longer and real thin! He can eat anything and does. But the female needs to slim down. They both eat Cesars. The vet said to cut the female food intake which I have but she still seems round. Shes’ very active. Also since I cut her food back some days she ok but other days she’s starving. I really need to know what would be a decent food for both my diabetic dog and my yorkie. Plus, the Yorki’s eyes leak so much. Don’t know if it’s food allergy.
    Thanks and help.

  • Hater & Molly’s Mom

    Natures Variety Instinct does not have carrageenan. It’s a firm part of my canned food rotation. Along with Wellness stews and Zignature.

  • Dog_Obsessed

    Wellness Stews, Nulo, Lotus, Nature’s Variety, Whole Earth Farms, Fromm Gold, Fromm Four Star Nutritionals, Zignature, Go!, Wysong Epigen, Weruva (as you said), and Tiki Dog (as aquariangt said.) are a few I’d feel comfortable recommending.

  • aquariangt

    Isn’t Tiki as well?

  • 1bestdog

    Very hard to find canned without carrageenan except for weruva. Any other ones?

  • Signify

    Unfortunately, that Nutrisource grain free lamb contains carrageenan, which should not be considered “safe,” as well as ethylenediamine dihydroiodide , which even the FDA doesn’t consider good.

  • Theresa

    I have a 15yr old Golden who is losing weight with age instead of gaining like most. I am looking for a healthy supplement to add to his diet. Any advice on which wet food is high in calorie and protein?

  • sharron

    hi and thanks for your reply
    ok i need help in deciding whether to go straight can or NV raw medallions before i go to the pet store – NV is the only brand that i am familiar with – can;t get a lot of the other brands here in calgary, canada – i’m concern about weight gain – the NV feeding guide says to feed 3 medallions/day – she’s 10.3 lbs now and i would like her at 10 lbs or a bit less

  • 4FootedFoodie

    Hi Sharron,

    I’m not sure if you missed USA’s response to your question last night, but yes, by all means you could feed just canned food to Lexee.

  • sharron

    can i feed just canned – canidae platinum – she just licking off the wet and leaving the dry

  • LabsRawesome

    Here’s some info on Editor’s Choice.

  • aquariangt
  • W0lfman

    So what are the criteria for the editors choice?

  • aquariangt

    The reviewers of this site don’t really rank things that way. This is 4-5 stars, and is to be used as a guideline. If you join the editor’s choice section, you can get a little more detail regarding which brands are considered the highest

  • W0lfman

    Again an alphabetical listing, can you rank these from best to least best? This just adds more confusion to my already confused brain.

  • Jessica L. S.

    my 9 yr old boxer boy seems to not tolerate dry food anymore, so i have been giving him nature’s recipe wet and he hasn’t puked up any of that. is it possible for sudden development of a sensitivie stomach?

  • Pat

    My exceptionally picky Yorkie is thrilled with Nature’s Recipe grain free wet food – the newest is Pure Essentials, but she gets excited and can’t wait for me to feed her when I start putting either version in her dish. This food is not on your list, but the Pure Essentials Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and String Beans is her absolute favorite, and from what I can tell from the ingredient list, it’s a quality food. She has refused to eat every other brand I’ve tried but is happily vocal about this food!

  • Jackie

    Before all this we were feeding her Earthborne Holistic and some pumpkin and two Tblsps of wet Wellness food.

  • Jackie

    I need a dog food both dry and wet that will be good for a dog with renal failure. Hills is not my favorite although it is low in phosphates… She doesn’t like the taste. Someone suggested NOW brand, does anyone know of any food low in phosphates other than Hills?

  • I agree. We had inadvertently neglected to add the “grain free” tag to that review. So, our software did not include Kirkland Cuts In Gravy on the list. I’ve now added that tag to the review. However, due to server caching, please allow about 2 hours for the review to appear on this list.

  • Crazy4cats

    Hey, you are right. I think it should be also. It is called Kirkland Cuts in Gravy, but I know what you meant.

  • Avram Cohen

    Kirkland is probably one of the best out there!

  • Avram Cohen

    Why isn’t Costco’s Kirkland selective cuts on this list,, it should be!?

  • roxarticus

    You might wanna try cutting down on yeast products. In some foods they Have pototoe . Even sweet potato. No pasta like in the wet foods. I make ground turkey and mix it in the dry once I. A while for a treat. No rice my puggs no longer like there laws or itch. They bathe in a no. Oatmeal shampoo

  • indianmt

    Thanks for your critical analysis. This is refrigerated and available in India too. However, now I have shifted my abandoned-adopted adult German Spitz weighing 10 kg to Farmina N&D Low Grain Adult Mini kibble as the No Grain variety not yet been launched in India. Kibble is only part of his home meal of milk, yogurt, home extracted cheese, and a boiled chicken egg. Spitz being fussy eaters I do not want to depend on one food product only.

  • sharron

    i should have mentioned that there is only one dry dog food she will with enthusiasm iand that s cesar for small dog dry dog food

  • LabsRawesome

    Not sure on the calorie count on the foods, you would have to look them up to see how much to feed.

  • sharron

    thanks – should i be feeding her more –
    the can she is on now is from the vet – maybe it’s the ingredients that isn’t filling her up – i could feed her a 13 oz can in a day of this stuff

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Sharron, here’s some low fat canned foods- Fromm 4 star nutritionals canned, Simply Nourish canned, TOTW Pacific Stream canned, Weruva Human Style canned.

  • sharron

    forgot to mention that i have left dry food out and not given in and given her something else and found that she ends up with a lot of stomach acid

  • sharron

    it’s me again – sorry, but i have a problem – lexee refuses to eat dry dog food, so iam going to feed can – i have had her on a lower calorie, low fat can food because the vet told me that she could gain weight but found she always hungry when i fed her around the 200 calorie mark that the vet told me to feed – i have mixed can with dry and she still won’t eat it – please don’t suggest pumpkin, doesn’t like it and green beans don’t do a thing. – thanks

  • RavenMoon898

    I have an 12 year old or older German Shep mix. My mom and I have been trying to get her to gain weight over the past few months, but nothing is working. Right now I’m getting ready to start trying Stalin Balls (Recipe got online) I was curious though if out there, there is canned dog food that can help her gain weight faster. Any suggestions to help her gain weight faster?

  • Jody

    Thank you! He is now on Taste of the Wild lamb and doing GREAT. A total change in just over a weeks time. I am staying away from all bird types of ingredients. Our previous was Core Wellness grain free reduce fat. He GAINED weight. I’m totally sold on TOFT.

  • Jody

    I bet you’d be happier with Taste of the Wild and stay away from chicken and any other bird type ingredient.

  • Jody

    My previous post about how many of these dry foods contain some form of chicken and how problematic it is and how many dogs are allergic to it… NO MORE! Taste of the Wild graind free lamb…in a little over a week I have seen a tremendous change in my adorable chunky shih tzu. Our old Core Wellness grain free weight management , loaded with chicken and he inched, licked, gooey red eyes and gained weight. I have my happy, healthy soon to be 5 year old back!

  • dchassett

    If your shihtzu continues to itch, then I would recommend switching to a food that has no poultry whatsoever, not just chicken. A lot of formulas will add turkey to up the protein level. One of my dogs cannot have anything with any type of poultry otherwise all the things you mentioned start happening all over again including, gas, bad breath, etc. I also avoid foods that contain potatoes, rice, soy. Good luck.

  • Rinrin6

    My shihtzu had the same issue. I switched to a grain free and voila! No more itching and paw licking. I feed him taste of the wild (salmon), signature ( salmon) or earthborn. Good luck!

  • Jody

    Mary, I’ve tried everything. I believe chicken is the problem. In every food I’ve tried, my adorable shih tzu still itches, whites of eyes reddish, goo and paw licker. I’m switching AGAIN to a dry grain free food with zero chicken in the ingredients.

  • Mary Courtney Todnem

    It looks like nature variety instincts would be the best food for my baby with all the problems? I am going to get her the wet due to her bladder.
    Thank you for any comments!

  • Mary Courtney Todnem

    Thanks Patty, I will try her on a lamb grain free food. I think wellness has a good one.

  • Mary Courtney Todnem

    Thanks Sandy, They have been on core for a few months. We were making food for the one with the health problems do to her bladder problem. The other two were on purina one till I found this place. I’m not a member of any forums. I didn’t know about yours, sounds fun! The one that has all the issues has been fed chicken forever. I will try something else for her. I just want them on the best food for each of them and it gets confusing. Thank you so much!

  • How long have they been on Core? What was their previous food? My pugs have maintained good weights on a half raw, half kibble diet and their output is smaller than all the kibble fed fosters. Core Reduced Fat has a lot of fiber which can cause “more piles”. Even before adding raw, they maintained weight on regular, non-diet kibble similar to regular Core. They get 1/3 cup twice a day. Some smaller pugs even get a little more than 1/4 cup twice a day. Mine are bigger than the standard size pug. Do you give them probiotics and digestive enzymes? Those might help reduce the output and gas on this kibble or any other. I would suggest at least giving probiotics a couple times a week. If you go to the forum, there’s a list of grain free and white potato free kibbles which my help with the yeast infections. But some of those foods are lentil or garbanzo bean based so those tend to have a bit more fiber as well. My fosters do well on Nutrisource grain free lamb. It has less fiber than Core Reduced Fat and more calories but they still do well with 1/3 cup. And also Nature’s Logic lamb works for them. But there’s a lot of choices out there! Are you a member of

  • Pattyvaughn

    It sounds like your one dog may have food intolerance issues. You might want to try limited ingredient foods and see if you can find one that doesn’t have the ingredient that she is reacting to. Keep ingredient lists from the foods you try and maybe by comparing them you can work out which ingredient is the problem.

  • Mary Courtney Todnem

    I have 3 pugs , one with no problems, one is overweight and the third one has several problems. She has had bladder stones, has dry eye, and since this last summer, constant yeast infections. I have been feeding them all the wellness core weight management/grain free. It is causing tons of gas and a lot more piles. They have to go out in the middle of the night. I haven’t noticed any improvements on this food yet and it’s been a couple months now. Any suggestions? TY, Mary

  • Susan

    Thanks Mike! I didn’t realize it has only been out for a short time. I can understand how busy you must be thanks for all you do and this website.

  • The Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Moist product line has not yet been reviewed on this website. It’s a newer product and we plan to get to it soon.

    However, due to our current backlog of products awaiting review or update, it could be a while before we get to it. Hope this answers your question.

  • Susan

    Can someone explain why Earthborn Holistic tubs are not on this list? Am I missing something?

  • Archieman

    Evanger’s has been busted by government inspectors for pet food labeling violations , also the owners have also been charged with theft of electricity and natural gas for use in their pet food plant.
    Another crooked greedy American business , I home cook all my dog’s food

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  • Benny

    My male shih tzu is 6 months old He was supposed to be neutered but they said he had a high alt what would be the best dog food to feed him to bring down his alt level. All the rest of his blood work was normal

  • Elizabeth Stowell

    Holistic Select is a good grain-free, canned dog food.

  • InkedMarie

    I never thought about the lower jaw, just the toothless part

  • Pattyvaughn

    When part of the jaw erodes from the lack of teeth, it can make it very difficult for some dogs to control their tongue. That might be the reason for how she fixes it.

  • InkedMarie

    Adorable Pom! I. Adopted a toothless dog, you don’t need to dice it, a toothless dog can eat it even if it’s soupier. I second the advice of Weruva.

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  • USA Jerky Treats

    Hi Raven

    Bless you for adopting your Pom. I am very sorry to hear about his troubles. Canned foods are a good choice for a commercial diet. I would go with a very low carb, grain-free canned food. This way he is getting mostly meat with a lot of moisture included.

    Meat is more appropriate for your little guy than any food with a lot of carbs. Meat is also easier to digest than carbs. Watch out for high fat due to his sensitive system and weight gain. For his weight gain I would cut out any cookie type treats and stick with all meat treats if you choose to give treats. If he is only getting his canned food to eat then you could try giving him a little less (sorry little guy).

    Take a look at the 5 star rated canned foods here on DFA. Weruva is a good company that makes a few high quality canned foods.

  • Raven

    I have a 6 yr old Pomeranian. He was rescued from a bad puppy mill and has suffered loosing all his teeth and part of his lower jaw. I have to give him can food as his only diet. I put it in the fridge so I can dice it to a size he can pick up and swallow. Now he’s gained too much weight. I want to give him something that will manage his weight but not overload his system with a lot of proteins as his system is not strong. Any suggestions?

  • Crazy4cats

    Any of the 4 or 5 star canned foods would be good choices. Can you print the list and bring it to the pet store with you? Is there anything that he cannot eat? Also wondering what kind of dry dog food are you feeding? I used canned and raw food frequently as toppers for my lab/retriever mix dogs dry food. They have no problem eating, but I do think it does add healthy protein and moisture to their kibble. Good luck.

  • Dexter’s mom

    My dog is 14 and in pretty good shape but doesn’t eat like he should. He weighs about 45 pounds and is a Lab-Shepherd mix. What kind of wet canned food can I add to his dry so he gets some nutrients?

  • Yes. The 400cal/can. However, you must first convert the number of calories per can to calories per cup.. The answer you get will be the approximate number of cups per serving.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Pretend that it’s really 400 kcals/kg and the calculator will tell you how many kg your dog needs, but it’s really how many cans.

  • InkedMarie

    The website says 1040 k cals /ME and 400 k cals/13oz can calculated.

    Math stupid here, do I use the 400 cal number?

  • It should be accurate for any form of food. Be sure you’re using the correct calorie figure per unit weight (and not volume). Hope this makes a difference.

  • InkedMarie

    I was trying to use the dog food calculator but I bet it’s not accurate for canned. I used it for Boone’s new canned…wow, he needs lots more for that. Hopefully it’s not accurate for him.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I haven’t either, but I would imagine that it is the same as for dry, accurate for some, not others.

  • Ahmad

    Applaws brand must be added in the dry and wet food section it is very nutritious.

  • InkedMarie

    I’ve never fed canned as a sole diet. For those that have, do you find the feeding requirements on the can to be accurate?

  • Epicurean

    Is triumph brand canned grain free?

  • Marsha McIntosh

    What about grain-free wet First Mate

  • Dave’s Hounds

    I think it is excellent – I know some worry about BPA but otherwise I think it is a good product my dogs love it

  • dave

    What are your thoughts on canned trippet food?

  • This is all my dog eats…good old Science Diet Dog Food

  • Tina Darling

    We switched to Halo, grain free, both canned and dry. Our 2 dogs and 3 cats would vomit their whole meal back up every morning .I (they) have had no problems with this food and it has never been recalled. I really like that when I go into their website I can print coupons and regularly save $15 every time I buy dry and canned.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Yeah, their jerky was one of the many and apparently a very popular one, since Purina products are everywhere.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    The canned food looks decent for a Purina product – probably 4 stars.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I believe it was their jerky that was recalled – made in China. The food is made by Purina though, so I’d avoid it for that reason alone.

  • InkedMarie

    Pretty sure Canyon Creek had a recall.

  • M

    How about Canyon Creek sold at PetCo?

  • Sister.CharLee

    Thank YOU, Bonita, for your share! My 13 yo Lhasa Apsa is major food (beef & chicken) sensitive & I’m getting him on a “good” food. He was on Iams Salmon & Swt Potatoe but vet said Iams is garbage because they don’t clean the machines so there could be trace chicken or beef. He’s on Hills Z/D right now, but am shopping around. I will definitely check out Fromm for him. Thanks!

  • Bonita Flora

    I will tell you from my own dealings with grain free. My first choice is Fromm, I Ran a small pet store and we sold all different kinds of foods. I had seen many recalls on different foods. however never on Fromm! They are a company out of Wisconsin and they are family owed since 1904. I have chi’s and one of my guy’s had very bad food allergies. I feed beef fa -tata , also they make salmon, white fish & potatoes witch is very low fat. it’s not grain free, but it’s all natural and I’ve had great luck with them. I feed only fish to my kids.(dogs) check it out! I swear by this food! My dogs are like my children and I would not trust very many foods.. Oh, Hills. is one of the worst foods! They made it a medication food so vets. and hills. could make money!!! vets. are the only one’s that can sell there medicated foods and Hills gives them a break on there price to sell exclusively. they are full of crappie fillers.. GOOD LUCK!!

  • Abby

    Can anybody recommend a grain free dog food for an older dog (13 years) with kidney disease. She’s stable now on Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d but I would like to switch her over to grain free if possible. Thank you

  • Sunny

    I’m having the same issue with my 3 yr old Shi-Tzu. Will do allegry test next. Vet suggested grain free but she doesn’t like salmon & potatoes diet.

  • crissy50585

    thank you everyone for your input youve all helped me so much there tryin blue bufflalo blue stewcanned and blue buffalo dry also i lost my job but im doin the best fr my babys to keep then feed happy n healty n love my furbabys even if it cost me a arm n leg

  • crissy50585

    o it was balenced with protein fruits veggies alot of nuticen n love but thanks somuch im goin to try what u suggested

  • Betsy Greer

    Hi Crissy,

    That doesn’t sound bad. I commend you for wanting to do the best for your dogs within your means.

    HDM gave you some great suggestions. Do you have access to the foods she mentioned. I’m not certain of the price, but you might also have Newman’s Own Grain Free at your local grocery store.

    Incidentally, steak and eggs might sound good to humans, but it’s not exactly a balanced meal for a dog. You want to keep “extras” like that to no more than 20% of your dog’s diet unless you take the time to really research what’s required to make a homemade dog food properly balanced for your pets.

    Good luck!

  • Hound Dog Mom

    We get this stuff at my shelter – it’s really bad. It’s basically the regular Alpo with some carrots and peas thrown in. It contains unnamed by-products, soy, added colorings and carrageenan – not healthful ingredients. Some other canned foods you may want to check out that are much better quality and not a whole lot more expensive are Pure Balance (sold at Walmart), Kirkland Cuts and Gravy (sold at Costco) and 4Health (sold at Tractor SUpply).

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Walmart sells Pure Balance for $1 per can and Tractor Supply Sells 4Health for $0.99 per can. 4Health is rated 4.5 stars and while Pure Balance canned food hasn’t been rated yet I’d guess 4 – 5 stars. The Kirkland Cuts and Gravy Sandy mentioned is $0.79 per can and rated 5 stars.

  • LawofRaw

    Personally, I can’t help you there. It’s something you’d have to check on brand respective websites etc after searching for what 4 and 5 star canned foods you have available and or are interested in, for your dog.

    I don’t know why someone down voted your post. Your question seems legitimate to me, especially if you lost your job. Times are tough as it is even without losing a job, much less losing one. Perhaps a couple of the lady regulars can help since they also seem to be on top of many of the prices of various brands out there.

  • Kirkland Cuts N Gravy is supposed to be less than $1 per can at Costco.

  • crissy50585

    i know this sounds bad but witch grain free wet food is the best price out there i just lost my job but i what my fur babys to get the very best my chiweenie has all grain allergies but my lil chi i just adopted dosent seem bothered with ne food but i want them on the same food and the best that i can afford right now before they had eather stake n eggs or chiken n eggs every day but now im lookin for a cheeper route but dont want then sick

  • Pattyvaughn

    I’m not sure that a company like Alpo is capable of making anything that is even remotely good. What’s on the ingredient list? How about the guaranteed analysis?

  • crissy50585

    what about alpo hidden goodness homestyle?

  • Laney

    Is there a diffinitive list on which of these brands can their own foods, hopefully of the small, family-owned variety?

    BTW First Mate is now making canned food that they can themselves.

  • Elise Lisa Kellner Toohey

    My young dog was diagnosed with renal failure, I am looking for a food that will prolong his life as long as possible. I currently feed ziwipeak canned and am wondering if there are recommendations for anything else.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Would love to see a review of PetKind… any chance it’s “in the works”? (or is it somewhere on here and I’ve just missed it?!) I use it as a topper quite often..and it’s got some unusual protein varieties, like elk and pork tripe. I *think* it would be 5 star, but wouldn’t mind confirmation/to be shot down 😉

  • Imari

    Thanks so much for explaining all that, helped me out a lot

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. For dogs diagnosed with cancer a fresh, natural diet is ideal, however canned would definitely be a better choice than kibble. You want to limit carbohydrates because tumors use glucose (a simple sugar found in most carbohydrates) as food. You want to increase protein levels because the cancer competes with the dog’s body for the amino acids that protein provides. Increasing the level of fat will increase the caloric-density of the food and help the dog to gain weight during cachexia. With this said – I’d recommend looking for a high protein, high fat, grain-free canned food. Some good options: Nature’s Logic (most varieties are over 40% protein and 35% fat), ZiwiPeak (most varieties are around 40% protein and 30% fat), EVO (most varieties are around 40% protein and 40% fat) and Nature’s Variety Instinct (most varieties are around 45% protein and 30% fat). You could also add a drizzle of extra virgin coconut oil to his food to add more calories. Some other supplements that have shown promise for dogs diagnosed with cancer:

    -Omega 3’s: “Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) modifies the inflammatory response of the immune system to cancer activity, reducing tissue damage by decreasing certain inflammatory molecules. In addition, EPA and DHA decrease muscle and weight loss in cancer patients.” [Diets for the Cancer Patient – Pet MD]. It’s generally recommend to supplement with enough fish oil to provide 300 mg. combined DHA and EPA per 10 lbs.

    -Bromelain: “Recent research indicates that Bromelain, an enzyme that comes from pineapples, may have an anti-cancer effect. Bromelain is used with dogs as an anti-inflammatory and for many other conditions, and should be safe to give. It may work best when given away from meals.” [Dog Aware].

    -Turmeric: Studies have suggested that curcumin found in turmeric helps the body destroy mutated cancer cells, thus helping stop the spread of cancer. Curcumin has been shown to inhibit
    transcription factors (the ‘master switch’ that regulates genes required for
    tumor formulation). [Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer]

    -Medicinal Mushrooms: A rich source of anti-tumor and immunomodulating polysaccharides.

  • HelpPlease

    I have a 13 year old jack russell terrier he just got diagnosed with cancer in his lymph nodes and has gone down to 13.7 from 17 pounds in a few months. Can anyone recommend a wet dog food that will help him gain weight back, he has never been on wet dog food before and has always had a sensitive stomach.

  • Pattyvaughn

    It sounds like they might have been suggesting Darwin’s. Dogs with yeast issues benefit from a low carb diet, all carbs, but especially high glycemic carbs like grains and potatoes. They also benefit from probiotics and digestive enzymes. My dog has done very well on a combination of Darwins and Brothers Complete kibble.

  • ecottrell

    I have a 4 1/2 year old female Shih Tzu. When she was about 2 years old, she developed some kind of allergies which have manifested as infected ears (particularly her right ear gets inflamed and full of crusty white gunk, the vet said it was a yeast infection), and inflamed /pink skin. I switched her over to a grain free kibble about year ago, but to no avail. I had her tested for allergies and have been giving her vaccines for the past couple of months, and still, no improvement. At one point, someone recommended a particular kind of raw grain-free organic diet. However, I do not remember the brand. It can only be ordered online. Any suggestions, or anyone have a similar problem with their dog?

  • Pattyvaughn

    It is probably also 4 star. 4Health foods are only sold at TSC in the states where TSC is available. States that have Dels instead may be able to find 4Health but I’m not sure if they have the cans. The review for 4Health canned is for all the varieties listed above the yellow box. The food listed in the yellow box was chosen as an average representative of all of them.

  • I recently came across 4-Health grain free wet Turkey & Sweet Potato food at Tractor Supply Company. You did review 4-Health beef & vegetables, but nothing on this particular grain free (it is also free of white potato). Could you check it out? I don’t know where else it is sold besides TSC.

  • Pipsqueak

    What about Life’s Abundance food?

  • Pattyvaughn

    It does look that way. And at only 6% carbs, it looks like one that I would like to try. The fat is a bit high to feed this as a sole meal, but as a topper, I think it sounds great.

  • leowong

    I believe that Nature’s Logic (Canned) is grain free.

  • Cai’s Mom

    My dog was diagnosed with mast cell cancer with 4 tumors removed. Cai, a Weimaraner, was 7 at the time. We we referred to Dr. Beebe integrative vet in Sacramento, CA. Dr Beebe practices eastern & western meds. Cai has been on chineses herbs and acupunture treatments. She is on SoJos, a freeze dried food that is grain AND kibble free. We make sure she does get any “treats from well meaning people” Cai has not developed any new tumors. She’s been great. Til she tore her ACL dr Beebe treated her with additional herbs and Prolotherapy the best alternative to surgery Cai went from bed ridden to now stalking & chasing squirrels. Also acupunture treatments continue. She’s returned to the happy athletic dog we’ve always had.
    Try the SoJos especially try acupunture which can help with itching as well. Get a certified vet for acupunture.

  • Cosmo’s mom

    Thank you for your reply Hound Dog Mom! He has enlarged lymph nodes all over him which shrunk a little after 2 treatments so far. Think he may be T-cell. His organs look ‘thickened’, I tried giving him a pinch of turmeric with his dinner last week a day after Chem#2 and he threw with blood hrs later. He’d thrown up a little earlier in the day. He’s on Prednisone, Flagyl, switched from Prilosec to Pepcid and just finish a week of Carafate(helped his tummy). Worried about what supplements to give him to help his organs, but not ‘feed’ the cancer, or his IBD/allergies.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Cosmo’s mom –

    A diet high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates is best for a dog with cancer so a quality canned food would be the better choice as most canned foods are much higher in protein and fat and lower in carbohydrates than dry foods.

    Tumors need glucose (a simple sugar found in most carbohydrates) to live, so feeding high levels of carbohydrates will feed the tumor. Dogs with cancer need high levels of high quality protein and amino acids as there is competition between the tumor and the dog’s body to utilize the amino acids found in protein. Two amino acids that are particularly beneficial are arginine and glutamine. Arginine supports the immune system and glutamine supports digestive health and can help with the vomiting and diarrhea associated with chemotherapy. [Dr. Gregory K. Ogilvie, from Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine, edited by Allen M. Schoen, D.V.M. MS and Susan Wynn, D.V.M. Mosby Press, St.Louis, 1999]

    There’s some good information on this site:

  • Cosmo’s mom

    My 8 yr old cavalier king charles spaniel was recently diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. He’s had IBD since the summer. I have him on Wellness Simple grain free dry food, Salmon(since it’s a new protein for him). I’m concerned about him having dry kibble, his diet and nutrition while he is getting chemo. Should I switch to wet food? Which is best for a dog fighting cancer?

  • Pattyvaughn

    Sometimes demodex break outs are stress related, including dietary stress and adding probiotics helps with that.

  • I feed my dog Wellness core, made in Massachusetts & evangers grain free, made in Illinois

  • I’m having the same issue with my 5 year old cane coral but he has food allergies & I found out the manufacturer changed ingredients to include wheat. I applied sensi-clense to the “hot spots” and stick to wellness core & barking at the moon dry. He also has the mange that starts with a d but doesn’t have breakouts often

  • Pattyvaughn

    They tested several different ones of those treat and found that they didn’t all have in them what they were supposed to have in them.

  • Guest

    She needs glucosimine that you can buy in a treat form. Worked very well on our lab. There are also prescribed pills that help also.

  • Patricia

    I was reading labels on various dog food bags this week. Many of the foods listed above had…canola. This is GMO crop. How is that safe for any pet?

    Too GMO crops right now: sugar beets aka beet pulp, corn, soy, tomatoes, peas, rapeseed aka canola, cottonseed oil, zucchini, white rice, papaya, potato

    Please research your foods well!

  • indianmt
  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi indianmt –

    I doubt Dr. Mike will do a review on it if it’s only available in New Zealand as there are so many reviews that need to be done on products available in the United States. I just checked out the website – looks interesting. There are, however, some questionable ingredients. Quite a few of the dog formulas contain soy which is a big red flag ingredient that should be avoided. The foods contain “selected cereals”, what is this? Cereal food fines? Corn? It’s hard saying but it doesn’t sound like anything quality if they fail to specify what the “cereals” are. The formulas appear to contain menadione (vitamin k). The foods contain “gel blend” – what is that? Doesn’t sound too appetizing. It’s also impossible to tell the dry matter protein and fat content of the food as I can’t see where they disclose the moisture content. Is this a shelf stable product? Or is it refrigerated or frozen?

  • indianmt

    What about Butch, New Zealand?

  • Claysmom88

    Get your dog started on milk thistle capsules from the heath food store. It is well documented to improve liver function. I gave it to my dog for 7 years. He was about 75 lbs. gave him 1 175 mg. cap everyday.

  • InkedMarie

    Marc, head over to the new forum….find the dog food ingredients and look at the sticky of grain/potato free foods.

  • Dave’s Hounds

     I give my senior dogs GNC Ultra Mega Joint Supplement Stage 3 for dogs (they will actually eat the tablets with their meals). 2 tablets contain 750mg of glucosamine, 600mg of chondroitin and 500mg of MSM. I give one of my dogs 3 tabs in AM and 2 in PM the other gets 2 at each meal. You can also use human joint supplements but you will have to get them to swallow large pills. As HDM said the Omegas are important and Turmeric helps with inflammation and pain. I give 800 mgs in the am. You can find online or even at petsmart.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Marc –

    I’ve fed Instinct dry and canned in the past with great results. You’re correct that rotating foods is beneficial – I’d pick two or three brands to rotate between. I feed homemade raw now. Raw is great for dogs with arthritis because there’s a lot of naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin in raw meaty bones and things like trachea and gullet. Wysong has two supplements that, if used together, may help a lot – they have Arthegic (which I’m currently giving my senior dog) which has a wide variety of natural anti-inflammatories and pain relievers (boswellia, sea cucumber, turmeric, ginger, devil’s claw, yucca, red pepper and cetyl myristoleate) and Joint Complex which has proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans and MSM (the building blocks of joints that dogs would normally get in raw meaty bones). High doses of omega 3’s can can act as an anti-inflammatory as well. I’d also recommend keeping her very lean. Any excess weight is just excess stress on the joints. Good luck!

  • Marc

    My Lab was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis and I need some
    advice on nutrition.  I have been looking
    over new grain free foods to give her. 
    I’ve been looking for food that doesn’t have potato, tomato, or
    grains.  Instinct seems to fit but I’m
    not sure about the raw thing.  I would
    most likely get the dry version of their food. 
    I also looked at Blue and Wellness grain free.  I’ve read that it’s good to get a few
    different dog foods to make sure all the nutritional needs are met.  Some say that it’s good to use can foods in
    combination.  I’ve been giving her
    veggies that I’ve read help with arthritis. However, I just don’t know exactly
    how much to give her per day. She’s an 80 lbs Lab and she is 9 years old. 





  • Plzwrite2me

    Precise makes a holistic grain-free wet canned food for dogs.  I’d love to see a review from you on this product.

  • Hound & Gatos is probably the best canned single source dog food available today. It is 98% meat; I use it and it is the most eager eater with my dogs. I use others as well, which are excellent, and on the list. Hound & Gatos is not on the list and it is not available widely; I buy it online.

  • Costas

    hi, do you have any comments about the quality of Lily’s kitchen wet dog food??

  • TerryR

    Dear Rita,

    If your dog is itching and chewing, this is a yeast problem, more than anything else. Check out, they can really show you what is happening to most of our dogs!

  • Sharon Ours

    Hi Gretchen
    They told me my dog had cancer and needed surgery immediately and I put her on vitamins and all of the growths disappeared in 7 days.  They even had her scheduled for surgery.  The biggest one was bigger than any donut you have seen.  If you would like any information on this you can email me or call.
    [email protected]
    304 613 9088
    That was in 2007 and she is still here today.  They also saved her eyesite a few years before this happened to her.

  • Gretchen5689

    We just learned our 11 year od 53 lb dog has cancer, which seems to be osteosarcoma, in his pelvis.  It looks to be inoperable so we’re thinking “keep him comfortable” mode.  After doing some reading I’m now in “improve his quality of life” mode with a change of dog food in mind.  We’re currently using Purina Active Senior + Seven and think it’s not what we need to be giving him.  Does anyone have experience with one of these grain free foods (wet or dry) helping to shrink tumor sizes?  We’d greatly appreciate your advise.  Thanks.

  • Pamela Moe

    Do you have any information on Instinti>

  • Mia Inman

    Thank you. I appreciate the reply. I do see that it is quite rich, so good tip for the tablespoon. 

  • melissa

    Hi Mia-

    All my dogs, even the finicky eaters just LOVE the Health Extension canned duck. It does give one fat sensitive one loose stool if I over indulge that particular dog, so I limit her to a teaspoon at a time. Can’t say enough good things about it however. My crew gets that one probably 6-8 days during the month.


  • Mia Inman

    Has anyone tried Holistics Health Extension Duck entree canned food? I’ve heard great reviews about it, but would rather hear from someone who has actually tried it.

  • trigirl9

    does pinnacle have a grain-free canned formula?

  • thanks man for awesome post 🙂

  • hounddogmom12

    I had never heard of this brand but I just looked it up and it looks like a great topper. 45% protein on a dry-matter basis and a good fat-to protein ratio. It would be a great protein-boost to top kibble with. Reminds me of EVO’s 95% canned meats, but this is much lower in fat.

  • Wgratrix

    What about Hounds & Gatos. It’s 98% Beef or Salmon. My dogs love it as a Topper on Kibble.

  • Merrick is made in Texas.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I would recommend contacting the companies of the foods you’re interested in and asking them who manufacturers them.  That is the best way to find out the information.  

  • Sherryelgan

    which of these canned dog foods are made/processed in the USA?

  • TollerMa

    I highly recommend The Honest Kitchen products.  They are freeze-dried and you add water, so not sure if they belong on the dry list or wet list, but they should be somewhere on your list!  Great products.  I have used them for many years with great results.  Their website is full of info on their formulations.  They even have suggestions for certain digestive disorders.  

  • SparkysMom

    I  agree with bonitabanana about Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets.  I think they are very underrated.  I’ve had several dogs w/ sensitivities and these foods have been a godsend.

    Allergies and sensitivities are very individual.  Whether a food will agree depends on the dog.  I haven’t tried the newest Natural Balance cans because I’m keeping my baby on grain-free and he does best with chicken.  If a dog can tolerate rice, the newest offerings will probably be very good as all their Limited Ingredient Diets have been.     

  • bonitabanana

    Has anyone tried the new Natural Balance Rabbit & Brown Rice and Wild Boar & Brown Rice cans?  My dogs are allergic to chicken and I give them the Venison & Sweet Potato L.I.D. but would like to try these.   I’m surprised Natural Balance cans aren’t on your list – they helped my dogs with allergies so much – after seeing how my dogs were when I rescued them and how healthy and beautiful they are now, I think they have to be the best cans on the market.  Just sayin.

  • Hi Schaudill596,

    I’m so sorry to hear your dog has liver disease. However, liver disease is not a specific diagnosis.

    In any case, most liver diseases are serious health conditions requiring strict dietary control and not typically treated with standard store-bought dog food or even homemade recipes.

    My strongest recommendation: find a veterinarian you trust, get a specific medical diagnosis and follow his/her advice.

    This is one issue where prescription dog foods are typically the best treatment for your pet.

    Wish I could be more help.

  • Scaudill596

    So confused!! Can anyone suggest a good dry and canned dog food for a dog with liver disease? I prefer organic.

  • Janie

    Mike was wondering if you have seen the new dry and wet food that blue buffalo just came out with and if so have you rated it ? It is Blue Freedom grain free ..looks pretty good ..thanks for your hard work.

  • Millicentmacchione

    Have they checked for yeast?  The paws are the perfect spot…….My dog chewed all the fur off all four paws!

  • Rita – re: Party Animal – I’d like to add my 2 cents. I noticed the review was done in 2010. Sometimes manufacturers change ingredients, sometimes without telling the consumer. Make sure the ingredients you are looking at in your can match what Mike has. This holds true for dry food as well. Wellness changed their formula but did have a brochure at the bottom of the bag – no notice on their website though. Who knows if everyone read the brochure. They removed deboned chicken and added peas. Perhaps Party Animal changed their formula and your dog is allergic to one of the ingredients. A food could be rated 5 stars, but it doesn’t mean your dog will do well on it. I always use any pet food review as a springboard.

  • Oh, shoot, I forgot medications, lie Heartworm or other worm Meds, and vaccination adjuvants ( the crap they mix in with the killed virus to irritate your pets immune system, to get a more pronounced response)

  • Hi Rita,
    I’m with Jan, I looked at the ingredients for the chicken Party Animal that Mike S. has reviewed and it looks pretty good. I’d suspect environmental toxins. Here’s the preliminary list: pesticide based flea and tick treatments, pesticides used in and around the home (ant, flea, roach, mosquito, spider dusts, sprays or baits – weed n feed, fertilizers, herbicides), fragranced products (air fresheners or deodorizers, laundry products, people’s personal care products, dog shampoo) cleaning products, petroleum products, spills she walks through (think oil stains on the pavement, etc.) need more help, let me know. 🙂

  • Jan (Mom to Cavs)

    Rita, it could by any of those things or something else environmental. What kind of dry food are you feeding? It could possibly be an intolerance or allergy to the chicken. What flavor of Party Animal are you using? I admit I’ve never fed Party Animal, but it seems to look pretty good.

  • Rita Pesini

    I have a senior rescued dog who is having itching and chewing on her feet. She has hot spots and sores on her body. I have had her to the vet and use all kinds of creams and sprays on her. She is currently eating Party Animal wet mixed with a little dry and some chicken thighs. I can’t seem to stop the itching and chewing on her feet. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • meridith

    Silkie is a dog who has had 3 major surgeries, is fighting demodex mange, diabetes, allergies, colitis, and hypothyroidism! But other then that, hes great! He had a TPLO knee procdure, herniated disk back surgery, and cataract lense implatation (he was blind and now sees!) Uy Vey, getting old sucks!

  • meridith

    Thanks! that makes sense. You are so smart. Glad you are here to help!

  • meridith

    I read the diabetes article. I see the food on it I just might try.
    It is a very helpful article. My husband thinks I should cook my Silkie’s meals. Just dont know

  • Hi Meridith… Home cooking (including even raw food) can be the very best way to feed your dog. But improperly executed, home cooking can also be one of the worst.

    Unbalanced meals can rob your dog of proper nutrition.

    For example, in the wild, dogs would naturally consume calcium form consumption of the entire animal. But some well-meaning folks forget to allow for calcium in the diet. So, erroneously feed boneless meats. Or, they overdose their pet by supplementation with the wrong form and too much calcium.

    A nutritionally balanced, quality commercial dog food can be superior to an unbalanced home cooked diet.

    If you haven’t already done so, be sure to see Dr. Karen Becker’s video on my website, “The Best and Worst Types of Dog Foods“. Hope this helps.

  • meridith

    How do feel about home cooking?
    (chicken, brown rice, brocoli) instead of wet food?


  • Hi Alicia… Unfortunately, due to the biological uniqueness of each pet, I cannot provide customized product comparisons for each reader. For more help, please check out my reviews and visit our FAQ page. Look for the topic, “Help Me Choose a Dog Food”. Or check back for a possible response from one of our other readers. Wish I could be more help.

  • Alicia Matteo

    I would like to see how The Honest Kitchen dehydrated grain free food compares with the others…Thanks

  • Gordon

    That was a good question Rain. I actually noticed it was missing before, but forgot to ask Mike the same question. I’ve been eyeing ZiwiPeak canned for sometime now. I think I’ll be adding it to my dogs’ 2 thirds varying raw diet soon, and phasing out the 1 third of their remaining grain free kibble diet.

  • Hi Rain… I agree. ZiwiPeak canned should be on this list, too. When I wrote the review I forgot to “tag” it as grain free. So, our filtering software has passed over it. I’ve noew added the tag “grain-free” to the bottom of the review. So, you should now see it on the list of Best Wet Grain Free Dog Foods”. Thanks for the tip.

  • Rain

    Shouldn’t ZiwiPeak Canned be on this list?

  • Hi Mari Smith… After reading your comment, I noticed the Addiction canned dog food was never tagged as “grain free” in our database. I must have been up past my bedtime when I wrote the review. In any case, I’ve now tagged this product properly. And you should now see Addiction canned in our list of Best Wet Grain Free dog foods. Thanks for the tip.

  • Mari Smith

    I was surprised that Addiction was not listed, since it has four stars on the regular canned food list. My Teddy really enjoys them and I believe that all their varieties of canned food are grain free. The salmon and potatos is harder to get but I order it by the case from my local dog food boutique for less than the online price.

  • Mike P

    Glenna I live 40 miles from peoria … try super pets … you can find great pet stores in peoria , galesburg , moline just to name a few. find a food you like and go to the company store food finder . i’m sure you will find a food you like in peoria …

  • Hi Glenna… Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, I have no way to track the current availability of the many dog food brands in each geographical area. That’s why I just launched The Advisor’s “Where to Buy Dog Food” directory of retail stores. I’ve designed the system to permit each retailer to create his/her own listing. But the system is brand new. And only contains a limited number of listings. As time goes on and more retailers learn about our directory, it will become much easier for you to search for specific dog food brands in your area. So, check back often.

  • Glenna

    I really appreciate you putting all this work into helping so many people chose the best foods for their pets, I am finding that we may not be feeding our much beloved baby the best we can. Unfortunately I am not finding anything (5 star canned) available in our area that is a complete meal (I did find a couple supplimental foods). Do you have any suggestions? We live in Peoria, IL. Once or twice a week I suppliment Molly’s food with cooked chicken breast, brown rice and some chopped carrots, also an occational eggs for breakfast, but I would like to find a canned food (or three) so we can switch them out as you suggested we can give her on a day to day basis. Thank you so much.

  • Hi Simone… I’m not sure I know the answer to your question. There are over 500 brands representing more than 2,000 recipes on my website. And besides, we don’t track caloric content of the products. However, try to stick with one of the 4 or 5-star foods and choose one that comes closest to what you’re looking for. Hope this helps.

  • Simone

    Hello, first of all thank you for this site..what is your opinion on the highest calorie, highest protein, low carb wet food (I am asking for my old cancer dog who is not a candidate for chemo)? thank you!!!

  • sandy


    Merrick has over a dozen different flavors of cans and it’s consistency is great for mixing into kibble. Also, Weruva cans make a great topper and for some unique tastes, there’s Addiction cans. I just bought some rabbit, eel, brushtail and duck confit.

  • Hi Daniel… You’re right. Somehow, I never tagged this dog food as grain free. So, Tripett never made my Best Wet Grain Free Dog Food list. It’s now been fixed. Thanks for the tip.


    Is Tripett Beef Tripe, Duck & Salmon grain-free? most sites say it is and wondering why it isn’t on the grain-free wet food list.

  • Manny

    Hi: I have a two year old 7 lbs Male Yorkie. Which would be the best dog food(wet and dry) to alternate with Holistic Health Extension dog food. He seems to get bored after sometime and I do give him hard boiled 2 to 3 egg whites once a week as an alternative. Any recommendations will help.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Virginia… Congratulations on your new Minpin. Please try using our website. I’d recommend you first decide whether you want a dry, wet or raw dog food. Then visit the links at the left side of this page to help you narrow down your choices. And please be sure to visit our FAQ page and look for the topic, “Help Me Choose a Dog Food”. Hope this helps.

  • Virginia

    Just adopted a mini pincher, she’s having so many problems
    Does anyone know what’s the best food to feed her? Is there any tips I should know how to care for her?

  • Hi Lori… Oops, you’re right. I forgot to tag this food properly. So, it didn’t show up on any dog food list that included a wet dog food. I’ve corrected this oversight and you should now see it on the recommended grain free wet dog foods list. Thanks for the tip.

  • Lori

    Hi, I’ve recently starting feeding the new “Organic” Beef and then a few times a week the “Beef and Liver” Neman’s own canned food. I am surpised this did not make your list. The broth is even organic. I use it as a mixer for my grain free food. Impressed and dogs go nuts over this. Next to raw or just buying human grade canned chicken think this food is tops..any opinions on it?

  • Hi Sasha… Please note that Blue Buffalo makes different types of dog foods. Some with and some without grains. For example, Blue Buffalo Wilderness (listed here) is grain free.

  • sasha

    I just checked Blue Buffalo dry dog food and read that it contains wholesome grains. In the list of grain free foods it is listed. Is it or is it not grain free?

  • Maura

    Thanks for the speedy response, Mike.

  • Hi Maura… I’ve heard rumors and Internet chatter about almost every brand you can think of. And Wellness is no exception. That’s why I intentionally ignore most of this subjective gossip and focus on government-regulated labels only. HOwever, I do like to monitor many of the reports and discussions of our readers.

  • Maura

    We just switched our 12 year old mutt off Nutro Max kibble because she had sudden GI inflammation (bloody diarrhea and vomiting). She recovered quickly on a bland diet of canned food which we bought at the hospital. After reading glowing reviews on this site and other sites, we introduced Wellness Core dry food and a little Wellness Core canned food and she loves it and seems to be tolerating it well (no diarrhea or vomiting). However, she seems more much tired than she had been on the bland canned food. I searched whether Wellness causes some pets to be sluggish and I found some extremely unflattering comments about the Wellness brand, saying that it used to be good, but it had gone downhill recently and warning people not to feed it to their pets. I’m frustrated and confused! Have you heard any of these negative comments about the Wellness brand? Thanks for any insight.

  • Hi Dr. Espersen… The chance of storage mite contamination would most likely be minimized by feeding a grain-free dog food (unless of course, an infestation had occurred after manufacture). For that reason, it would also seem that wet or raw foods present the best choice when trying to specifically minimize the potential for storage mite issues. Unfortunately, since we limit our evaluations to ingredient quality and estimated meat content only, I don’t have any specific knowledge regarding the efficacy of ZiwiPeak for treating atopic animals. Wish I could be more help.

  • DVM Mia Espersen

    Do you have any knowledge about Ziwipeak for atopic dogs.
    I am dealing with a lot of atopic dogs and many of them have storage mites allergy. Therefore I want to be able to recommend a grain free product that is available here in Denmark. I also wanna be sure the it fulfills the needs of EFAs.
    Best regards
    DVM Mia Espersen

  • Hi Lydia… That’s an excellent suggestion. However, we don’t currently track the constantly changing caloric content of the many dog food recipes in our database. Maybe we’ll consider your tip for a future upgrade.

  • Lydia Jorgenson

    I have a Silken Windhound and I have a hard time keeping weight on him, especially during racing and lure coursing season. Might you be able to add a high-calorie or weight-gain category to your site?

  • Lilly

    Barbara, I cannot say that this could contribute to bloat in canines but I have read in numerous places that kibble should not be fed in the same meal as raw – especially if it has grains but even the grain free variety should be avoided when feeding raw. It doesn’t sound like you were feeding much raw if it was an appetizer but you may still want to heed that advice. I haven’t found any notable evidence of this but it is also commonly believed dogs on raw diets have a far less incidence of bloat. I’m glad your pup (they’ll always be our pups no matter what age!) Was able to pull through – consider yourselves lucky! Perhaps it was thus far that helped him pull through.

  • Hi Barbara… I’m so sorry to hear about your dog’s bloat incident. Unfortunately, since I’m not a veterinarian, you’ve asked a question I don’t feel qualified to answer. So, it would be inappropriate for me to assure you feeding a specific product would eliminate the risk of another bloat incident.

    In any case, I’ve never found any credible report blaming bloat on the protein content of a dog food. But I have seen a number of good articles linking the issue to a dog’s breed as well as the size and number of meals fed each day. For more information, you may wish to visit this article about canine bloat.

    Hope this helps.

  • Barbara

    We just about lost our 14 year old Golden Retriever to bloat on Christmas eve. We had been feeding him Orijen’s senior kibble with raw meat as an appetizer but now the vet says we should switch him to a canned food that is easily digestible. Some websites have suggested it should be high in protein although the vet didn’t know about that. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Akita Mom… Thanks to your suggestion, I’ve added Tripett to my To Do list. However, due to our current backlog of products to review, it could be a while longer before we get to it. Look for our review of this product in the not too distant future. Thanks for the tip.

  • Akita mom

    Hi Mike,
    I noticed that Tripett wasn’t included on the grain-free canned list. I think this would also be a good candidate for inclusion in the 5 star rated category, since it doesn’t seem to have any grains (or carbs for that matter) just tripe from either beef, venison, or lamb ….but I’d really like to read what you think.
    Thanks for sharing information with all us dog-people out there.

  • Jonathan

    Correction; “…that wants to pretend that their best friend *wouldn’t* eat Bambi…”

  • Jonathan

    Stacy, i am more curious as to why you need a vegetarian food for your chosen carnivorous companion. While I agree entirely that a vegetarian, or at least, a low meat diet is very healthful for humans, it is just the opposite for dogs. Your lifestyle choice is not one that should be pushed on your dog unless he has a food allergy to every know meat (which I’ve never heard of). It would be unfair to your carnivorous friend to make him eat things his body cannot fully use. There is simply no denying what a dog is… and millions of years of evolution leading to the dog being a carnivore cannot be undone in a few months by a dog owner that wants to pretend that their best friend would eat Bambi without a second thought. If your dog has a specific medical reason for needing a vegetarian diet, than good luck to you and your pup. But if you just seek to make your wolf eat salad, well then, good luck to your pup!

  • Hi Stacey… The concept of a vegetarian dog food can be a controversial subject in the dog community. On this website, we do recognize the need for some dog owners to provide (for whatever reason) a completely meat-free diet. However, we also respect a dog’s natural carnivorous bias. For this reason, the highest rating awarded to a vegetarian dog food found anywhere on this website can never exceed three stars.

    Not to be facetious, but about the only thing a dog food company could put in a vegetarian dog food to give it a higher rating would be meat. If you’d like to find what we believe to be the best vegetarian dog foods, click on the link at the top of this page labeled “Tags”. Then select the “vegetarian” link. This should give you a list of all the vegetarian foods currently included in our database. Look through those and try to pick one that is rated 3 stars (our highest for any vegan product). Hope this helps.

  • Stacey

    I was wondering what is the best canned vegetarian food to buy? If there is no good ones what is the best and in order to make it better what should the company of put in it to make it better?

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  • Hi Charlene… You’re right. But they also have to rate at least four stars.

  • Charlene

    Natural Balance Chicken & Sweet Potato & a bunch more by Natural Balance are grain free.

  • Hi Kat… You’re right. However, Merrick releases different products with nearly every season of the year. And when they do, they change the availability of the different products. I’ve now added the grain-free tag to this product line so you should see Merrick “canned” in the grain-free list. Hope this helps.

  • Kat Mayes

    Hi Mike…I recently came across the Merrick canned foods and was happy to see that 8 of the flavors are now grain-free! I noticed that they weren’t on the list above but did get a five-star rating.


  • Hi Dian… Please read these two articles. They should provide some of the answers to your questions.

    Suggested Hypoallergenic Dog Foods

    Dangerous Canine Diseases Linked to Grains in Dog Food

    Hope this helps.

  • Dian Goss

    Hi, am really looking for an answer to my dogs itching and scratching. She is a LH doxie rescue around 1 1/2 yrs. We have been feeding Blue Buffalo homestyle canned and Basic dry. Besides the question about the itching when she’s not getting grains, she also has 2-4 large BM’s per day. I thought premium foods should make smaller, less frequent stools. Suggestions?

  • Hi Michael… I also would love to know the answer to that question myself. However, I’ve not been able to find a pet food industry organization that collects or shares this information with the public. You may want to try asking one of the companies. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  • Michael Hoye

    Excellent recap.

    What is your best estimate of the relative size (share of category $, not units) of Grain Free Dog Foods?



    HI MIKE,



  • Hi Janice… Oops, you’re right. Thanks to your tip, I’ve corrected the error and you should now see Canine Caviar (Canned) on our “Best Canned Grain Free Dog Foods” list. Thanks, Janice.

  • Janice McCollam

    Hi! I just wanted to tell you that Canine Caviar isn’t listed and all their canned food is grain-free. In fact, my dogs had their kibble topped with their Turkey can food tonight for dinner.