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    The only problems I’ve had when I order Merrick cases is that some of the cans in the middle of the case are dented! How does that happen? Or do they purposely put dented ones in the middle of the case??? Or are Merrick cans weaker than others? None of the other cases I ordered (or very few of the cans) had dents.

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    I would say that they put the dented ones in the middle on purpose or else they’ve got the screwiest machine malfunction I’ve ever heard of.

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    Mike P

    What ticked me off the most was the “oh well” attitude on the phone.Like a take it or leave it tone.Not cool with me.I give and expect good customer service which seems to be lacking with them.I will probably use them again because I like the flat rate shipping thing.Grrrr

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    Mike: Yep, I understand that as well. First time I called, he was kind of huffy, explaining why they ran out (daily special). What does that have to do with emailing the customer and telling them it’s on backorder? Second time I called, I wanted to cancel but he talked me into waiting, going on about the great deal.

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    We use a variety of canned-Fromm, Vet extension, Blue Wilderness tend to be favorites. I have also used 4health canned chicken in the past. I find the dogs much prefer the days that I use the prepared commercial raw or the Grandma Lucy’s however.

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    @Shawna, thank you for the prayers! They are appreciated! As for her SM, yes it is something Cavaliers can have (not the only illness prevalent for the breed, as MVD is one of the main ones, but very unfortunately SM is becoming almost as prevalent :(…). Stella will be 12 years old in Feb. and that is quite a long life for a Cavalier, actually. I have had her since she was 5 years old. Around 8-10 years old I suspected a mild case but the vet I went to at the time didn’t know very much about Cavaliers. She was also x-rayed once and I was told she had bone spurs. I thought at the time maybe some of her symptoms were attributed to those, but now I’m not so sure. She has not been MRI’d, which is the only exact way to diagnose SM, but my holistic vet said that her symptoms seemed very much like SM and she was sure that the neurologist they work with would just look at the symptoms and diagnose her….so, we decided to give her Gabapentin and see if it helped. We started out at a small dose but had to increase it to 3 times a day. She seems to be doing fine with this dosage right now. Sometimes other meds are added, like prilosec, but Stella isn’t taking any others atm. Her blood panel was very normal, so she really is doing fine right now, considering. Stella was a therapy dog for 5 years and a show Champion when she was 18 months. She never had any pups, mating just never took, and in hind sight with the SM diagnosis it’s a good thing. She is my special girl and very, very bonded with me (they all are special and are all bonded with me lol!). I know I will be devastated when “that time” comes.

Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)

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