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    I need the best cat foods, canned and dry for my cats. I have switched over to the Nature’s Logic dry, they like, and I am still feeding two cans of the pate Fancy Feast a day due to finicky cats. I want to upgrade to a better canned that they will eat, that is key!! and does not cost much more than $1 a can. Only one cat like the Bravo raw, but I couldn’t really afford to go completely raw with the dog on raw. Thank you for any info! Beth



    I have found a great website regarding cat nutrition as I have also been looking for quality cat food at a reasonable price. The author does not recommend any dry food at all, but has a couple of charts of canned food that include fat, protein, carb, and phosphorus levels. It was eye opening to me. The site is: Hopefully it will be helpful to you also. Deanna


    Frankie B

    Have you tried Nulo? There’s coupons available for the cans all the time


    Bobby dog

    Hi Frankie B:
    Where can I find Nulo coupons?!?!


    Orijen Makes an excellent cat food, low glycemic index, quality protein without frivolous fillers. My cats enjoy the cat & kitten and six fish varieties. The were not fond of the regional red.

    My cats also eat Fromm beef flavor 4star line food. They like it a lot and it’s healthy too, but not low glycemic.

    as for wet food I have had very little luck. My cats are finicky and they snub most the healthy foods. They loved BFF foods, but they developed explosive poop from it, bummer. They will eat Tiki cat canned tuna or tuna/chix, depending on their mood.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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